How to Build a Marketing Plan | Mark J Kohler | Tax & Legal Tip
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How to Build a Marketing Plan | Mark J Kohler | Tax & Legal Tip

Hi, Mark, Kohler here, and thanks for [joining] me for a quick two minute tip I am so excited to talk about a marketing plan strategy Now some you may be thinking why am I listened to a cPa or a tax attorney? about marketing well folks I recognize the fact that many of you as small business owners don’t have the budget to Afford a Personal consultant or a business planner to help you every month or throughout the year when you’re trying to expand your business So let me ask you which professional. Do you meet with on a regular? Basis every Year to talk about your finances at least you’re hoping there’s a conversation about your finances. That’s right It’s your CPa well as your cPA I have felt that it’s critical that your cPA is engaged in Understanding what your business is about and talking about your business plan your marketing [plan] and your strategic plan these are topics I talked about in my book what your CPa isn’t telling you that’s right things that your CPa isn’t telling you Things that they could be telling you to help you better succeed in your business your marketing plan is [just] that well This is my marketing plan. I’m holding right here I carry it with me everywhere on planes and staff meetings in my bag carrying at home at night it This is my plan of what I’m implementing to help expand my business I meet with my staff every week to talk about the different strategies. We’re doing to better Market ourselves Are you doing the same thing? Do you have a marketing plan that you’re following? This is something I truly believe Cpa should be bringing up with their clients and giving them ideas on better ways to market their business So let’s talk about where the marketing plan really fits in your big picture first you probably started with a business plan, right? Where you put together the ideas and concepts of whether your business should even be a viable option for you to undertake? well from that was the Byproduct of two major plans that you carry with you everywhere your marketing [plan] and your strategic plan a topic for another discussion? Well this marketing plan should have sections in it like internal procedures public relations technology Publications speaking media what are all these different areas that you’re going to embark on some may be dormant some you may take on later on down the road some are really engaged with right now where you’re Making them happen and creating a budget for them Now within my marketing plan I’ve got four sections under each strategy so I can better implement each strategy I’ve got the purpose the procedure the goal and the budget and I talk about those four areas Within each strategy again Whether the strategy is dormant going to be implemented in the future or I’m implementing it now well this is something I talk about in my book what your CPa isn’t telling you And I’ve got a whole appendix that breaks us down even further on the marketing plan I hope this information has been helpful, please follow us. Give me a light Give me a comment Please and and engage with my weekly blog articles and radio show so that we can better help you live the American dream Thanks so much, and I hope to see you on the backside If you thought that information was amazing and helpful I have so much more to share with you Please look at the links below and head to my website Mark J Kohler Com you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter check out my weekly radio show I have my online videos for tax and legal strategies that will save you thousands ways to learn quickbooks With my fun videos online and also if you enjoyed it, please leave a comment And give it a like and follow me on YouTube. I promise that these videos will change your life. Thanks so much

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