How to Effectively Use the Installation Guide? (Flutter E-Commerce App In 10 Minutes, Ep. 16)
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How to Effectively Use the Installation Guide? (Flutter E-Commerce App In 10 Minutes, Ep. 16)

You go to Select “Fluxstore” This documentation guide is used for 4 Fluxstore applications Fluxstore Pro, Fluxstore Woocommerce, Fluxstore Multi Vendor, Fluxstore Listing Now you will see this document has 3 main parts: General, Customization, and Questions Firstly you need to view the General part Introduction session introduces about Fluxstore Pro application Introduce our company website, youtube channel, medium blog, support Github, and the official website The First Important session that you need to install is Getting Started You need to finish the Basic Flutter Setup firstly After that, the second step will be to install the app with the demo website To do this second step, let view 4 Fluxstore applications Go to our company website Select “Products” These Fluxstore apps use this document guide You can select each app to view the demo and features If you need to see more screenshot, select “Purchase” You can use your phone to scan the QR code and get the demo app quickly Or another way to view the Fluxstore apps Select “Best Sellers” You will see the Fluxstore Pro of InspireUI 4 Fluxstore applications are Fluxstore Pro, Fluxstore WooCommerce, Fluxstore Multivendor, and Fluxstore Listing Fluxstore Pro app is used in the case you already have a Woocommerce, Magento, or Opencart website Fluxstore WooCommerce is used for only Woocommerce website So the Second Step is if you already have a Woocommerce website, you need to view the “WooCommerce” section The right menu will show you the overview of all installation steps for WooCommerce If you already have a Magento 2.x website, go to “Magento Setup” Remember to finish all steps in this writing, especially enable all required Plugins If you already have an Opencart website, go to “Opencart Setup” In case Fluxstore Multi Vendor This is a woocommerce app template supports for the business same as the Marketplace. Go to “Multi Vendor Setup” This app template needs Dokan or WCFM that you buy separately Please read carefully and follow the documentation instructions patiently In case Fluxstore Listing. This is a Woocommerce booking app Go to “Listing Directory” This app template is compatible with Listeo, ListingPro, MyListing websites You also need to read carefully and finish all sub-steps in the right menu Finish the demo website, then try your own website The Third installation Step is to check config.dart in the Customization part config.dart includes all main constants and variables You can check if your own value has changed The Fourth Step is to change your Layout and features Now you see we list all features on the left menu to help user easy to find From Layout, Multi-Payment,.. to Facebook Ads features The remaining features in the “Common Features” section Let us show just some new features in version 1.6.x We have updated the Push Notifications, add more OneSignal Push Notifications feature A new Sign In section is added; login via Google, Apple, SMS, Facebook, or Email account To use the Facebook Sign In feature, you need to install the flutterfacebooklogin package A new section for “Address Filling via Google Map” feature We also add a new “Admod and Facebook Ads” section Now there are other sections that might be helpful to you (Step 5). Like the “App Performance” section that helps you to improve the speed “Publish to App stores” will show you the way to delivery your app to App Stores Apple Store (iOS) will charge $ 99 / year Google Play (Android) will charge $ 35 / lifetime You can also check out the Development Tips for some useful tips If you have trouble installing, you can visit the “Common Questions” to see if the problem is the same and get a solution. Let us show you an example You can check our update history in “ChangeLogs” section Medium Blog will update first whenever a new version is available “Documents Change Logs” records the latest date that documentation guide was updated and the content updated “Fluxstore Change Logs” records the latest version that source code was updated

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