How To Create A Content Strategy – Content Marketing Tips For Success
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How To Create A Content Strategy – Content Marketing Tips For Success

I know video content can seem like a huge project to take on and it might scare you a little bit to think about everything that needs to go in to creating video content but today I wanted to share with you how exactly i plan my video content and how i create a video content calendar to really make sure all my messages are targeted to my ultimate business goals and strategies hey guys welcome back to another episode of just the tips with Trena where I provide online entrepreneurs tips and tricks on how to create a video content strategy that works for them and their business if you aren’t subscribed to my channel yet make sure you do so by clicking this red subscribe button that way you’ll be notified every single time I post a new video giving you more tips and tricks and while you’re doing that you could also check me out on social media outpost sum them all up here i’m doing behind the scenes extra tips extra tricks just to really make sure you’re successful with your video content so to make video content creation a lot easier you need to have an ultimate goal so you need to think about what is your six-month plan for your 12 month plan do you have any big launches coming up do you have any big collaborations maybe you’re featured in a podcast what are your big goals for the upcoming months you want to get these big date written down so that you can really craft your content around these days because you want to lead people in to these big projects are these launches prepared to buy what it is that you’re selling you can just create content on a win I know this from experience and I first started out this channel I just came up with videos but then I realized there needs to be a strategy to all of this I need to have my videos relating to my newsletters that week relating to my blog content relating to my social media content relating to my ultimate business goal it all has to fit together like one big giant puzzle piece so what I do to plant my content as i get all those big dates written down first on a notebook piece of paper and then I start coming up with ideas around those big ideas maybe these are frequently asked questions that I get through email or on social media or they are the topics that I’ve researched an advance on youtube or on Google to what people are really wanting to find more information out about so then i will take a blank sheet of a calendar here because i don’t want to mess up my actual planner this is my crack the sheet because I will erase things shift things around as I need it too so I’ll get all my content titles written down on this piece up calendar paper and again i’m making sure that my video post relate to my newsletters and they relate to my social media posts they all go together once i have a pretty strategic plan for the month and i’ll try to do two to three months in advance because you want to build anticipation for any big thing that you have going on so once i have my strategy plan out on that paper then i will make it more concrete and how do i make it more concrete by putting it in my planner so I don’t like to put anything in here if I have to erase that white it out this is like the Bible it needs to be set in stone when I put it in here so i use you know posted for that notebook paper to really craft out where my contents going what weeks to get to my ultimate goal that I’m really promoting so just to recap how exactly I plan out my video content is i will write down all the big things i have coming up in the near future whether it’s six months or a year i’m actually focusing right now creating my 2017 strategy so I’ve written down all my goals and all of my big things i have going on in 2017 so then I start creating content based around those big dates so they can build anticipation and leave my audience in my viewers into my big launches and I come up with my content ideas by either getting them from frequently asked questions from you guys who sent them and through email or on social media or I research them on youtube to see what are some big keywords that are being searched a lot what are the questions that people want answered from youtube or on Google so that is my ultimate you know content strategy plan how I plan out my content my content calendar all of that stuff so I want to know from you how do you plan out your content you have a Content calendar let’s top content strategy down below if you found this video helpful and you know some of your friends or your business besties would really enjoy this content make sure you share on social media those links are right down below twitter pinterest wherever as always you guys thank you so much for watching I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to watch my videos and I’ll see you next time bye

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12 thoughts on “How To Create A Content Strategy – Content Marketing Tips For Success

  1. I have a hard time planning content and staying on track when things get hectic. I love these tips and need to start implement them myself! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is something that I am working on right now. It's actually been a lot of fun to do all the brainstorming and planning!

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