How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar
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How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Hey there, it’s Ashley Perkins! Welcome
back to the best place to build income, influence, and impact for your business
or brand online. If you’re new here make sure you hit the subscribe button below
because I share new social media and brand strategies every week. Brands and
businesses are creating and sharing more content this year than ever before, which
is why it’s become essential to have a social media content calendar to support
your overall marketing plan. Not to mention, having a social media content
calendar ensures you never miss important updates, you’re always
organized, it saves you time, and provides a deeper understanding of successful
content. So how do you create one? Let’s dive into that right now. Knowing your content marketing strategy
is essential before you start creating any other type of content calendar,
because that way you have a general overview of the content you’re going to
be producing for that quarter, or that six months, or that year, however long you
planned your content marketing strategy for. In my video, the first one of this
series, I walk you through all of the steps and processes to creating a really
solid content marketing strategy. So just make sure you definitely check that out
before you dive into this tutorial. Okay so let’s take a look at my social media
content calendar. Now to create this, it wasn’t that difficult if you have any
experience in Google Sheets or Excel Spreadsheets, I’m talking basic
experience, you can put something like this together. Now none of this is set in
stone. I realize that everybody learns and absorbs information differently, and
that means that you track your data differently as well. So just take this as
a general guideline when you’re creating your social media content calendar, and I
will mention it at the end of the video, but if you don’t have time to create one
of your own all you’ve got to do right now is click the link below this video
and you can download a copy of this exact content calendar that you’re
looking at right now. I keep it within Google sheets so all you’ll have to do
when you download it is make a copy of it and it’ll be stored within your
Google Sheets as well. So really the most essential parts here that we’re looking
at right now are the week of the month or the month in general. You could
replace that with the social networks that your business or brand is active on.
The best times to post or the time that the content was posted at the content
type and its topic any of the copy that you’re going to be sharing in your post
about that piece of content on social media as well as a link and any other
additional notes you could also add another column for visuals and media
like images and just what I usually just pop that within the notes
section or as well as the link section but again like I said you can take as
many creative liberties with this as you want especially once you download it
from the link below this video and make a copy you will be able to edit it in
any way that suits you best so what I’ve done here is really organized it to be a
really simple and easy to understand week by week day by day view of your
social media efforts to promote the content that you’ve worked so hard to
create so as you can see here we’ve got week one which will be the first week of
the month and then right here is where you would want to put the day of the
week as well as the numerical value of that day of the week so you can see
Monday all of the content going out on each of the social platforms that we
have there and the same for Tuesday all the way through Friday everything you
see here is just to show you an example of what you should be plugging into each
cell and row so when you see content type and it says
new blog post and you don’t create blog posts you create videos you would just
sub that out with video content or short video or silent video there’s always
room for that there and that’s essentially it like I said this is a
very simple template and it’s just so handy to have at your disposal because
like I said you get a week by week in a day-by-day view of all of the content
that you’re sharing on your social platforms in an effort to grow your
business and raise brand awareness and also gain new clients and customers this
content calendar is also essentially what the back end of any scheduling
platform like HootSuite or buffer looks like this is just something that perhaps
if you’re like me and you maybe like pen and paper or just having some paper
around that you can pin up at your desk or something you can print this off to
see that and like I said just keep it stored in Google sheets I will mention
that platforms like HootSuite and buffer are often a
eight platforms after a certain number of social networks so if you’re active
on more than three social networks definitely make sure you create or
download this template because it’s completely and 100% free and will serve
you the exact same way if not better because you have the capability to
customize the layout another thing I’ve done down here is pop in a tab for
evergreen content so if you have videos or blogs you can log them all in here
especially if they’re really well performing pieces of content that way if
you’re ever stuck for inspiration when you’re creating a new series of content
or a new piece of content you can just refer to this tab and see what blog or
what video or podcast again whatever type of content you’re creating
performed the best and why so you’ll see here I’ve left space for top performing
social copy and that’s because you should always be tweaking and testing
different types of coffee and media in all of your social media efforts whether
that’s paid social advertising or organic social media it should all be
differentiated each time you post it and that way you’ll get a better
understanding of what’s working and what’s not making you an efficient
content marketer so again this is a very simple spreadsheet one that you could
easily replicate within google spreadsheets or Excel spreadsheets
yourself it looks sort of similar to the last one but you’ll see content type the
original date of your publication the title of it its topic URL and again like
I said the top-performing social copy and you can also plug your image in
there and any notes and there you have it a top to bottom process for creating
a social media content calendar now if you’re pressed for time and don’t want
to create one of your own that’s okay you can click the link below and
download my free content calendar right now and of course if you like this video
hit the like button below and click that big red subscribe button
I will see you in the next video

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13 thoughts on “How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

  1. Great video, Ashley! I am still working on creating content, so I am not ready for a social media calendar yet. The great thing is that your info will be helpful to me when I am ready. Thanks, Ashley!

  2. Super useful tips. I need to get better at creating a social media content calendar. You're so organized. Thanks for sharing what works for you.

  3. Great explanation Ashley! You are always so easy to follow and understand. Been trying to plan my strategy for the year ahead. Love to see what others are doing. 🙂

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