How to Craft an Effective Career Fair Elevator Pitch
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How to Craft an Effective Career Fair Elevator Pitch

hi guys Brenda majare here back with
another YouTube video yet again today I want to talk to you about three ways in
which you can craft a very effective career fair elevator pitch for those of you who don’t know who I am
I am the founder and CEO of brand resumes comm we are a professional
resume writing and career batsman service for each level graduates maker
professionals and executives across all industries I’m improving resume expert
interview coach psych coach clients across all industries and disciplines
with how to go from you know not getting any traction to land in the job but
today as we are in February right now you know there’s a lot of career fairs
whether you’re looking to transition jobs so let’s say you’ve been working in
the workforce or a while or you’re just a student you look into kind of in
you’re graduating in May this is a really good time to think about your
career fair elevator pitch so what I want to do for you today is talk about
three ways in which you can effectively craft this pitch and so by the end of
the video if you do stick around you will be able to understand exactly what
goes into these three different segments all you’ll be able to deliver a very
effective pitch to the recruiters of high leaders at any upcoming job fair
and you should get some and you should understand how to get more traction in
your search right because what we don’t want you to do is to be sitting there
you know not understanding you know what to do right want to get you up and
running get back in the workforce and hit the ground wanting to land the best
job that you want to get as soon as possible
so let’s get into it right number one the first thing that you need to
understand with a terrific elevator pitch or any elevator pitch in general
is establishing who you are right so let’s say number one who you are now who
you are is very important because when you are walking up to someone at a
career fair they need to understand who you are as a professional and the best
way that I like to deliver this message and what I advise the clients to do is I
think of yourself in terms of very powerful adjectives right so on you a
data-driven thinker are you a strategic worker you know are you in an innovative
thinker right so what you can do is you can kind of craft that into your message
and for me – I am a innovative entrepreneur who focuses on delivering
resume value and career guidance – Angela gradually professionals and
executives across all industries across all cities stop right there right now
within 15 seconds I quickly by who I was as a professional and I
gave a little bit more context and insights into Who I am
okay so for you whether you are in accounting whether you’re a marketer a
lawyer what you want to do is understand and how to establish exactly who you are
so that they can get and to know you very quickly so on average a career fair
elevator pitch the first segment of that the who you are should take about 10 to
15 seconds now the second thing that you want to look at when you in terms of you
know drafting a career for elevator pitch is being able to tell your career
highlights okay so that’s your career highlights now your career highlights is
very important because what we really want to do here is focus on your top one
or two you know beta’s accomplishment achievements that you’ve made at a
previous role or anything that kind of relates to you know the job title that
you might be looking for so if you think about it logically you’re walking up to
a recruiter I major at set company whether that’s an accounting firm
whether that’s a biopharmaceutical firm you know you want to understand and
think very critically about the biggest things that you’ve done to shine light
on why you’re a really valuable candidate right because unless you say
they don’t know and so your career feel and so your current elevator pitch in
its entirety be about a minute to minute in half but this segment should be about
I want to say 30 or 40 seconds where you dig deeper and so we were so when you’re
someone to when you’re talking to them you’re establishing not only who you are
but your biggest accomplishments and success or is an impact because what
they’re really want to know is why are you better than the guy coming in next
to you or the girl coming in at feet right hoping what have you done what is
your impact why are you the best person that’s you know that’s the best person
is why are you the best person the best fit for this job okay
so your highlights highlighting your accomplishments very quickly one or two
okay now the third thing that you really want to put into an effective career
fair elevator pitch is understanding why you are here now I’m getting to why
that’s very important now what I like to tell and advise my clients on
and this is advice it’s based off of past success stories we’ve had about 400
very successful clients in the past few months and I know what works and so when
you’re able to effectively deliver how you fit into a company’s culture their
mission and this is something that you can say in about two or three seconds I
mean I’m sorry and this is something that you can say in about 10 to 30
seconds to kind of put yourself and now this could be whether looking you saw
something in terms of the company’s culture where you understand what
they’re doing in the direction that they’re going in and how can an how you
identify to that maybe you work on a really key project at your past company
that relates well to where this company is going in terms of direction and
strategy and focus how can you insert yourself to say hey I’ve done something
that makes me the match made in heaven for your role and organization and if
you say something like that and bring it full circle so in about a minute and a
half they understand who you are right your career highlights and the big stuff
that you’ve made and why you fit into this company they’re gonna remember you
so I know this is really working for you is that after you kind of deliver this
kind of introduction right because what would occur whatever what a pitch is is
an introduction it’s just establishing your credibility so that they instantly
understand who you are and again you know this is working if that after you
deliver this pitch they’re asking you to follow up they’re asking you to give
them your resume they’ve shown you really got a good eye contact they’re
engaged they’re here right and so if you start to craft your effective career
pitch by using one of the two or three of these methods you should start to see
some results right because what I want you to do today is take this advice you
know write up a good career fair elevator pitch practice it out loud with
yourself with your friends to get something that’s really crisp insisting
so that when you’re delivering this they’re seeing some great traction and
some great success in your job search okay so again you know one who are you
always remember that they’ll deliver that really really really quickly to
what are my biggest accomplishments and how am i different in three how do I fit
into this organization and with these three tips you should be able to see
some more attraction so check in next week we’ll be dropping videos and
on a weekly basis see you guys in that time – please subscribe to our channel

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