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How to dominate any niche online – perfect affiliate marketing strategy

– Yo yo yo, so I’m a little
bit videoed-out today. I’ve just done a 2 1/2 hour
DCWD over-the-shoulder thing, and it’s frazzled my little brain. But, (snaps fingers) I did write this out, so I’m gonna make the video. And keep the streak going. I’m not gonna give credit on this video, I did come up with this
one with somebody else, but we’re gonna do it Dan Ray way, ’cause this dude shall not be named because he’s a bit of a prick. So, how to take over a niche. It’s better in small industries, so like this is not gonna work
in digital marketing, SEO, otherwise I’d be doing it. But stuff like, if your client is, I’m just gonna use an example
that someone gave me today, a blog about Crohn’s disease, we’ve also done in sort of photography, yeah, so basically, if
they’re paying you enough, to spend enough time on this,
it’s a fantastic strategy to get like a really fucking
base level authority growing, this is like, what you do
in the very first month, probably in the first
week, if you can handle it. So it comes in three steps. Identify, contribute, and prove authority. I wrote identify, get
on it, and take over. But I was thinking of
better words for them. So first we need to determine
what the niche specific properties are in your,
in your niche for example. So we’re looking at forums,
directories, magazines, trade papers, social conversations, talking about that hashtag,
who the influencers are, fantastic, and, sort of like, sometimes there’s like Reddit sub-forums and shit like that. So just keep a look out
for all of your stuff. You can find this generally by looking at using a very simple like
Google operator, so, whatever you’re niche is, forum, directory, like add these things, you’d find influencers by doing, using stuff like BooStream. BooStream, you’ll find out
who the people are who, they’re not related by the way, they sound similar, but
they’re not related, so I’ll find people who are
prominent within the industry. Once you’ve determined who they are, keep a list of that shit. Google Docs, fine. Google Sheet, probably a
little bit better for this. You need to start contributing. In sort of magazines and trade
papers and stuff like that, advertising’s the best way. If you can get in front
of the prospect’s eyes, they already have your audience, just get in front of their eyes. You might have to pay a couple
of hundred quid to get there. Get listed on directories
and things like that. Start contributing. I’m gonna teach you how to sort of, I don’t want to say “trickery,” but how to take over these sort of things. So you’re gonna start
contributing on forums, using the hashtags on
Twitter, Facebook groups, things like that. What I like to do, this is good if you have two people, it’s better if you have two, but you can do it with one, because you can then sort of
prop each other up type thing. So you wanna find what the tone is. Who is main voice? How do they speak? What’s the sort of, the way that things run there? Like, is it really respectful? Is it a little bit like, you can say what the fuck you want? But you wanna match that tone. So all of your info,
until you reach the same level of respect as this guy, or woman or whatever, whatever this person is, until you reach them, match the tone. Once you match the tone, you can then start to change the tone so you’re either raising
it or lowering it. You can make it your own thing then. But you have to match them first. You have to match them
in terms of authority and what people think about you. First off, the only way to do this is to make this person, the influencer, your peer. So you never sort of act below them. So you come straight in, you start sharing the
same shit they’re sharing, the same level they’re sharing it. Outdo them if you can. Prove that you’re the authority. Treat them as your peer, your equal. Never sort of give any ground. It’s not like a war, but
it’s kinda like a war. The third step: fucking take over. I’ve also wrote prove
your authority, here, because you don’t really wanna take over if you’re not worthy of being
the person who takes over. It’s generally not gonna be you, but it will be your client. It might be you. Whoever is the authority, make sure you produce
authority-level stuff. The first thing is, nobody’s doing all of the
stuff I just mentioned. They’re not doing the
forums, the directories, the magazines, and hashtagging shit. They’re not in Facebook
groups and on BooStream talking to influencers, and on Reddit. Nobody does all of it. If you do all of it, you’re immediately in front
of more eyes, which… It’s good, right? The more people are seeing
your authority shit, the more people will
share your authority shit, and sort of pass your name around. I would suggest following a sort of Map My Call/10 by 10 strategy. This is a good way to sort of get some really nice authority pieces out. What we’re trying to do is, like, your site becomes the hub, your site or your blog or whatever. Your Facebook group, whatever. It’s gonna become the hub
of information for this. It’s where, if somebody says, “Oh, what about this?” Someone’s gonna point
to something of yours. That’s the general aim. Maybe it’s a YouTube channel, whatever it is, whatever. However you key your property. Even the 10 by 10 strategy, it’s called 10 by 10, and it’d be sweet. I suggest things like skyscraping as well. I didn’t like to suggest them, because they’re much, much
harder than people have made out. “People.” Than Brian Dean makes out. But it’s still cool. If the current authorities
have already got something out, just make something better. Bigger, better, looks nicer, whatever. And then you just become the hub. Once you become the hub, you can move, like I was
just talking about earlier, you can move around within the niche. Create your own forums,
your own conversation, you can start to direct things. But you have to get to that level first. If there’s a current hub, just be better than it. It’s that simple. Ideas of authority content pieces. We just spoke about this
earlier today in DCWD. We’re gonna do, well, we’re not going to do, but one of the guys in there is
gonna do a “day in the life,” well, that was my idea, a “day in the life” of a person who suffers a particular disease. Because if, I was thinking,
if I was diagnosed with that, what would I most like to see? And the first thing was, what’s it like on a day-to-day
basis to have that thing? Because that’s gonna be
my life moving forward. If you can’t come up with ideas, go to Reddit, find out
where these people are, and just fucking ask them. “What would you most like to see?” And then show it to them. Say, “Thanks for you insight.” You have to be careful on Reddit, it’s a very, very particular place. You have to act a certain way there. So again, find the tone, match it. And then you can start to move it again. So yeah, find out what they want, answer it for them in a
very thorough, positive way. If you have a piece of content
and it’s just like, “meh.” Reddit will rip it to shreds. So make sure you do really well. That, my friends, is how
you can take over a niche, and how I’ve done in
several times in the past, and I’m currently doing
it for another client. So I’ll catch you tomorrow, when, hopefully, I’m a
little bit less drained, because that video before… (sighs) 2 1/2 hours just fucking drained me. And it’s only part one, as well, so might have to do
another two, three hours. Probably on Monday. I tried to get it done tomorrow, but I found a new assistant, and he’s not gonna get done in time. So we’re looking at after the weekend. I’ll see you, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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