How To Find A Vegan Job
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How To Find A Vegan Job

One of the more frequent questions I receive
from potential, new, and long term vegans alike, is what to do about employment. How do you find a vegan job? What if your current place of employment conflicts
with your values? Well today I’ll give you some basic pointers
and a boatload of additional resources on the blog post, so you can stop working for
The Man and start working for The… Vegan…Man… Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. Going vegan usually sparks a growing awareness
of the rather astounding number of ways in which our species exploits other beings and
our planet. As the vast majority of the world is not vegan,
it stands to reason that the vast majority of employment options involve not-so-vegan-friendly
elements. From the blatantly obvious, like being a server
at a steak house, or vivisector in a research lab, to the more subtle, like a sales rep
for products tested on animals, or barista at a coffee shop. For most people, immediately quitting their
job upon going vegan without any alternative in place is not feasible, nor prudent. However, the idea of continuing on in an exploitative
vocation is unthinkable. Before we jump in, let me just say preemptively:
to any concerns or questions about whether any job or human activity can be 100% vegan
or totally free of any form of exploitation, please see the videos linked in the description,
which delve into that issue. When looking for a vegan job, there are an
infinite number of possibilities, though it may not seem that way initially. One of the first things to determine is your
area of interest. What is it you want to do? Of course if you’re looking to get out of
your current job as fast as possible, apply for every vegan option you can find and take
whatever comes first. Then you can start fleshing out your long-term
goals. Do you want to be your own boss? Are you interested in nonprofit work? Do you want to work directly with animals? With people? Do you have a location requirement or are
you willing to move? Do you want to work remotely online? What is your skill set? As a side note, the availability of location-dependent
jobs will of course vary greatly depending on your location and ability to commute. You can always look up employment assistance
centers and organizations specific to your area and country. Writing down your goals ideals can be helpful
in narrowing your search and knowing where to start. One of the most basic jumping off points are
job search websites. You can even search mainstream job posting
websites with “vegan” as a keyword. I have included a list of these on the blog
post. Additionally, there’s a fantastic website
by Vegan Mainstream called the Vegan Job Board. Another approach is to check out the websites
of existing vegan companies, organizations and nonprofits. Most will have a section for employment opportunities. Some common examples are: vegan publications,
restaurants and cafes, retail companies, farm sanctuaries, activist organizations, educational
nonprofits, and more. One important thing to remember is that vegans
are needed in all areas of employment—just like vegans come from all walks of life and
have wide variation in their diets, vegan jobs are also infinitely broad. Maybe you are a web designer and decide to
work with an activist organization on their website. Perhaps you’re in the financial sector and
decide to help other vegans find investments that align with their values. Maybe you’re in law school or already a
lawyer and decide to transition to animal law. Or want to work in another capacity in the
animal law sector. Additionally, while many vocations, as within
medicine and nutrition, have an existing anti-vegan bias or may be rife with misinformation, that’s
all the more reason for more vegans to enter those fields! So don’t limit yourself with any preconceptions
of what a vegan job is supposed to be. Finally, there’s always the option to set
out on your own path. Maybe what you want to do doesn’t exist
anywhere. Maybe you want to start your own business,
found a nonprofit, work as a freelancer in any number of fields. This can be an incredibly rewarding path to
take, though it does require with a great deal of commitment, persistence, and risk. I personally quit medical school to go full
time with Bite Size Vegan. It was an incredibly uncharacteristic move
on my part, and was simultaneously the best and most terrifying decision I’ve ever made. And thanks to my Nugget Army of patrons who
support my work, I’ve been able to continue and grow Bite Size Vegan to the point where
I’m now working on building my own team. If you do want to set out on your own but
aren’t able or don’t want to just take a flying leap, you can always use the time
you have off from your current job to start pursuing and building what it is you really
want to do. I hope that this has been helpful. Please refer to the blog post linked below
for links to job postings and search engines as well as other helpful guides from Vegan
Mainstream, The Vegan Woman, Our Hen House and more. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and enable
notifications for more fresh vegan content every week. If you liked this video, do give it thumbs
up and share it around to help others find their calling. To help support the work of Bite Size Vegan,
please see the support links below or click on the Nugget Army icon or the link in the
sidebar. Now go live vegan, get a job, and I’ll see
you soon. And now I prepare myself for the onslaught
of “YouTube is not a real job” comments. I get it.

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100 thoughts on “How To Find A Vegan Job

  1. of course I'd love it if the world was vegan but in the mean time I'm not willing to stop volunteering for oxfam just because we sell fair trade milk chocolate. I also trade with the non vegan fiver. overall it contributes to greater happiness in the world, and I'm not old enough to have a position of enough influence to stop selling them. very conflicted :/

  2. Started laughing at the get out take the first available option and run bit because that is exactly what I did :') but then I was working in a hotel having to make breakfast as part of my job and after attending pig saves I used to just start crying while cooking sausages.

  3. Planing to quit my good pay job with union and benefits at some point next year to do my own thing to earn a life spreading veganism, minimalism and zero waste, hope everything goes as I hope

  4. I have an honest question for vegans.

    I understand the idea that the more people support the meat industry, the more animals die. Those who support the meat industries are obviously non-vegans.

    Now, what about the issue of taxes? I'm sure there are tax paying vegans. Isn't this, in a way, a contribution to paying for things that are destroying the planet (i.e. weapons of mass destruction, war, the building of farm factories, vehicles that transport animals to be slaughtered, tools that are used on animals in farm factories, etc.)?

  5. I work on a dairy farm and became a vegan while employed there as I didnt know shit about dairy until I worked there I was horrified with it. I am leaving in 1 week πŸ™‚

  6. I work in a water quality lab right now as well as an animal shelter. But even there it's very unvegan. All the cat and dog food is obviously not vegan but it's donated so what can ya do. and in the lab a lot of the media we use isn't vegan. We also do a lot of fish surveys, aka catching a lot of fish and putting them on ice to see how toxic they are for humans and wildlife. We wouldn't need to worry about fish toxicity if we stopped eating fish!

  7. Worked for 12year in slaughter house. Went vegan and it took 3 months to get a vegan friendly job. Less money, physically harder, mentally unbelievably better.

  8. I'm going to go to college for either film or art (haven't decided yet) and my goal is to work with animal rights groups. It might not make me rich but I'd rather know I'm doing something worthwhile.

  9. I work in real estate and have never had conflict between my vegan values and work (other than people bringing in office treats of course). You can join a team, or start your own business and it only takes a few weeks to get licensed πŸ™‚

  10. I'm vegan and a dietitian. I work for university dining services, and have been using my role to encourage more vegan options on our campus and using less meat.

  11. This was something I've had a hard time with. I'm a buyer for a vintage clothing company. What are people's opinions on buying animal products (such as wool and silk) that are 50+ years old to make a profit on? If I get new products made I only use ethical fabrics and materials.

  12. Wow. Vegan is a religion. Sounds exactly like any sect from the past. Guiana comes to mind. Only difference is that their god is the animal kingsom.

  13. I'm a flight attendant, and my job is as non-vegan as it gets, from wearing leather as parts of the uniform, to serving meat, and the obvious ecological disaster that is the commercial aviation industry.
    But on every flight, I meet new colleagues, and every single time I am questioned about my diet. I get all the questions that you get from someone who never met a vegan before. It's a bit exhausting sometimes, but most of the time the questions are genuine. If I can spark the idea of veganism in someone's mind from time to time, it's worth the part where I have to serve meat to customers. It's very tempting to hide away from the meat-eating world, but unfortunately that's not how you make a change.

    Maybe in a few years, if I'm tired of flying, I'm thinking of becoming a hair stylist. Always loved having fun with my hair and always will. I know there are some vegan hair products out there, the difficult part will be to find a beauty school that uses them. Good luck, me!

  14. Thank you!!!πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’πŸ’

  15. This vegan standard you're trying to create for people is what makes veganism seem like a cult and gives vegans AND vegetarians a bad name. I reported your channel for hate speech and hopefully you're taken down which will in the end help your movement since you're doing nothing but hurting it.

  16. I'm so grateful I work at a vegan cafe.. I also run an online health/lifestyle coaching business where I coach people to be healthy on a plant based diet. Living your purpose is the best feeling ever πŸ™‚
    Theres also my local vegan activism group I work with… but thats voluntary of course! πŸ˜‰

  17. Hi Emily πŸ˜€

    I live in Denmark as a vegan, and when i try to tell my friends about the horrifying acts taking place in a slaughter house they say that the slaughter in Denmark is much more humainly than in other countries. And i cant find any Danish footage to show them so they can see it's just the same. Do you posses any footage of Danish slaughterhouses

  18. Hi Emily, hope this isn't a weird question but I was wondering if you'll make a job posting somewhere when you're ready to build your team?

    Not sure if you'll see this comment but figured it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Thanks for the powerful/wonderful content!

  19. great vid! also, not to use your vegan powers to influence your current job to be more vegan! change from within works, too!

  20. my job is one of the most rewarding but disgusting and has 2 sides to it. both positive and negative consequences to the earth. guess what I do for a living?

  21. I currently work as an Insurance Verification Specialist for a surgery center, and I LOVE my job. I love the people I work with and the people I get to meet everyday. It doesn't conflict with my vegan morals, thankfully. But still, it doesn't speak to my heart. I decided to enroll into a Massage Therapy program that starts in January and will use this to begin my career in something that embraces natural healing. I will hopefully be my own boss one day and continue to promote veganism!

  22. non vegans are monsters!Β  all vegans must fight them!Β  a new civil was on behalf of the Animals…any people try to use animals against the vegans? then we feed their kids o animals.Β  no joke, murder been going on too long!

  23. This is a great video. I'm a trucker and it has really been wearing on me the environmental effects my job has on the planet not to mention some of the things I haul. I think this will be very helpful in finding a job more suitable for me. thank you!

  24. I work at a veterinary diagnostic lab. We test on samples sent from veterinary hospitals, animal shelters mainly. I do get the occasional call from research facilities and I'm not gonna lie it saddens me when they want to know if we test blood samples from mice, non human primates. some want to know the volume and from what I've been told they're draining the blood from the animal until they're dead. I'm tearing up writing this because when I 1st heard this it shocked me.

  25. I work in the pharmaceutical industry (sadly) – for little over a year, it was my first job, but since I became vegan I can't connect to it at all, I feel like if all the world went vegan there would be no need for 95% of the drugs, plus all the chemicals and drugs require so much animal testing, and to the bosses on top it's all about profits really, they pick the projects for drug development not based on what sick people need, but on that which will bring them the most profit…Sadly I can't quit yet because I have no other current options. I dream of owning a veggie cafe/restaurant someday or maybe a vegan permaculture farm with animal sanctuary, or at least working in one. But in my country veganism is rare and not understood much (Croatia). I started a blog recently in local language where I'll try to educate people on veganism, if I manage to get readers πŸ™‚

  26. Have you heard about the new five pound note in Britain? It contains tallow which I find disgusting and I am unsure what to do with them.

  27. Have you made a video about down?? If not pleaseee do! Would be great to post it around so people stop buying coats and duvets stuffed with it not thinking anything of it! I want to show like how many are plucked (tortured) for one coat/duvet etc

  28. I owned a small restaurant when i started getting all the information on how animals are treated and how eggs and dairy are produced. Before that, I used to believe there was such thing as humane slaughter. I went vegan and I knew I couldn't keep profiting from the animals' suffering and death. I closed my restaurante and I started this channel. I haven't made any money yet, but I hope to be able to make a living out of this so I can keep on helping animals.
    I have really great recipes, chieck it out! : )

  29. Hate to break it to you, but if you decide to be vegan you're probably not intelligent enough to possess any qualifications for a job.

  30. Hello, I'm a 13 year old boy, and I want to start eating vegan. The thing is, my mum says that the average lifespan has dramatically increased since humans started eating mixed foods like: meat, fruit, vegetables, mushroms, dairy products, fish and so on. So now I'm kind of split. I hope you clear this up a bit.

  31. bite size vegan I can't believe you still get comments like the one about vegans killing more animals . what a d..k h..d.

  32. I work at an animal shelter. One of my jobs is to hold the animals while they are euthanized and then put them in a trash bag and dump them in a freezer. The shelter euthanizes up to a dozen dogs a day because they are either sick or "unadoptable." I am completely torn about what to do. The only way I have stuck it out for this long is I tell myself that someone has to do it and it might as well be me. I talk to the animals and calm them down before it happens. I can't say the same for my coworkers. What should I do? I can't afford to up and quit and I live in the south where there are no vegan businesses to work for. πŸ™

  33. Hello Emily, last night I was watching a tv series, which used many animals in their show (also meat, fur.. but I don't know if these are fake) and i was questioning, if it is vegan to watch those shows? (Maybe such as Game of Thrones or the movie Life Pi). Maybe you can do a video about it (just a suggestion), as I take your videos most of the time as a source of vegan education ^-^ I admire your work, and you were one of my inspirations to go vegan. thank you

  34. I work in the restaurant industry and lucky enough I work at a place that is non-vegan without a single vegan/vegetarian option on the menu BUT always accomedates vegan and vegetarians.
    The kitchen is very flexiable and even makes a special vegan plate for me when we eat staff food together!
    So even though it can be difficult to be vegan and work at a restaurant it is definatly not impossible!

  35. For long term, you can always become a proper vet instead of the contradicting kind. Or even a proper environmentalist.

  36. Can you be a vegan and a doctor? I have always dreamed of being a surgeon, but what if I have to use
    a pig or cow valve, dissect an animal,
    or give out drugs that have animal products in them? I am just so conflicted about this.

  37. I worked in a bowling club – coincidentally on meat raffle night – but I was bar tending and barely touched the meat packs – some drinks I served were vegan.

    Nowadays I play guitar and sing, particularly street busking – 2 of my parodies I wrote make references to vegetarianism πŸ™‚

  38. I am working at a dog center(grooming center,dog park and dog hotel with a lot of strays..cause.. we have a huge problem with strays in Greece)…and we cook meat… no hope

  39. I'm newly vegan (had been vegetarian) and work as a veterinary technician and it's so crazy to see that in a field where everyone says they love animals they still eat them…Especially when we see a chickens as patients…

  40. Props to you for your bravery! Changing your path like that is very inspiring. Thank you for your example!
    p.s. I used to work in a vegan restaurant as a server. It was awesome! I now work at a school where I recently taught students about the digestive system of human beings built for a vegetarian diet. A number of them also get quite curious about my diet, and it feels so awesome and rewarding. I hope everyone can also find ways to be a force of change wherever they work however big or small.

  41. I've always wanted to start a 'Vegan Only" company where only vegans can apply. Nowhere close to that goal yet though. Let me know if you run such a company and are hiring. You must comment on one of my videos for me to see because I have reply notifications turned off.

  42. I play online poker lol. don't have to deal with annoying co-workers or worry about any Vegan issues πŸ™‚

  43. This could sometimes be a tough one if someone wants to go to school or work as nurse or a doctor (or anything in the health/medical field). Some medical schools will still use dead animals for dissection and teaching, use products that were tested on animals, maybe serve people food with animals products in them (like hospitals, nursing homes). Yet it's a job that is helping people and that is needed in the world, we don't want a shortage of nurses or doctors. People could still continue a 100% vegan lifestyle after medical school and maybe even open there own practice. My mom has a doctor that is a Buddhist and vegan.

  44. I'm currently working on changing this aspect of my life. Before I transitioned to veganism I started working in a disgusting BBQ joint and have been stuck there for the past three years (only been vegan a year) but this rotten town is full of nothing but fast food restaurants and gas stations. One of my only options is probably finding a job stocking something, somewhere. Our options here are extremely limited, sadly. No matter how good an example I am up at work or how much i educte them it's like talking to a brick wall with no hope. The whole town is that way.

  45. My mum watches something I show her than decides to try veganism then the next day she changes her minds she also keeps saying she’s pretty much vego but she keeps eating meat, how do I convince her to go vegan once and for all? Should I show her more graphic things as I haven’t really

  46. This is ideological and extreme. It's dangerous and wrong. You can't completely change the world, you don't control others. You are you, why should someone else be inferior to you?

  47. I quit my job at Twitter to pursue making vegan meats. So far using different legume proteins I have something that firms up like raw salmon but it melts in your mouth. So more work needs to be done on that

  48. If anyone is looking for a vegan job DM me privately, hiring a team of people to be in my business for online social media. Contact me with [email protected]@t

    I'm working with a company that's completely vegan, pure ingredients, safe, beneficial. ^_^ its based all online and you get to promote vegan products to your clients with skin care, makeup, baby products, protein powder and weight lose products much more. The company is almost 40 years old has been vegan since it started. You grow with having a team and getting more clients buying from your online profile. So lots of advertising on social media. This is so so flexible so this can be your activism for getting people aware of healthier product changing their cruelty makeup to vegan makeup is a win win to you and your client for the animals.

  49. How can I use my Masters in School Counseling to work not in a school, but for a vegan company? It is very scary trying to promote change in many schools, but I want to make a difference. I would speak with the kids about my diet, and how I get all the proper nutrition I need, and it was very interesting to them. If anyone has suggestions doing a job in the industry with counseling, that would be soo very much appreciated.

  50. Im 17 years old and im going to be(if im lucky and have skills) a driver of tower cranes…it needs 3 years of expirience and some papers and a test but im really looking into it!

  51. I wish I could find a vegan job. I'm forced to wait tables at mainstream restaurants delivering animals to peoples dining tables.

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