How to Choose an Online Marketing Consultant for Your Startup or Small Business
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How to Choose an Online Marketing Consultant for Your Startup or Small Business

I have heard more horror stories than you
would believe about entrepreneurs being burned by online marketing companies or consultants
that charged hefty fees and provided little to no value. Unfortunately, as with most things,
for every great professional out there there are 10 more people who truly suck. Don�t
let the bad apples scare you off from the entire profession, however. Here are some
tips I�ve learned from clients� experiences that will hopefully help you pick a top notch
online marketing professional and not waste another penny on one who�s not worth his
or her salt. Firstly, you have to check references and
past performance. These marketers should be able to give you examples of past work and
a long list of happy customers eager to shout their praises. Ask to talk to companies they�ve
worked with in the past and ask for examples of projects that they�re particularly proud
of. If you�re talking to an SEO consultant, get examples of sites they�ve ranked for
particular keywords and do some Googling when you get home. If their star client is on page
9 of the search results, you�ll probably be disappointed and if the person you�re
considering for the job won�t give you references or is dodgy about examples of his or her success,
keep moving. Also, just do a basic Google search and see
what you can find. Type in the name of the company or person and look around for reviews.
If they�re overwhelmingly negative, that�s a bad sign. If there is a pretty long list
of happy customers, then it�s likely they�re a reputable business. Another thing you should ask about is their
methodology. Even if you may not understand every word they say, you can usually get a
good idea about whether a person or company is sketchy based on the way the describe – or
try to dodge the question when asked to describe – their methods. If something sounds sketch,
it probably is and if someone promises you their secret formula will get you ranked on
page one of Google results next week, they�re straight up lying. Finally, as much as it pains me to say so,
if someone�s price tag seems just too good to be true, it probably is. I don�t mean
that the most expensive person is the best for the job, but if someone is coming in at
less than half the average of all of the other bids you�ve gotten there�s probably a
reason. If you have any other tips for how to spot
the superstar online marketers in a sea of fakes, please let me know in the comments
below and we�ll see you next week at New Venture Mentor.

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