How to Drive Engagement on Facebook Without Paid Ads
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How to Drive Engagement on Facebook Without Paid Ads

so how do you drive engagement on
facebook without paying for ads I got four tips coming up hello everybody and welcome to expert
influencer Academy on this channel we help you position package promote and
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platforms I’m your host Charles and if this is your first time to our channel
please consider subscribing so today guys I want to share with you four ways
that you can drive engagement to your facebook business page without having to
pay for advertising you know guys a lot of professional marketers are familiar
with the Facebook advertising platform and ever since last year 2017 2018 those
social media platforms have been making a fundamental shift in to pay for play
they are raking in billions of dollars in advertising fees and there is no way
that they’re gonna give that up anytime soon but guys there are still ways that
you can grow your community and grow your Facebook page organically and in
fact it’s really important that you do this especially as a startup as a
solopreneur and even as a big-time business or brand I mean we’ve gotten to
the point in society where there is so much automation that everyone is just
dying to talk to a regular person right like think about the last time you
called the cable company think about last time you called the power company
think about last time you called the water company think about the last time
you called to check on your bank statement your credit card balance right
it’s like for for sales press one for you know today’s lunch menu press 2 and
aaja 2 and is pressing 0 to try to talk to a human being so that they can
empathize with you and help you solve your problems guys in the world of
automation we got to go back to what worked in the past and that is good
old-fashioned human to human contact and a Facebook page
is a great way for you to connect with your target market advertise and reach
potential prospects and really build a community around your brand that trusts
you that is loyal to you and that supports
you and buys your goods and services that is what this is all about so I’m
gonna share with you four tips on how we can accomplish that right now the first
tip I have for you on how to engage more people on your facebook page without
paying for advertising is to ask and answer get involved this is social media
and somewhere along the lines of when social media was created about eight to
ten years ago to today the trend has become to ignore followers the trend has
become to ignore people that are trying to reach out to you and ask questions
and guys that’s where the magic happens I have said this numerous times and it
bears repeating right now in this video you gotta get your hands dirty
you gotta engage the people that are following you you gotta ask questions
you got to return comments you gotta you know get involved
in the conversation these guys look up to you these guys want answers and they
want solutions to their problems that your brand your company offers so you
really want to build rapport with your audience you want to make that one on
one connection remember people buy from people they know it is no problem for
you to give five bucks to one of your really good friends or one of your close
family members than it is to give a complete stranger five dollars you’re
kind of hesitant right there’s a little interrogation that takes place like hey
man can I borrow five bucks whoa what for what do you need this
money for what are you gonna do with it am I gonna get it back are you gonna pay
me interest on my investment right it’s like 20 questions with a stranger the
same thing is is applies and the same thing is true in your
business you gotta build rapport you gotta build relationships people gotta
have to feel like they know you people have to feel like they have a rapport
with you and that ladies and gentlemen is why they will support you so ask and
answer get into those comments create conversations and get in there the
second tip I have for you that kind of follows tip number one is create
interactive content create things like polls quizzes contests ask your audience
what they want like I don’t understand the concept people are afraid of sales
and people get intimidated by sales but if you ask your clients what they want
if you ask your community what it is they want if you just listen and take
the time they will tell you what they are looking for and then that’s what you
create and then they buy it from you and then they support you and everybody fix
that it’s magical and whimsical and unicorns and rainbows are flying all
over the place but it’s just communication 101 so create polls
create quizzes have a contest and you know and get involved interactive
content that’s huge that is number two like I said these tools will not only
add some variety to your usual content and posts but they’re going to generate
high engagement for you as well the third tip I have for you guys is a video
you know video and we’ve done the videos on this topic before but video is the
fastest-growing format on these social media platforms I think the statistic
was like 80 percent to 88 percent of you errs and that use of social media say
that they want to watch videos from brands that they follow from businesses
that they do business with so you gotta hop on the video train and guys these
days creating video for your social media platforms is super easy these
platforms are making it easy because they want you to
interact with your audience in video think about it every major platform has
video capabilities these days they even have live capabilities these days
Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter you know of a I don’t know if Pinterest has
it I don’t let me know in the comments if Pinterest has live video that would
be an interesting topic for a future video if Pinterest has that but all
these platforms are pushing towards video and guys the average smartphone
the phone in your pocket is capable of recording in 1080p so you have HD video
in your pocket it doesn’t take a lot yes it’s intimidating yes you have to take
some planning you have to plan what to say you have to
come up with a topic I do it twice a week every week I think this is video 91
for me so the ideas do come the more you do it the easier it gets but you can’t
be scared of it I have a buddy that I saw on social media today he filmed his
first video today but he is hesitant about editing it listen we all start
from zero we are all afraid that people are gonna judge us but that really
doesn’t happen guys most of the time everyone is so worried about how other
people see them that they really don’t have time to judge you or attack you the
first video is always the hardest one but once you get that out of the way
guys it really becomes a lot easier you be you you let go of self-consciousness
you know you don’t feel self conscience anymore about if you’re doing a great
job it doesn’t have to be perfect in fact your personality is a great selling
point in your business because even though your business might not be
original nobody quite has the take that you do on your subject and in your niche
so don’t be afraid to get in there get dirty get in there the fourth and final
tip I have for you guys is create Facebook groups you know Facebook groups
is a great way to really weed out the noise from potential prospects and real
customers because the people that join your group and when they do decide to
join your group they are in vested in you they are invested in your business
they are invested in your brand they have danced around the fringes they have
seen the content that you offer they see how you conduct yourselves and you have
hooked them and you’re reeling them in to your inner circle and they want more
so much that they want to join a group so guys Facebook groups is extremely
powerful it really doesn’t take anything huge in order to start one you could
just go to Facebook create group and then go ahead and create it we have a
Facebook group for expert influencer Academy it’s called the expert
influencer Academy network you can go to our Facebook page and you can join our
group it is free and once a month I offer unique training and unique content
for my insiders for my members only and you guys can set it up the same way
maybe you want to oh and our insiders also get 50% off all of our services
that our business produces and you guys can set it up the same way add extra
value go the extra distance throw in a coupon get people engaged get your
mastermind group going because these are people that think like you these are
people that are genuinely interested these are your inner circle that’s gonna
give you honest reliable feedback they’re gonna tell you when something is
great they’re gonna tell you when something is bad and you can listen to
them build rapport with them and they really become like advisors and
champions for your brand so Facebook groups are incredibly important and guys
in closing I want you to know that it is not about the number of followers that
you have that is a vanity metric and it really doesn’t matter what matters is
the quality of the content what matters is the quality of your service the
quality of your products and that’s really what matters because if you are
killing it and you are providing an incredible service and an incredible
product and you are building rapport with your clientele word of mouth is the
best advertising you could ever have you might not even end up spending a penny I
know an event promoter he doesn’t spend a penny on on social media advertising
he is one of the friendliest he is one of the nicest and he is one of the most
helpful guys that you’ve ever met and he throws a comic convention every year in
the city of Bartow like in the middle of nowhere and he gets over 10,000
attendees a year $0 and advertising so guys it is about quality not quantity
keep that in mind well guys there you go for tips on how you can get more
engagement on your facebook business page without paid ads how to drive
engagement on facebook without paid ads if you like this video please give it a
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