How To Build Relationships & Get Results For Your Business in 2020
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How To Build Relationships & Get Results For Your Business in 2020

I believe that when you have a
video asset that you can
utilize to build relationships
with clients and ultimately
begin business with you can’t
help but take advantage of it.
Hi my name is Omar and I’m the
owner of Sheikk Productions here
in Melbourne Australia.I truly believe that having a strongrelationship with your clients
is an essential part of being
successful in any industry.
Just ask any business owner.
that is the root of the
business that allows the
backbone and structure to grow.
Which allows you to harness the
fruits the clients. You have to
have a strong base in order to
create a successful
relationship with those you’re
working with and those you are
going into work with.
I think that having a video
asset is a magnificent tool.
First it gives you so much
range in dealings with
clients which allows you to
dive into so many different
aspects that you wouldn’t
get elsewhere. It is truly so
powerful to have this type of
engagement at hand. It makes
working so personal and
intimate and allows you to
paint the picture exactly how
it needs to be. You know
stories can be told with all
its authenticity all its glory
and emotion. With all
its context. This keeps clients
craving more and gaining trust
in the foundation that is built
straight off the bat.Listen here
At Sheikk Productions there is
no fun in doing
things robotically. That is a
waste of our time and yours.
We value the essence
of humanity. We value the
moments and memories. We value
success and we are driven to
help our clients be as
successful as they
can in their fields.
So this is how we
usually start. We start by
asking questions. What’s your
story? Take us into
your world. Why are you here?
What brought you here and where
do you want to go? Share with
us your successes and help us
understand your struggles so we
can both tackle these concerns
and ensure that your business
gets back to its
full potential.So now if
you’re part of a business and
you’re hungry for that success
and hungry to tell your story
let us be part of it.Let us bring it to life.
I invite you to go fill out our
discovery form on our website.
We’ll review it and if we feel
we are a good fit to do a video
project for you we’ll call you
and start planning how we’re
going to start to create better
relationships for you and
your clients.

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