How To Do Lead Generation Using Facebook Advertising (FB Lead Ads Tutorial) - Eric Rebelo
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How To Do Lead Generation Using Facebook Advertising (FB Lead Ads Tutorial) – Eric Rebelo

welcome to this video my name is Eric and what we're gonna be talking about is Facebook ads lead generation and I'm actually gonna take you into my Facebook account walk you through the entire process on basically how to create a facebook lead ad generally and this does work for a lot of different businesses and I'm gonna basically be looking through my list of notes here to really make sure I cover everything that you need to know all in one video if possible so let's go ahead and get right into my facebook account here so you can see I'm running a couple traffic ads and things but Facebook actually gave me a notification up here that says get more customers with lead ads so first of all before we actually get into the strategy why do you want to do lead ads is because Facebook provides its own in platform landing page software and away our lead form software where people don't even have to leave Facebook to go ahead and give you their name email phone number or whatever other information that you want and you can also have that information texted to your email to you or whatever just to you know every single time you generate a lead so when we go in here I wanted to go over how do you actually do a lead gen ad from the beginning or like how what campaign objective to use and it's very easy it's the lead generation objective so when you create a new campaign in your account you'll see the different marketing objectives and actually have another video about this of which is the best one to use but for this video we're talking about lead generation so as you can see drive more sales leads as just email addresses people interested in your brand or business exactly so when you click on this you can actually you can title the campaign whatever you want but you go through here and it's really that simple you basically just started doing a facebook lead generation ad so when you go through here what you want to do is make sure that you're targeting your local area or you know whatever area that you think is best for your ads go ahead and do that and then enter a language and enter targeting usually I find that it's best to go broad first and then go narrow later just so Facebook and collect enough data on who's actually opening your lead forms and filling it out and then in the connections section if you wanted people who liked your Facebook page to fill out a lead form or you know people that like your page but you don't have them on an email list or something like that you can actually just target people who like your page to the connection section and then all this other stuff goes through here or you can actually control your cost per lead how much you want to spend on your daily budget of showing your lead to everybody and that is you can do it a couple different ways where you can do it by impressions so the amount of times your ad is shown to people or per click which per click is more expensive but usually it's a little bit more quality so it kind of depends there's a lot of different ways that you can do it if you want help with that I run a full you know service digital marketing agency that handles this type of stuff like all the time so we can definitely help you with that but in a nutshell going through here and setting up your targeting and figuring out what demographics interests and behaviors you're looking for that would most likely fill out your lead form that's where you do it now let's just you know kind of fill out some information here United States let's go English just so I can get to the next screen maybe you're trying to generate you know Fitness leads so I mean everybody uses this targeting but we'll just you know you usually want to use different targeting than what everybody else uses just you're not competing for like the ad auction on people's feeds too much but let's just say bodybuilding just I can get to the next screen and then you know $20 a day budget or something like that wait I want it let me average cost per lead edit placements what else like to fill out here Oh view terms okay so I have to accept the charm school so let me go through here and I'm just using my personal Facebook account so that's why this isn't set up or anything yet but we go through here and you can do you know a single image you can do video slideshow I would recommend doing a single video because video tends to convert a lot better than images do but once you put a video in there you can put text and in the text section what you're gonna want to put is something like if you're doing like local Facebook Ads you're gonna want to put like an attention-grabbing first sentence that calls out who you're trying to get to fill out the lead form so let's pretend you're in Austin Texas or you know like whatever city you would put hey Austin right there so anybody who lives in Austin is first gonna see that and it's going to get their attention and they're gonna pay you know pay more attention to the actual ad then I kind of think of my ad copy and like a structure to where you call out the people you're trying to get the attention of and then you bring up the problem that they're having and then you know you bring up the solution which is you and then you also bring up like you know proof or testimonials a little bit after that and then you have a call to action so basically the five step process I have for writing ad copy I'll probably make a separate video that's you know in depth about that but you fill out the headline you'd want to put like you know get your voucher because you can use this for anything to where people can fill out your lead form to get a PDF document and return to get a voucher to schedule a consultation with you like pretty much anything you want but you fill that all in there and then you can click your you can change your button to whatever you want I wouldn't put sign up I'd probably put learn more or just whatever applies to your business but here's the part where it's a little bit different than the normal ads is when you create a form so when you go through the form you can title it whatever you want and you can choose do you want more volume or more leads or do you want more quality of leads and then you can have an intro section and when someone is on Facebook or Instagram as well they can go ahead and you know fill out this lead form this is kind of what it looks like and they'll show you a preview so in the intro section you can have you know whatever you want I'd probably put a little bit of descriptors about what the information is and you want to make it very similar to your ads so you know people it's not like people click on this ad and then all of a sudden the lead form information says something completely different they won't fill it out it has to be you know all concise and similar so you can fill out the intro section the questions are the important part I would recommend full name email and phone number now this is the coolest part actually I think about Facebook lead ads above everything else is it takes their facebook information or account data and automatically fills it into the form which means you know if their name is John Smith and they have their phone number of you know – 1 2 3 – whatever in their Facebook account and then also their email address obviously on their Facebook account it automatically fills it in they don't actually have to type it in annually and they can just click Submit right after that so it's it's very quick rather than having a landing page where someone has to fill out their information you're going to get a lot more people using your you know inputting their information in the facebook lead ads because it's less for them to do it's just quicker and you can add custom questions and everything you want to make sure your privacy policy is on there so they understand what you're gonna do with their data and then a thank you screen this is one of the most underused things on Facebook lead ads and landing pages and just any marketing in general your Thank You page needs to have information to create urgency and create a reason for them to call you or to move forward to the next step right away so let's pretend you know you're like a gym or something like that this pretty much works for a bunch of different businesses but let's say you're a gym and they're filling out information to get a voucher or coupon for their first month after they fill out the information you now have their phone number and email so you guys can call them on your end but on this screen you should put hey we're gonna call you when we can look over our front desk and also you do want to call people within 15 minutes of them getting Ali or you getting a lead from Facebook lead ads because if you don't the conversion percentages to go down just because they're distracted or doing other things so on your thank-you screen you want to have if you call right now we'll give you this additional value it doesn't even have to be that big it could be like a free t-shirt or something but you put that on there and you put the phone number and say if you call right now we'll give you this extra thing so it's creating urgency for them to do it right now or you can have a link to schedule a call with one of your team members you can have a link to your website to do something else or even an upsell there's a lot of things you can do on this thank you screen and it's a little bit more limited I will say than having a custom landing page because on a custom landing page you can do whatever you want and have lots of different upsells and cross-sells and down cells but with this it's a little limited so I understand if you do want to have your own custom landing page it's not that it's bad it's just that it's a little bit easier to get people's information on Facebook or Instagram custom lead forms that are built into the platform so there's that and then once you fill out this lead form and then also once they you know submit their information you can have a link right here as well so a lot of people just put view website or schedule a call now or something like that but you want to have a second call to action that makes them want to move forward in the process so once you do that I will just close this out then that's pretty much it you just confirm and then you use different testing and breakdown in every like that in analytics to figure out if your lead is working or your lead ad is working now if if you're looking for a software that you want to email you you know information from the lead ads or give you a text message you can use zapier and it's actually a premium thing we have to pay for zapier I think it's like $25 a month minimum but you can use the premium feature facebook lead ads right here and it'll text you it'll email you the software basically does a lot of different things and it automates stuff and it connects a lot of different apps together and an integration so you can use that and then MailChimp is something that you can use or any email autoresponder to send any information to the customer or the prospect so if you're a gym and you're giving people vouchers then you're probably gonna want to email them a voucher you know just so they they get and you're keeping your promises now I will say that setting up a custom audience after you uh you basically create a lead ad which you can actually do that right here so if I go audiences okay so if you set up a custom audience for people that have filled out your lead form you can actually set it up to where anybody that fills out your facebook lead ad form and they don't are sorry if they open the facebook lead ad form and they don't fill it out you can send them a follow up ad and those are called retargeting ads and they're very cost effective because it's basically just Facebook going back to that person with a different ad and it's only showing it to the people that have opened your lead form but haven't filled it out so how you would set that up as you do a retargeting ad it's another lead generation ad and it's just you can use the section over here at the top here where you create a custom audience or this is where you put in what audience you want to target so you have to go to that other section create an audience and select the people that have opened your lead form in the past you know 14 days or something and they haven't filled it out then you can do this process again make another ad and just target those people it's gonna be a lot more cost effective and that's that's kind of where the money is where you know maybe maybe only hat for your particular offer that you are giving and like your lead ad in exchange for their information maybe only 50 percent of people that open the lead phone actually fill it out so there's still 50 another 50% of people you can have a follow-up ad and maybe a different offer or something valuable that you can give them them as well but that's how you you know you go through custom audiences to make sure that you're you're really squeezing every like you know opportunity out of the money that you're giving Facebook now after that you do you want to use analytics so if I go back to my ads manager here let's pretend that this first one is a lead ad and on traffic ad you can use this analytics in your can't ad manager to go by breakdown and there's a lot of different options you can do here where you can see what age people are filling it out what gender you know obviously what country or what area and then also you know what device they're on just basically everything but you can use the breakdown section to figure out who is most letter who is filling out your form the most and then just get rid of the other audiences so what if you're a Jim and it turns out that you know 35 year old women are the people that are filling out your form the most and you've been targeting women from 20 all the way to 55 then you need to like cut those extra audiences or those extra people out of your audience because you know maybe only one person who's like 55 plus really fills out your lead form just cut it and then double down on the people that it's working for so it's 35 year old women or whatever so that in the nutshell is Facebook lead ads and I'm just gonna actually look at my list here to make sure I didn't forget anything but it yeah I pretty much got everything in that in that video in one long rant so I hope you enjoyed that that was Facebook lead ads in a nutshell I would you know I'll probably go into you know like particular businesses and what tactics to do in each industry in like later content but this is a very general video and the tactics that I talk about in this video should work for pretty much every business at least the principles and there's a little you know tweaks and things like that you need to make per industry but facebook lead ads are extremely powerful you people don't even need to fill out their information it's just automatic it's just filled in and then you can have the information sent to you and have information sent to them all automatically and they don't even have to leave Facebook so it's the greatest thing so if your front desk also can call these leads within 15 minutes that would be awesome even within 5 minutes like if you call them within 15 minutes that's awesome but if you call them within 5 minutes I think the conversion percentage even like doubles or something so you want to get on these as quick as possible but other than that I hope you found this video valuable go ahead and like the video and then comment your favorite part of the video or your favorite thing that you learned and then maybe any questions you have down there and I can try and answer them and then subscribe to my channel as well just to keep updated with more content about entrepreneurship you know marketing personal development all this you know stuff that I do on my channel and then make sure to check out the links in the description there as well because there's a lot of helpful resources and tools and software that you guys can use to really just get better results and be more effective in your marketing so again my name is Eric I'm the consultant chief marketing officer I help businesses with their digital marketing and I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one thanks

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