How to Create a High Converting Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel
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How to Create a High Converting Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

hey everyone this is neil patel here and today we have another Q&A Thursday video I’m here with Adam Liddell che from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is oh I’m gonna get this name wrong but I’m gonna try khubaib Khan and I get that right khubaib I don’t know all right we apologize for not knowing how to pronounce your name I really am sorry but thank you for your comment and the question is that can I make a website for free just to start up and then will it work for affiliate marketing basically the affiliate marketing this is a good question and thank you for leaving the comment a lot of people believe and they have this misconception in their head that if you want to do affiliate marketing you need to spend money on a premium domain name spend a lot of money on a design and that is completely wrong you can start off with the free wordpress theme start up the site you can even have your site on you can try to build your traffic and then monetize it does not cost money to do affiliate marketing yes most affiliates make money from facebook ads or Google ads and then they send that traffic to their landing page and then push people to whatever products or services that they’re selling that works that’s a good model but you don’t have to start off that way doing something as simple as throwing up a free WordPress site will do well and if I was to start off in doing affiliate marketing I had little to no money here’s what I would do I’d go to set up a website pick a vertical that I’m passionate about if you’re not passionate you won’t create enough content when you’re passionate you’re willing to put in the hours the time energy it takes to succeed it’s not gonna be easy but I believe in you you can do it once you have a topic you’re passionate about go and create content whether it’s text-based content video based content audio based content you pick whatever is the easiest for you you can take all your phone crazy some videos write some blog posts whatever it may be now that you got your content going I want you to do a simple thing go to tools like buzzsumo they have free versions look at other titles that have done well you can also use SEM rush for free or ubersuggest put in keywords see what ideas are popular and go and see what’s working and start creating more of that kind of content because that’ll help you get even more traffic you got a base of content already before you do this now you’re starting to write content that people want to search for share you can even do that first if you want but generally I say used to start off just by writing what you’re passionate about and want to get off your mind or your chest and then what you want to do is you want to start sharing the content look to see on Twitter who’s tweeting out similar content ask them to tweet out your content you want to see who you link to email them let them know that you link to them ask them to share your content if you’re in places like the European Union make sure you follow gdpr rules I don’t know if you can just randomly email people worst case user web site contact form let them know that you emailed let them know that you link to them and ask them to share your content this will start helping you get traffic then you want to use tools like subscribers and hello bar to collect emails this is collect subscribers get people coming to your site once they subscribe you can notify them every time you have new blog posts that are coming out you do this for six months you’ve built up a community or audience and then when you mention products within your blog post that your affiliate for and you push them you’ll start seeing income that’s how it have to sow let’s start if I were you and I had you know no money to spend on Facebook ads and you’re just starting off and I’m not saying that doesn’t mean you can’t do Facebook ads and make that work but that’s how I start off if I had little to no money you don’t need a registered domain name you don’t have to pay for hosting you can monetize by just creating a simple website on and following the steps I mentioned yeah I mean the only thing I would add to that is just make sure you’re getting people’s email addresses when they’re coming to your website like if I were to start a YouTube all over again and just want to you know collect email addresses I would literally have a one page address that would send everyone to for my YouTube videos but hey go here click the email and then when you want to launch an affiliate program or obviously your own product that’s true you promote to the email list and you can use hellobar com to do that for free there it is so there it is alright thank you for watching this week’s Q&A Thursday video if you have a question that you want answered leave it below I’ll answer it and it may be show up in next week’s Q&A Thursday video thank you very much I appreciate your time thank you for watching please like comment share subscribe I hope you have a wonderful day

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47 thoughts on “How to Create a High Converting Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

  1. sir make a video on protecting wordpress or any website from blackhat hackers … antivirus on pc , protecting plugings and every safety tips , any also tell us using windows laptop is as safe as apple macbook or not for blogging ….thanks lots of love

  2. Hi. Neil Good Stuff ! I am going to promote my ebook through fb ads using instapage. What's the best way to attract users attraction or convince them to buy my ebook. Creating catchy title and ebook covers works???

  3. Affiliate marketing is really a great concept. I truly believe in the concept because you then can stay real with your audience and pitch them products and/or services that you really believe in instead of having brands reach out to you and then promote stuff you don't believe in.

  4. Hi Neil, Thanks for making video every Thursday.
    My question is How one can grow their YouTube channel? What kind of content strategy should we focus on.. thanks

  5. Hi Neil,
    Will starting a digital marketing agency now (2018), be successful for a beginner like me? Isn't it too late?

    If "yes", then How to beat you, moz and other big shots and become an industry leader?

  6. I have digital marketing agency in Prague since 2013, so much has changed since then, but funnels & collecting emails is still your top asset.

  7. Neil I am a beginner in SEO and want to be an expert and have clients from all over the world just like you. Should I learn SEO as much as I can? Does it have a Good future in the next 5-10 years? Many people say Social media marketing is what all matters now and you shouldn't get into SEO right now as it's almost dead. Help!

  8. Sir, thanks a lot for the great informative video. But instead of free wordpress can I use free domain like .tk and free hosting? Are there any possibility of not ranking?

  9. I have been a physical entrepreneur for more than 25 years, and for the past 4 years I have been acting exclusively through the internet with several corporate products websites, and people willing to teach the way to success like Neil Patel, it is fundamental for the training of digital entrepreneurs to find the way to stones through these videos.

    Att, Julio ferreira negocios

  10. How can I start a startup of digital marketing agency with little or no investment of money , please explain by step by step.

  11. Hi Neil sir, please give some idea or tools for people who are not good in english but wanted to start blogging,

    As I go through some diffrent diffrent video regarding content creation but I didn't found they are actually going to help me

    Please guide me

  12. I am just started my blog on mobile niche using blogger and paid domain…in mobile niche in India too much competition…from where can i start to rank on first or second page … Thank You…Plz pick my comment it will help me alot

  13. Hey Neil,
    Have you tried out builderall yet? It's cheaper than clickfunnels so I wanted to know whether it is good. Would love to know your opinion

  14. Great vid Neil! Just wanted to ask, how much traffic should one have before starting off affiliate marketing? I've been writing my blog for about 4 months and I have about 100 weekly visitors.

  15. Hi Neil Patel, I have an urgent question before I start writing blog posts.
    In my blog posts, I always put my blog articles all in bold in order to highlight all my writing and what will allow ease of reading to my visitors, is it advisable to put in bold that some elements or that does not change the way you put everything in bold for the SEO?


  16. Neil thanks for the video. Can you make a video talking about how to scale the hiring process for a startup when going from 0 to 10 employees. Who should be hired first, at what percentage of revenue should each hire be etc. Thanks

  17. Hey Neil, can you please provide some clarity on the below mentioned question:

    in case i spend 200 dollars a month on instagram ads
    objective – website clicks
    estimated reach – around 100,000 people.

    does that mean i will get 100,000 people to click on the ad and my budget only gets spent when my objective (i.e get website clicks) is met, or

    does it mean, i'm simply showing this ad to around 100,000 people and they may or may not click on the post.
    if they dont – i dont understand why do we set an objective.

    please help me with this will be really helpful. Thanks!

  18. Neil Obrigado por mais esse vídeo rico de conteúdo. Você poderia fazer um vídeo, novamente neste assunto de afiliado, sobre como começar do zero como afiliado na internet? Você respondeu muito neste vídeo, mas poderia dar mais algumas dicas? Faço um blog sobre um nicho da minha escolha, foco no nicho e trabalho mandando tráfego para ele?

  19. WordPress offers every solution. You can create a free blog with little investment or start your own site. Plus you can later install Yoast SEO to do you optimisation for the search engine. Apart from that, some amazing points have been made here by Adam & Neil related to affiliate marketing.

  20. Dear Neil, how do I find products in China that I can do an affiliation project? is it possible to source them through google or do you prefer I use Alibaba? I want to get in touch with them and do an affiliation. Please do provide me with insights, as I am planning to start one.

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