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100 thoughts on “How to Earn MORE MONEY Working From Home (2020)

  1. Wow this content is great, I have followed u for two months now and I am seeing results, βœŒοΈβœŒοΈπŸ™


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  3. Your dedication to empowering others is appreciated! I started working from home last year, and I shared a few opportunities on my channel that I hope can help others as well. In this day in age it is imperative to have multiple ways to make πŸ’°

  4. Working from home and for myself has literally changed my life! I love videos like this because a lot of people don’t realize you can realistically replace your 9-5 job exclusively online

  5. ive heard that IT is the most profitable industry right now, so im trying to learn how to code. Also, looking at how investment and trading works from an absolute beginner level!

  6. Great video of needed information. What do you suggest for a paralyzed person with a speech implement and live in the Caribbean?

  7. Learned so much from you over the past few months. Going to use this opportunity to create content for my website and youtube channel, and – if I have time – learn a new language!

  8. Hey im a new subscriber and i am a 14 yr old tryng to bring income and get off my parents paycheck because i heard the faster you do that the happier you will beπŸ˜„Do you have any tips for me

  9. In the process of renovating my house (room by room on a meager budget at best) but will be really focused on my hobby room/office where I am setting up a platform to do videos, training, podcasting, etc. from so that I can start building out a home based business. Looking forward to really looking into what you have to offer for those of us on a shoe string budget at best!

  10. Praise God, Thanks Roberto. I've literally googled this 5 minutes ago. You're a life saver.πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘Š

  11. It's great to find out how I can earn money while my YouTube channel is growing and I'm in school! Keep it up!

  12. Roberto, for sometime, you have given the BEST advice. It is truly amazing one can make a very good living online. I thank you for the very beneficial content you've provided over the years.

    Btw: You've always had the best voice for voice overs and anime. When you, or if you do, lets us know when that time that you lend your cool voice. Thanks again and be safe.😌

  13. Once again, thank you for providing such valuing content.
    Liking the new setup a bit different from the normal videos.
    From QOTD: What skill to would gain you more income if you have learned this skill/income?

    I believe in the case for myself is mindset. I do understand any skill can be learned with time and effort.
    Sometimes it's the never-ending sea of choices that often hinders process.
    ie in-n-out menu vs mcDonalds menu
    Over-analysis is paralysis
    When I do start on a process of learning a skill or going back to basis,
    there's often a huge sense of imposter syndrome.
    I understand that there is "the gap", you have the taste to discern what's good and what isn't, but just not capable of executing just yet.

    I believe that action triumphs over thinking and needless ponticifcation.
    That is what i need to do, i haven't put in a the massive amount of action.
    mindset can either hold you back or propel you into the next stratosphere

  14. Roberto this is very good information. I have freelanced for publications before. This included two magazines and I also wrote for different websites like ehow, Suite101, and Squidoo.

  15. Another great video. I started using affiliate links but the conversion is really low. I see tons of clicks but very few conversions.

    I guess people are interested in the items I linked but not enough to complete the sale. Hmm

  16. Your videos are incredibly informative! I really appreciate how clear you are and the variety of ways you share of how to make money from home. I am self-employed and am running a business that has been based on in-person courses and events so this information is so important for me. Thanks so much for all the work you do to share this information ❀ As for a skill I would to become better at – I would like to learn how to record audio better. Part of my business was facilitating meditations and I often got requests to record my guided meditations because the participants liked my voice. While I started making some YouTube videos of some short meditations, I find the vocals never sound as warm as I would like them to ( I hope that makes sense). I use Adobe Audition cause it is what i have access to but I don't know how to get the vocals right πŸ˜› Thanks again for all the great content you share!

  17. Can I just say I love Roberto's aesthetics. Pink and blue always catches my eye and everything from the sharpness to the contrast to the composition of his production is perfect here!

  18. I guess one verbal skill that would help me is negotiating and persuading a client to hire me when I have a small portfolio or entry level skill. As for the mechanical skill itself it's photo editing and copywriting.

  19. Yes Roberto i want to learn to use social media sites to drive new audience to my channel..Im trying to improve on tags and key words ! Thats what i would love you to explain to proper way to FIND and use the right tags please and thanks sooo much ur the reason i started helping people !

  20. Thank you lol was looking at videos like this today I may try that website you recommended for Graphic Design services still more I have to learn but I think I could create some good stuff for people on their and may look into creating content on Instagram to thanks again for talking about the different options. Also will be checking out some more of your previous tutorial videos for Graphic Design think it would be cool to see more tutorials about graphic design in the future on your channel to

  21. Ohh forgot to comment the skill of the day= I think learning FOREX trading and combining it with YouTube is the best way to make passive income

  22. I caught that Trump reference πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€
    If I wanted to do some freelance work as an editor, which program do you think has the most coverage…..or would you say it matters?

  23. Well-timed video. You’re crushing it right now Roberto . Keep being the genuine and insightful creator that you are πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

  24. Roberto man. I think I have a similar thing I'm trying to start up with my YouTube channel bro. Love your content btw. I just wanna make sure I'm doing it right and I know you will be big competition for me in the future if we don't end up working together in some sort. Lmao but anyways man, I have a system I really feel I could promote. Never really went to college or school to learn marketing or anything but I've got plenty of experience. I currently have a system I want to promote in every YouTube video surrounding my channel and it involves having all the tools like autoresponders, capture pages, landing pages, tiny URL links, and more. Doesnt cost a lot and people could actually join for 14 days for free starting off just to test it out. And I know I could definitely promote these tools to anyone with a businesses that needs leads and automations tools, any entrepreneur, or regular person as well cause best thing about these tools and being apart of the system is you earn 50% residual income every week from each customer that keeps the system.

    Was wondering if me not having a lot of experience but I do have knowledge on how to use the tools the right way in my own opinion. Do you think the best way to make videos is to reach every category of work? Like build pages for cooks and lawyers and different jobs and entrepreneurs like hairdressers and bakers and make specific videos with them in mind or should I make videos around topics like yours cause I see we may be promoting similar system and just wanted to know your opinion.

    Like I wanna start narrow first then go broad cause I feel like that's how you did and I know you have a very broad channel now from all the different topics and I feel that's where I will end up as well but just want to chose the right way of building my brand on YouTube surrounding this system and my goal which is helping any entrepreneur, business owner, or person create more income for themselves, help show them how to build their leads and sales, and how to create another stream of income, and how to save time and put their business more on autopilot by using the tools.

    Let me know your opinion bro, it would be greatly appreciated

  25. I’m still doing that. As a home care nurse I kinda hafta be there!!πŸ˜„ I want to teach new nurses and slowly cut down my field work. I also want to grow on Youtube and get into merch.

  26. I'm sure millions will appreciate this valuable information. Especially those in the hospitality and restaurant industries. Keep it up man! Shared on Twitter^^

  27. 1. you said "like this video so youtube show you my video" was that a mistake? cause everyone else says turn on the bell, if it works, which is more effective: liking or turning on the bell

    2. about potential skills: I think podcasting could be beneficial for me but I'm scared that my quality isn't good enough cause my mic's sensitivity is turned on too loud but if it's not my audio is barely audible
    learning how to mix properly would be super helpful because I really suck at: proper volume ajusting, EQ'ing and compression, the latter 2 are Chinese to me and especially EQ'ing, I notice someone in a livestream told me "too many low frequencies", I have no idea. I don't understand the tutorials because they talk about hearing frequencies and I don't get what they sound like and usually when they EQ I don't even hear a difference.

  28. great video Roberto yup back in the day was very different I started gaming in 1979 where everything was a square golf ball was square etc

  29. Thanks for so much valuable information! I believe coding, editing, proofreading and voice overs would be valuable and profitable.

  30. If I had the ability to plug into the Matrix and download a skill it would probably be some more expertise in one of several software options. Video/Music editing would be fun, but honestly I would probably most enjoy something like Unreal Engine. I have some fun ideas for video games and I would LOVE to be able to accomplish those ideas, but it would take me years of focused learning to figure out how to create something like that.

  31. I would love to learn more about adobe creative cloud. My husband and I are wanting to start our own graphic design/social media management company so we’re trying to learn the different programs.

  32. I'm a software developer in a big, international IT firm. While I enjoy programming to some extent, I have other passions like graphic arts, writing, linguistics, video editing, gaming, etc. Thanks for this timely article when almost all people are in quarantine. This is a good opportunity to learn or further enhance a skill. This video made me realize that.

    As for the QOTD, I think that for me to earn more, excluding the usual coding I do in the office, I would like to focus on graphics design, video editing, and writing as side hustles. Ever since I came across your channel a month ago, I'm definitely taking baby steps already to start freelancing while slowly doing away from my usual corporate job. I know that that someone who has complete control of his/her time is definitely me and not trading time for money is a vision that I'm striving to.

  33. Hey Roberto, can you share how one can do this with kids? Our kids are out of school for 5 weeks or more with the COVID19 crisis. Schools are talking about closing school for the school year. Working full time out of the house and having kids in day care or at home makes building an online business a divided sacrafice. Currently trying to build an online content marketing niche site but struggling do to with these new circumstances and my own limitations.

  34. I am definitely going to start creating content so I can sell my physical products, but I've been drawn to making music (beats), so I could sell tracks to content creators…or anyone rather. Lol not sure if that's something you could help with but that's a skill I've wanted to learn. I love your videos by the way!!

  35. Here's a skill that can get you extra money: Translation. Software that translates (such as Google Translate) only goes so far.

  36. I just love hearing your story. It never gets old and it continues to inspire me. We are on the path to doing big things like you. thank you!!

  37. Hey man!

    I started my Youtube channel in late 2018 and I used to watch your videos all the time. I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for your advice. To anyone reading this who has started or wants to start their own channel, I just want to tell you that his advice will work but you have to be consistent, constantly think out of the box, keep eyes open for new ideas, and most importantly "check" yourself everyday. Meaning that when you make a video, start to wonder what can be done better. Maybe it's your writing? Or your Editing? Maybe it's your story telling. Maybe it's your actual content topic. That's right, when I first started, I made one type of content. It wasn't going anywhere. Rather than start a new channel like most people do, I left those videos there as relics to the past efforts, and SLOWLY adapted new types of content into my videos until I found a balance of "what works" and "what I enjoy doing". It's been two years since I started. It seems like a long time, and at the time, it felt like it. But I promise, looking back, I'm so glad I started; and I thank you Roberto!

  38. Amen Roberto! Times are tough with COVID-19. I was laid off on Monday! Just taking the time to work on YouTube

  39. I feel like fear is holding me back roberto, I have suffered from anxiety issues my whole life, I have issues with depression and anxiety and am camera shy, and I find it so difficult to make that first step, what would you recommend?

  40. Hi Roberto my question is I've been considering doing affiliate marketing but what happens at the end of the year when it's tax time how does that work when you need to have taxes taken out. Thanks

  41. Hey Roberto Mr Awesome! Question: How does one obtain affiliate links with various merchants? How do they know there's me in SA wanting promote their product/service and make commission from it?

  42. I think a profitable skill that people could learn. Especially those who understand math: Accounting.

    Some businesses don't want to deal with the accounting themselves so they Outsource that work. And every business needs some form of accounting.

  43. The skill that would help me to make more money would be video editing and to supplement that would be to learn Adobe products.

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