How to Create Massive Engagement on Facebook With Attraction Marketing
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How to Create Massive Engagement on Facebook With Attraction Marketing

Super excited about today as I am going
to be teaching and sharing how to create a massive engagement on Facebook by
using Attraction Marketing more specifically how to market in a way to
create massive engagement, establish yourself as an authority along with how
to magnetically sponsor people into your business with a lot less effort. This is
going to be great for either the newbie network marketer or maybe if you have
been in the industry for a while but you’re kind of struggling when it comes
to generating leads on Facebook. You’re not really seeing a whole lot of
engagement. That’s going to change today. So, you’ll definitely want to take notes
and let’s go ahead and begin. Now everything I’m going to be sharing with
you today is a result of me going through lots of trainers. So let me just
go ahead and give credit where credit’s due because I’ve spent a lot of time and
money investing to learn from some of the top industry leaders like Ray Higdon
a.k.a. The Beast, the Melton’s John and Nadia who are absolute rockstars. I’ve
learned from Chalene Johnson, Amy Porterfield
I’m a part of a marketing system. Mark Harbert who’s a video marketing guru. So,
lots of things that I’m going to be sharing is a result from trainings that
I’ve done with them over the past two years. Now, understand that there are two
ways to build your business when it comes to Facebook. Number one, you’ve got
prospecting. Now, this is active. This is where you are actually reaching out to
people, you’re striking up conversations. And then the second way is through
marketing and marketing is where basically you putting out content, you
putting up post to get people reaching out to you, to get people raising their
hand. Now, I don’t know about you but a big reason why I started learning
marketing is because reaching out to people and prospecting people that
didn’t know me from Adam was not very fun. It’s a lot more fun to sit here and
talk to people who already know you or to those who you put out a piece of
content and they raise their hand like, “hey, what are you doing?” That’s what
I’m going to be teaching. Now, understand when it comes to Facebook there is
absolutely a right way and a wrong way. And trust me from someone who was a
total spammer for like four years. I definitely know what not to do on
Facebook because as I first got started I turned a lot of people off for about
four years. And my own sister even called me a spammer and that was really my
turning point to learn, “hey, like what are the successful doing differently? What
can I do to actually start attracting people and getting them reaching out to
me?” Now, one of my very, very favorite books on attraction marketing is a book
called “Magnetic Sponsoring” by Mike Dillard. And what he mentions in the book
on how to start attracting people is this. He says, “generating attraction is
about one thing: Increasing your value to others into the
world. The more valuable you become to others, the more they will seek you out.
So now that you know really what attraction marketing is, let’s go ahead
and start with the various steps to start building your brand and setting up
your profile in a way that attracts people. So this all starts with your
brand, okay? First and foremost especially if you’re
in network marketing so many people think that their brand or their business
is their network marketing company. Understanding your brand is the very
first step to marketing online. And with that being said, understand that your
business and your brand is you. It’s not the network marketing company you’re
with, it’s not the products you promote. People join people and people do
business with people they know, like, and trust and therefore you must become that
brand that people know, like, and trust. And whether you know it or not everybody has
a brand. If you look at people like Oprah what do you think of when you hear her
name? What about Justin Timberlake or Ellen DeGeneres, ESPN or Cartoon Network?
They all have a brand. Again, people join people not companies. So when it comes to
my brand I’m very big and I’m very known for social media marketing and
branding. Very big into videos especially Facebook lives, and I’m also very known
for outsourcing and really teaching people how to work smarter and not
harder. So again, when I think of Kheet, my video
editor, I very much associate her with editing
videos. She’s very, very good at it. It’s what she’s known for. Same thing with
ESPN you know what is their brand? They’re very much known for feeding the
sport enthusiast, right? So if you’re someone who you don’t like sports, ESPN
is probably not going to be a place that you’re going to go, right? So here are
some different questions that I want you to ask yourself to determine what you
want your brand to be. Question number 1, What do you want to be known for?
Question number 2, What space in the marketplace do you want to fill? If
somebody says your name what do you want them to think of? Do you want to be known
for that skincare guru, a trainer? Do you want to be known as that life coach or
an SEO specialist or video marketing? Whatever it is, really think about it and
ask yourself those questions. Understand that this might change. So you might
start off a little bit more broad in the beginning and then as you are developing,
as you’re going along, you’re going to be able to really understand okay what you
really like. Maybe some things you don’t like. So when I first started teaching
online marketing and branding I was kind of teaching very generic. I was a little
bit more broad. As I started really studying and learning then my brand kind
of developed over time and that’s when I started getting really good at and
understanding that hey I’m really good at marketing and branding and that’s
what I love that’s what I want to be known for same thing with Facebook and
video marketing and also outsourcing and just teaching people how to be more
productive. And that can develop over time. So if it changes, don’t beat
yourself up. Now the second step to marketing and really setting yourself up
online when it comes to attracting people is understanding and identifying
your target market. Now if I’m being honest back when I was with a previous
network marketing company, I sold skincare products and
this is back when I did it totally wrong and I just thought that, “hey, everybody
has skin so everybody’s in my target market.” Wrong! Because not everybody who
has skin cares about looking younger or cares about the wrinkles or the dark
spots or sunspots on their face, right? Understand it when it comes to target
market, you really want to get specific. And this is something that I heard when
I was listening to Amy Porterfield podcast. I absolutely love and adore her.
And she was doing an interview I think it may have been with Jasmine Star. I
could be wrong they were talking about just niching down and getting very
specific. And one of the things that stuck out to me was when they said, “The
riches are in the niches.” So the more specific that you can be, the better off
you are in the long run. So when it comes to target market, I want you to sit down
grab a piece of paper and start asking yourself some questions. The easiest
explanation is if you had to sit here and write out who your ideal customer is.
Who your ideal client is. Who your ideal business partner is. What do they look
like? You know are they male or female? What’s their age range? Where do they
live? Are they married? Are they single? Do they have kids? If so, how many kids do
they have? Do they have a college degree? How much money do they make? What
qualities do they have? What qualities do they not have? When I really started
thinking about okay who do I want to attract? Who is my ideal customer? My
target market was very similar to me. They know what they want;
however, they just don’t know how to get there. So, they’re kind of like again
where I was six months ago. They have the drive, they have the
motivation. They just don’t have the know-how. Now, another thing about my
target audience is I know that this woman she’s not a negative person. She
thinks in abundance. She is like no nonsense. She doesn’t make excuses. She’s
not really techie because, “hey, I’m not really techie, right?” And so understanding
and writing that down is super, super important. Why? Because when you
start creating content, when you start putting up post on your profile or on
your fan page or on your blog, you can start writing as if you are talking to
that ideal person. And that’s when people are listening to you. They get that
feeling like, “oh my gosh, like, this person is speaking to me.” And what happens is
that starts building a deeper connection and building that know, like, and trust
factor. And if you don’t have that, then there’s no way that you’re going to
build any type of long-term sustainable business online. So now, that you
understand you know what attraction marketing is, why it’s important, you have
thought about and you have written down your brand the second sentence under
define your target market now it’s time to really beef up your Facebook profiles
to really set yourself up to start attracting people versus repel them. Now
I’m going to give you 8 tips. Tip number 1 is making sure that you have
a profile picture of you preferably one of you smiling. You know a lot of times
when I go to connect with people on Facebook or people are sending me friend
requests I go to their profile because that’s the first thing that people do if
you send them a message and they don’t know who you are maybe they comment you
know people are going to check you out. I’m sure you do the same. So having a
profile picture of you is very, very important. You want people to think, “hey,
you know this person is approachable.” And all too often I see people with a
profile picture that’s set to like a picture quote or set to a picture of
like their pet or a group of a lot of people and you can’t even tell like who
you’re talking to because you’re like there’s so many people in here like, who
am I talking to? So, very first thing change it. Have like an up close picture
of you again one of you smiling. Now, the second tip is going to be to make sure
that you have a cover photo. You definitely can have this be either
lifestyle you can have collages for me right now I change it up every now and
then but I have a picture of me with a pre quote on it with you know several of
the people in our network marketing team. What you want to steer clear of
is any type of company branding. So if you’re in a network marketing company,
you definitely don’t want to have any type of reference to your company. And
that’s because you know you want to create curiosity. If somebody comes to
your profile and they see just a billboard of like the network marketing
company you’re with, they’re probably going to be less receptive or less likely to
want to have a conversation with you because they’re probably going to think,
“what is this person going to pitch me?” The third thing is setting up and having
that introduction. Now a lot of times this is right underneath your cover
photo. You can have a little intro and this gives people a little insight into
who you are and who you serve. Again this is short. It’s limited to so many
characters but for me you know I have like wife and mother marketing and
branding strategist. So when people come to your profile and they see your intro
what do you want them to know about you? The fourth thing is editing your “About”
section. Again, I would remove any type of reference to your network marketing
company because you lose all curiosity this way. The best example that I can
give you, the best analogy, is think of the last time that you watched a preview
to a movie. What made you what to go see that movie? Chances are, they gave you
just enough information to make it super interesting to where you’re like, “oh my
gosh, like I have to go to the movies and see this.” However, if you give away the
name of your company it’s as if during the preview they gave
you the ending to the movie and if they did that, would you be is up to what I go
and watch it? Chances are probably not. You know for me, I have my business page
linked to my profile. I also have my website. You can do that but have some
information about you. If you want to put your phone number that fine. If not
that’s totally cool, but give people some insight into who you are. Now my fifth
tip when it comes to setting up your profile to attract versus repel is use
those feature photos. Facebook right now allows you to have five featured photos
that are up at all times. Now you could totally change these, but be mindful when
it comes to picking which ones you want to use as those featured photos. It’s
definitely great to tell a story. So if you look at my featured photos right now
at this point you’re going to see you know pictures of my little girl. That’s
going to tell you, “hey, I’m a mom.” And you can see us like on vacation. So we like
to have fun. We like to travel. You can also see a picture of me on stage. So you
know that I’m an entrepreneur and then there’s right now a picture of me using
some products it’s actually a before-and after picture so you know that I’m into
health and wellness. So use these pictures, get creative, don’t just slap
them up but tell a story. When somebody looks at these featured photos, what do
you want them to know about you? The sixth tip is to go public. All too often
people will send me a friend request or they’ll shoot me a message. I’ll go to
their profile and then nothing is public and so I get know snapshot of who they are,
what they’re about. So you just want to make sure that you go public. So whenever
you are putting up a post on your profile you have the ability to set that
post to public so anybody can see it or you can send it to your friends and
family. And a lot of times when I’m coaching people I’ll go to check out
their profile and all of their videos, all of their posts are set to just
friends only. And what happens again when people go who don’t know you and they go
to your profile if they can’t see anything they’re a lot less likely to
want to connect. The seventh tip is to go into your settings and allow people to
follow you. You want to turn on that “Follow” button. So when somebody comes to
your page, they have the ability to send you a friend request or follow you. And
all too often so many people have this turned off and what happens is you’re
basically like not allowing people to connect with you or follow your posts.
And understand when it comes to your profile. Right now Facebook limits you to
5,000 friends. However you can have as many people following your posts. So you
just want to make sure you enable that “Follow” button. Now, the eighth tip is to
approve timeline and tagging and you just want to make sure that you have
your settings set to where you have to approve any posts that your
tagged in. This is to give you control of your page, of your profile, of your feed,
right? So, take for instance, I did not have this actually set on my profile
and as I was sharing like my weight loss journey and I was using these products
and I was sharing update a lot of people within the network marketing company I’m
with started sharing my photo and before you knew as they sorted tagging me in it.
And what I ended up doing is going and hiding those posts from my timeline so
that it wasn’t just my before-and-after pictures showing my weight loss journey.
And here’s what happens you know you don’t want people like hiding your stuff
on your timeline. Because what happens if people start hiding your content if
you’re tagging people then it hurts your edge rank and Facebook is going to dock
you and not show your stuff to as many people. So those are my eight tips to
really spruce up your profile and set yourself up to really be that authority
figure somebody who is attracting and not repelling. Now, before I end this I do
want to give you a few final tips. Tip number one is to focus on quality versus
quantity. Now, all too often you know back before there were over two billion
people using Facebook, people were suggesting that you post several times a
day. You know three times five times some people even post like 10 times. With over
two billion people on the platform you definitely want to post less but focus
on quality. So I would recommend now what I’m hearing is you know put up one to
two posts a day but really be thoughtful of what you’re putting up. Tip number two
is no negativity, okay? Understand that when you are putting up any type of
negative post or controversial post and you’re just sitting here complaining,
what happens is you are going to attract those type of people. And chances are
when it comes to building your business online you definitely don’t want to
attract the negatives. You want to attract the positives. Tip number three
is to always lead with value. Okay, you want to thank you know a
Facebook’s mission. What’s there mission is to connect friends with
family. And so before you start putting up posts you want to think of a few
things. You know, people come to social media to what? Socialize! So you want to
think entertain, educate, and inspire. So before you go slap and post up on
Facebook, you want to think, “okay, is this going to be entertaining to my audience?”
Is this going to educate them? Is this going to inspire them? And if not, I
probably wouldn’t recommend you putting it up. Now, I’m not going to go a ton into
content creation but what I am going to tell you is think about the pains and
problems of those in your target market. What are they struggling with? What
questions do they have? So instead of just you putting up pitchy post that
just turn people off Facebook’s not putting those out into the newsfeed like
they used to. I rarely see pitchy posts anymore in my
newsfeed. What you want to think is what is going to be valuable? What’s
going to be entertaining? What’s going to help my audience or those that I’m
trying to attract? Don’t mention your company name in your posts. And I’m going
to give you a couple of examples. You know, if you’re in network marketing I
actually did a launch video when I first started. And what I want you to take note
of and you can actually find this video at This is an example of how I did a launch video about my business
and what I did was I basically went live and I shared like seven reasons why I
said yes. Again, I never mentioned my company name. I just shared, “hey, I’m doing
something new.” And these are the reasons why I said yes. Now, you can do these
launch videos at any time. So maybe you already did one. You can always go back
and do like a relaunch video. So take a look at the video I did. You know, take
some notes what do you like what do you not like about it and then do your own.
Now, I also want to share an example with you on how I create curiosity around my
network marketing products. So if you want to take a look at how I present my
products, how I present my journey then what you can do is check out the video I
did at Now, when it comes
to your products again take note. Look at how I’m presenting my products. Notice
that again I never mentioned the company name. I also don’t even mention the name
of the product. Why is that? Because I don’t want people going to Google. I
don’t want people being able to search the company or search the products that
I’m using. I want to force people to reach out to me who are interested
because I want to get to know what are their pains, what are their problems, what
are they looking for. And I also don’t want them to know what I’m using and
then maybe go find somebody else who’s doing it. So again, take a look at how I
present my network marketing products and also how I talk about the business.
That way you can get some examples to launch your own business and create
curiosity and start generating leads when it comes to your product. So I hope
you got lots of value from this. If so, feel free to share it out. Sharing is
caring. And until next time, bye!

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