How To Craft A Marketing Plan (Go To Market Strategy) in 5 Simple Steps | Carl Weekly Show #4
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How To Craft A Marketing Plan (Go To Market Strategy) in 5 Simple Steps | Carl Weekly Show #4

if you are stuck somewhere not sure how
to craft a marketing campaign or you are having troubles deciding which
channel which execution is suitable in campaign and marketing calendar then this series is for you because today I
will deep dive into what are the factors that you should look after and how do
you put them all together in one piece for you to craft a proper marketing
campaign calendar which will be very useful in any marketing activities the
very first thing that you need to do is really to understand your audience where
are they coming from what is their age range its what are their genders are
they more male dominant or female dominant like then how do they behave on
your site what are the things that they browse the most so you have to
understand all these different things in order for you to craft something that
they would like because technically you are selling things to them okay you’re
selling the kind of perception the kind of feeling to them so you have to
understand them first so if you haven’t watched the video audience first please
please go and watch first and that will actually help you to define your
audience so now the very first thing is to understand your audience so what
happens after next okay so before you move in your crafting any marketing
collab and any marketing channels executions you say that oh I’m gonna do
this email stop right there especially when you’re when you’re new into this
thing first stay calm do out a checklist of your own tools
okay when I say tools I mean like what are your current channels that you have
example you might have social media your own websites your own the banners that
you can put on your websites then you also have email okay these are probably
the three most common things that you probably have then what are the other
channels that you can have okay so list all of them down first before you decide
which channels that you want to emphasize and prioritize on,
this will serve as your checklist in later stage so first step understand
your audience second step make a check list of your own channels that you
currently own after having these two things together then the third thing and
you should ask is what is your campaign idea or in laymen terms what is your
offer to this group of audience what you want to do with them okay so for example
I might wanna run a free shipping stuff to my own audience and say that hey okay
health and beauty stuff free shipping is very important because generally it’s a
very low lower AOV then I have to do free shipping okay whatever your cost is
the most important part about this stage the third step is to define your offer
properly okay your offer needs to be very relevant to your audience that’s
why you have to start with audience first what you have to do is that
understand your audience and what are their pain points then make sure your
offer matches that and that’s how you actually you actually give an impact to
them okay so that’s the third thing about your
offer so number four is to revisit the checklist that you did and pick up
your channels so today if I want to do free shipping and I know that I have my
own website I have my own email and I have my social media so how do I go
about all these things okay how do I lead them from social media to my
website and how do I lead them from email to my website and gather them
everyone here so this is where you wouldn’t you need to understand each
individual each individual’s channels efficiency and the objective for example
you’re not gonna transact on an email right but you can use that email to
divert the traffic to your own landing page and gather everyone there the same
goes for your website banner the same goes for your social media you can
actually run probably run something even more but you get the idea the idea is
that you have to treat every different channel and execution with different
sets of objectives so that you understand like okay this one is just to
divert the traffic to here and email will just divert the traffic
via social media is more I’m gonna do on top of a funnel thing it’s kind of an
engagement thing but through that I was still divert traffic to this landing
page so overall you will you should have a landing page that houses every single
thing so that people can come over and land over and look at the overall
information and whatever you want them to do but you get the idea so that is
why having the checklist is very important because especially when you’re
new you would probably like you know I just gotta take email here this and then
and that’s my typical you know cookie cutter kind of thing but know before you
move into all those channels things make a checklist first and understand that
okay it’s this list complete then can I use this list to the fullest and what is
the effort required so once you have that structure it out properly and you
just pick from the menu so now you have understood that okay
I’m gonna use email website and social media together and this is probably how
my plan looks like then now all you need to do is to put them into a timeline the
last step the fifth step is to put them in the timeline and say that okay
so how does all these things work together for example I will definitely
meet a landing page to house everything together so but I would need someone I
would need to divert the traffic and an attention to that landing page so what
can I do oh I’m gonna run a few teasers on social
media to tell them that this is coming then on three days before we will start
diverting them to the landing page itself so that will shout out some
certain information on that page the same goes for email but we’re gonna do
some different copies you see so the idea is that once you pick out the
channels that you want to do then you start to structure them in the timeline
okay imagine it like different blocks of X different blocks in the spreadsheet so
that you can start to fill up them together okay
I’m gonna put pretty three days before pretty sure one a month of before I’m
gonna do something then them go to the sub sudden
announcement here and there so you get the drill so once you put everything
together in the timeline then now you have a proper campaign calendar it’s
about understanding of your audience then make a checklist of what you have
right now at your own at your own disposal your Arsenal’s the number tree
what is your offer to them how do you plan to solve their problem number four
is to put the check list that you is to pick the channels that you wanna use
based on your check list then number five is to put your channels into a
timeline format there onwards you have a properly defined marketing calendar in
just these five simple steps

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