How to create a video first content marketing strategy in 2019? (Genius Talk ft. Andy Crestodina)
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How to create a video first content marketing strategy in 2019? (Genius Talk ft. Andy Crestodina)

stop sending email make a video your
conversion rates your sales rates your closing rates right will be higher the
organic reach for a video is like 100 X or a thousand x a normal post video
testimonials are some of the most powerful content you can put on a sales
page hey guys welcome to another edition of
Animaker Genius Talk a talk show where we interview genius minds from the world of
videos and transfer some of their amazing knowledge to you. Today we
have a very special guest in the house I’m pleased to present to you Andy
Crestodina from orbit media welcome to the show Andy we are very happy to have
you here today thanks for having me all right so today
we will be discussing a very important topic How to create a video first
content marketing strategy for business in 2019 alright we’re going to be
discussing this in three different sections let me explain how this is
gonna work today the first section is what we call the
genius journey now every great story always has a beginning Andy we like to
understand how your journey with content marketing and digital marketing began
well this is year 18 so my friend that I started a company building websites and
doing multimedia back in the year 2000 2001 we incorporated as orbit media and
we were an outsourced partner to advertising agencies which was
successful at the time but it did not really give us our own control over our
destiny so it was a little while before we figured out how to create demand and
how to drive traffic from search and how to generate our own leads so as we got
better at that starting in the year 2007 I finally knew that I had enough
names to send an email and do some marketing and you know make a
newsletter so I started blogging in sending newsletters and I just did it
monthly at first but that evolved into what has become an eleven year long
content marketing program where we combine search and
you know all the tactics that you you know content marketing content strategy
search optimization email marketing social media original research
influencer marketing live events podcasting and we and all these things
combined into kind of this ecosystem content where we’re successfully able to
create a steady stream of leads all day long people contact us asking for our
help and it’s been a lot of fun so it’s a but it’s a long path and we and we
created this this program out of necessity
all right so neccessity is the mother of definitely invention so Andy that’s a
great story and it sounds so simple when you actually tell it but as a Content
marketer myself I can understand the pain that you would have gone through, through
this rigorous process to understand every single part and you know now you
have reached a certain position well you can call yourself an authority in this
space of content marketing and then you decided to go about writing a book about
it content marketing chemistry how did that
happen so the idea was to repurpose some of our highest value content so we
stepped back and looked at what we had and asked how this stuff fits together
there’s a problem with blogs blogs just end up piles of stuff a blog is sort of
a pile it’s a reverse chronological you know just list of articles that aren’t
necessarily categorized very well there’s not necessarily interlinking or
connection between them so it was like a huge intellectual exercise to step back
and ask yourself what is make a list of everything that you know organize that
list into an outline or put it on post-it notes on the wall and figure out
how this could come together into a cohesive body of work once you’ve done
that you can look and say yeah I’ve written about these things here I’ve
never written about that one over there so immediately you get ideas for how to
support your content strategy by filling in gaps and then also it ends up
becoming something that you know sort of turned the outline turns into the table of
contents and the table of contents turns into the book you know blog into those
sections that for gaps and then eventually stop put it all together it’s
about 80% done right the whole thing and then because it was oh this was like
2012 re-wrote it the next year and then rewrote
it a year and a half later this is now the fifth edition of Content Chemistry
The Illustrated handbook for content marketing a lot of universities use it
as a textbook it is 200 and some 280 pages it’s really you know all of like
11 years of experience between two covers it’s hard work to do but it gives
you many more I mean it creates other opportunities so if you can I highly
recommend it all right definitely guys I also definitely
personally recommend the book to all aspiring content marketers out there so
Andy this is the end of section 1 the next section is what we call Inside the
Genius Mind so I’m going to throw some questions at you and I’m going to find
maximum value from these questions I’m going to pass on that value to my
audience all right sounds good let’s get started so Andy you started with
digital marketing and content marketing a long time ago all right and you really
saw the rise of content marketing and how it is today matured into a very
prolific source of marketing for all companies and we at Animaker could really
believe that this now is the era where video marketing is just taking off as
content was back in the day right so we see so many new brands and so many new
companies taking up video marketing and today they’ve started exploring it as an
option for a steady source of leads as you just suggested so my question to you
is in a recent video you made a very big claim right you gave us a very big video
marketing trend for 2019 in which you told us that you believe video will
eventually replace high stake emails in all across business communication which
includes marketing sales and customer support that as video guys that is
something really amazing for us. Can you tell us why you believe this and can you also
elaborate on how you think this will span out in the next few years
sure so I have some I’m gonna contact you because I want to work with you and
I’ve got some ways to do it I could send you an email that email may go into a
filter you may delete it you know you may not look at it at all you may just
scan through the skin through and get no value I can send you a postcard in the
mail and at least you definitely see that but
these are just text and text is so weak text doesn’t contain the rest of the
package the package which we have now right is the tone of voice and the body
language and the face and the eye contact right it like we are much more
credible when you have all this extra information so if it’s an important
email and if you’re thinking about like what should I you know and what did I
write this to rewrite it you’re you know twenty minutes later you’re still
working on this one really important email you’re gonna send don’t send an
email either pick up the phone and call the person which is immediate in
real-time and powerful you’ve got to get it exactly right though because you
can’t rewind that phone call or turn on your camera use a tool right
there’s lots of tools like this or you guys are familiar with this right turn
on that camera and and make your case in front of the camera so that they can see
what you believe they can feel it like look at my face see how I’m talking
about this I’m laying it up I’m describing it with my hands I’m using
body language it’s more it’s much much more compelling so for any kind of
high-stakes communication anything that you wish you were there in person stop
sending email make a video your conversion rates your sales rates your
closing rates right will be higher so we run an event I want to get sponsors how
do i how do i pitch to a sponsor with an email I’m asking them for thousands of
dollars why would it no I’m not gonna send them an email
I look like everybody else I thought marketing was about differentiation so
yes a video for sales communication no video for any kind of high touch high
stakes high value situation it some people that know this are just getting
better results because they’re creating a better connection between them and the
recipient so yeah I totally recommend it and I know that you guys fully embrace
this tactic all right so as a company who are
promoting video content all across the globe
it is really music to my ears listening to all of what you just said Andy my
next question to you is a lot of companies should be really embracing
video technology right now they should be jumping in to utilize the opportunity
right now the video space is really in its nascent stage and now is the time to
really leverage the video technology but sadly you don’t see that many companies
doing it what do you think is stopping them what are the problems in actually
jumping in and starting to create videos especially for businesses emotion they’re afraid they don’t like their face on video you don’t like their
sound the sound of their voice recorded and that that is hurting their marketing
results your own inhibitions about doing something are simply a block to your
success in sports in life in health and relationships in business and whatever
it is so the it’s difficult to do but if you look deeply at yourself and the
causes of the reasons why you don’t do things no you may be able to break
through some of that or set that aside and just try doing something nobody
loves their face on nobody I know loves to see themself on video I look wrinkled
and the lights bad my head’s kind of shiny my glasses are reflecting like
what’s my background like I don’t like this video of myself who cares the
audience doesn’t care it’s not what it’s about it’s not about high production
quality it doesn’t have to be you know it’s that’s not what’s working best
what’s working best is authenticity it’s people being real so you have to get
past those those inhibitions and as soon as you do and you know you don’t buy
fancy equipment you know don’t don’t try too hard just
turn on the camera make a little video make your case with video and share it
online it’s it’s it’s the beginning of a great adventure and it will open up so
many doors all right so that is definitely a great motivation for all
aspiring businesses who are looking to leverage video as a medium so one thing
you notice from all of your content specially your speeches is that you
focus a lot on strategy like content marketing strategy and how you develop
your content and all of that so for companies who are jumping into video
marketing right now how do you go about building a video marketing strategy for
a business in 2019 well creating something is really not as much of a
challenge is that getting people to see it so anyone that’s been doing marketing
for a little while probably has an opportunity to make videos that are
highly visible just by looking at where you’re placed where the visitors are are
you buying traffic to a landing page that could have video at the top do you
rank for a key phrase that page could have video at the top what’s your most
popular page in your website is it the home page you have video at the top of
the home page so it’s it’s not what I worry about is that people make video
especially video they budget for some fancy video and they put it on some page
on their site and nothing happens when that happened when when that’s true it’s
usually because the video is tucked away on some deep interior page put
billboards on highways find your high every it’s not obvious but if there’s a
report in analytics called users flow and it shows where the where the people
I’m moving through your website every website is like a city with highways
flowing through it everyone should know where the highways are you if you were
and if your website was a physical space you could watch so many people you know
everyone tends to go from there to there to there everyone goes back and forth
between these two rooms you know where the traffic is so basically just look at
your users flow report to see where people are moving or just look at your
top pages make a story make a passion story make a purpose make your origin
story right and put that video at the top some of the most popular pages
immediate results the results are almost automatic all right so that really makes
a lot of sense it sounds matter-of-fact kind of way but a
lot of people seem to be missing these fundamental facts that can really help
them leverage video marketing so now that you’ve mentioned SEO one question
that always keeps popping up in my head and a lot of people also keep asking me
this question in content whenever we want to rank for a particular keyword
and we see that one of a competitors is really ranking for that
keyword already one technique that we follow is what we call the skyscraper
wherein we go in and create a long-form content that’s really in-depth and
covers a lot more on that particular subject and Google then just eventually
starts ranking us instead of a competitor because we provide more value
but when it comes to video how do you recommend you go about doing the same
thing because if it’s a really long video people are not going to be
interested in watching a very long video right so do you find that balance of
getting in depth as well as finding the right length of the video mm-hmm well
long content gives uh gives you an advantage in search because you have
more opportunities to indicate relevance but with video you are looking to if you
want to sky scrapes um thing it might not be that you make the taller thing
the skyscraper technique suggests that you’re making a bigger thing that it’s
taller that it’s much much longer but if you just look at the videos out there
you may be able to find competitive advantages for example I have a baby boy
he’s like two years old he watches these videos on YouTube and these there are
horrible very low production quality terrible audio quality like bad
animation videos for kids of them singing songs coming up right behind
those our other brands that have figured out how to skyscraper those videos by
making better ones just basically good ones it’s like meeting the basic
expectations and like you know decent animation ok 3d rendering right so
what you can do is like look at a topic see what’s ranking and ask yourself
could I make something more detailed could I make a better custom thumbnail
could I give it a better headline you’re not trying to you won’t be able to
outrank the way it out ranked it in Google but you’d want to make something
that compete with those videos and tries to beat them on the click-through rate
by using all the true human psychology triggers headline description custom
thumbnail basic production quality and there’s still opportunities to do you know
competitive analysis and beat the beat bigger players but it’s not with depth
or length all right so quality is gonna be the
factor that differentiates you from the competitor right so that’s a very
important point my next question to you Andy is about social media we see that
all the major social media platforms from facebook Instagram IG TV Facebook watch
snapchat all of them are slowly turning into a video first environment in this
kind of a scenario especially when we had Mary Smith one of the world’s
leading Facebook marketers on our show she very blatantly pointed out that
organic Reach on Facebook is dead right so in this kind of a scenario how do you
think businesses can leverage social media especially using video content to
use it as a lead generation magnet as well as you know utilize it as a source
of branding and any other way for marketing that you can think well the
social media if you think about the benefits or the the motivations of a
social media network they want to get the visitor to stay on their site they
don’t want to lose your visitors to anyone else so they want the social
streams to be as compelling as possible as relevant as possible for that person
so what they’re doing is anything that has video in it is being favored by the
algorithms and becoming much more visible it’s really really difficult to
even get you know just to be seen you know to get impressions on a normal
social media post if I pulled up I could do it for you let’s look there’s a
little experiment ready it’s my phone I’m gonna go just for fun let’s just see
what happens I’m gonna go to LinkedIn and I’m gonna
see my stream here okay this will be hard to see yeah that’s a video let’s
keep going what’s next that’s a video what’s next that’s a
video what’s next that’s a video everything that I’m seeing his videos
that looks like an ad there’s a video so basic so I have a lot of LinkedIn
connections but it’s not true that all of my connections are posting video only
a tiny percentage of them are using video so why is might why it’s the top
of my stream filled with video it’s because the LinkedIn algorithm is
slamming video to the top of the stream showing these videos to everybody so the
reach the organic reach for a video is like 100 X or a thousand X a normal post
so it’s it aligns with what the social media networks want it aligns with what you
want so if you’re promoting a piece of content and social media my
recommendation is to make a tiny one-minute video commercial for it
I wrote a step-by-step process for this maybe we can share put it in show notes
or something but how to make social media videos that include all the
special tricks right they’ve got mentions they’ve got a hashtag they’ve
got numbers they’ve got a benefit driven headline and they’ve got a video in the
description there’s the link the link includes campaign tracking code I’ve got
an amazing results with social media video just through this like simple
process alright so your experiment was definitely a standard proof that video
is taking over the social media world all right Andy the next question that I
have for you is three important techniques that you want to see
businesses leveraging to use video marketing three important techniques but
one of them is if the if this others there’s different three kinds of videos
we’ll say the social media videos that I just mentioned which are
hosted on the social media websites in the content marketing videos which are
the helpful useful stuff kind of like what we’re making now and there’s this
sales related conversion focused videos top middle bottom of the funnel right
this these are three types of videos so we just talked about the first type so
for those types of so for a social media video you know make captions
adding captions will make it will slow down that visitor as they scroll it’s a
key ingredient make sure you add captions for the
content marketing video your job is to maximize the click-through rate so add a
custom thumbnail upload a custom thumbnail if you’re using you you know
wherever you post it that has a face and the headline in the custom thumbnail it
increases the click-through rate and for the conversion focused videos you want
to get you you want to be authentic and legitimate and talk about the history
and passion of your story be yourself and use whenever possible
third-party endorsements and testimonials video testimonials are some
of the most powerful content you can put on a sales page by far so those are
three ways to get the maximum results from three different totally different
types of videos one worked at the very top one works in the middle and the
other works at the bottom of the funnel all right very very well said I think
that was definitely striking the nail in the head Andy and the last question for
this segment is for companies that are on the fence you know just waiting or
just scared to jump into and start creating video content what are the
three major benefits that you can get out of placing a video on your website
well first of all the video visitor is more likely to stay you’ll get higher
time on page I’ll do it just with analytics you should get higher time on
page so that’s going to create more engagement because it’s easier to view
than to read so if the video is prominently pay at place then it looks
attractive the visitor is likely to stay when the visitor when the page ranks and
search in the visitor stays that helps it rank in search for longer because
it’s creating a user interaction signal if the visitor comes to from search to
your website and hits the back button after two seconds that’s a negative user
interaction signal so videos have an indirect benefit for SEO you get the
visitor to stay longer when they come from search that sends a positive signal
they might hit the back button but they do it after five minutes Google said
well that person was there for five minutes it’s pretty good
so another thing that these videos do as I mentioned right for the conversion
content is that they build trust in ways that no other content can do your goal
in marketing is to be different what would what’s different about your
company you are only at your company you are different out of what package best
presents you a video just make that just turn on the camera
describe what you believe what you stand for what you’re against why you started
this company answer the why questions on your about page with a video about pages
are always some of the most top viewed pages on a website and if and if your
about page right now you scan through and there’s 200 words that are pretty
generic not good enough not good enough your site is next door to 100 million
other websites every website is a back button so yep tell your story describe
your passion make me believe it and do it with a video on your about page
that’s that’s a basics that’s now the basic entry-level persuasion content for
a normal website alright very well said Andy thank you so much and we’ve come to the
end of section 2 the next section is what we call picking the genius brain I
want to throw some questions at you wanna give me I want you to give me
quick answers let’s get started so what kind of videos would you personally be
interested in making right now well I’d like to go back to my top blog
posts and make videos for the top blog post because I know that those are
articles that are already getting traction so I realized recently that I
have more YouTube subscribers than I knew so just making more videos more
consistently and doing it for the articles that are already getting seen
is gonna be my next priority for video all right a very important point one
brand you believe is crushing it with videos right now boy there’s a lot of
good video out there I’m a big fan of the way that video is being done by
Brian Dean because he’s combining an SEO tactic with on YouTube with with videos
on his website I think that they’re good examples it’s it’s that super high
quality but it’s high enough and he does all the basics well so Brian’s doing a
good job of educating his audience on videos related
to search pick any industry though and you can find those Brian’s out there who
do similar things for every in every category
all right Brian Dean definitely is one of the major influencers in the search
industry and he’s crushing it with videos right now and one interesting
video strategy that you would suggest and you would like to see brands utilize
more right now well video is not repurposed often enough so the thing
that we’re making right now if this is a conversation and we could take this and
we could transcribe it and turn it into a part of an article
there’s work doing that I’ve done that before do you have to work pretty hard
to break up the content enough to make it scannable or we could break this up
into tiny social media videos we could turn the best parts of this into a Q&A
and make it into a YouTube video that answers the top five questions you know
there’s there’s a we could take screenshots directly out of this and use
it as the custom thumbnail right you put the head on one side and the headline on
the other side so I think that what people are often missing and what brands
should do more is don’t just make a video make the raw material to publish
four or five things that are focused on video it’s it’s very good marketers make
something great marketers make a series of things and multiply their efforts by
cutting up repurposing reimagining repackaging that thing they work so hard to
create all right very important point and that’s definitely a very important
motivation for me to utilize this conversation that we are having right
now in various different ways and forms Andy and one last question for you what
is one message that you want to give to the Animaker Genius Talk audience who
are watching this right now you can do it you can do it it’s not that hard
my friend Dami lan Dino says that one of the most common questions she get is
like what camera should I use for answer it’s the camera that’s closest to you
use whatever camera use that one it’s the camera that’s closest to you so
remove barriers in your mind you’ll publish things much faster don’t try to
go super high on the production quality although captions are
important for social media videos get just get something done make it live and
then get on a pace where you can do it consistently it’s like going to the gym
or you know making breakfast in the morning if making a video it’s just
something that you always do on Tuesday mornings or whatever day get into the
pace of it you’ll find that you’ll end up in a much different place a year from
now if you made that a habit alright great talking to you Andy thank you so
much for spending your time with us you’ve given us some very important
valuable points and also some great motivation to start creating videos
right now nice guys if you really enjoyed the show go ahead and click on the like
button and the subscribe icon and if you want to see your favorite influences on
this show go ahead and comment below and make sure to get them for the future
episodes until then take care and stay safe
these are ones from Team Animaker signing off

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