How to Build a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy | Simon Kingsnorth
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How to Build a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy | Simon Kingsnorth

So, essentially it’s creating a plan, and
really you start a plan with a vision and a mission, and I know this is
something that people often get confused, a vision and a mission. Effectively your
vision is the future state of where you want to be, your mission is what
you’re offering right now. So you create your vision, you create your mission,
through your research and then from there you go on to create your plan. So
you need some high level goals of what you’re trying to achieve to meet your
mission and your vision. Underneath that you need some objectives, so some hard
numbers of what you actually need to deliver in order to meet your
goal. Behind your objectives you need strategies, individual routes you’re
going to take, and underneath those strategies you need action plans, what’s the work you’re actually going to deliver those strategies. And then beyond
that you put it into action, you test, you learn, you evolve the strategy,
and it keeps going around in the cycle from there. And if you follow that
process, then you’ll be able to deliver your strategy effectively. Unfortunately there’s a lot, but through thorough research and planning you can get over those those
issues. Areas such as technology, so technology changes all the time. And not
only is technology changing, and you can stay aware of that, and you can prepare
for that, but also technology constraints within your business, especially if
you’re in a large business chances are you’ve got some real challenges with
technology with some legacy systems. You have your brand, your brand will
be in a certain position, and you may have some brand challenges with how you
want to push your digital strategy forward. There’s always the market, the
market will be changing, and with technology, with the market
itself, consumer behaviour changes as well and that can be extremely difficult to
predict. So if we look at people using social media now compared to no social
media just ten years ago, it’s a completely different consumer behaviour.
So any ten year strategy now would be failing. There’s also within your
business, the structure of your business, is it set up for digital is, is it
enabling your digital, is the culture enabling digital. Also the skills of
your team, the resource, the budget that you have available. So unfortunately
there is a long list, but through careful planning and through
understanding those risks you can overcome them. you

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