How to build a strategic marketing plan – the building blocks
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How to build a strategic marketing plan – the building blocks

So what does it take to build a strategic
marketing plan? Let’s talk about that and the building blocks
that they need to succeed. Step one, lay out the executive summary. This is the background of your company. The purpose, vision, and the role that marketing
plays in your organization. Step two, define your brand. What makes you, you? This includes visual standards, consistent
messaging or copy, your brand promise, logo and more. Step three, define your target audience. Who are you selling to and what describes
them? You’ll want to outline the demographics, that
is the data driven information that you have. Describe this ideal person in detail including
all of their goals and challenges and their buying triggers. Step four, outline the buyer’s journey. What steps do people go through to purchase
your product or service? What needs to happen for them to be aware
of their problem, consider your company as the solution, and then make a decision to
buy from you? Step five, set your goals. By now you should have a solid understanding
of the who and the why, now let’s dig into the what. Establish actionable goals that you can use
to map out your campaigns and activities. Some examples of goals you could set are increasing
web traffic to 10,000 visits by December 31st, or landing five PR opportunities by June 15th. Make sure your goals are clear as they will
also impact the metrics that you track. Step six, design your strategies and tactics. If goals are the destination, then strategies are
the way that you get there, and tactics are the steps along the path. Brainstorm the ways that you’ll achieve your goals. Maybe that’s through a thought leadership
campaign or a fourth quarter promotion. Once you nail that down, pencil out the things
that you need to do, or the tactics that will play into that strategy. This may include tactics like a social media
ad or PR, a new website, or video marketing. Step seven, outline your calendar. Put your strategies and tactics into a calendar
format so you can see where all of the activity falls, when it needs to happen, and how you’ll
manage it all. Planning is half the battle of successful
marketing. Step eight, allocate resources. Putting you marketing plan into action requires
resources. This includes time, money, people, and tools. Can you do it all internally? Or do you need an external partner? What about new tools? We have a much longer list of resource questions
over on our blog. So if you’re stuck, head on over there to
check it out. Step nine, establish metrics. This comes close to last simply because you
have to know what you want to accomplish at a high level before you can start to track
the metrics underneath. Let’s say you’re going to generate more leads
for a specific product. In addition to tracking leads, you might also
want to track the email open rates for the campaign, click through rates from social
media, video views and more. Step ten, start. The best marketing plans don’t work if you
don’t put them into action. Focus on a 30 day plan that you can achieve and don’t try to accomplish everything at once. And that’s it, the basic building blocks of
a strategic marketing plan. If you’re ready to jump in we’ve got an easy-to-use
template for you on our website. Just go to And drop us a comment below if you have anymore
specific questions.

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