How to Close Your Prospects in Networking Marketing - 6 Secrets
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How to Close Your Prospects in Networking Marketing – 6 Secrets

have you ever felt uncomfortable not knowing exactly how to ask someone to become a customer really join your business on this video I'm going to give you six secrets when it comes to closing those prospects coming up everyone this is Darren kid I'm a multiple seven-figure earner and a top leader in the network marketing profession but it wasn't always like that matter of fact in the beginning it was the opposite of that I struggled for years failed over and over and over again so they'll never do network marketing again in my life and it wasn't until I had the right mentors that taught me what to do what not to do it really changed everything that led to the dream lifestyle that my wife and I our kids have now so it's my passion every single week to help teach you how to succeed now in your network marketing business maybe some of you are like me in the past you really didn't know what to do so once someone looked at information on your product or your service or your company the first thing you did was say hey what do you think well that's like saying what do you think about politics what do you think about this you open up a can right so what I like to do is go ahead listen number one what do you like best or you could say what caught your attention the most the product the business or a little bit of both and no matter what they say you win right because it is whether it's the product of business or both obviously you believe in it or you would be in your company so number one what did you like best about what you just saw what call your attention product business or a little bit of both tip number two once they've shared with you what caught their attention the most what they like best then what you can do to really kind of judge where they are in the process you can say on a scale of one to ten ten being amen I'm super excited I'm ready to go one bin I'm not where do you see yourself and then you want to just be quiet and you want to wait until they answer you because they will tell you where they are sometimes we talk ourselves right out of a prospect joining because maybe they're ready to go but we think they're not ready to go and we're trying to convince them remember amateurs convinced professional sort so on a scale of one to ten where do you see yourself now for tip number three so you've already asked them hey look what caught your attention the most product business or both they've given you on a scale of one to ten where they see themselves as far as interest now you can see we're progressing in to tip number three we go look how much money would you need to make on a monthly basis to make it worth your while and as long as they give you a reasonable number for example they go hey look I'm looking to make about $1,000 a month then you go in to tip number four which is how many hours a week are you willing to put in to get to that thousand dollars a month so that's where you have to make sure it's reasonable if they go look I need to make ten thousand dollars a month and I can only put in five hours a week you're acting is there consultant you're trying to get them to see that they're able to do what you're sharing with them before they're even joined in the company so you may go hey look I'm not sure what you make for a living right now but we probably need to readjust those numbers ten thousand dollars a month working five hours a week you know what do you make for a living now how long have you been at your job you need to move one of the numbers either less money or more hours and then tip number five how long would you be willing to give me to help you get to the thousand dollars a month working five ten hours a week whatever number they gave you and again as long as it's reasonable six months that's what we lead into the final tip which is one of the most powerful questions in network marketing if I would you okay if I would you okay if I could show you how to work five or ten hours a week and get to a thousand dollars a month in the next six months okay would you be willing to join and start with the company now very simple right if I can show you how to do that are you ready to get started and then you want to be quiet right don't don't feel like you have to keep talking don't be uncomfortable because there's a few minutes a few seconds of silence which feels like a few minutes because easy they're going to say well yes or they're going to go well what about this and then they're going to share with you the objection which is just a question that you need to get answered either by you or you through a n1 of your leadership to help them answer that question and you're hearing them answer the question and you're getting trained at the same time so even though those six simple tips are very simple they're very effective and the more you use those the better you're going to get and if you start teaching your team to do the same thing because again it's a very in this business we have to learn certain little skills and we want to continue to advance we to make sure the skills are duplicatable all six points you can do it I can do it your team can do it so work hard on refining your skills going through those six tips start today starts teaching your team to do the same thing share this video with them they'll let me do it for you and I promise you you will start seeing more people join your business more customers enrolling with your company which is going to lead to more income more success more momentum question of the day I would love to get your feedback was this training helpful in helping you close prospects please put yes or no in the comment section below and for more training content just like this one make sure you subscribe to my channel we're on a weekly basis we're constantly putting out content to help you and your team succeed now and grow your network marketing business and if you have not had a chance to download my free ebook with three of the biggest keys in succeeding and growing your network marketing business go to succeed with darren comm forward slash three keys we will make sure to put it on the screen and also put it in the description below so again thanks for tuning in appreciate you watching our channel and look forward to seeing you in the next video take care

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  1. Hello Darin Kidd, I became a network marketer for about 3weeks now, but closing my prospects have been very challenging… I am not sure I am using the right strategy.

  2. Yes this video was helpful…how do I, though, work 5-10 hrs and get in active prospects in my business?

  3. Yes this was helpful. Thank you. This is my first Network Marketing company I have gotten into and I didn't have anyone helping me get into it – so this is big for me. thank you.

  4. Yes, this video was very helpful. Thank you for sharing your time,knowledge, and talent, it's greatly appreciated.

  5. Okay… so closing done and person is ready to join. What if my newly joined partner cannot sell maybe because products are kinda expensive. So how to sell successfully despite expensive products? I need some tips

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