How to Create a Content Calendar using Trello
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How to Create a Content Calendar using Trello

– Are you somebody that
is writing your blog post right before it’s
supposed to go live? Or writing your Instagram captions as you’re supposed to post it? I’ve been there, when I first got started on YouTube, I was filming
and editing and trying to post my videos all in the same day. What I quickly came to realize is this does nothing but cause overwhelmed stress and can quickly lead to burnout. So today’s video, I want to share with you how I plan my content
calendar here on YouTube so that I can have
videos planned in advance and I can have them
scheduled weeks in advance so that I don’t have to
worry about staying up late to get my video to live. (light music) Hi, my name is Trena and on this channel, I help creative entrepreneurs like you get on YouTube to grow your business. Because I’ve used YouTube
as my number one platform to grow my business, and
I love having my videos work as my 24/7 sales team for me and I want that for you as well. And so to get consistent videos out there, you really gotta have a content calendar and a plan of attack because otherwise, it’s just too stressful, trust me. So the first thing that you’ll want to do when planning your
content or creating your content calendar is to map it all out. I like to just have an
absolute brain dump session. I’ll check my notes where I came up with video ideas that popped
in my head while I was getting groceries or
running, or exercising. And I like to see what
videos do I want to create coming up in the next month. I also like to look at important
dates that are coming up. Do I have a launch, do I
have a big collaboration? What are those dates that
I need to keep in mind to really create my content around. So for me at the end of
July I have a launch. So a lot of my content is
going to be revolving around my launch coming up so
write down those dates too to help you map out your content. Then I like to group together
similar content ideas that I can make a playlist on. Playlists are absolutely my number one thing to do here on YouTube and it really helps me create a content
strategy that’s really powerful to grow my channel. So if you want to learn
more about playlists, I’ll link an entire
video about that as well. So I start to put videos together that will fit into a playlist. The next step I do is basically recon. I go out, I look what people
are creating content about. I see what’s ranking in search, I see what tags people are using. I really make sure I find the right ideas or make sure I phrase my videos in a way people are actually searching. Because you can put up any video that you have, or give it any title, but you really want to
make sure it’s going to hit home to your target audience so that they watch your videos. This is really what’s
gonna give you the huge return on investment with your videos if you make sure you’re
saying the right things and getting in front
of the right audience. Now after you do your
recon, it’s time to plan. And I like to go on paper for my plan. So you’ll see my calendar back here, each little PostIt is a
specific piece of content you will see that the
orange pieces are videos that are going to be
going live on my channel. That then helps me realize
what am I gonna write on my newsletter on Wednesday,
so you’ll see that’s the pink PostIt, that’s what my
newsletter’s gonna be about. Because it’s gonna
revolve around that video that I post that week. Also what’s my Facebook Live
going to be about that week. Again it’s gonna revolve
around that YouTube video. Basically YouTube is my hub of content which filters through
what I’m gonna talk about on my other platforms. I also like to put these
on PostIts on that calendar because if somebody contacts me and wants to do a collaboration, I can
easily move those PostIts around without having to scribble or white it out or erase it. So it’s much more easier
for me to move them around, or if something happens on YouTube that’s a trending topic, I
can easily rearrange my ideas if need be. Then I like to get
electronic and I like to move all that information into Trello. Because I’m not always
working in this office, I maybe sitting at swim
lessons, or I may be working at my parents house,
or I may be working downstairs. So I like to have it in Trello so I can have it electronically wherever I go. Having it in Trello also
gets my team in the know. So my video editor knows
which videos are coming out, when they need edited,
when do they go live. My graphic designer knows
which of the next thumbnail she needs to be working on. So it’s just like a hub of
information for the team, so that we stay on date. And this is a really important step, and it’s setting deadlines on those pieces of content that you want to go live. I generally have two deadlines, the first deadline is
the deadline for my team. So when the editor needs
to get the video done, and when the graphic designer needs to get the thumbnail done. Then the other due date is the
date it actually goes live. I generally like to
have all my videos done at least two days in
advance so I can get them scheduled and get my blog post up and fill out the description box and all of the extra stuff
you gotta do on YouTube. So it’s really important
to set these deadlines so you actually make them happen. Even if you don’t have a team, set those deadlines for yourself, set a deadline for when you need to have your video edited by. Set a deadline for when you need to have your thumbnail done by. Set a deadline for when you need to hit live on that video on YouTube. The next important piece
of creating a content calendar is doing similar tasks in bulk. So right now for me, I’m
sitting here filming videos. It’s a video filming day for me so I’m filming about 12 videos. I already did the research in bulk, I already did the scripting in bulk, those were on separate days and now I will sit here and film as
many videos as possible. Because for me to set up the lights and to have a quiet
space and to be in this video filming zone, it
just goes a lot faster if you can do it all in one chunk. So set a date for filming,
set a date for researching, set a date for editing. Trust me, this is gonna
be a game changer for you if you’re not doing bulk tasks. The next important piece to your content calendar is to have some tools. So one of the tools that
I really like to plan my Instagram posts is planaly. I’ll link it down below
if you’re interested in learning more about it but this allows you to actually see what
your feed is going to look like as you upload your images. And if you do the paid for version, you can actually upload videos. So I will upload my teaser clips to Instagram, do the
captions, and so I currently in July now, have all of my content done til August because I used
Planly, write the captions out, so much easier to write captions out on a computer than on your phone. So that’s one of the
tools I definitely suggest using to really get your
content calendar on task. Now what’s great with YouTube and Facebook is they allow you to
schedule their content. So when you upload a video to YouTube, as long as you upload it as private, you can then go into
your video and set it to schedule and schedule the date
you want it to go live as. So all my videos go live
Monday through Wednesday at 11 AM once I upload
that video in private, then I’ll go in and
change the date and time and schedule it so I don’t have to be on my computer to set it live. And Facebook does the same thing now. You can schedule posts
on your business page, you can schedule posts
in your Facebook group. And so that has really taken a lot of time off of my hands so that I can just do all of that in bulk as well. So sit down and plan all my Facebook posts which I currently have all
my posts for this month done because I sat down
and did it in bulk. And the final thing is to plan in a month. You’ll notice that I talk
about how I have all of July’s content done, that’s because
I got my YouTube content done first for the month,
and it really filtered through my Instagram strategy,
my Facebook strategy, my newsletter strategy. So if you can do it, your content plan, a month at a time, my next
goal is to do my content plan in a quarter at a time. So a quarter is three months. So I’m really hoping to get to that point where I have three months worth of content done because that’s gonna give me so much more time to focus on my clients, focus on my students and
to have time for me, right? Now you want to learn more about how you can create a YouTube
channel for your business so you can do all the
things I just talked about. Make sure you click the video that’s on your screen right now, and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel because I’m constantly helping you here to figure out how to use YouTube to grow your business. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

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  2. Hello Trena, I noticed you use iMovie for your video editing. I was wondering if you could share where you got your title cards from (etc. the pink screens that say Recon, batching, etc). My iMovie doesn't have that option, just about 10 pre-made title cards.

  3. Did I miss where Trena actually showed how she uses Trello and how to set it up? The title is a whole lot of click bait. Please be fair with your titles so you don't' waste peoples time.

  4. I didn't learn anything about how to use a Content Calendar in Trello from watching this video. Seems like a helpful video if you're looking for an overall strategy for planning out content, but Trello is barely even shown.

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