How To Create A Content Marketing Plan which will help grow your business in2019.
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How To Create A Content Marketing Plan which will help grow your business in2019.

– So I wanted to talk about
how I create my content plan in the hopes you could do the same. As part of my marketing strategy, I have my content
calendar in spread sheet. This plan includes
content for all the stages in the sales funnel and within that, several different categories. So in my top of funnel content, is primarily how to type tutorials, hopefully to attract new customers and demonstrate my knowledge
of the subject matter. Then, I have middle of funnel
content for my business which is more specific and
detailed content which is usually gated so people have to give
e-mail address to download cheat sheets, guides,
more about tutorials. So this is more targeted. Then there is the bottom of funnel content which includes my sales
page or office page and the supporting content like client testimonials and case studies. The majority of content I’m creating alone is top funnel though so I
have several sub categories within this which helps me
think of new content ideas. As I’m limited to these categories, so at the moment most of
this is how to content to attract new visitors
through YouTube and Google and then the subtopics within
there are social media, content marketing, video marketing, and content creation and
then product and app review is all based on what I’m actually using and what my customers are
likely to find help for. As all my content fits
into one of these buckets, it’s easier to think of
something to carry content around so as well as educational content, I can include sort of
interviews and opinion on trendy topics as well but still within the boundaries
of these sub categories that I’ve planned on
creating content around so it doesn’t confuse people. I think it’s really
important to have a plan on what kind of content
you’re going to create for your marketing so that
people know what you’re about. They come to your channel seeking particular type of
content and that’s what they get. (light music)

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9 thoughts on “How To Create A Content Marketing Plan which will help grow your business in2019.

  1. Hey Karly, this is really good content. Really interesting stuff. I've subscribed so I don't miss any new videos.

  2. Yes, I do. Otherwise it drives me nuts. Just finished planning the content for my YT channel until end of 2019. Love your content categories – top, middle, bottom. Great advice.

  3. It may only be August but I'm already planning how I can connect with my clients better in 2020! Thanks for this!

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