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100 thoughts on “How to Brand Yourself on Social Media and YouTube — 3 Tips

  1. ⚡QOTD: On a scale from 1-10 — how CLEAR is your branding and messaging online right now LMK! 👇👇👇 Watch the FREE full-length 1-hour YouTube Masterclass here: http://TubeMasterclass.Live 👊⚡💯

  2. hi, have a big question for you.
    So, me n my frens thinkin to start a youtube channel.
    The thing is, what we're tryin to do is making a channel with various content, since we do have various interest. Music cover, dance cover, comedy, etc.
    So its not exactly randomly. But we wanna make various content without confusing the audience. Will making video playlist help? DO u have any particular tips for this concept? thank you very much.

  3. Thanks Sean. Very – Very helpful. One question tho. Your clarity is very good, teaching other people. But how to build a brand from scratch if you want to inspire people, rather than educate ( we are still cracking our brains trying to find out how to create value for people )? Would LOVE to hear from you. Best, Arwin.

  4. Hi Think Media i always watch your videos about DLSR and Cameras. I have a small youtube channel and been using S7 Edge but my lighting is a bit poor so i can only shoot good videos at day time. However its quite noisy here in our place (i lived in PH), so my only option is to shoot at night.

    Main problem is i have 2 soft box and a couple of lights but the videos is stil grainy or i think it has a lot of noise. I dont know the problem on my S7 edge. So im planning to get 1300d since im on a budget. But im seeing a lot of problems with the camera like auto focus and low light issues. Can a good lense with low aperture i think? help those problems ?

    I watched some of your budget friendly videos about camera but some of them are not available here.

    Thanks for the answer 😀

  5. Awesome content Sean! Thr goldfish analogy was spot on! I need to redo my Youtube banner stat! 😃👊🏻💚

  6. Just brilliant. Very nice video. I have to focus on what I wanna share. I think i am like you 5 years ago. Going everywhere, shooting pet, food, travel … FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS

  7. question. my page has zero clarity. but i want to restart with some of the tips you gave me. should i make a new page or keep with the page I have. i currently have 20K total views and almost 300 subscribers. and it took me a while to get there. should i delete the page and start fresh or keep the page and just add new more focused content?

  8. why the link of the kit you are using isn't working?

  9. Man I am a 1 all over the place had an idea but with only 10 uploads its changed into something totally different!

  10. This video. Helps me so much.. My current YouTube content is a mess. But I am currently doing a test survey. What kind of content got the best results. Going to focus on a niche soon

  11. Please don’t hate me for such a long comment, but I was tracking the questions and notes along the way.

    Who is your target audience?
    -people my age looking to find themselves or to look up to someone who is willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and eventually(hopefully!) become successful.
    -People who like to travel and see new things.

    What kind of value are you proposing?
    – giving people an inside look of the life of someone who struggled to come out of their shell.
    – Inspiration

    Lack of Clarity/Does your YouTube look like mine did?
    -I can definitely relate. One day I’ll be thinking of doing a shopping haul video and the next video idea that comes to mind is like my fitness and lifestyle, which neither of those really are what I’m trying to put out there for my target audience, however, I do think it is good to explore different topics or ideas to find what you’re good at, because what if that next idea became the future of your channel? ☺️

    Goldfish test:
    -yeah I need more content to do this, aaand I really need a YouTube channel name. I am so in uncreative when it comes to usernames. I’m sure this is something I can also work on over time?

    How clear is your branding?
    Like 1/10 lol

    I love how thought invoking your videos are. I think a lot of people could benefit from watching this video and answering the questions as they go. And I think it’s a video worth revisiting in a month, 2, 6mos after you do an audit on your own channel. Thank you for such an insightful chunk of advice!

  12. It is very hard not to talk about everything. I am noticing though if I keep to hiking vlogs and beard product reviews, it really encompasses who I am as a person. I have a video from 2 years ago still giving me constant views. Id love to be the guy that people see on the trails and say whats up because they recognize me.

  13. I think most people know what I am about all a crossed my channels, the non locals though have been a bit surprised to find out about my gender. I had never been seen in videos until last week. LOL

  14. “How can anybody follow you?
    If you dont know where you’re going..”

    felt that. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  15. Subscribed and here for your valuable information given that the start will be ideally strong from the open gate.

  16. I found this so inspiring that I told people in my community that I'm proud of my failures. I told my kids too.

  17. Absolutely love this I can see that my Instagram branding is so all over the place. As I was my bio. My goodness. Thank you

  18. How good do you think my Youtube branding is? I think 8/10, I spend a lot of time on it!
    I'll let you know what I think of yours.

  19. Let me tell you, I am following your Think Media channel for the last 1 year but lost interest as most of the videos were on cameras. But then I came across Video Infulencers, and I loved that channel! It gave me that final push to start YouTube, and then i ended up watching the videos on Think Media as well! Crazy, right?

  20. Sean great short video on personal branding! In today’s world of big ideas this video really provides a place to start organizing them. It really touches on some the big questions that need to be answered in order to be successful i.e. brand message clarity. I look forward to following video influencers in the future.

  21. I've been following your tips as closely as I can, I just wanted to say thanks. You've helped me tremendously. It's been 8 months since I really started this journey, I have surpassed 4000 watch minutes, and I have around 620 subscribers all because of the great information you share. I know these aren't the most amazing numbers but they are important milestones to me… So thank YOU. Keep up the great work !

  22. Also how do you consolidate personal brand clarity and then also relatability? Like say you’re an engineer and you post about design stuff all day — can you still post about your family etc.? Is there value in that? I heard you should be relatable.

  23. 4:16 area.! Yeah! That looks like my issue! I've done so much..! From MLMs like beach body, to dream trips.. to CBD, and selling AI bots to trading Crypto..! Lol! I was all over the place! Now, I just help people save money by switching to all natural products! But.. looking to start my own YouTube.! Which, BTW, thank you for the videos! Proof right here! You got my "like, comment, and subscribe"!

  24. Great information! I really think that my youtube page is pretty clear… but I know that I can do better with my instagram and website.

  25. Thank you Sean for a great training!Mine is crystal clear! Whoooohoooo! Make no mistake, it took a long time and a lot if hard work.

  26. My channel for sure looks crazy right now with zero Clarity but I did decide on a niche which will be helping military families navigate their new lifestyle 🙂

  27. How do you brand and also make it so no one else can take your name? And how can I make sure I'm not stealing someone else's name? I already google the name I had in mind and didn't get zip from my search but I want to make sure that when I do market myself I'm not going to get sued down the line. It's also important to me that I make a channel and people don't later take it from me after success.

  28. But, what if you wanna upload various subjects of videos like cooking,gaming,review,vlogging, something like that? It might be boring if I keep uploading a same kind of videos. Do I need to make subchannel to upload other kinds of videos?

  29. Dude I have been watching your videos recently as i started youtube channel .I am gonna apply your tips and learn .Thanks for branding and niche .

  30. I feel like such a goon, because I'm so new. I started about 3 months ago and I feel like that's the best thing I got going for me. I have my brand. I'm integrating my style and logos throughout everything. I created bumper videos for the beginning and end of my YouTube videos to make them look professional. I got the set up and equipment. I just need the views and the subs. It's crazy how with each video I make, I get more creative in editing and learn even more. I love looking back at my first video and then watch a most recent! I just keep plugging away and making content. My viewers (I call them Coffee Beans on my channel) will find me!

  31. This is brilliant! I've been wandering in the desert for nine months posting daily videos. Other channels that started at the same time have 140,000 subs, I only have about 3,500. The difference is CLARITY! Every time I jumped from dogs to cows to ducks to fish to snakes my channel tanked. Now that I'm laser focused on snakes only my channel is growing like a rocket! I should hit 140,000 subs in about a year or so, I'm about nine months behind the other guys LOL. Great video, you are like the Einstein of YouTube!

  32. Hey Sean, I'm building a channel sharing my knowledge on home repair diy projects knife making lessons and reviews on products that I use. Think that is not snipered in enough maybe?

  33. Thanks Sean, I'm presently auditing my Social Media presence. I'm a former ballet dancer turned entrepreneur. I give myself a 5. I still have more clarity to go!
    – Greetings from Mexico

  34. I had to watch this video twice. This is a great guide in helping you brand your self. I know this wont be my last time watching this

  35. You have such a cool video intro. Did you use a template to make it? If so, where did you get it from?

  36. 1. Who is your target audience
    2. What is your content value proposition and how often do you post?

    Don't post mixed topic videos.

    Goldfish test. Grab visitors' attention in 6 seconds. Does your YouTube channel make sense in 7 seconds or less?

    Who are you? What do you do?
    Name- Video influencer

    The content should be speaking the theme. Clarity.

    Social media audit. I help people build social media influence. Clear branding. Clarity is power.

    Moment I got focused. I got massive growth.


  37. Love this! Find your USP – it's a mix of what you believe in or do well, and what your customer wants. I've always said that the most potent design happens in that space!

  38. I'm currently studying at the university and I'm planning on branding my self when I start working (because right now, I lack time and actual content to give to my community). So now I'm learning about branding, social media etc in order to be ready when I will start growing my followers etc. I have to say, after watching several other videos from other entrepreneurs, you made me subscribe to your channel. other YouTubers might have knowledge too but they didn't have the presence, posture and clean speech you do. You made a short but to the point video, which is really appreciated. time is money for viewers too.

  39. I have to admit I did the same thing on my channel, but have recently deciding to go all in with teaching sign language and unified my branding across all the social media platforms. Since then I've already seen huge growth on both YouTube and Instagram @asl_basics_with_chris Thanks for all of your tips and advice!

  40. Thank you for the information you have shared here. It's great to hear from those who have gone down the road. Working on my branding now and looking for a good logo. www.mommyanswerlady.com

  41. 1. A Lack on Clarity.

    Who's your target audience?

    – Single mothers and planning community.

    2. What is your value proposition?

    -To help single mother manage their busy lives.

    What kind of content are you posting?

    -Family vlogs and planner videos

    How often?

    – Used to be once a week now twice week.

    3. Who are you and how do you help people?

    I'm a single mother who survived a, brain tumor. I was working a 9-5 job as up November 1 2019. I just got fired. I want to help people over come and juggling their busy lives.

    Gold fish test.

    -You have 7 seconds to grab a website visitor attention in moments.

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