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100 thoughts on “How to Create a Digital Product That Generates (AT LEAST) $100,000 Per Month

  1. Do you think it’s possible to launch a brand new digital product to cold traffic with no established following yet just using CAC and LTV? The product is priced in the $30-$50 range.

  2. What is the best video that has an all in one process from A to Z. I am just trying to wrap my head around what should I sell and how do I know what will sell, I have physical sales on e-commerce platforms. When it comes to digital products does he means becoming a market affiliate or sell like courses, coach and marketing course. I'm confused I'm eager to learn I have read a few book including Dotcom secrets. Any help is appreciated!

  3. Neil my man I appreciate this information I had no idea. This changes the game for me thanks I appreciate it!

  4. Is making a blog perchaps about relationship and then offer a digital product (for example how to build a Great and everlasting relationship) is a good way to go?

  5. Can anyone elaborate on what Neil’s talking about with regards to setting up a Maltese company to legally reduce taxes?

  6. Neil! I want to launch my first digital product. Do you have any courses that help outline a step by step process on how to get everything setup??

  7. Neil, that was fantastic. Thanks for posting it. I've shared this with someone who has since jumped into building a new brand, and they're enjoying their work immensely.

  8. I like it sooooo much, Neil.
    I have one question: I have a business website, I have not updated for many years. It used to be on top three of the same business locally. But now it's dropped. So I asked a lady to help me. She said she would rewrite the webpage in WordPress. But, how do I get the source code? Now I have my source code. Is it easier to work on seo in WordPress? Thanks so much.

  9. it's fucking amazing how much useful insights you put out there, unfortunately I just came across your content a week ago. even though I learned a tone throughout this week of consuming your content. i just checked out webinarjam and I can't wait to air my first one:)))) can't thank you enough, thanks Christine

  10. What kind of niche would you operate in with 0 start-up funds? Would it be possible to grow a blog via youtube/SEO without the facebook ads aspect?

  11. In Asian countries it is very difficult to sell any thing for 1000 dollar even in their local currency there are so many people selling items for less than 10 dollar so how do you explain this challenge

  12. What kind of digital training are people looking for? I build self publishing and author marketing resources. It's a small niche. The challenge is to really understand their needs and find the right balance of genuine content and low cost per month.

  13. Amazing Neil..im just a regular Pharmacist zero marketing experience, how can i get your help? thanks mahesh

  14. Can you answer my very basic question, I know I may sound stupid but I found you really helpful and amazing,
    I would love it if you answer it.

    What is webinar and how to get started with it ?
    I have a website as well as I blog too, Please clear me this thing eagerly wanted to follow up all the things that you are saying in your video.

  15. Neil' Wow great presentation, the resources, priceless. Presently I'm structuring a product correctly for the first time,
    This is from the contributing of guys like yourself.
    I will give you an update of my progress.

    Thanks, Neil

  16. Hi Neil, I know I'm late, but how can I make 100.000$ a month with a low margin product? My average profit (for a digital product) is 20$.

  17. Hey Neil, I have been busting my butt hard. I offer original and unique language training but have a hard time making facebook ads work and I don't have the budget to spend hundreds on ads. Also, don't know what services out there would be worth the investment! I am happy to spend on things that add huge value. Can you recommend cool value rich free or just reasonably priced programs , software, apps or plugins that you consider must haves? Ex: you mentioned Turbo dial, pic snippet etc… Can you share more of these services that would help a small business kill it ? 🙂 In your opinion, who are the crucial team members or employees a small business can't afford to not have… like the anatomy of a small business to be successful? Thank you dost! 🙂

  18. Hi Neil, great video? Question for you? Are you in the china market? I would like to take your stuff and translate it into Chinese. What do you think? Thank you!!

  19. Hi Neil, thanks for the educative session, my name is Henning from Kenya, been following your channel for two years now.

  20. Amazing 50 mins spend! How would you advise to an engineer without a financial degree but excellent in financial blogging sphere to make products?

  21. Hi. Neil, Didn't realise when the 50 minutes were over. Honestly, I did not connect with you till the time you played the mommy card with WordPress dude. Even though it still felt a bit hollow, it was personalised cause my mom keeps saying the same stuff to me.
    Not sure who told you about Indians stuffing money in there pillows but not true lol.

    Coming to the point not sure if your or your VAs are answering the comments, but any suggestions on how a a digital product on customer service and improving communication can be created? What kind of audience to target?
    One last request I have sent loads of messages, PMs and DMs to a lot of gurus but none ever responded back even though they all say they will, is it possible to talk to you directly on a call maybe Skype? 15 mins is all I ask.

  22. Neil, I created my first online course. Can you recommend a platform to host my course? It's a self-service online course that my clients can work through at their own pace. Thanks

  23. Thanks Neil would you say this content is still relevant in 2019 ? Or did some of the things you said change? I note the video is from 3 years ago

  24. Neil Patel how does this relate a year later!! Love your channel and podcast!! I hope I am able to get to teach as well as you one day!

  25. Thanks for doing this Neil ! Awesome stuf !
    I am just wondering, doesn't this all change pretty fast? How do we keep up?

  26. This is true bro, here in Brazil Works sometimes Like this, its the reality:) note 1000 for all tips from you! Yes i speak portuguese and spanish as well, this the way my friend! Kind regards

  27. Neil,

    Would you say it is possible to start an online business with $0 available to spend initially? Meaning, I would not be able to outsource anything? Everything I do and create must be own my own.

  28. Great video. Please we have simple products that we create in Cameroon. We are not getting enough traffic and the overall ranking is poor. What is your advice to us please. Grateful to hear from you

  29. Hey Neil! Thanks so much for another great video. Do you know of a site that has some examples beyond the normal health/fitness stuff that has a bunch of examples of digital products / courses? I'm a relationship therapist and would like to see some examples of other products / courses to get a feel for what a good course would look like. Thanks again!

  30. The part of getting a good designer to get you a more quality product really works well with up-sales, I really dig that, particularly if you are in the business of selling digital products. Themes or Templates for example.

  31. Thank you sooo much Neil. Your sharing was really genuine. You gave a lot of tips on how to set up our business digitally and auto pilot. Thank you so much. I will subscribe your channel and learn more from you. My target is to Earn RM10k month for now. Great sharing Neil !!

  32. Hi Neil, it's very informative webinar that you have. I've been trying to figure out how to make money from facebook ads but I always fail I even signed up to one fb affiliate program, but still did not work. Maybe, im old enough for this new technology. Is there a way you can help me with facebook ads or any social media out there.

  33. Neil Patel publish a 50 minutes video on how to make money? I don't even watch it and I put it straight on my favourites list.

  34. Neil, I lost my chance to get started in this business back when the internet was at its beginning but life issues steered me away. Now I am on disability and can't live off of 1200.00 and need to start a business to bring me a better quality of life. What do I need to do and where do I get started?

  35. I'm Ramses from Africa ( Cameroun ) really great video and so inspiring I am thinking of starting a digital product business really thanks once more. @Neil Patel. 🙂

  36. I’m from the Philippines, now retired in USA 🇺🇸 making extra $3k to $5k a month thru online businesses. Just keep your focus. Goodluck all!

  37. Hi Neil, I see this was in 2016. Webinars may have reached their saturation point. Does this advice still stand, (webinar/$997) or have you tweaked the formula for 2019?

  38. daaaamn, Neil! I watched this 3 times to map out the biz model. You left NO ROOM for a leaky funnel–I'm impressed with how hyper-efficient and automated the whole thing is! I was laughing hard at how GENIUS it is, because the webinar runs every 15 minutes for 24/7, and that's $3k every webinar (100 attendees).

    That's $12k PER HOUR!! Frikin INSANE. Just 16 total hours per month, generates $200,000.

    I'm confident I can create a product for $997, but I have no idea where I would get enough traffic to get 100 new attendees per webinar every 15 minutes, looking at 400 attendees per hour (one hour a day, to be conservative) x 20 days a month = 8,000 members on my email list PER MONTH.

    I don't have that kind of following. Damn… so close! Neil, how would I grow a list that huge, of people interested in this $997 product?

  39. Hi Neil I have been watching few of your youtube contents, they are great.
    Can u give me few tips on my startup?
    Like I am planning to act as a broker/middle man between students and house rent owners so that I can help them get quick access to what they are looking for with eachother.

    ▲Should I build a website for that?
    ▲How do I provide value to the house rent owner?
    ▲Tips on recurring income?

    Thank You

  40. Awesome video Neil! Thanks for the great info. I could use your help – I have just started a new Travel Business and I am designing it to cater to Businesses, Corporations, Groups, and Luxury travelers. I have watched your other videos including Facebook groups and I am implementing the techniques now. Thanks for that as well. How can I attract traffic using these techniques you have presented considering it's not a digital product? Any other videos you can recommend?

  41. Hi Neil, for people with no social media or youtube channel, and with low budget, how much roughly we need to spend on advertising to get result? And also if we outsource for other people to make our video, what if they steal our ideas and market themselves too?

  42. before i got all of these super powerz, there were strings attached… and these are good conditions that were given to me to follow after all of this is over. everyone will be happy… trust god… don't trust god… i don't care… hypergamy doesn't care… relax people… everything will be just fine…

  43. This is amazing content and you are very knowledgable and fluid in your sharing. Do you think there is still room for growth when creating and or selling digital fitness and health products? Has that niche plateaued? Do you suggest that one can still make a profit in such a competitive niche?

  44. wow bro great suggestion and tips for the questioners… I really liked how fast your mind works on giving tips and tricks… Awesome and great work

  45. Great Info Neil, having done network marketing and affiliate marketing without much success I am thinking of embarking onto the kindle publishing platform, whats your take and thoughts of how to really set yourself apart from the competition ? Any advice would be really appreciated for this very young 61 year old….??

  46. Hi Neil,

    This video gonna change my life & mode of business. Still lots of way to go. Just requested you to connect in linkedin. It's my first interaction with you ! Hope u see this message.

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