How to create a Marketing Strategy?
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How to create a Marketing Strategy?

Hi guys, it’s Melissa here from PostSmart I look after all things strategy content for PostSmart
In today’s vlog we thought it’d be a great idea if we had a little bit of a
closer look at strategy. So, what do we mean when we talk about that? Essentially we’re talking about a marketing approach a marketing strategy
that is integrated. Why is it important? Essentially, it will ensure ROI on
greater success rates. We love nothing more than direct mail, but we do like a
little bit more is when direct mail is part of an integrated approach. It
means that we know that it’s going to reach the right target audience and it’s
going to be part of a wider campaign and that will engage them and help them see
what the brand is all about, but today we’re gonna look at my three ‘Top Tips’ to
help you get your strategy off the ground, so the first tip is don’t dismiss
consider all of your options. What do I mean? Whenever you’re considering which tactics that you might use to target
your audiences you might automatically dismiss them for example social media
you might think that the demographic for that is simply young etc, however that is
not the case there are so many more platforms now and what we’re finding is
that user numbers are growing and so are the demographics so first tip consider
all of the options don’t dismiss. Tip Two. Align your stuff this is super important
basically if you’re if you’re putting together a strategy it’s going to be
your stuff that are implementing this so getting their buy-in from the beginning
is going to ensure your success sit down with them get their feedback find out
what their thoughts are implement those that are appropriate then once you’re ready to go, you’ve got everybody’s buy in and ready to go and implement that
strategy for you. It means a much better success rates. And Tip 3. Consistency, is
key so essentially you know you’ve got your strategy you’re ready to go, take a
look are the messages consistent? Do you know exactly what it is that
you’re trained to say to your customer? If it’s a little bit unclear it’s time
to reconsider. You need a few messages that everyone is aligned behind that all
of the campaigns are aligned behind and then that way you can be sure that your
audience is getting the exact message at the exact time. So, those are my three ‘Top Tips’. In the next vlog we’re going to be talking about content ‘my favourite’,
however if you have any questions in the meantime please do get in touch with us.

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