How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy: SRP Business Resource Center
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How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy: SRP Business Resource Center

Thanks for coming! This is our Digital
Marketing Strategy Workshop. We’re happy you guys are all here. It’s really important for
us to build strategies that allow us to meet our
audience’s where they live online. So, that’s what we’re
gonna talk about today. We’ll start off with business goals. So, business goals, it’s funny. Some businesses when they
get into digital marketing, whether it’s the first
time that they’re starting to market their business, or if it’s something that
they’ve done previously, it’s really, digital’s kind of easy to get into. There’s a low bearer of cost to start, and so it’s easy to get caught up in setting really big audacious goals. And so, there’s a few key
strategies that we’d like to give you to make sure
that you’re setting yourself up for success rather
than overwhelming yourself with all of the different
things that you can do. So, the first thing that we want you to do is look at business goals,
focus on your results. So, after looking at the business goals, once you’ve got that down, and some of you probably already have your business goals well flushed out, and now you’re trying to look at how do I actually get into
digital and start to do this. Before you start looking at your tactics, it’s important to understand
who your target audience is. So some of you have probably
heard of the buyer persona. Who’s ever heard of the
words buyer persona before? Okay, about half the room. So personas have been
around for a little while. It’s an effective strategy
for trying to identify who your ideal customer is, and usually the buyer persona will look at demographic information
and psychographic information to build, essentially, a
profile of who your customer is. Today the modern buyer profile is a little bit more in depth. We go beyond demographic and
psychographic information, and we really want you to have conversations with your customers. We want you to find out
what are the problems that they are experiencing? What are the symptoms
around those problems that they’re experiencing, and what questions do they ask Google when they’re trying to find
solutions to those problems? Right now we’re talking
about social media, putting posts, paying
attention, being there for your audience, building
a community, right? But digital marketing in itself, especially for a product
based business, you’re right, it’s beyond social media. It’s when people comment
on your blogs, right, on your website, when they
comment on the products. It’s that whole conversation. It’s engagement that’s happening
with your target audience. The good news is people
are saying stuff, right? If nobody had any
questions that’s probably, not a great place to be. So having that conversation on all fronts, and being there to answer those questions, and essentially love that audience, that’s really what it’s about. So this concept goes
beyond social media, yeah. The good news about
questions on product reviews specifically, if you think
about the awareness journey, sorry the buyer journey, decision is where people
are gonna look at reviews, customer testimonials, feature benefits, and really do a cost-benefit analysis. So if they’re asking
questions on product reviews, those are the people at
the bottom of the funnel. They’re the one’s that you
wanna love on the most. And so while it might be a little, I guess, tedious to stay in
there everyday looking at it, those are the ones that
are the closest to buying. So it’s definitely worth
the attention, for sure.

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