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How to Find a Job Fast!

Beautiful Oh hey everybody its Andy
welcome to live office hours I just lost my screen a second yeah there we go
how are you it’s Thursday it’s noon Eastern 11th central ten mountain mine
Pacific it’s Andy helping you build a career you love great to have everybody
this week got something a little special for you
i I want to welcome you all I love having you I can see the chats rolling
already I want to say hello and in a second but I want to run through a few
housekeeping things I want to thank all of you who joined my job search master
class last week Thursday Friday and Saturday it was a ton of fun nearly five
and a half hours of lessons and Q&A and all that good stuff there’s about two
hours of instruction I got so many questions from people throughout the
week I got everything from hey I have questions too will you please leave it
up longer on YouTube I know you said you were gonna take it down on the 19th I’m
gonna fill you in on all that and today I want to give you a minute I’m gonna do
it just a little warm opening here but I I slave over these things for you
grab the workbook take this 11 I guess it’s about nine pages of content take
this workbook there’s no hidden cells there’s no nothing I gave it all to you
all my notes from the job search master class program and if you have not had a
chance to watch it and I highly recommend that you do so but today I
wanted to do something a little bit different I actually wanted to do kind
of like a reader’s digest recap maybe kind of like after the show kind of
thing I know a lot of you’ve gone through it and I just I wanna I want to
serve it up to you again in a more compressed amount of time I’ll pull out
a lot of the science and and rationalizations all that things out of
it we’ll go right through the steps that I want you to take reinforce it so grab
the workbook buckle up the other thing to just a couple other housekeeping
items if you have not gotten the interview intervention
book yet it’s 29 bucks I bought it for you I will ship it anywhere in the world
it’s free the ebooks free the audiobooks free the how to interview the employer
75 great questions to ask before you take any job is free all I ask is you
pay seven dollars to help me support my ability to pick pack and ship it to you
so get that between the master class free program and that you should be you
should be in pretty good shape let me see what else oh oh the master class I’m
gonna leave it up on YouTube a little bit longer I am gonna take it down
probably in the next week or so but I want to give you a chance especially
because we’re gonna do this Reader’s Digest version today I want to leave it
up for people who have not had a chance to see it or go back and re-watch some
of it now that you have the workbook it’s gonna be so much easier to follow
along I think it’ll make a lot more sense if you see it again if you haven’t
seen it the first time great but if you have maybe kind of breeze through you
know the first half hour each of those sessions I think you’ll love it and I
have a live job search boot camp starting tomorrow I know a lot of you
that are on my email list of probably getting we’ve been having the converse
in the conversation with you because I slave over those emails I send you to
share my story the students’s story why I’m here
how you found me why you find me found me the reason I’m I’m dedicating my life
to helping you and all that good stuff but I want to I want to show you a few
minutes on the bootcamp I have a little surprise if you want to hang in there
with me and then you know we’ll do an hour or QA and all that good stuff so I
hope I hope you’re as excited about this as I am
but I’m gonna refer to this quite a bit today you know I wanted a you know I
just I wanted to do something nice for you I always think that it’s important
that you have you have some kind of ability to take notes and all that good
stuff but let’s let’s roll through this today’s today’s session is about the
three factors that are gonna make or break your job search that’s what the
whole masterclass was about it was about making sure that you find the right job
we want we want you to find it right kind of no matter how long it takes but
we want you to find the right job finding it faster second point your
ability to find it with some speed that’s way better sooner is better and
the third thing is when you’ve got that fish on the line so to speak when you’ve
got that employer and you’re interviewing because we know interviews
are tough to get you want to make sure that you secure it so I want to give you
that one major tip a really a way to think about how you approach the entire
interview so that you can secure it so that’s what today’s gonna be about I’m
gonna breeze through stuff pretty quickly
don’t worry like I said there’s a lot more detail that job search master
question but the first thing that we want to talk about and making sure that
you get the right job for yourself there’s a lot to do with finding that
job right you got to be able to surface it but the most important thing and I
actually call this with my one-on-one coaching clients I said we need to work
on your defense first so many people want to work in the resume they want to
work in their cover letters they think they need an offense they’ve got to go
out and get those interviews but if you think about it wouldn’t it be better if
no matter how you surface the opportunity or no matter when the
opportunity came along or even if you were just moseying along happy in your
life happy in your job an opportunity came along that you would be ready to
properly evaluate it that you would be able to properly evaluate and make sure
that you could make a good decision that it would be smart to invest your time
and energy in evaluating that or knowing which opportunities to target so I
talked about being able to develop your needs this was the number one thing if I
can only give you one piece of advice Larry if you just said Annie what’s your
number one piece of advice to job seekers and and career developers and
just people who want to maximize their career if you understand what that
environment looks like that you thrive in that means based on your strengths
based on the things that make you happy based on the accommodations you need in
your life at this moment whatever that might be if
you can set up that right kind of what we call it a virtual environment for
yourself you will thrive it’s what will help you
be happy day in and day out but it’s also what will happen help you weather
the storm and all the challenges so the concept of developing your list of needs
as I mentioned in the job search master class that isn’t rocket science it’s
it’s not the actual knowing that you need to put the list together that’s the
science it’s building it correctly and using it correctly and we talked about
why do a lot of people why do a lot of people fail at this well one of the
things they’re not able to do is they don’t have a list
that’s lengthy enough these requirements to know whether they are a good match
for something think about this and I might have said it differently last week
but the longer the longer the list you have some people say to me well Andy
well if I give you too many requirements and I ask for too many things isn’t that
going to limit the number of opportunities that are available to me
in the market a lot of people think that way they think in terms of limits simple
fact matter is no the longer your lists don’t think of it in terms of siphoning
off opportunities or eliminating them think of it in terms of I have a lengthy
list a good inventory of criteria that I know I need to get insight about and we
talked about the two things that you need to know you need to know what makes
you happy and you need to know whether an employer can satisfy it the longer
the list the longer the list of your requirements the more certain the more
certain you can be a match for the opportunity or that the opportunity’s a
match for you and for those areas where the employer has gap at least now you
know what that gap is and you can evaluate that in your in your in your
evaluation and in your determination and your choice to know is that an
acceptable gap how might I cover that gap if you don’t have if you’re really
big on having mentors in your life but you haven’t noticed anybody in the
interviewing process that was going to serve as a great mentor your boss might
just not be that type of person is that something you could get outside of work
these are the kind of things that you should be thinking about as you go
through it now we talked about why people are not successful we talked
about not doing the deep work so when I referred to not doing the deep work you
probably see this in your workbook when I talk about not doing the deeper
I’m talking about not taking the time to actually go through this exercise and
really push themselves to identify what it is they need most of the individuals
that I’ve interviewed in my life they talked about interviewing 15,000 people
that’s true so speaking with these people asking
them what drives them what’s important to them what happens for most people is
they very quickly can do two things they can identify the real Biggie’s like you
know as a salesperson I need a good company a good product and a good payday
and beyond that it’s it’s kind of gravy and that’s not true or or what they do
is they they highlight things that are very painful for them I talked about
recency things that are painful they’re on the top of your mind they’re front
they’re Center they’re on the top of the mind
you need me to remove something that’s an obstacle that’s in your way or you
need to add something that’s missing that’s pain points people put tremendous
weight on their pain points so a lot of times people will either hit a few and
get fatigued or they will hit their pain points and get fatigued so you got to do
the deeper make sure you’re going through that it’s okay to identify your
pain points I want you to do that I just don’t want you to do that at the expense
of all the other things that you need all the other criteria and luxuries
you’ve enjoyed throughout your career lot of times we take those for granted
we think a new employer is just gonna satisfy those you don’t want to do that
so you just want to be careful you want to make sure you’re also evaluating the
right stuff you’re not evaluating symptoms but you’re evaluating your core
needs I’m not gonna go too much into that you can refer back to the master
class for that we talked about recency and then this is a tough one
this is a tough one let’s get this out on the table peeps you just don’t have
the skills that’s not a knock on you but think about how frequently you evaluate
opportunities in the market even if you do it 10 times in your you know 40 year
career that’s just not often it’s just not often so so how do we build you a
tool or really a kind of a a safety net so to speak
so that even though despite the fact that you don’t have those skills
you have an inventory you can use to start conversations in the form of
questions you can ask the employers to determine if they can satisfy the things
that are important to you and even if you’re not super skilled where we really
go south where we really run amok is not having the conversation so a lot of
times you know if I’m working with you on a one-on-one basis I can teach you
how to follow the thread and how to do the line of questioning to make sure
you’re getting the evidence of what it is that you need but if I’m not sitting
there in your ear at least if you have a requirement on your list that says I
need to have a conversation about this item just ask and get them talking about
it and it’s at least going to give you some information it’s where we
completely miss having any kind of conversation that really really hurts us
so here’s what I want you to do and then I’m gonna show you that spreadsheet just
so you can get kind of a visual of what I’m talking about I want you to make a
list of all your requirements of all your requirements so just very simply
make a list then what I want you to be mindful of is I want you to make it your
list you live with yourself every single day all year long don’t do
it for somebody else make it yours you’re only lying to yourself if you
start adding requirements that somebody told you you needed well if you don’t
think you need them you don’t need them because this is about your happiness and
trust me it’s okay we’re all gonna make mistakes I’d rather you make your own
mistakes but make it your list the other thing that I want you to do is I want
you to make it more internal than external this is kind of one step beyond
the your list is do it for yourself don’t do it for somebody else don’t do
it because somebody else thinks you should do this or tells you you’ll you
know you’ll be great at this do it because you want to now internally I
want these to be internal drivers instead of external drivers or
futuristic drivers too many people make poor choices at the time of decision
because they’re worried about how it might look in the future what might
happen in the future all kind crazy stuff you know this company might
buy that company how will I know if I it might not
so so I want you to focus on immediately what’s gonna happen how you gonna feel
and and are you gonna love it and don’t get me wrong I don’t want you to
completely ignore all the outer context but I don’t want you to try to predict
the future I just don’t want you to try to predict
the future you’re not good at it I’m not good at it I’m not good at and what’s
even worse I don’t think I said this let me you know when people say hey me what
would you do I want to tell you I’m bad at predicting my future I’m even worse
at trying to project yours so so don’t don’t let anybody tell you this is what
its gonna look like this is what’s gonna happen go through it live your own life
just just just make it make it internal and then what I also want you to do is
as you start to identify your requirements just brainstorm them put
them out but there’s a little trick I like to use I do this with my one-on-one
coaching clients constantly ask yourself why you need that requirement so you’ve
got a requirement on your list why is that important to you and if you can
answer the question then make that new answer the requirement and keep going
till you can’t ask why anymore that gets you down to your lowest level and need
the example I used before was the one about managing people people think
that’s a requirement and I explained that’s a medium to satisfy it’s a how
it’s not a what the what is I like to coach and mentor people it makes me
happy to impart my knowledge all those good things I understand that that’s a
service element that’s awesome but the medium by which you do that can be many
things you can write white papers and teach people you can speak and teach
people you can form groups you can mentor your teammates you can mentor
your subordinates your Spears all that good stuff
people your customers so there’s lots of ways that you can satiate that element
to teach and serve so that’s what I’m talking about if you check the master
class I go into that into more detail and then to know you’re on the right
track I want you to have about 20 of these
I want you have about 20 of these and for those of you that are watching this
for the first time that did not see the master class I
no I get that you gotta be kidding me look but I’m gonna give you 15 of them
so as a recruiter and and not even as a coach but just as a recruiter I’ve
interviewed tens of thousands of people 15,000 people give or take we’ve
collected all the data from all of those people broke it down into what it was
they cared about and I created 15 and I want to stress this high-level
categories that people generally care about and I want you to know in the
workbook in your workbook on page six in your workbook on page six
I don’t you can see this I listed out what those are but I want to show this I
want to show this to you because I want you to it’s one thing to put these in a
list it’s another thing to kind of understand conceptually how I want you
to use them so let me I’m gonna switch over here really quick to a new screen
bear with me here and this is this is well these are some
hit you know so you’re missing columns B and C and F and a bunch of these but
this is a this is spreadsheet that I give to my job search bootcampers and
I’ve taken those 15 Krait criteria that I just showed you or that are in the
workbook they’re alphabetized in this spreadsheet and the reason I’m showing
you this is I want you to see that as you make your list your list is not just
a list for you to kind of cart around it’s a list for you to use and leverage
so remember before I said the magic in creating this list the magic in creating
this list is about your ability to use it refer back to it make sure you’re
gathering the data against it and using it in the proper format now on the Left
column our you know appreciation atmosphere autonomy and so on this thing
goes down but basically in the workbook now you have all that okay so I gave you
those 15 so at a minimum at a minimum you could just use the 15
right make your own notes but what I also like to do I’m not gonna go to too
much into detail here but I like to rank them because I want and here’s kind of a
good example for those of you that are not math gurus or don’t understand the
value of weighted averages but it’s basically a way of saying not all your
criteria is created equal so you know appreciation might matter to
you greatly your boss might matter to you greatly Kant might be really
important because you got four kids and you got to send them to college so some
of these some of these criteria are going to be more important than others
and so what you can do is you can actually weight them so this is a ten
this is a seven this is a four and son and you can do a little mathematical
computation so that if you get in a situation where you know you’ve created
your questions for the employers if you’re in the bootcamp I give you these
questions to ask against all this criteria but this is where you would put
your questions or you can put it in a Word document or you could write it on a
legal pad or a notepad or whatever and then what I like to do is I tell
everybody hey first thing you ought to do is you ought to take your own
employer employer a is your current employer and how would you assess your
current situation and for those of you who are not employed how would you
assess your last situation so whether you got let go or you decided to leave
whatever it was actually mathematically how happy were you how happy were you
and this is don’t get me wrong we’re not you know measuring it with a micrometer
you know marking it with chalk and cutting with an axe we’re just I’m
trying to give you an idea of hey that’s what you know six hundred and seventy
points looks like okay fine so your old employer satisfied 12 of your 14
requirements except they were missing on on your tens on the hefty ones but you
might have this other employer that only satisfies five of your criteria but
they’re hitting all your biggies all the most important things to you so as you
start to line these up everybody effectively can have two columns right
my current employer my potential employer right so we’d like to
think you’re gonna be able to get a job with all these tools I’m giving you some
of you might have you know employer B C and D some of you might have this is my
current career this is how I feel about what I do at the moment I did this by
the way I don’t I don’t think I mentioned that and that’s probably good
thing for you to know I did this on myself two times in 2004 and in 2015 so
I mean it I literally had career a career B so and you know this this is
this can be used for career changers it’s incredibly important for career
changers and you have to do some investigation along what is it that the
career offers so you got it you got it you got to put some elbow grease into
your research career changers so but but these could be you know career one
career to employer one employer to and then you as you go in and you interview
with your new employer you can rate them in each column against this different
these different requirements here what I want to do I actually want to switch
over and I want to I want to expand one of these one of these items here I think
I did culture in the job search master class so I’ve I’ve pulled this back so
what this looks like over on the in column a here this is
where all the the kind of the high levels were listed what I what I hid
from you and that other spreadsheet was and for the bootcampers they get this
all blown out but it’s it’s um each of these rows is the secondary criteria so
culture in and of itself is a grouping but when you evaluate culture you don’t
just evaluate culture how you can evaluate culture it’s not even a thing
you can actually evaluate right if you can’t lend some detail to what it is
you’re evaluating and you’re doing it listen I’m all for gut feels only when
you use your gut in highly trained situations master chess players master
tennis players master golfers they they understand gut because they’ve been
through it they’ve practiced it they know what it looks like they know what
it spells like a job seeker has got to give himself or
herself a better tool to fall back on because your gut is not it’s it’s it’s
not highly trained in these situations so what we’re trying to do here is give
you something that’s gonna help you make sure that you can do this a little more
systematically so you know these are just examples of what secondary criteria
could be and this is just for culture but this could go true for a
compensation compensation isn’t just salary
it could be bonus it could be sign-on bonus it could be urine bonus it could
be management by objective bonuses it could be stock it could be benefits
vacations and so on so culture you got to break this down a little bit you know
is it a political place a political are they open and honest and you know
trustworthy are they fair is it fast-paced and so on then what I did in
this for the bootcampers but you could do this for yourself these are not the
questions that you would be asking your employer these are the questions that
you’re giving yourself to understand how you’re breaking this out so when I say
apolitical what does that mean and then what’s the question that I ultimately
need to ask to determine if it’s a political environment if there’s gonna
be a lot of posturing or if it’s a fun and friendly place and everything is
based on merit so this is what I’m talking about so you can you can break
down your list into the lowest level of detail now you don’t have to use all
fifteen of these criteria or all 20 of these cultural components the point I’m
trying to make here is the more granular you can get the safer your ability to
make a good decision becomes becomes so so this is this is a pretty cool tool
it’s it comes in really handy and what I really like about with the boot campers
is they could kind of go through it and what a lot of them do is they line out
the things that aren’t important to them you can do that with the 15 primary
criteria that I gave you in the workbook it’s really nice for you to you know at
least have something to stimulate your interests and at least this way I’m
giving me something to give you a great running start
and if you did nothing else other than use the 15 I gave you you’re likely
gonna be in better shape you’re likely gonna be in better shape than when you
made your last transition so I wanted I wanted to just kind of drive drive that
point home let me switch back to my face okay
so that was kind of desk I session one of the master class how we do it 1124
okay I’m gonna I’m gonna pick up the pace here a little bit I’m guessing this
parts probably an go an hour but but anyway so that that was kind of session
one you gotta get your needs right and you got to be thoughtful and thorough
and you gotta put the time in okay so that’s that’s the first thing second
thing that we talked about in the master classes well okay that’s cool now I know
how to evaluate it or I know how to think through my options how do I find
it how do I find it quickly so this is about this is about speed or we might
put all this stuff this is about speed the main message about speed is are you
dialing up your effort in accordance with the activities that lead to success
quickly and those activities are not the same for each person so back to all the
people that I interviewed it’s very apparent from all the data that I
gathered from them that your demographic greatly influences your ability to find
your job that there are probabilities and odds of you finding your job based
on who you are what you do how much you earn how old you are where you live the
market you’re working in is it hot is it cold all that good stuff
so I broke all that down for you so I want to go through this one and kind of
couple three to three fell swoop first thing is I want to make you aware
of some statistics that I’ve gathered and the beautiful thing is I’m going to
show you what those stats are against the six what I consider to be the best
activities that you can use to find your next job then I’ve included in in the
work plan in the work plan everybody who’s downloaded this the the different
work plans of how I would allocate my time are in here so that’s what we’re
going with this one so let’s run through let’s run through and recap what those
activities are really quick so researching companies is a wonderful way
it doesn’t matter if the company has an opening or not what are the
organizations that you want to target everybody’s job search should be I don’t
care who you are I don’t care how old you are I don’t care if you’re 21 and a
half or 69 and a half every job search should be driven by your company list by
your target company lists do you join a company you don’t join a job and if you
join the right company you don’t have a job you joined for for very long and I
mean that in a good way you you you all that follow me you know you know I
always says getting the right company you know the company is your oyster
there’s tons of opportunities they know how to elevate their people they know
how to create new roles they know how to get you promoted all that good stuff so
you want to get in a great environment I’d rather be on a Super Bowl team kind
of thing so research the companies make your targets you can also search online
okay can search online for published opportunities that’s another way to
surface opportunities even if you’re a senior person even if you’re a senior
person but but how you search online there needs to be some thought and care
because what you’re really doing is you want to augment your target company
lists based on organizations who are hiring even if they’re not hiring for
your role specifically but searching online is another great way networking
everybody needs a heavy dose of targeted networking let me create that targeted
networking that doesn’t mean I lost my job oh no start calling all my friends
sitting down with them over coffee and beer and drinks and all that good stuff
it’s about targeting where you want to go and figuring out how to map your
network to get you there but networking is is a great one applying online okay
so any which way whether you’re sending your emails directly to an employer who
has an opportunity that’s publicized or not or you’re applying through a job
board or a corporate website or portal or a career portal or whatever that’s
applying online volunteering is a phenomenal way if you do it right and
you’re also still with volunteering volunteering is
awesome I love everybody who volunteers and everything that you do as a
volunteer is good for the soul but not everything you do as a volunteer is
created equal as it relates to you fuck your job
so targeted volunteering targeted volunteering and then last and very
least and I do mean least working with third party recruiters they’re not bad
people to just have you have very low probability of finding your job that way
so those are the six Biggie’s now there are tons of others and there’s lots of
ways you can find your job those are the six biggie so of all the people that we
interviewed and all the people that we gathered data from and all the research
that I do is a coach and a trainer and all that good stuff those are the six
Biggie’s now here’s some interesting stats that I shared in the master class
I want it I want to share them again we talked about how your demographic
greatly influences what it is that you should be focusing on because not all of
these activities are created equal depending on who you are and I’m just
talking that these are folks this is not my opinion these are in arguable stats
that I’ve collected so I’m just I’m telling you what I found I’m also
telling you what I think but these makes sense so let me let me share this we
discovered of all those people that we interviewed we would always ask them not
only what do you need to be happy to drive your happiness right so the the
needs but how did you find the job you’re currently in how did you find the
job that you were in before that and so on we usually go back about three jobs
and I’m just collecting data I don’t really care how they got there I just
want to know how they got there well I broke down the people that we
interviewed we interviewed you know we have a high degree Isis a high
percentage of senior people so everybody that earns many many hundreds of
thousands of dollars annually but we also we’ve also placed people that earn
less than a hundred slightly more than 100 and all that good stuff is kind of
all over the board and we do a lot of different positions
so to categorize these and break them down for you
an easy way for you to think about this is if you’re if you’re kind of a higher
earner or an older worker not old just older so call it 50 so 50 and older or
you earn more than $100,000 that’s kind of the high bracket you could be 30 and
earn more than 100k that’s awesome you’re in the high bracket if you are
under 50 under 45 give or take or you earn less than 100k you’re in the low
bracket of what I’m going to show you here so networking so networking what
should be in everybody’s Arsenal I said this earlier if you were in the high
bracket you had almost a 50% chance of finding your job through somebody you
know 46 46 percent of those 15,000 people found their job through somebody
they know knew or somebody they knew or something like that but even on the in
the in the lower group it was still more than 25 percent so you ought to have at
least a quarter of your percentage of effort that you’re dialing up in your
job search aimed at networking if you want to try
to go into accordance with these stats targeting companies and I said
researching companies and you ought to drive your job search based on your
targeted company list I wasn’t kidding the high group 25% one in four people
just said I thought about who I wanted to work for I reached out to those
organizations whether they had an opening or not and I got a job one in
four shot and even in the young younger grouping and the lower earners it was
still 15% so for me the way I think through how I’m gonna map the world and
how I’m gonna bring myself to market it isn’t by the job positions if I if I
only focused on job positions then I would be at the mercy of the world and
the employers who not had openings but advertised the openings so think about
how much less of an opportunity you have if you only look for publicized
opportunities that’s why targeting companies irrespective of whether they
have a publicized opportunity is good for you by the way I have a you know I
have lots of stuff that’s out there but you should check out my video on how to
apply when there’s no job opening this is what I’m talking about there’s it’s
it’s a it’s a great one you got a lot less competent
they’re great companies are always hiring and they’re always trading out
people for more talented people which you are so applying online this is what
I call cold traffic going and putting your resume into a corporate website Glassdoor linkedin yeah who have jobs monster career builder
whatever bang 10% on the high earning category higher earning group so it’s
fact matter the the more you earn the more senior you are the less publicized
opportunities that are out there the lower the earner and I do say so
remember I said this is kind of below 100 this is really kind of below 60 and
I break that down in the work plan for you but you got about a half a half a
chance that way so you do want to be spending if you’re on the lower end of
the earning spectrum or you’re younger you probably want to spend a little more
time targeting companies and applying online because it’s gonna give you a
better chance now we talked about this one I loved this might be my favorite
one because people don’t get the power of not just having a good LinkedIn
profile knowing how to drive traffic there and being receptive to the in
Bound inquiries from corporate recruiters third party recruiters hiring
officials anybody who wants a network with you eight percent think about this
we’re talking 1200 people that I’ve interviewed in my life were found on
LinkedIn while they were not looking for a job maybe they were looking for job
but somebody found them wanting to open up a conversation or bring them in for
an interview or see if they were receptive and they actually took the job
think about that 8 percent 8 out of a hundred so if you want these 8 points
you gotta have a sweet-looking LinkedIn profile and you got to know how to
optimize it but you need to know how to drive traffic to it you need to know how
to drive traffic to it and then to put this in perspective I also mentioned if
you think about it for a lot of you no matter who you are even if you’re in the
lower earning and younger group applicant tray
banking systems on the other hand you have about a 3% chance of being seen of
even being seen that’s that’s filtered through the applicant tracking system
just to get to somebody to review your resume forget about the purse I don’t
even know what the percentages of people that get hired
I can’t omits got to be minutes gotta be less than 1% of the people that put
their resume into an applicant tracking system actually get hired but I don’t
have that data so I’m not gonna give you that number but I can tell you that the
3 percent number that I just shared with you I do surveys every year we I talked
to recruiters informally I’ve got loads of recruiter friends that I connect with
we have some powwows current events little you know quarterly calls that
kind stuff and I ask them questions about what’s going on and I ask them
questions about their systems what’s happening what are people doing right
what are they doing wrong so that I can advise the people in my programs and I
asked them what percentage of the of the you know and sometimes what I’ll ask him
is can you just pick three jobs kind of a low a medium and a high job and let me
know those percentages so so think about that think about that I mean that’s so
that’s a huge huge difference and then volunteering 1,500 people 1,500 people
got jobs because they were volunteering in the direction they were going in the
direction they were going so I always use that example about I love feeding my
starving children but you know if you’re a white-collar worker or you want to
work in an art museum or whatever you know you need to be volunteering your
time hostessing in hosting you know events at you know the local museum
that’s what I’m talking about with volunteering and and believe me lots of
organizations are willing to take take on volunteers it’s a great resume
builder if you’re doing that as well so that’s a good one
working with recruiters I don’t recommend you chase them I know a lot of
people they I get emails every day why don’t recruiters call me back why you
know I’m working with five recruitment agencies no one can find me too
no one’s looking for a job for you so no one’s looking for a job for you
recruiters work on behalf of companies they find people for jobs they do not
find jobs for people that’s why I don’t want just
a lot of time I don’t care who you are you shouldn’t be spending a lot of time
contacting recruitment firms it’s okay to respond to them but I wouldn’t be
reaching out or if you want to reach out spend an hour a week send some emails if
you’re in my programs I tell you what to say in the emails but you know you want
to be able to offer that recruiter something now why do people’s searches
drag on we talked about this if you are not lining up your effort with those
stats I just gave you you are your your your search is likely to drag on I have
you know this is a great one I didn’t say this in the master class and I was
so bummed I didn’t share this with you we had a woman in my job search boot
camp she was in the December 2017 session
Stephanie awesome Stephanie L Stephanie L is a salesperson earns over six
figures was struggling works in on the west coast was really struggling putting
her resumes into applicant tracking systems she got in the boot camp you
know we went through the sessions she emailed me we actually talked on the
phone and she said you know I’m not getting out I’m not having any luck
I said you know forget all that use the scripts that I gave you to contact
people and here’s what you want to say and I only want you to send it to very
senior people in the organizations and do me a favor spend one entire day and
do nothing but send emails to people and here’s I want you to say she emails me
the next couple that you know end of the week I think that was like Tuesday I
told her to send all the emails by Friday she emails me back she says I
sent twelve I got ten responses and these were actually fat-finger type back
to me that I’m getting real conversations with people not they
didn’t all say hey you know I want you to come in for an interview but the fact
that they were responding the fact that they were engaging the fact that they
appreciated what she sent them and half of them turned into interviews so this
is you’ve got to be thoughtful about how you’re reaching your outreach ten
messages a week is better than stuffing a hundred and fifty applications into an
applicant track no matter who you are no matter who you
are so make sure dial it up I’ll line it up and you got no excuse because I put
this cuz I slaved over you my peeps it’s right in here
she got three work plans you see this you see that I know my camera goes nuts
but basically you got three work plans if you are 50 and older or earn over
100k those percentages are perfectly dialed in there perfectly done and under
50 and earning between 60 and 100 K and then under 50 and earning less than 60 K
that will that will help you that will help you and I had a bonus tip in the
job search master class and I want to give you the bonus tip again cuz this
one to me as a coach I spend more time on this with people because it is about
your confidence in your outreach how you feel about your job search so a lot of
times people get bummed out you know no one’s replying back to me I’m not
getting you know I’m not getting no hi I sent 100 applications the applicant
tracking system why don’t why do employers ghost me why don’t recruiters
call me back why don’t so happiness is an internal thing but but let’s just say
I’m not I can’t lobotomize all of you and it you know in this hour and try to
get you to understand that you want to you know happiness is a choice simple
what I can do is I could try to help you set up and think about your environment
in a different manner that will likely lead to you being a little more jovial
as you go through this painstaking process so I talked about I talked about
how do we make you how do we get you I should say to feel in control your
happiness oftentimes has a lot to do with the control you feel about the
situation I didn’t use this example last week but this is a really good one when
you give somebody a choice and they choose even if they choose wrong they’re
less mad then if you said this is what you got to do okay so that’s why I’m a
huge fan of when you give in went for all you all y’all hires out there
when you give your employees and offer there should be some choices in it ok
and actually when you negotiate as a job seeker you should give the employer
choices to satiate you as well so but but what I what I what I was getting at
is the more in control you feel of your search the happier you generally will be
the best way for you to get happy faster or stay positive faster is probably to
change the metrics you’re using by which you’re evaluating yourself and your
search and the health let me give an example that Stephanie example I just
gave you if she evaluated herself based on the number of responses from the
applicant tracking systems she was miserable I know she was cuz we talked
but the moment she I said forget all that you go you contact at least 10
companies and I want you to send those out and as soon as you hit Send on the
tenth one I want you to flip and smile because that’s job searching now you’re
in control of your outflow and your output and nobody can stop you from
sending your resume anywhere you want so put the target company list together
find the people send the message be happy go on in the next one okay and
then work them as they come in well she did that and all of a sudden she was
changing her much even the ones that came back that were thanks but no thanks
but it was really nice of you to send this to me I want to keep your stuff
that’ll help you so I want you to adjust your metrics I want you to think about
and we’re in the in the in the workbook I actually put some metrics that
regardless of your demographic you know we talked about how many companies that
I identify so you got a researching component you’ve got how many people did
I identify that’s a researching component you are totally in control of
that how many emails that I sent you are totally in control of that totally in
control how many relationships did I build are you connecting with people
when you connect with people wonderful serendipitous accidents happen they
don’t happen when you you know when you’re not sending messages out they
don’t happen to me when I’m not the phone so I want you to I want you to
start evaluating the health of your job search based on these outputs and I
think I I talked about it last week its output and the quality of the content
that goes in it this is a quality over quantity situation it only takes one one
that’s it one company one employer for you to be right to win to win this so so
think about that and then the other thing that I want you to do and I want
to go into a lot of it this because I want to I want to get on to the third
piece is I want you to track and adjust I want you to track and adjust now if
you’re in my bootcamp or you’re in some of my other classes or you’re using or
you’re not and you’re using a lot of my free templates and all that good stuff
awesome watch what’s happening is it working alter you know if you’re using a
cover letter alter the goal or the accomplishment maybe you want to add a
couple more sentences here or there see what’s working
I’m sending cover letter A to these five employers I’m sending cover letter B to
these five employers which one did better so you want to pay attention
because you got to make adjustments I’m giving you the tools I’m giving you the
tools but every employer is a little different what they respond to is a
little different I’m giving you all my opinions all my techniques based on
everything that I’ve seen work and all the statistics I have that support that
but doesn’t matter and any given day on any at any given employer and the mood
they’re in on when you sent it on how they read it and what was going on in
their life all those things none of us can control but if you track and you
look at what’s happening and I went into kind of you know the messages I send to
you guys are they opening that I can change the subject line let’s you know
can I can I write a more compelling message and you know am I am I giving
them everything I got can i what can I change am I am I making sure I’m
focusing on why this is important to them you need
the same things that I do is I adjust in my conversations with you so just want
you know I want you to make sure your your tracking and adjusting and if you
do those things if you do those things actually I didn’t this was kind of hot I
promise you it work things will work out they will work out better and you will
find it faster now when you find it when you find it I want to make sure you win
it so I talked about my baby I talked about my baby come on if you have not
grabbed this grab it grab it this has helped I think it’s like more than I
like 150,000 people now with this with these promos and all this good stuff
this will give you I don’t actually I don’t think I know I’ve said this on the
page where you can get it the interviewing methodology that I
developed the one that I use to coach the candidates that the job seekers that
we recruit or the job candidates that we recruit plus the people in the training
programs and all that good stuff this gives you a five hundred and sixty
percent better chance of being hired because your communication is going to
be dialed in and if you’re wondering where that how I can pull five hundred
and sixty percent where I pull that from the surveys that I was telling you about
that we do we we conduct them with with companies many many companies thousands
of people respond because we have loads of people that we’ve connected with and
that we’ve targeted over the 15 or so years that we’ve been doing this and we
ask them how many candidates did you interview as a company how many
candidates did you hire how many candidates did it take you in order to
get the person you needed comment get all these stats and we look at the
average company the average number of people they interview to go through we
look at all the people that we coach train recruit whatever it is we look at
the speed at which they can attain the job actually get it so how many of our
candidates with this coaching does it take to get a higher the difference is
five hundred and sixty percent so even if it’s even if you can’t achieve that
level wouldn’t you love to hundred percent so grab the book and in the book
I talk about the three reasons that you ultimately get the job it has more to do
with your communication than it does with your qualifications your
qualifications got you the interview now you’re through you’re targeting
companies you’re outbound messages and your wonderful content that we’ve taught
you how to write the targeting that you do the fielding the securing of the
interview all of that stuff the employer through all of that says you’re
qualified and so too are all the other people that were interviewing because on
paper you look good you look good so you walk in actually most of the time
getting benefit of the doubt that on paper you you’re qualified so how do you
go from being qualified on paper to not get in the jab you have to open your
mouth and they have to open their mouths and stuff comes out and sometimes that
gets misinterpreted so through all the studying that I’ve done when I wrote the
book I had seven years of data everything else since that time the
additional seven years of data that we have now all support the same
conclusions there’s three reasons you get a job it’s your ability to
accurately articulate your fit and value the person who can get the message
across about how what he or she has the experience the value they can bring and
how they’re gonna make the employers lives easier fix the employers issue the
issue at the moment what it is the employer needs to hire that person wins
the job you have to properly encode your message is not about your fabulousness
overall it’s about your ability to distill down what it is that you can do
that the employer needs you to do that’s the first thing but second thing is just
because you said it perfectly doesn’t mean they got it perfectly so the second
second reason is the interviewers ability to interpret what you said we
call that decoding we call what you do encoding and then there’s the
interviewers capacity to remember the breadcrumbs that they plant about you
they never never can remember specifically what you say
they remember how you make them feel and they they drop descriptors of you in
their head that they recall at a later date so they don’t remember the details
they remember you were detailed that makes sense but goes into all that I
highly recommend it but the one thing that I want to talk about now in this
session is your ability to act you accurately decode or encode your message
so what’s the one thing that I want you to think about and I’m going to run
through very quickly how you effectively make sure you’re encoding your message
and you’re on point with what they need now the reason people fail at this is I
said not all of your awesomeness is created equal so what a lot of people do
is they run off at the mouth and speak about things that while fabulous and
huge accomplishments and great are not exactly what the employer needs at the
moment and I’m not talking about those people who just give off a bad
impression who just don’t interview well in general or insulting about whatever
and those are those are that’s crazy I’m talking about all of you you and the two
other candidates that are that are competing for the job and you’re all
equally qualified let’s say the person who can distill down what he or she has
that the employer needs that’s the person who gets the job so if you are
spending too much time talking about yourself and things that while great
don’t matter you’re losing opportunity to gain points
for the things that do so you wanna be careful so where’s that come in well the
job description itself is an awesome place to start so we talked about the
Job Description well we talked about this in the master
class I went into detail I’m gonna give you very quickly in a minute or two what
I would do with the job description you want to make sure you look at it and I
would really memorize the requirements that they’re asking for and your the job
duties the requirements and the duties those things are the most important
those most important aspects of the interview you’re going into you have got
to cover those in your responses in your responses now if you got the job
description great great you can do your homework you can
plan the interview intervention book inside inside the book there’s the 14
most effective job interview questions you can be asked
43 variations of those questions there’s also why the employers asking them what
the employer is looking for in the very best responses so I’ve just given you
43 questions that you can dial up before you ever get in and if you have the job
description you want to make sure that the stories you’re choosing in response
to those questions the employers likely going to ask you are dialed up against
the job description that’s the first thing but I also realize not all job
descriptions are super thick some of them are really thin right system
engineer normal system engineer stuff okay well you don’t hit that well first
thing call the recruiter whether it’s third party corporate whoever HR person
hiring of whoever you need to what more insight can you give me I just
want to be prepared that’s one thing you can do second thing that I recommend
that you do is go look at the competitors of that company look at
their job descriptions and see what details they’re calling for might not be
exactly the same but you’re gonna you’re gonna get a pretty pretty good idea or
can’t find those don’t worry about it or in addition to that look at the people
that are working at that organization in that capacity if there are team members
that you can find that you think either are doing it now or did do it in the
past look at their LinkedIn profiles and their description of their job duties of
their junkies put a little elbow grease into it folks you can you can get you
can get this info dial it up dial it up prep it blue print it all that good
stuff and then when you get in there we talked about the tell me walk me
situation so this is I mean we all we all know this right a lot of times I say
interviewers are really lazy when they ask you the stuff I know people disagree
with that but simple fact matter is I as an interviewer it’s incumbent upon me to
get the information I need in order to make a good determination that you’re a
good fit if I leave you to guess at what I need
we’re gonna burn a lot of time with you telling me about yourself so I got to
tell me about myself and I got to walk me through your resume video out there
I’m a YouTube channel and the blog go ahead and watch those but but for
purposes of this discussion the message I want to convey when you get hey tell
me about yourself or walk me through your resume I want to make sure that as
you go through your background you are spending more time on the stories in
your resume or in your background that are more in alignment with the job you
are interviewing for so that could be currently I’m doing that job awesome but
the role you’re in right now might not be the exact same or might not position
you as effectively as the role you did before so if I got to walk you through
my resume well currently I’m doing this and you know that’s what I’m doing but
okay now uh but but four years ago I was in this role let me tell you a little
more about that one so just make sure that you’re waiting the proper elements
of your background your resume and all that good stuff and you are when you get
to tell me or walk me questions that you are spending more time so I want you to
kind of if you can imagine I want you to skim and then drop deep on the areas
that are most in alignment with what the job description is okay so that’s that’s
the first one then we also talked about I always talk about the only two types
of interview questions that you can actually get the tell me walk me
question is about your past it’s about your past so I always say
that there’s only two types of interview questions tell me what you did or tell
me what you’re going to do it’s about it’s about your past or it’s about your
future behavioral interviewing questions and this always cracks me up everybody
says why don’t any why don’t you do a video on how to answer behavioral
interviewing questions I’ve done 50 videos on that I’ve written a book about
how to answer the behavioral interview questions it doesn’t matter it’s a
question about your past I’ve given you the methodology to answer it when you
get a behavioral interviewing question when you get a behavioral oh wait look
one more thing just because I don’t title the video how
to answer behaviorally doesn’t mean you don’t have
all the answers okay when you get a question about your past
this is awesome because you have stories that you’re
gonna choose from if you go through the interview intervention book behavioral
interview questions are in there you dial up your responses and you pick and
choose the the scenarios are the stories that’s my vernacular that you’re gonna
tell the employer based on the job description that’s what you want to do
so all the stuff about your past tell me about that project tell me about a time
when tell me about a situation where any of that stuff those are all behavioral
interview because this is a fancy name for it’s about your past okay because
the behavioral concept is we think your past performance is an indicator of your
future performance and all of you that have been following me know that I think
that that’s total horse crap but that’s the way employers think so you want to
make sure your stories are dialed up that way so when you get a behavioral
interview question you want to make sure that you choose your stories based on
based on the job description but the future the situational questions these
are much better for us to frost interviewers to ask you because what
these do is it puts you in a future scenario likely in our environment so my
company if I’m hiring you and I say hey we’ve got this scenario with these type
of customers where we’re selling this product and here’s the here’s the
question they always ask us what would you do that is a real-life scenario I’m
now gonna get a real-life view of how you’re gonna react based on all your
history and you’re gonna tell me what you drew on from your past and how you
died out how you dial it up in the future and that is so much more powerful
for me as an interviewer to know but when you do that when you do that I want
to make sure that you’re doing it in reference to the job description and
you’re making sure that the story you’re telling and the message you’re encoding
is rich with that with the with the with the background that you need that’s on
the job description and in the requirements of the new job and I
mention this in in when I’ve shot videos about about see
and I mentioned this last week in the master class for all of you it makes no
difference who you are the more time that you spend in the job interview in
the future in their future the better your doing the better your
doing the more time you’re spending in your past the worse you’re doing I’m not
saying your bomb in the interview but the more you can shift the discussion to
the future the better reference the interviewer can get of how it would be
to work with you in their environment I mentioned this last week this is a total
joke but every interviewer and every employer thinks their environment is
unique and harder than whatever it is you’re doing they all think that I don’t
know why but they think that so what you don’t want is you don’t want the
employer or the interviewer falsely assuming that just because you could do
it effectively in your environment or the previous environments or whatever
that you cannot do it in their phone sometimes you tell a beautiful story
about your past and then they say ok let’s move on to the next question and
then they’re thinking wow that was pretty good but that’s really not that’s
not really how we would do it or that’s not that’s you know we’ve got other
variables that she didn’t she didn’t speak to so she probably can’t do it
they actually think this stuff so I want to make sure that anytime you’re
speaking about your past a couple techniques here you can use if you’re
speaking about your past and you’re telling a story at the end of that story
before you like take a breath I want you to say that’s how I handle it in the
past do you have a scenario in the future where it’s similar that you’d
like me to address so you can get an idea of how I would operate in your
environment and if they say no that’s ok they probably got what they needed if
they say yes here’s the scenario we encounter how would you deal with that
that’s fantastic you just saved yourself right there or the more you can shift it
to the future now if you have an interviewer who’s giving you a balance
of these questions about your past and about your future now that you know how
to diagnose this the interviewer is probably pretty good because I do like
to get some past stuff but I need to get you into the few
because into the future tells me how you’d operate and how you’re drawn on
stuff from your past so the bonus tip that I wanted to give you is you want to
spend more time into the future now you can do that in the wake of a response so
you’re talking you’re telling a story you just finish and you in the middle of
the interview I don’t care when it is 20 minutes in just say hey do you have a
scenario going forward that’s one way to shift it into the future
the second way I gave you this insurance question in the master class this is an
absolute beauty folks every single one of you should have some form or
variation of the question I’m about to give you I’m about to give you when
you’re talking and you’re responding you can actually control the interview by
shifting it to the future do you have a scenario and so on and what you’re doing
is it’s you’re kind of bumping what you just did and you’re extending your
response okay that’s gonna give more comfort and the more they can imagine
how you’ll operate in their environment like I said the better you’re doing but
in order to force the issue and make sure this question is so good for a
couple of reasons we want to make sure that you’re talking
into the future but what I really hope is I really hope that any interviewer
that’s interviewing you has a crystal clear picture of how you would
accomplish exactly what they need you to do in the relative short term once
you’re hired so the person who can get the interviewer to imagine how much
better their life is going to be that’s the person who wins the job okay so it’s
not just about encoding your message it’s about encoding it properly and
shifting the discussion to the future so one of the ways you can do that in your
question-asking period so let’s say you know 45 minutes of the hour or 20
minutes of your half-hour whatever is spent with you responding to questions
and you kind of mix that technique in there but as you get an opportunity to
ask questions of the interviewer if I could only ask one question of the
interviewer because I was running out of time I would say you know I have a lot
of questions but here’s one that’s really important
to me so that I have a good understanding of what the job entails if
I was to take this job or you were to offer me this job and I was to accept it
what exactly will I have accomplished in 12 months that you would consider to be
a raging success or very successful or if you don’t like that like ledin you
can also say in 12 months from now what will the person you have hired done
exactly accomplished exactly – so that you would consider it to be successful
and you want them to be very specific if they’re not specific make them be
specific so what’s added what’s reduced what’s
built what’s completed how many new customers do I have is the system
implemented whatever whatever it is get them to say it specifically this will do
a number of things for you number one you can breathe easier that they know
exactly what success looks like if they don’t know what success looks like their
evaluation of you will be a moving target and it will be a nightmare it
will be a nightmare for you and your first year second thing it does is when
when you get the specifics you can now start telling your stories about how you
will do each one of those things and all of a sudden I’m starting to imagine oh
wow it’s gonna be great when she gets here it’s like she’s part of the team
already I know I know she knows how to do it you’re giving them such comfort
that you can operate effectively and you know how to do what they need you to do
that is a big big point gainer if you can do that so that insurance question
is awesome for you to throw out there or some variation what you’re really going
for is what does that look like specifically think about this if you can
if they cannot envision success how are they going to know if you’re successful
how are you gonna know if you’re successful but if you can show them
exactly what their company will look like in 12 months assuming that they’ve
give me and support they’ve stayed committed you’ve done your job and all
that good stuff that’s gold that’s absolute gold so the more you can
shift in the future you want on that all of you should watch my 12
strategies to succeed in executive job interviews it’s it’s a live office hours
and it’s like 20-30 minutes of me going through all 12 of these steps and that’s
one it’s a big one and if you can do that at any level I assure you you’re
unless you know somebody’s related to somebody you’re getting that job you’re
getting that job so I just I really really want you to remember me holding
up this card it’s about your future okay it’s about their future and how
you’re gonna make their lives better okay that’s what wins the job that’s
what wins the job they envision you there they envision you there and they
can see it alright let’s talk about your future so I want to transition I want to
show you very quickly cuz I know I know we’re running out of time here on my
bootcamp which I love we’re starting a live version of this tomorrow now it
always runs the bootcamp is always available but these live sessions give
you extra opportunity to jump in work with me there are five deep live
sessions and even if you can’t attend them there’s all the recordings and all
that good stuff you got probably a lot of you on my email list you got a
message this morning it closes at midnight tonight so I just want to show
it to you really quick if you haven’t seen it and then I will spend an hour or
so we’ll go through all your questions and I’ll give you a chance if you want
to enroll I’ve got a little something special first thing I want to do is I
want to show you these people who have been through it and I want to bring a
little bit to life and if you’ve been following the conversation with me the
emails and all that good stuff throughout the week this is this is you
know these are some of the people that I’ve introduced you’ve seen case studies
on some of them I just want to zip through because these
are real live success stories Scholastica joint in April we were in
between live sessions so she she never even went to a live session she joined
an April and then popped this up the beginning of May had already found her
job secured the interview went through the process
got a substantial pay increase from an excellent law firm and she used I think
she used the whole gamut she sent me a really nice message but basically took
full advantage and then Ben had been looking for months he’s a senior guy
went through a lot of struggling on his own God in the boot camp in May went
through the live versions that’s the last time we went through this and three
weeks after he completed the program he had this wonderful multi six-figure job
and for those of you that join in one of the Facebook groups he kind of gives you
a blow-by-blow of his recommendation of how best to go through the process what
happened to him what he did it’s a wonderful story Cassie this is she’s an
absolute gem she was a little I think she might have been in the March session
or the January session but you know didn’t even have a resume join the boot
camp got an opportunity went through the process we went back and forth I called
her because she had got an offer and and we went back and forth about how do I do
this how do I negotiate this and she used the tactics that we taught her in
the boot camp but I gave her some other pointers she got she got her full
counter and and got a thirty to fifty thousand dollar pan crease you know
based on how she performs and her bonus that’s a hundred times what she paid for
the program became you know out of nowhere and then Cathy same kind of
thing this one can’t be this is special I mean she was in Europe she moves and
self employed she moves to California with her husband and her children she’s
unemployed she’s looking for work she found a coach who said you’ll never get
what you’re looking for you know what you’re looking for is too pie-in-the-sky
and it’s entirely entirely too much money what you you know what you’re
looking for she reached out to me she emailed me she had some questions about
the bootcamp I told her that’s total bunk get in the program she went through
the book the program finished it in March and had surf surfaced three
opportunities got three offers three offers and accepted one with you know
within in within seven weeks she started because she actually put I think put
this out where she’d actually actually had already completed her first week of
the jab so these are wonderful wonderful
real-life success stories and just to introduce you to the program if you have
not if you’re on my email list you probably saw the letter that I sent you
yesterday if you haven’t it was it was me and my letter to you about why I
think this is so powerful but this is the overall program this is the overall
program page it’s um it really you know kind of takes you through you can see
the you can see the countdown counter there it ends it at midnight Pacific
time tonight I’m not gonna read the whole page to you but I really would
love to show you what you get you get five modules like I said they’re already
recorded and we record each live version of this so if you miss anything you can
get it whenever you want the people that really love this is the people who kind
of binge watch this stuff and then come to the live sessions because they’re
getting the repetition but I want you to notice this thing over on the right
where I say lifetime access when you enroll in any program in the mile walk
Academy you get lifetime support and lifetime access this is like lifetime
email support does so you don’t have to pay for this on an ongoing basis it’s
it’s very very helpful and then just to run through what’s in there it’s an
entire end-to-end program we the starting session is a much deeper dive
at what I showed you earlier in this recap of the job search master class
it’s it’s your elevator pitch and your headline you’re why we test it we go
through all your needs I give you that spreadsheet all blown out we make sure
you understand the types of questions to ask the employer how to ask them the
second session is about all the marketing stuff this is your resume your
cover letter LinkedIn how to set that LinkedIn profile up and how to drive
traffic to it it’s not just good enough to have a LinkedIn profile you got to
get people to notice it so how do you do that and then the third day is about
running the ideal job search so we map up and I teach you based on your
demographic we go deeper into what I taught you today about those work plans
we go into how do you do each one of those activities how do you how do you
target those people how do you network properly so that you’re getting the
yields you want all that good stuff everything interviewing related I can
actually say this and it not being funny but I literally wrote the book on
interviewing so you’re gonna get all that so it’s not just the tactics it’s
every way to prepare how to research how to dial up and get all your homework
done how to effectively interview close it and position yourself so that you can
negotiate effectively and the negotiating session is not about the
negotiating discussion it’s about every step you take along the way from the
time you fill in the application all the way till the time you make the
counteroffer what do you do at each step along the way I want you to be building
up points and chits along the way so that you can cash them in at the end to
truly get paid what you deserve now this I I did spend more time this go-around I
want to point this out the the reason that a lot of programs fail is because
there isn’t a strategy people are just kind of at the whim of what you know
what their friends are referring them to what they think they know about the
market who they think you know can can employ them but if you dial up a whole
strategy where we start with the self-awareness we lay out all the steps
and you’ve got an approach to bring yourself to market you’re gonna be a lot
more successful that’s why a lot of the point Solutions fail so when you just
get your resume fixed you’re wondering why am I still not why am I not getting
all these callbacks from you know from employers I got this thousand-dollar
resume I just had done by some you know so-called professional but it’s the
structure it’s the steps that you need to take to know how to leverage that
resume and everything else in between and dialing it up like we talked about
with the work plans I gave you today all the strategy all structured that’s what
gives you speed but the ongoing support so I’m there for you it’s like I’m there
at your fingertips or I’m there in the coaching sessions or we’ve got the
community around you that can support you that’s a big big deal if you want to
watch a little video as I walk you through the stuff in more detail it’s
there you can take it on the go the stuffs downloadable we talked about this
one here I want to stress this ongoing coaching this this is definitely going
to end this ongoing coaching that I give you I don’t want you to
find the job the bootcamp will help you do that but the ongoing coaching that I
offer is is 12 months membership in my career coach guests which is a once a
month session that I do it’s usually an item or two on job searching an item or
two on Career Development it’s also a much smaller and private group where you
can ask me all your questions this will reinforce the lessons you’ve learned in
the mile walk ketamine but it’s also your time to interact with me in a
smaller audience that’s that’s 12 months plus you get all the archives there’s
the Facebook groups I mentioned I’ll ship a book to you hey for those of you
they’re already in the boot camp if you already have the book I’ll sign and ship
one of my other books to you this is the schedule this is just July schedule but
whenever you’re watching this because this this video will live up on YouTube
you can jump in at any time and then the next you know the next session will
probably be in three months and then three months after that but this is this
is the calendar but you can really you know go at your own pace this is the
ongoing coaching I mentioned and these are the prices now the everyday price is
597 so tomorrow tomorrow morning I’m gonna flip that it’ll go back up to 597
and the twelve months of the coaching is gonna go away so that two hundred and
twenty eight dollar bonus is gonna go away the the bootcamp itself if you want
to add a resume review to it is another five hundred dollars and if you want to
add a private coaching call that’s another five hundred or you can have a
bootcamp and a coaching call for nine ninety seven just based on the value
people are getting out of those the amount of time I put into each of those
it’s it’s really a great deal if you can swing it I understand it’s expensive but
the value is there and then the other thing is you know you get you get access
to my other programs there’s tons and tons of testimonials everything is
guaranteed I do have some trade up options if you’re an existing student I
also have a trade-in option if you’ve been jilted by another trainer some
restrictions apply so if you’re not sure if you want to take advantage of those
you just email me and then there’s some other questions but I I just I really
want to stress you know this is a the amount you’re
getting the five sessions with me the twelve sessions in the coaching program
the you know twelve or thirteen hundred dollars or eleven twelve thirteen
hundred dollars in training programs that you’re getting is a bonus when you
start looking at five hundred dollars you know is that worth it to you think
about how much faster I can help you how much more money you can negotiate for
because you’re doing all the things right you’re interviewing right think
about how much ROI you can get those those people were getting hundred times
ROI we have one guy eighty-seven times we have college student who got his
first job two hundred times ROI so it really really can offer you offer you a
great great yield so I just want to let you know and it’s it’s good till tonight
I’d love to get there’s still quite a few e here which I love I want to go to
back to me and I want to take your questions now
all right five hundred a thousand and fifteen hundred now here’s here’s a
little something that I think you know people are gonna like like we actually I
know I know a lot of people that I’ve been emailing back and forth have
absolutely loved it when I emailed them and rebated them four hundred dollars um
because you’re my people and and I know if you’ve been following me you know
these these these the rates the there’s a discount in a bonus on this live
promotion because we like to have bootcamp mania when I’m doing this life
if you want to get in now like now and you don’t want to wait till midnight
tonight because I know I’m gonna get like 40 people after nine o’clock
tonight but I’ll jump in because that’s what happens every time we do this if
you get in before we hang up let’s call it let’s say at least the next 40 45
minutes or so so one o’clock my time Central Time if
you enroll in the 497 packet for $100 you can have a coaching session with me
or a resume review it’s it’s not an upsell to what I call a bump so if you
buy the $500 product and I say hey do you want to upgrade to the thousand
dollar package that’s an upsell fie bucks because that’s what it costs us to
the everyday price for that but if you enroll we will know who enrolls between
now there’s a little checkbox you can click it and don’t worry about which
whether you want the coaching collar the resume review will I mail every boot
camper I literally no matter how many of you
there are 50 100 200 us matter I email every single person and I want you to
tell me your story I want to get to know ya I want to know what struggles you
have so when I email you I will ask you hey what do you think in and you don’t
even need to decide you can change your mind if you want until we do it that
offer is only good until let’s say one o’clock or whenever we click off but
I’ll give you a heads up I just want you to know for a hundred bucks you can have
you can have some time with me or you can have a resume review from me so I
hope that helps and as a matter of fact I want to go to the chat and say hi John
great to see you from Maryland myah myah is a boot camper with a killer
resume Gary great to see you I’m glad your father is feeling better Charles I
love having you here we’re gonna get your coaching call in Robert Craig see
you Tricia sue sue from Arizona
I got your by the way this is also prize time sue I hope you’re still here I got
your email about not and you’re in one of my other programs and not being able
to swing the boot camp but let me swing it for you so it just as a thanks for
being awesome and showing up and circulating my stuff but Kara can we
give sue a boot camp and get her in and so she can attend dance but next two
weeks at me I would like to do that for her and Patricia great see you Adam from
England great Connie Cotter great see you new boot camp damn Joris a new new
boot camber Vicki sells our new boot camber I love this man alright hang on
let me I think I lost that there okay so sue I hope you’re here I hope you heard
that Amy k great see you Daniels boot camper
crystal hey that’s a new name crystal hey how are you Michelle Middleton
although one other thing Michelle Middleton I hope you
still here you know last week when we were doing the chat and you gave a shout
out and you said hey everybody come on this is great you need to click the
thumbs up for Andy well I you know my brain must have been I don’t know like a
little loopy or whatever but what I want to do for you is for thanks for having
my back and being awesome and being a boot camp and all that I want to give
you a free coaching call so Cara can we make a note of that
so tell me if I’m going to confess for you but I made a mental note that if mm
was on the on the session I needed to let her know that so that’s cool and we
can do yours over the next couple of weeks all right Chris viola great to see
you Irene good to see you birdy be good to see you hey Bernie hope you got my
email I hadn’t heard back from you but hey mom how are you I’m working hard mom
trying to save the world help everybody I can’t Lucy Smith’s got a question all
right here we go Cara just let me know if if Lucy is
first or if I missed anybody all right Lucy Smith when I send my thank-you
cards and thank you emails can they be the same message
Lucy everybody great question no no no no no no okay send a thank-you email
here’s your best formula send the thank you email page 83 page 83 has the email
you should send the thank you email it’s free remember it’s free get it send that
email immediately within 24 hours speed and thoughtfulness right thank you for
your time so on and so forth what you might want to do is in the PS or at the
very tail before you close up with your excitement mention you drop a card in
the mail because the card is gonna take a little while right could be two days
good day I don’t know it could be all over the place I mean
depending on where you live in the card they’re gonna open it you know that the
email they’re gonna they might glance through their main it might pass it on
HR whatever when I open the card and I read it it would be better for you to be
connecting with me on a deeper level because you are taking an extra step
awesome make it count but if you send a card in
your hand write it and it’s the same content you didn’t gain more points now
I don’t you don’t need to do a full-court press you you you want to
keep the the card itself of card nature make it a little more personal make it
about them make it about learning from them being whatever working with them
and whatever it can be but make it personal make make the connection they
opened it there is something DIF do you know okay
this book you know I hold the book up is like the seventh or eighth time do you
know the difference that I have connection wise with people who have
this book on their bedside table or on their bookshelf or kitchen tip wherever
in the brief bed versus the people that have the e-book it’s totally different
it’s totally different it’s physically in their house it’s physically on their
desk make it count make it count that that develops a
deeper connection so just make it a little more casual too because they
think they should have gotten email already write the deck card is not gonna
beat the email so excuse me that’s what I would do
hey Rory how are you Christina Butler good to see you Pat’s here hey buddy
hope to see you at the boot camp tomorrow it’s got a good one tomorrow
valaria great to see you hope see you at the boot camp all right I think let me
see I’m looking for my next so carrot carrot wonderfully at three minutes into
the session put the workbook out in case you guys didn’t get it but make sure you
know grab grab this folks grab this and go through
that go through those you know kind of go through the whole program while it’s
still up because we’re gonna be taking that down and putting into my lock CAD
amirseun alright the zombie review alright yeah
get in there buddy alright Rosemarie Josh the bootcamp are great to
have you Irene great to see you Chris valid you’ll see boot camp man I love my
boot campers man by the way when you are a boot camp this like family ok I mean
this is do you think this is good boot campers are really special to me you’re
all special to me but you know what I mean Irene where’s the master class ok
if Irene everybody if you go if you go on my youtube channel just go there’s a
playlist just go to the playlist it’s like the
most recent playlist there’s all three right in a row or if you go to uploads
they’ll be the recent uploads don’t worry you’re freaked out that like one
of them’s you know two of them are an hour and forty minutes and one of them’s
two hours but really the instruction part is about 30 minutes of each of them
so it’s about it’s just a little more it’s like a little under two hours is
the is all the instruction so basically what I did in an hour we did in two
hours I just went deeper hey Kristen how are you d good to see you
DS great mother boot camper Kelly how are you Ernie
good to see you Lorena how are you it kicked for that Lisa good to see you
she’s another boot camper Wendy how are you these I teamers come on man give me
your give me your hashtags all right Rory’s got a question it’s got an
interview it’s with a small company does working in industry with a small
little-known company look bad if I’m applying the larger companies who want
to know if I can hack it on a large scale trust me when I tell you people
from small companies know how to hack it on a larger scale more than people from
large companies typically because when you work in a smaller organization
generally speaking people that work for small
companies Rory and everybody else have to wear lots of hats you know they
develop lots of skills across the board they know how to fend for themselves
that they tend to be more go-getters because it had to be so I would not at
all downplay that his mere fan 20 want a
larger company oftentimes the scope of your work is smaller when you’re small
company generally speaking scope is larger so no don’t worry about that all
right David Harley how are you okay so this is this is this is really good this
is um this is good okay David Harley asks I have an opportunity to chat with
the hiring manager for a position I applied to it’s not an interview but a
connection from my network how do i structure the conversation to maximize
effectiveness David I got news for you buddy
it is an interview anytime any of you get a chance to speak with somebody
who’s in a hiring capacity that can pull you into their company it’s an interview
treat it that way okay treat it that way I’m not saying
don’t take the signs and the cues from the person you’re interacting with if
they’re casual you could be casual but it’s an interview that’s the first thing
second thing is if if it’s more like a connection and you’re sitting down for a
coffee or lunch or you’re popping in to his office or her office I would get to
what is it that they need what is it that you need what what don’t don’t
sound cliche like oh god you know what can I do to make you sleep better and I
don’t say don’t say stuff like that but you know what is it that you need to you
know on your on your team that would they’re really gonna kick it forward you
know and really help it grow and you know I’d love to know if I’m a fit and
I’d be happy to you know share my background in relation to what it is you
need start with that but candidly if you can do that then you’re immediately
gonna get to know what this prophet say he or she but with the hiring manager
needs I’m not being funny here and I tell this to my
and my job candidates and I’m gonna tell this to all of you we would all be
better off if interviewers and job seekers sat down with a list of demands
and said here’s what I need you tell me how you satisfy it give me what you need
I’ll tell you how I satisfy that that would make life a lot easier there would
be no crap no faulty assumptions no you know cute
coy questions about your favorite supermodel or whatever you know it
really would get right to the heart of manner so if you are going to talk to
the hiring official then what I would do is I would get right to it what do you
need what do you need you know let me you know I’d love to share my background
as it relates to that now you’re connecting dots like crazy
but I would get them going I would get going right there I would not I would
not like normally if I’m going to sit down for a formal interview and I’m
given a chance to ask questions I start top-down I would start right in the
middle what do you need tell me what you need I would go right there cut cut the
chitchat that’s how I that’s how I would do it Carl Schultz hi and welcome to the
bootcamp Charles Derek great I’m not sure what you guys are doing but I’m
guessing you were downloading the workbook Diana how are you thank you for
being overt on your question hi Andy could you please give me some advice on
searching for international jobs example um jobs some of the rules for
conventional jobs may not apply it’s true I would you know candidly you know
I I do get this question a bit I actually have a video coming out
I don’t it’s the next week or the week after it it’ll either be Tuesday or the
following Tuesday about how to do a remote job search and the same thing
applies for internationals or somebody wanted to move countries or states or
within your country you know all that good stuff I shot up months ago but it’s
coming out it’s coming out in a couple of weeks or a week or so use use
I almost sound silly like as if this is a great advice but you you you want to
do the same things that you’re doing because of the nature of the internet
all the things that I’ve instructed use fires targeting the companies looking at
the openings that they have and so on and so forth I would do those same
tactics just because you are searching for an
international job I’m assuming you mean well by the way I’m assuming you mean a
job in another country as opposed to I want a job with international scope of
responsibilities but that’s you know I don’t know that there’s anything magical
about that Diana I hope I hope that helps in in you know hang tight I’m
gonna have that video out for you with like there’s like ten things that I tell
you to do all right Charles tears if I’m fine okay Trent Trent Doyle is 56 too
old to reinvent I you know no no I’m gonna be hey by the way my birthday’s
next month I’m gonna be 52 so I reinvented and here you know and
I’m I’m a work in progress so you know by 56 I’m not gonna be all
dialed in so no you are as old as you feel
all right training browner bubblebum how do I overcome mr. racer Rex I don’t know
if you are a speed racer fan I am how do I overcome not having a college degree I
would not you know what I’m not not being flip here I’ve recruited and my
team have recruited for over 200 companies only one of them required a
college degree for somebody who actually had requisite expect meaning no one no
one required a degree if the person had the right credentials I mean they sound
ridiculous but we had one company who was fanatical about degrees like they
had to be from my top 5 MBA schools or some really dumb but don’t I would not
worry about that I would I would I would not make a big deal out of that I really
not to downplay that you don’t have one the fact matter is lots of companies
care more about your work experience now if you are 22 or 21 you don’t have a lot
of experience that’s a different issue but I’m assuming that that’s not the
case so hope that helps Stephanie yes you are family if there
are multiple offers how do you negotiate a higher salary I love it I love it
Stephanie that’s a great question what I tend to do and I know a lot of people
some people love this technique some people don’t but I always my natural
inclination anytime I’m interviewing anytime I’m negotiating anytime I’m
communicating whatever I always value transparency the fact that hey I’ve got
an offer I’ve got an offer and to the to the company that you prefer to work for
meaning you truly prefer to work for company a not Company B you go to
company a you say look I want to work for you I want to work for you I have an
offer from another company as well you know I’m basically yours to lose is
there anything you could do in the way of you know making this you know
compensation more attractive but you you don’t
that’s not your entire argument you you are sharing that you want to take
company A’s job so but you you also need to reiterate the value you provided
because negotiating is about the value you’re gonna bring and if you kicked it
in the interview process you killed it then you’re gonna have the leverage you
need so based on what I showed you based on what I can do based on the value I’m
going to bring I’m I feel I’m worth X and I also have another offer please you
know is there anything you could do to accommodate because I really want your
job and if you raise it to this I will say yes it’s another thing people got to
realize employers when they have certainty that you will agree they love
that okay so you’re I want to make this work I mean we 70 I’m not gonna go
through the whole thing because you you’ve been through this with me right I
want to make this work here’s what I bring to the table I got
another offer here’s my number I for that you got me my word that’s what they
want to hear because then there’s then they go back and say listen we know it’s
a yes they want to hire you if they’ve extended the offer they want to hire you
so but when you do things like well can you come up and then they’re guessing
like if I go up is she’s still gonna say yes or no then they really get miffed so
if you can you know give them your word for that number I’m good I’m good to go
you’re and I’m I want to make this work and I want to come here and so on
you’re gonna likely get it believe me you will especially if you got another
offer so I hope that helps hey by the way folks if you’re loving
this I you know hit the thumbs up share it out this one’s gonna live for a while
this one’s gonna live but the master class is only gonna live a couple week
or two but this one’s gonna stay up there YouTube loves the action I love
having you if you’re enjoying this I you know let me know all right if there are
I don’t know if there are any what you might call it boot camp questions but if
there are you know I’m you know I’m happy to talk about that to Mick this great Mick okay it’s been over a
week since the day I was told I would hear something from a prospective
employer and I want to email them to check in okay cool what should I say ask
it is for a safety manager position okay Mick and anybody if so I’m gonna give
you some caveats but it’s generally what to do if if they said I’m gonna get to
you okay so you’re gonna hear from me by if if if you just met with them or just
communicated and they say I’m gonna get to you in a day or two or one day or two
days or whatever you only want to give them a day and say hey I’m checking in I
wanted to know if there was an update because that’s it as a tight range if
they say we’ll get to you in a week we’ll let you know by Monday then give
them like three days and reply now you are out a week I don’t know maybe it’s
been two weeks they say we’ll get to you within two weeks if it’s a week later I
would have probably replied sooner but I would just say hey I’m checked you know
I’m very interested in the opportunity and excited to hear haha you know how is
coming along I just wanted to check in to see if there was an update so-and-so
mentioned that you’d reach back to me by what you know last Monday
but I hadn’t heard anything so I thought I’d check in and I really want to
reiterate my interest that’s it you’re you’re you know you just you want to
poke them but you it’s a tap on the shoulder and you always want to
reiterate your interest so but you don’t know what what’s going on so anyway let
me see ooh sorry somebody putting some spam on Kara is wielding her wrench I
love when she does that she’s very powerful folks all right
sierra salt got turned down for a job and the company reposted the job and i
asked for reconsideration but they refused to allow me to reapply is there
something I could do to get my app ocation reconsidered I didn’t get to
interview for the position so Sierra wait so you you got turned down for a
job you but okay so wait so I’m assuming your second part you never got to
interview so you submitted your resume they turned it down and would not allow
you to reapply because they don’t feel your credentials for that particular
position are appropriate so I just shot a video that is how to get the job after
being rejected it’s slightly different than your scenario I would I would do
the same thing that I recommended in the video which is sending them an email you
know letting them know that you were interested and you feel you are a strong
candidate for the role because it’s kind of like a cover letter but thank them
for their consideration and say I you know I I trust that you know you know
what’s best for your team based on my credentials but I would like to be
considered either for this position or any other you think would be suitable
for me and I would be happy to come you know in for an interview you know so on
and so forth I give you the language in the in the video but something like that
but you have to realize if if you actually got a rejection if the
rejection came from somebody who reviewed your resume you’re not gonna
you’re not gonna be able to warm it up if the rejection came from the system
and it was automated you might have a shot and we have way many scenarios of
that happening with people in the my Academy they say I I submitted my resume
bang I got a rejection within like 12 hours or 24 hours if you get one that
fast I would bet my Fanny that the system the tolerance that’s set
by the employer decided your resume didn’t match enough they hit an auto
message it’s like a week later and you get a bomb that’s probably somebody
reviewed it okay so it’s not a hundred percent but that’s but let’s sing about
that that’s pretty kind right like there’s no way that employers
reviewing resumes that fast and getting back to you that quickly that’s usually
system-generated if that’s the case then I then I reapplied then I actually but I
try to target the person I tried to target the person so you know doe-eyed
to stay outside the 80s that’s what I would do but I would check that video
out I hope that helps all right Vicky’s looking forward to helping you on your
journey and through the bootcamp I was an ops manager for 20 years
without a bachelor’s degree now applying for office manager administrative
positions because lack of degree is this the correct course of action Vicky
not at all to be evasive but because I have the luxury of working with you more
closely I would love to see the resume first my inclination is that is not the
right course of action don’t just assume I mean you get 20 years of experience or
more the bachelor’s degree you know at this point you know the degree itself
doesn’t change your viability for positions you you know if you got some
crazy employers that say I had you have to have a degree as if that’s gonna
matter now you know but I know that is not what I would do I’m probably gonna
tell you that after I see your resume but you know I don’t know if you took
advantage of the bump by the way folks I want to reiterate the resume reviews are
only $100 until we hang up so you know if you want to get in there take
advantage of this because after this it’s gonna go back to the prices that I
showed you the thousand bucks all right Stephen I know this isn’t a question I
would not send two resumes to the same employer they will not like that
and it you know you need to be careful and even if you’re applying to different
departments and different positions just just be careful some employers are going
to be really put off by that they just think they’re they’re gonna want you to
be consistent okay Angela Thomas okay
Angela Thomas how are you it seems a new name to me how do you
offset an unusual job title although I have a small writing services company
for years and I’m known through the media as a professional psychic I wasn’t
aleph I’m also an adjunct professor I’m not I’m not sure is it that you don’t
you know what I wish I had more information is it that you don’t want to
use psychic as your title I’m not sure I’m not sure how to answer that
all right um if you if you want Angela just head to the bottom put in you know
if there’s more info that I can help I mean I want to answer your question so
just just give me some more info so I can give you a good answer just sipping down here folks I love that
you’re talking to each other here we go I think I got it Stephanie
the laning got another one in there I have had better stats for ATS
submissions great yeah but we worked that resume didn’t wait I have you to
thank thank you you assisted me significantly getting my
resume down to two pages and the content made a huge difference thank you okay
Stephanie’s a bhoot camber and she got in on one of the previous packages and
paid for the resonator view or whatever and we did that and folks it I’ve seen a
lot of resumes in my day and we have tested this the formatting works the
structure in the sentence structure that I give you works and believe me the
resume is not if you think that the resume is about your work history we
really need to fix the way you think about a resume the resume is your
vehicle to market yourself that’s what it does okay you control the narrative
of what goes into that resume and you might think well I do this and so
therefore I there are so many things you can do to a resume to completely adjust
how you want somebody to think about you and that’s what people don’t do we there
are your career profile your career highlights the other things throughout
the resume completely control the narrative it is the most prime real
estate on the piece paper it is your billboard in neon lights you can set all
my biases within seconds so you know we talked about that six second thing five
second thing you guys have probably seen my resume about how to get your resume
noticed in five seconds guaranteed or you might have watched my three secrets
to get your resume noticed webinar I visually take you through what happens
that top portion of your resume controls how I read the resume it tells me about
you it makes me plant an impression about you it makes me look for things
differently so you control the narrative that’s what people
are missing out on and we can you know make sure that the right keywords and
all that stuff are in there but believe me the resume is a marketing document it
is not a work history so I mean it does include work history but it’s not that’s
not the goal of the resume the goal of resume is to get you job interviews so
keep that in mind and Stephanie I’m loving that and I’m loving that that
that the ATS submissions are better because we’ve optimized these things for
ATS submissions actually okay well hold on this is really good okay
Charles is a bootcamp or he’s asking Stephanie if she’s having better success
Stephanie so Charles Stephanie is program
management project management account management those kinds of things
think about the generalities of the keywords in her background and the
specificity of the keywords in your background but that’s you know I know I
mean if anything if anything you know Stephanie’s ability to get through the
80s should be more difficult than people with narrow focuses okay so folks does
that make sense the more general your background and the more competition that
you have with the people who do your function the harder it’s gonna be to get
to the 80s Stephanie’s probably got one of the
worst I mean no she’s awesome her job but probably one of the worst profiles
to put their resume into an applicant traces and she’s senior so I’m loving
that I’m hearing that we did work her resume Charles like we worked yours and
you know I’m glad to hear that but you know I think the good thing Charles is
that we’re gonna do our coaching column and we’re gonna talk through some of
that stuff all right sorry if I digress there but this is these are a little
nuances everybody’s I want I hope there was some takeaway there that that you’ve
got to be extra careful the more jump project managers business analysts
researchers all the accountants you know finance people these are very general
role titles versus data analysts or technologists or whatever that that they
can get more narrow with the things that they work in I think this might be this
is a good one gypsy rivers I think this is a question
gypsy has a telephone interview for a part-time job and expects them to ask
why do you want to work part-time and I think you might have asked me this on
the youtube comment somewhere or maybe it was a live office hours at camera but
for all of you that are has like little weird schedules or you’re you know you
need to work night shift so you need to work weekends or you need to work odd
hours or whatever if that’s odd for your position I know just what I would do and
I’m just guessing is I would just explain why you you know this is this is
the reason I need to work these hours that’s all and if it’s part time you
know are you going to school do you have other another part-time job
that you love do you have a volunteer work that you do that you absolutely
love and do not want to sacrifice or whatever I mean it’s it’s okay Laura I
hope so too I hope so too in the meantime you know folks there are
by the way actually in this for Laura and for anybody else
the boot camp right now is 500 bucks and if you win the next several minutes if
you want to get the resume review it’s 100 hours or it the resume of you or the
coaching session I have other programs on the mile walk Academy that you can
enroll in that have various prices you can go to my Locke Academy com
I don’t talk much about this but they’re all out there if you get into one of
those other ones like if you get in the resume program or you get in the
interview program those cost less than the boot camp but but you get three
months of coaching ongoing coaching my career coach casts you also get to
attend a boot camp session for your respective training so if if you guys
can’t afford the boot camp but you want to enroll in the resume course which is
a couple hundred bucks less you get the resume course and that were the workshop
that I’ve recorded for you but you also get to come to the boot camp marketing
session so you get you get all the stuff I’m LinkedIn you get all the stuff on
the cover lawyers you get all the stuff on the marketing you get all that
because I feel that that’s appropriate to give someone who invests in my resume
training a piece of the boot camp you get one you get one session if you buy
the interview course you get the interview session it’s like an extra
workshop and you get your three months of training so you know on some people a
couple hundred bucks matters some people just don’t have any money that’s cool
too I love that you’re here taking advantage of the other stuff that I did
I give but keep in mind you know there are other opportunities on the malawach
kami to engage and get more access to me and the the least expensive way aside
from zero cost and doing this is to enroll in my $19 a month ongoing career
coach guess that’s Career Development and job searching once a month every
four weeks we do it we do a live session and you get all access to all the
archives which is like more than a year’s worth and you get all the future
stuff that you as long as your membership is active so that’s another
way and people kind of come in and come out of that you know based on their
situation and some of them we just find them a job and they say it is great see
you later that’s fine others they love to continue and grow their career and
ask me questions through the through the portal so by the way I’m the one that
responds to the questions so when you ask a question you know there’s me and
there’s Kara I answer all the content related questions so if you had a
question about your job search your life whatever I answer it no one else answers
that Kara will help me with all the technical issues I can’t find this I
can’t find that and those kind of things and and we both get the emails at
support of mailbox calm so anyway that’s just a little something that I don’t
really talk about it much but you know it’s there so if you want to engage in
some stuff and you got you know $19 a month you can get into
that Robert I know I got your nice email to pay man you know and you know take
advantage of this stuff and and leverage it to try to get that great job all right
look where my aunt oops okay wait sorry I you know when I
touched this silly pad okay Alpha Pat you’re here cool okay
Pat’s a bet boot camper we love Pat Pat’s a boot camber and Pat
is active on the Facebook group folks that’s another thing we got people in
the Facebook group referring each other to employers getting jobs come on man
this is this is good stuff zombie review Rory email me and I will help you
because you you have a special deal because I gave you a free course up Kara
set see Karen knows what I’m gonna say okay Carla welcome I don’t know your
name I’m in the middle of a job search awesome I recently moved to another
state okay my resume is outdated I’m assuming your resume is only outdated
because the address is outdated any suggestions for a new resume Carla I’m
not I’m not entirely sure I would just update my city or my town or what
whatever or your region or whatever is appropriate everybody’s a little
different I like putting the address on the resume not everybody does but I I’m
assuming that’s what you mean if that’s not the case let me know let
me know in the in the in the chat mr. racer RT from Denver Ida how are you so
okay sue you’re welcome sue love having you folks see what I do by the way
I will okay okay okay one more time when you get it when you get this for all you
guys who you know are mentioned and you can’t swing the boot camp I totally get
it if you get this book if you get this book for seven bucks to shipping
there’s an interview intervention support group that I have it’s highly
active it’s awesome people there’s I don’t know maybe not quite 300 people in
there maybe 260 270 I don’t I don’t I don’t know exactly and every week I give
them free opportunities for free training I’m constantly upgrading people
they get discounts and stuff but you got to get in the community and you got to
contribute to the community you know that’s that’s helpful so Susan there I
appreciate it Susan the training we get you upgraded
Michelle Middleton you get to go check off cuz you’re awesome too
alright and just write both the it just support at malawach calm and we will get
you scheduled and my I’m starting to catch my breath actually believe it or
not now that we’re starting the boot camp it’s easier for me to conduct the
boot camp than it is all this hoopla that we do up it’s all right Trish
you’re good to see you you’re welcome Nihon great uf and truth glad you made
it thanks Maya
Gary email us it should carry you got you got the link to the bootcamp just
going in role that’s all you need to do Trisha
see you later we’ll see you in the Facebook group okay Laura this is a
great question cuz this is tough I’m interested in setting up
informational interviews how do I approach strangers on LinkedIn so what I
would do is anytime anytime you guys are looking to open up any kind of
relationship and so the textbook answer is if I want to build a relationship
with you so what do I do to build a relationship with you Laura I
give you something you take something from me totally good and I love that
actually I I don’t worry about what I’m gonna get into if I give you something
download videos live office hours whatever
okay so it’s the same kind of thing when you’re networking and I actually did a
video called business networking how to build professional relationships and I’d
show you mechanically what to do how I would go about doing that but when you
open up those when you open up those connections you want to make sure that
you are offering the person something it’s always better to offer something so
you know when you connect on LinkedIn you’re automatically offering their
network by the way I’m sure she’s not on here Jill Fox is Jill and I we share a
well I think she’ll probably love that I’m since she and I we share a Facebook
group we both are in a program by another trainer and Jill did a video on
LinkedIn on how to basically oh man I’m not gonna get the title right but I just
watched it it’s like within the last couple weeks if you look up Jill Fox she
talks about social media and some of this other stuff and she talks about the
openers for LinkedIn and how you’re gonna get crushed you’re gonna get
absolutely crushed if you use these standard openers like hey I see we’re in
the same industry let’s connect hey I always looking to connect with
like-minded people hey I’d like to offer you my network and so on and so forth
it’s very hollow it’s not it you know and what I I mean I just I bombed a guy
the other day he sent me one of those I am an open networker I accepted it
within five minutes I got a sales pitch and I emailed him back and I just said
hey man that’s bad form I’m happy to lend you my network and I’m an open
networker and you can see that but you know I just removed the connection I
think I probably removed two connections in the last year so you know you want to
make sure that if you’re gonna use LinkedIn you’re gonna reach out to
people in a targeted fashion you’re gonna offer them something valuable hey
I am looking to build my it’s okay to be transparent but just make sure you offer
something good I’m looking to expand my network I wanted you know I noticed your
background I want to develop relations with people like you whatever how are
you warm it up I wanted to share this with
you whatever it is you can share something you’ve written something
you’ve done something you have something you gotta give first that’s just a much
better way to open up the relationship and it’s always better if you’re doing
this every single month you have a little quota for yourself where you’re
you know hitting you know 10 15 20 people a month not everybody’s gonna
connect back with you and you’re building your network over time and
you’re nurturing it over time the video teaches you how to do that mechanically
but you know when you approach them you have got and you know you got to have
something of value to them something of value so you know that’s that’s my
that’s my message you’ve got to offer something first and it’s okay to share
what you need in exchange but I don’t like to do that in the first email I’d
like to build the relationships see if they’re receptive say hey you know I
hope you know if you wouldn’t mind me asking and so on okay and the frustrated
you’re receiving the infamous over qualified response go watch my over
qualified video go watch my over qualified video folks I teach you how to
reposition that response to kick it back to open up different options in the
interview or in the email wait if you if you get it immediately through so when
you get over qualified there’s multiple scenarios you sent a message in they
said you’re overqualified I have a script for you you’re in an interview
they say you’re overqualified I have a script for you you have the interview
you’re done they message you they say hey you’re overqualified I have a script
for you go watch the videos like two minutes but it’s out there just search
my youtube channel for overqualified there’s actually probably a couple of
them one of them is a clip out from one of my coaching sessions Christel Mullenix this is a great one I
get this a ton do you have any suggestions for applying
to government jobs that process seems unique it is what’s the word I’m looking
for long I don’t I actually don’t like I meaning
I don’t have any other different suggestions other than all the other
suggestions that I’ve given you I mean just to be flat-out honest you know I my
only suggestion about government jobs is you know kind of make sure your
background is clean and and and if there’s any issues that way related to
that you want to open them up upfront you want to brace for a lengthy response
prize like a lengthy process long to get back to you long to take you through and
all that good stuff and then clearances and any other background checks seem to
be longer okay effing truth you asked me this I did
respond but I did not give you a full enough answer so I’m glad you called me
on this uh asking me the difference between tell me about yourself
and what makes you unique but tell me about yourself is it’s just the first
off it’s not a great interview question from an interviewers standpoint it is
gold if you are the job seeker I know that may sound counter check out my tell
me about yourself video and you can check out all the other trainers tell me
about yourself video everybody’s gallon so you know you want to walk them
through your background but the thing that I want you to do is I want you to
drill down on what makes you know what makes you analyst so what we just got
done talking about what makes you right in alignment with what they need at the
moment so tell me about yourself buh-buh-buh-buh-buh drop down hit him
hard go on drop down hit him hard what makes you unique is the stuff only you
can do okay so whether it’s you know the level of
depth and the the the range of your repertoire whether it’s things that
you’ve seen an experience you can draw from things you can build architect
whatever it is that’s different than everybody else then everybody else so
it’s you know it’s it’s thinking about if I had to measure myself against
everybody else that’s out so we trainers have to do that right there’s a lot of
people who there’s a lot of people okay wait let’s do this way this might be
this might be a little bit easier for you to follow okay so you’re
interviewing me right now you are you all are you’re my community I love you
every time I utter a word or scratch my nose you’re interviewing me okay
I’m constantly wanting to make sure that whatever I do say whatever we’re
building relationship and gaining your trust I love you and I want you to love
me back okay not everybody’s gonna do that but that’s that’s what I go for
because I want to keep you in my community I want to help you but there
are about a thousand other trainers that I can think of that do the same thing
that I do okay and on the outside you could say well he’s a career coach and
she’s a career coach and all that good stuff but but I’m gonna connect with you
uniquely for some things that I bring to the table or the ways I do things that
other trainers don’t okay so I would say I’ve got a lot of years of experience
I’ve seen an awful lot and I’ve got data up the wazoo
so I’m giving you evidence of the fact when I’m giving you something most of my
programs there’s a huge amount of structure and framework you have
everything you need a lot of the trainers they offer bits and pieces
that’s okay it’s different some trainers they only want our subscription model
it’s totally cool but there’s a different element and then the way I
teach you everything is based on actually I don’t know if you if you know
this and and the people in the programs can see this everything that I teach you
is not based on job search and career development it is based on human
behaviors psychological stuff sociological stuff in all that
stuff and then all of the things that I uniquely teach you related to job
searching are built on that so if you’ve watched three keys to a Sandy Jam
interview the whole thing is about communication I just teach you how to do
that in a job interview setting so that’s my style that’s what I bring to
the table I have lots years of experience I could draw on that give you
the book right Nate trainers ain’t giving you book free books guess what
next year the boot camps gonna be free it’s not free today but a year from now
I mean I’m you know I’m moving the free line that that’s what makes me unique I
give you more I give you I give you more that’s what makes me unique okay what I
just see you you need to figure that out for all whatever it is that you do and
all the people you’re competing against you need to be able to talk about what
you bring to the table that no one else does and that employer is either gonna
love you for it or not but it isn’t you know to tell me about yourself you could
mix that in like and the way I do this is you know so I teach you this it the
way I do that is this and that’s what makes me unique and then you can go on
but they are they are they can be separate but you can meld them but I
hope I hope that illuminates kind of what what I’m what I’m speaking about
there but there’s really kind of rolling off the tongue there okay hope that
helps wait I think I think venkata we got a
question here I’m currently not working when I approach references exes for a
job there might be a relevant job or may not be if they offer a job if we have to
compromise on salary and location and if the job is relevant if we do not take it
up we lose our credibility or if I take up a job it doesn’t look good if I quit
after a few months it doesn’t look how would you approach this oh I’m you know
what cut I’m I’m not really well first off you’re welcome for the wonderful
session I love this stuff I mean I go all day I’m not sure if I
completely understand your scenario it sounded like I okay I understand you’re
not working and you’re approaching old bosses in your references and I think
you’re trying to evaluate whether there’s an opportunity to work with them
I think you if I understand this correctly you’re not working you’re
approaching your old context which you should be and if they don’t give you if
they don’t if they offer you an opportunity if it doesn’t suit your
needs based on your requirements and all that
stuff and the amount of money you need to make and all that great stuff it’s
okay to pass and thank them profusely for the opportunity if you do take it
that has to be something you decide for yourself based on your current situation
and your needs so everybody in this community has different situations right
some people are unemployed yeah I get it you need to get a job to put food on the
table other people they’re kicking tires other people call me they want
one-on-one coaching they’re willing to pay high fees to get the tailored
approach everybody’s different but you have got to choose for yourself what you
know what it is that that is acceptable to you I do not think you lose
credibility if you have to turn something down that isn’t appropriate
for you or you just can’t make it work with your needs I think if you it is not
the act of turning it down it is the way in which you turn it down that leads to
issues I hope that helps so how you do what you do kara is telling me yeah okay
so let me I hope that helps let me I’m gonna take a question for those of you
who are existing students of mine so maybe you’ve spent you know two hundred
and whatever dollars in the interview course the way my bootcamp works
actually by the way the way everything in the mile lock Academy works if you’ve
spent a buck and you want to trade up to something else career related you get to
trade in all your dollars so if you got an interview course and you paid
whatever two hundred bucks or three hundred whatever it was at the time you
purchased it you pay the difference so if you paid 297 for the interview course
you pay two hundred dollars to get all the bootcamp stuff that’s it you email
me I send you a link you add two 200 we’re all good okay if you if I gave you
a free course there are some different things so you know you can’t take a 300
dollar free course that I gave out of the goodness of my heart and expect me
to give you a coaching call the bootcamp to a year’s worth of coaching and all
that for two hundred ninety seven dollars so it’s it’s there’s some
different applications of that but doesn’t it just email me it support it
mellow calm you know I’ll help you what if you if you paid something you paid a
hundred bucks or you paint you but the do-it-yourself job searching program for
ninety seven dollars the bootcamp cost you $400 and right now you can get the
bootcamp and a resume review for the extra hundred dollars that’s how that
works I think somebody asked that but Kara
just mentioned that to me all right um sue yep big thumbs up mr. racer Rex
great I love to have you love to have you man looking forward to it Gary your
well oh man Gary you’re welcome and can I you know what Heather I don’t know if
you’re still on here so folks I love Heather Heather if you’re here I love
you professor Heather Austin if you have not
checked out her channel the way I love you and I want you to hang with me but
Heather’s awesome and she’s a career coach and I try to give her props and
shoot my people over to hurt and if you think I’m nuts you don’t
believe in the abundance of this world man there’s like seven billion people
all I care about is this I’m helping all the people I can help
I’m giving you everything I got I’m doing crazy stuff to make my things and
my products available to you I show up every week and that’s me and Heather’s
awesome she’s got great videos that come out every week I would definitely
subscribe to her channel and she’s gonna have a different take on stuff cool how
great is that you got a look see maybe you might like
her style better I don’t know but either way and by the way I don’t I don’t love
all the trainers stuff I think some of them are nuts but but Heather’s not nuts
and so check her out and and things on about abundance I mean I don’t think
quite but I said the boot camps gonna be free at some point it is because the way
that I’m moving I’m just moving the free line the books free now I’m giving
courses away for free I’m giving other stuff for free I mean like I what I want
is I want a completely different way of engaging you and a lot of this stuff
look I gave you something I can probably charge a whole bunch of money for but in
my opinion teaching you how to allocate your time during a job search get you on
the straight and narrow but you know I don’t want you I don’t want you worried
about that you got a lot of other things to worry about so that’s why I give this
stuff to you for free so and it’s also a way for you to get to know me better
and in my philosophies and you know whether I know what I’m talking about
so I just I would Heather out if you’re still here man because if you’re here
man that’s really that’s really cool because you put that in about an hour
ago you know I love you and I hope you’re doing great and you guys should
check out our channel okay and W 8000 I which post am I replying to I’m not sure
what the question is maybe Kara caught that Rory yeah we we will email you back
for it well I’ll explain all your options the truth I know I Fannie and raise your
Fanny okay cool oh wait they skip something oh I hope I
miss it sorry guys every now and again here we
go Oh Diana great question yes for
international organizations where you often cannot network in then what I
would do is Diana have you seen my for actually it’s really kind of a
three-step applicant tracking system resume beater I have a video folks for
maybe carat maybe we could touch this one up I have a video out there with
three tools that I recommend if you have to put your resume in an applicant track
so I don’t want to I don’t want you to if you have to if you have to I got a
video gives you three tools one of the tools is a webinar that I that I give
you another one is my resume content builder booklet so I give you a free are
you ready for this resume template I give you instructions on how to hit
every section the career profile or summary or whatever gonna call it
highlights the thing I literally give you instructions and then I tell you put
these things in there then the back of the booklet I tell you the 14 things
that you need to include in your resume stories and in your interview stories
and you can use this this it’s kind of a journal like element to it to stimulate
your thinking about past history and also it’s something everybody should
have for every moment of their life as they go through their life as they go
through their career these are the 14 things you want to capture about every
project you do then you don’t have to think back about it when you’re filling
out your resume and when you go on for emotions you got the data Diana go watch
that video it’s on YouTube and it’s uh you know I’m holding up a booklet like
this and whatever and it says something like my three step 80s or oh god I’m
always thinking these fancy something about my three step 80s beater for your
resume or something like that three step resume beater for your 80s or something
like that that’s what I would do I hope that helps Ciara salt love this question
actually wait I just got done going on about Heather
professor Heather Austin I’m gonna give you an answer Sierra and then I also
want you to check out two videos way style submission this now I have a video
out there that is this one trick makes your College resume stand out for those
of you that are recent college graduates sorry
Cara’s beaten me recent college graduates or new graduates check that
video out because that one has my collegiate resume template it’s free you
can download it and it’s optimized for people with less experience so this one
trick can make your College resume stand out character we chip dumped and a chat
Heather who I just mentioned did a video uh like last week I think about same
thing about if you have little or no experience how do you fill in your
resume so see yourself I would I would check out both of those videos the the
the the trick is the trick is you want to make sure that even as a college
graduate with little experience you still can put a summary up top that
controls the narrative and it really highlights who you are as it is as a
person as a student if you have internships or volunteer work or
whatever but check that video out because I lay that out for you okay
that’s I mean I would just do that and same kind of thing applies for the cover
letter same kind of thing applies for code I would check the
videos out both mine and Heather’s I think will really help Oh Kara put it
right there thank you for that tell Daniel the autofocus is on my camera see
my nice set alright wait folks 1:22 alright I would get 2 hours 22 minutes
alright we’re gonna go to 130 130 I’m still got 72 some bleep up listen do me
a favor if you loving this click the thumbs up button if you want to get in
the boot camp get in because I’m go we’re pulling this down the little bump
offer the 100 thing when I click off first thing I’m gonna go do is go and
take that offer on the bump offer off so make sure you can get in on that if
you’re on the fence just get it we’ll sort it out later but just make sure you
you grab it the other thing is the boot camp starts tomorrow but you can get it
any time and if you have questions about the other programs that I offer maybe
you just want to sliver the boot camp you can check out the my academy or
email me at support at mal walk on let me know your questions i read all my
emails so i hope that helps let me cara beat me if anything is wrong
we’ll hang on for seven more minutes and then I gotta go cuz I gotta get ready
for my boot campers alright MV it says living in Puerto Rico trying
to get remote work at home and being rejected by not being in the continental
US I’m not sure about that I’m not sure if you know you need it says being in a
u.s. territory and B it’s getting hard I’m not sure if yours I’m assuming
you’re a citizen I would I would refer you to the video I’m about to release
about the remote about the remote stuff Gary you don’t need to worry I’ll put
your package on hold no problem you’ve been really nice and communicating and I
know your dad’s going through a lot of stuff right now Lucy you’re welcome ooh shoot Krystal extension to the
government question do you know a good source or person to connect with it may
have advice you know I’m I’m not sure I actually crystal what I what I would say
you’re awesome and I appreciate you taking you’re welcome
um wait nothing that sound funny I hope you guys know this as Sun ridiculous but
I work really hard to give you guys good high quality stuff but I am I am one
person and I have one other full-time person helping me with Kara and we’ve
got some freelancers and I try to get all the major issues and I try to give
you all kinds of videos and webinars and these live office hours and all this
stuff to make it fully covered but I definitely don’t have I have not created
the solutions for all the different issues that you guys face and I know
this government is this government issue is one of them and honestly crystal what
I would do I don’t know anybody that I would say hey that that person’s an
authority on government positions but I I would probably how you found me you
went to YouTube you popped in you know your your issue how to find government
jobs you know how to navigate through the mess that his government jazz
whatever the whatever the proper search term is will likely bring up somebody
who talked about this and I would check that out I really I mean I have no issue
you know recommending you do that you know as much as I love for you to get
all your insight from me I know I can’t I can’t you know I can’t support you on
every little thing so hope that helps okay here I can I say that submit tried
your resume technique like numbered achievement help me get help me in
getting six offer letters in two months so awesome um six offer letters I liked
it didn’t even like Wow to pick one how to be good in salary negotiation
I’ve got salary negotiation videos out there there’s multiple videos that I get
for free it’s not nearly as detailed as my bootcamp but they’re good sits good
stuff it’s good stuff nice w75 you’re welcome and Sierra salsa
yeah had an ago sheet salary after a job offer I even give you a one-page guide a
checklist to go through I also have what you guys also oughta I know I know got
why do you guys hang out on YouTube and follow me there go to the Mount hua blog
there’s 400 articles on the mouth blog that are there that I wrote before I
ever start shooting videos and I’ve got one in there like the six most important
words in your salary negotiation got tons of stuff if you just put
negotiation in the search bar on the blog bunch of stuffs gonna come up a
bunch of stuff and you can breeze through it it’s it’s it’s pretty good
but I know a lot of people hang out and they check me out on youtube but you
know I got a lot of other stuff that you can you can check out Heather
yep thank you you’re welcome and you know it’s awesome and she’s not nuts
folks alright Rory is there an average amount of time
it takes to hear from jobs if I haven’t heard within a week or so
I usually assume that I won’t different jobs a job when do I give up hope so
here’s what I here’s what I say Rory and everybody and I’m not being funny I mean
this cuz you guys deserve it and you’re worth it hope is not a strategy it is
not something that I want you to focus on I want you to focus on don’t don’t
misunderstand what I’m saying I want you to focus on what you can control your
output your content and all that stuff so Rory when you put your resume in or
you you know I mean or you’re waiting back from the company you put the resume
in you follow up a week later you try to use a different tactic if you had to put
it in the 80s to try to go through your direct you go two weeks more so one week
follow-up two more weeks follow-up one month follow-up that’s it give up that’s
what you can control and I don’t want you losing sleep I want you to keep
going you got your targeted company unless you should be pecking through
those in your priority order but you submitted the application give them a
week two more weeks one more month whatever that is that’s like seven eight
weeks and that’s it and it move on and don’t and I want you I want you to think
like that you know what I mean they didn’t deserve you it doesn’t matter
go on and somebody else you will be somebody else’s treasure believe me all
right folks – one minute okay listen I’ve got to go
two and a half hours I love this stuff and I really really hope you’ve enjoyed
it I have loved every minute of this boot camp mania and everything so we
started last Thursday and I just I hope you’ve enjoyed the master class I’m
going to leave it up for a week or so until I you know I’m gonna be in the
boot camp we got a lot of stuff going on and I know a lot of you want to enjoy it
I know I referenced it I wanted to do this little Reader’s Digest thing Graham
the workbook grab the book if you can get in the boot camp because that’s the
deepest level that I can help you and jump in now because until I can click
all this stuff off then I’m gonna go and I’m gonna remove the little $100 offer
so for five hundred ninety seven dollars you can have the whole boot camp a
year’s worth of coaching and either a call with me or a resume review
whichever you prefer and if you want to if you want the call and the resume
review then it’s only you know it’s the four ninety seven plus the extra five
hundred plus the one hundred so it’s eleven hundred instead of you know 1497
so I hope that helps love you all share it click the thumbs up and one
last thing live office hours is back August 29th because for the next two
weeks I’m slaving over my boot campers alright see ya
take care be good

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