How To Boost the Inteletravel Compensation Plan with Plannet Marketing
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How To Boost the Inteletravel Compensation Plan with Plannet Marketing

Inteletravel Compensation Plan what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again so in today’s video we’re gonna talk about the
Inteletravel Compensation Plan and how to maximize the compensation plan so you
do not want to miss these tips we’ll be right back I have added welcome back so in today’s
video I want to talk about how to maximize the compensation plan of Inteletravel so first things first let’s talk about how you’re compensated when
you’re partnering with Inteletravel okay now by you partnering with
Inteletravel you are a certified travel agent okay you have the opportunity to
book and sale trouble okay now you get paid off of what you do
actively meaning you will travel you get paid okay
there’s no recruiting involved there is to know
building the background I think anything like that it’s all about you as they age
everything off of your efforts alone okay so with Inteletravel of the
conversation payout is seventy to eighty percent commission okay so let’s say you
have a commission that’s $500 that’s paid to intellytron
well IntelliChoice are gonna pay you anywhere between 70 to 80 percent of
that and this your take home fortune so it’s a good way to make money guys and
the majority of the money is made in group cruises fYI just thought I’d throw
that out there so you can make Basin Commission’s by being a travel agent
alone now here is where it gets interesting okay
you can maximize and tell each other by incorporating their marketing side okay
they also a partner with a marketing company called plannet marketing okay
this gives you the opportunity to build residual income okay in addition to what
you’re doing on on your own efforts by being a travel agent so you have the
compensation being compensated as a travel agent and the ability to be
compensated by building a travel agent organization a team of travel agent so
imma share my screen I want to share this video with you and we’re gonna talk
a little bit more about playing any compensation plan and how you can
leverage it and maximize you and tell the travel compensation alright so let’s
get into that video now because Warren Buffett said it best never rely on a
single source of income you must invest to create a second source
what exactly is leveraged income well let’s imagine you are a car mechanic you
fix a car you get paid you fix another car you get paid you go on vacation cars
aren’t fixed you don’t get paid now imagine you own a garage you have six
mechanics who work for you every car they work on you are an income even if
you are in a tropical beach somewhere that is leveraged and at Plannet
Marketing we have multiple ways for you to leverage like $50 for every direct
sale a 50 percent check match on all personal referrals and up to six levels
of team bonuses and as you rise through the ranks from bronze to silver to gold
more bonuses more checks more commissions and residual income well
because of our amazingly generous three by nine matrix you can earn hundreds
thousands even tens of thousands a month every month like clockwork
and if you decide to go full-time our phenomenal fortune 100 styles director
program where extra bonuses can grow to thousands of dollars per month and as a
director you can earn sapphire ruby diamond and double diamond rings even a
diamond-encrusted Rolex the pinnacle of success now it is important to remind
everyone watching but not every person who joins plan met marketing gets a
diamond Rolex in fact some people make no money at all everyone watching this
has the exact same opportunity male or female young or old educated or not
everyone has a level playing field the more you do the more you make it’s that
simple and a huge part of the plan that
philosophy it’s not just about making money
it’s about teaching you tried-and-true financial principles along the way
showing you how to create wealth generational wealth our pledge to you
it’s one of the most unique in the world when you become a planet marketing
director you and your family is protected because in the event of your
death the planet business you built will outlast you your family will still
receive your planet marketing weekly Commission’s direct your pay director
bonuses and monthly residual income that is our pledge and behind you every step
of the way talented caring leadership that wants you to succeed providing you
state-of-the-art tools training and events tools like our phenomenal phone
app that makes sharing videos like this as simple as pushing a button like our
exciting 2019 elevation and 2020 vision international conventions coming soon
where you get to meet the leaders rub shoulders with the top earners and
possibly get to walk across stage yourself in front of thousands of
cheering colleagues an exciting dynamic and growing industry multiple streams of
income and support everything you need for the perfect business how do you get
started simple we offer three different ways to
get started the most popular is our $1.99 90 plan where you can take
advantage of both sides of the business booking travel and selling the ITA
business through simple tools and videos like this leveraging the benefits and
perks of two great companies and that’s it a phenomenal industry with picture
perfect timing the only question is where do you see yourself fitting in are
you a one you see the vision the timing and the money and you are ready to get
started are you a – meaning you like what you
see but you have a few more questions you’d like to get answered or are you a
three they’re just not interested it’s okay just make a decision one two or
three but whatever you do don’t think too long and if you decide to join us
know this we will do everything in our power to help you succeed and welcome to
Planet Marketing the best place on the planet
all right we’re back so now that you see how easy it is to leverage and tell the
trouble by incorporating the team-building side through the plannet
marketing side I want to ask you something do you really want to rely on
only one source of income you want to leverage multiple streams of income and
that’s why I want to share it with you so I hope you got value out of this
video hope you understand that you can make money within teletraffic but you
can also leverage your income by partnering with Planet marketing and
doing both business models okay you can leverage your efforts of your own team
so it’s if any of this makes sense to you make sure you click that link below
in the YouTube description there’s a link to a presentation that will show
you more on how to get into this fabulous travel industry opportunity to
partner with Intel a travel and planet market okay if you have any questions
concerns any more inquiries please text us at the number below that’s also in
the youtube description and if you want to learn more about internship feel free
to watch more of these videos on the end screen here okay
alright I’m Larry Porter signing golf and feel free to leave a comment and
your thoughts on this video alright see you in the next one happy travelling Inteletravel Compensation Plan

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  1. As stated in this video, you should never rely on one source of income, but rather multiple streams for leverage.

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