How to Find a Good Niche for Affiliate Marketing – 3 Quick Examples
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How to Find a Good Niche for Affiliate Marketing – 3 Quick Examples

what is going on YouTube miss John here
with non-stop affiliate and in today’s video I’m going to show you guys three
different ways to pick a good marketing niche so if you’re doing affiliate
marketing you’re not sure exactly what offer to pick one issue want to get into
I’m gonna keep you guys three different ways to help you choose the right niche
for your marketing so first let’s go over exactly what a niche is a niche is
just the subject or the category of marketing that you want to get into so
for example you could get into the music marketing you could get into fitness
marketing you can get into cooking marketing a niche is just the subject of
the marketing that you want to be doing so what niche do you want to go after
you can go after like I said the music one the Fitness one the cooking there’s
wood work there’s all types of different niches that you could be picking from
and some of them you could get really deep into it so for example if you’re
doing a sports niche you could go only sports only on soccer niche so your
marketing and your niche is gonna focus all around soccer soccer ball soccer
shoes soccer socks soccer jerseys you’re focusing on one specific niche that has
to do with sports and so that’s all the next really is it’s just the subject or
the category that you’re gonna get into to start marketing that category those
products that are in that category to start making some money now in this
video I’m gonna give you guys three different examples to help you pick the
right niche to help you pick a profitable niche to help you really make
some money with your online marketing so you know exactly what to do and know
exactly what niche to pick now before I do that I want to give to you guys right
now the top three online niches that make the most money so the top three
online niches that make the most money is make money online offers health and
fitness offers and relationship offers those are the top three niches online
you can go by any guru any online marketing experts these are the top
three that makes the most money online health and fitness
relationship and make money online offers those are the top three now with
that being said there are a lot of other nations that you could get into and a
lot of other initiatives that you could be making money with so now let’s get
right into it so when you’re picking a good niche to start promoting start
getting offers to promote and really start building an audience around one
thing you could do is pick a niche that you are very very familiar with pick a
niche that you were basically an expert in already something that you know very
well why not pick this type of niche so you can start making content around it
so you can start building a following around it start a Facebook page around
this start a YouTube channel around it that way you can start getting an
audience to your pages and start promoting products through your audience
if you have an audience that’s looking up to you because you’re putting out
very expert information if you’re giving out very good value they will eventually
buy from you so that real quick that’s exactly what you want to be doing with
any of your marketing you want to build a page or a brand online and then after
start promoting products but first you definitely have to build a trust and you
have to build that page and your audience first so let me give you guys a
few random examples so you see exactly what I mean to pick a niche where you’re
already an expert in so it could be about anything let me give you guys an
example so let’s say you were in the Pro Wrestling you were really into Pro
Wrestling you know all the WWE stuff all the
wrestlers are the moves you watch all the shows you know all the history of it
now you’re just a fan you’re not really an expert per se but you’re just a
really big fan you know all the stuff about it you know all the characters you
know all the moves you can start building a page and start creating a
following where you can start making some money just from everything you know
our Pro Wrestling or any other category so let me give you guys an example here
is a web page called WWE headlines and it’s basically just someone that has a
pretty big following they have 261 thousand followers and all they’re doing
is posting headlines of the WWE stuff I’m not really a big
fan of it so I actually don’t know but I can see exactly what they’re doing and
how they’re making some money with this page right here like I said guys I’m
sure this guy is not no big timer in WWE he’s not somebody who works for them
he’s just a real big fan he’s kind of an expert in there cuz he’s watched
everything he knows all the info on it so he can easily create a Facebook page
create a YouTube channel and create content around it like this
for example Vince is not impressed with AJ Styles all he’s doing is creating a
headline getting people to click on it and making money off this page right
here so like I’m saying all he’s doing is creating content of stuff he already
knows like I hit right here he’s doing flashbacks to 2005 he’s creating other
little articles here and there putting up videos and basically posting the
stuff up that he knows will get an audience going he knows people are gonna
start liking it now let me show you exactly how he’s making money off this
page right here as you can see he basically has one website he or she
basically has one website right here it looks like it’s called for pity splash
if you click on here this website that they’re running the 450 splash is all
being monetized as you can see we have an ad here we have an ad over here and
we scroll down we have another ad over here and all these ads are making this
website money right here we have an ad up top over here that I didn’t catch but
that’s exactly how this person is making money just being a real big fan of WWE
so like I’m saying a good niche is something that you’re already an expert
in something that you’re a big fan of so this could be BMX this could be
skateboarding this could be soccer anything that you’re already a big fan
of you know a lot of and you know you could start creating a page around
started creating some content start posting things people will like that way
you start getting the following and start making some money like this guy
right here so anytime somebody clicks on one of these clicks on one of these ads
even if it’s by accident this person right here it gets money because this
website is being monetized like I mentioned guys so that’s a real good way
to picking your first niche guys it’s picking something that you’re already an
expert in picking something you know about a lot you’re a big fan on it so it
could be a really easy to create an audience and start promoting products
and start making some money so to give you another example let’s say you were
an expert in cooking like this person is right here
she knows cooking very well she knows how to cook different recipes her page
is called cooking Mexican recipes so as you can see she just posted up a video
showing her cook recipes if you go ahead and click on her YouTube link you can
see down in her description that she’s already let’s see promoting her own book
and she’s putting up a video links for the products she’s using in her videos
so if you click on this one right here it takes us straight over to the product
where if you buy she’ll make a couple bucks off the sale so like I’m saying
guys another good niche to pick is something that you’re already an expert
in something you’re very good at you have a not a lot of knowledge about not
to give you guys one more example here is another guys YouTube channel it’s
called Marty’s music and all he’s doing is just basically putting up music
lessons guitar lessons and that’s just really it guys he has 1 million
subscribers if you click on it I’m not sure if he’s promoting any affiliate
links in his description or maybe in his videos he does have a website right here
which I’m sure he probably makes some money off of but that’s really it guys
it’s just picking a niche that you’re already an expert in something you could
already create a lot of content around that way it’s going to be very easy for
you to create a following and start having people trust in you after they
trust you that’s when they buy now those were two good examples to show you guys
exactly how to pick a good niche where you can start promoting products in it’s
a good way to start getting their good following if it’s something you already
know but let’s say you’re not an expert in
anything let’s say you’re not very good at those types of things let’s say you
really don’t have nothing you could create a page around right you know you
don’t really have much going on that’s ok guys because a third example I got
for you this is actually probably the most
profitable example that I’m going to show you guys is picking a niche that’s
already hot right now so let’s say if the music niche was hot if the the piano
niche was hot if the cooking niche was hot cooking a
Mexican food niche was hot right now is picking that niche right there now there
are several different ways to find a niche that’s hot right now a good way is
if we hop over to our affiliate networks it tells you guys what are the top
offers if you’re looking at the top offers these are the hottest niches I in
the market right now these are the ones that are making the most people money
right now so it’d be good to pick these niches and start researching them start
getting some more knowledge on them that way you can start creating a page start
creating our audience and start promoting these products too so again
the third example I have for you is taking a niche that’s already hot right
now so the first way to find out what’s selling hot right now is just by going
into your affiliate Network and checking out the top offers you can see that
these it gives you a list right here these are the highest converting offers
it’s just going into your network and checking out what’s hot right now
another way is going over to your affiliate manager here’s my affiliate
manager Luke I could go ahead and send him a message and he honestly helps me
out by giving me the best offers that are selling right now on social media
the best offers that are selling right now on a search or email that’s
something that a lot of people don’t utilize once they sign up to affiliate
networks is honestly contact your affiliate manager you know it gives you
their email gives you their extension give them a call and see exactly what’s
selling hot right now now the third way to find out what’s something hot is by
going through your offers and picking offers with a very good EPC so I’ll get
to those click on e PC and it gives us the offers with the top EPC so EPC
stands for earnings per click so for example if I was an affiliate for this
Bitcoin profit offer right here the EPC is six dollars and 18 cents so me as an
affiliate every time somebody clicks on this offer
right here I earn six dollars and 18 cents which is pretty good let’s say if
I got a hundred clicks on this offer you multiply that by 618 I made over 600
dollars with this offer right here so you always want to look at the EPC make
sure that EPC is at at least $1 and above if it’s at at least $1 and above
you know other people are making money off of it so you know it’s a hard
product to start promoting so that’s a third way to pick a good niche guys it’s
just going with what’s hot right now like I showed you guys there’s different
ways to find out exactly what’s hot right now my biggest suggested one is
contact your affiliate manager he’ll give you the best suggestions
check out the EPC or I actually do have a super-secret ninja way to find out the
hottest offers right now if you’d like to know that secret wait go ahead and
leave a comment down below saying ready and I’ll go ahead and put out the next
video showing you guys exactly how to find out the hottest offers online right
now and that’s basically it for this video guys now if you’re really ready to
start making some online income if you’re ready to start establishing a
real online business go ahead and check out the first link below guys it’s my
number one recommended online business it’s really helped me understand online
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and that’s basically it guys I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to
subscribe hit that like button and I’ll see you guys on the next video

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