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100 thoughts on “How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE ACCOUNT in 2019 (Step by Step Blueprint)

  1. Watch Complete Playlist of our Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course: http://bit.ly/2XmQ2L6 (follow my step by step method and create a money making website for yourself)

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  3. Sir please helped websites and mobile apps which website is fill .I am not create a website so how can you fill a website please helped me sir . I am a new person sir please helped me

  4. Sir whats should i do if amazon affiliate account was banned….i don't know how to re apply for affiliate my account….plz make a video ankur bhaiya

  5. Sir,ย  i wached all your videos so amazing work your doing thanks for the support.

    But some questions were going in my mind please help me.ย 

    1. Can we do advertisement of all products in one website, like if i wanted to promote multiple products so do i need to create special website for particular website.ย 

    2.If we are creating multiple websites then do i need to use different tools for different affiliate websites, or i can use one tool for all website(wp rocket loncher etc)

  6. Hello sir
    Kiya me affiliate link se customer ka order khud kar sakta hu? Kya muje uska commotion milega? Or esa karne se mere affiliate account ko koi nuksan hoga?..

  7. sir My amazon associate account is suspended, can i create its again from same name i means this account was created by me and used my name so can i create again it from same details n use it?????? please reply

  8. Sir u say website in this video is it necessary to have our personal website to become a Amazon's affiliate

  9. bhai agar apni website na ho to amazon affiliate program mein participate nahi kar sakte..
    ek baat aur bhai plz hindi bhi use kar liya karo… enligh is not comfortable all kind of indians.. plz i request u.. thanks

  10. Sir highly inspired by you …

    Please tell …do we get the affiliate matketing approval immediately …or do amazon check something on our website like that before giving us approval …and generally how much time does that take place.

    Friends you can also share abt ur affiliate approval

    Thank you

  11. @Ankur Aggarwal hi bro i have a question in the second part while making Amazon associate account they ask to enter website. Like You entered the website about dslr. Are we only able to sell dslr or dslr products for entire life. Can't we add for websites?. Hope you understood what I'm trying to say. And sorry for the bad english. I need your help.

  12. What are the payment options through which we can withdraw? I am from nepal. Can i withdraw the earnings in paypal?

  13. Sir I have one doubt. As amazon have Site stripe and there is a share button to facebook. Now if i share the link from site stripe to my facebook group along with some post then would my account get banned?

  14. Thank you so much for talking in English! Majority of the results are in Hindi and I am not fluent enough to understand everything in Hindi so I am glad I found your channel!

  15. Sir mujhe samaj nhi aaya ki aapne pehle kaha tha ki mai affiliate se 20000$ income krta hu but is video me 200$ bataya

  16. Hello Ankur,
    i am following u for some days and ur are doing great work . please tell me that can i use other website affliate link on amazoan affliate website.

  17. your teaching were really great man,Can you please make a brief video about the points(how to not get banned).it will help's us.

  18. you are saying in your video that you have separate video on how to make 0$-1000$ a month? but, in this video, you are making only 200$ per month by affiliate

  19. So, I have created my Amazon acct. I have an item chosen I talk about on my channel. I still do not know how to list it at the end of my Vlogg. How is it done? Am I missing something? Show me and I will be a sub forever! Aloha

  20. Hey Ankur ! You said, we can not use images from amazon or price, review & rating from the amazon web site. How about using Content Egg, EasyAzon and other plugins which is used by many of the Affiliated marketers in their websites without getting banned ?

  21. If we have to write 5-10 article to approve from amazon associates . Then how did we will put commision link of products ?
    Or we have to put affiliate link after getting approved from amazon associates .
    Btw you are very knowledgeable person and sharing your knowledge with us for free
    thank you for your help sir

  22. Can we promote website through Instagram pages . Did amazon will still ban us . We are peomoting website not the affiliate link

  23. Hello Ankur. Just came across your videos and finished watching all the 8 lessons in one shot. Very enticing. Kudos to you.
    I have a few queries and would appreciate if you could enlighten me.
    1. How much budget should I tentatively plan for the entire implementation of the affiliate marketing program until I will realistically start realising some profits over time?

    2. I am planning to implement Amazon Affiliate Marketing in emerging frontier market like Cambodia where in my opinion there would be much lesser competition hence maximising the earning potential for me. What would be your advice about this for me?


  24. Hi, so when you say not to use the images from Amazon, how about the links provided by Amazon itself as image and link or html with the image? Can we use those or do we get banned for using them to?

  25. I am from India, now I am working in Dubai, how I can work as Affiliate Marketing in Amazon, I need guidelines

  26. What if I buy the domain from GoDaddy (as it's cheap) and hosting from siteground. Would it make any difference? I am thinking of buying 3 to 4 domains from GoDaddy, and Webhosting from siteground; the $5.95 per month plan. Is my strategy ok? Kindly give suggestions.

  27. a big confusion: how amazon will get to know when we are encouraging our friends to use our link to purchase any item. and another question is that, there are many price comparison site which clearly shows the current price of the product. Why don't they get ban for showing the price?

  28. Hi, I want to affiliate my website with amazon. My question is "Can I share amazon affiliate links for other countries products on amazon also or just links of products that are available in my country??"
    Please respond to me, it will be really helpful.

  29. Ankor aggarwal bro if I want multiple country how to make a account in Sam email are defrant email addresses plz answer

  30. Hi Ankur, really useful information. I have a query. Can we add both Amazon Affiliate and Flipkart Affiliate links on the same article? I have seen it on some mobile websites.

  31. Hi Ankur, could you please clarify in the address column we have to enter our bank passbook address or permanent/correspondence address?

  32. Your video is very useful. I have a Question. I have a facebook page. can I share my links on my facebook page or my facebook group?

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