How To Focus Your Marketing Efforts Using The Traction Bullseye | Dan Martell
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How To Focus Your Marketing Efforts Using The Traction Bullseye | Dan Martell

– Sometimes, things
that are working, it doesn’t even… They don’t know. It’s like, it’s there,
it’s actually working and they say oh, we need
another shiny object, let’s go over here. That thing seems
to work a little bit, this thing gets distracted,
and they end up with nothing. (upbeat drum and bass) How to focus
your marketing efforts. In this video,
I’m gonna share with you how to get over that
frustration of not knowing what to work on. If you’ve ever thought, okay,
I’m gonna start blogging and you blog a little
bit, and then you’re like, I heard that Facebook ads work,
so you go to Facebook ads. I heard that webinars and
you go and do webinars. And at the end of the day,
you got a bunch of stuff going on, you don’t know what
actually moves the needle and you’re frustrated
because you’re like, where’s my growth
gonna come from. In this video I wanna
share with you guys how to focus your energy. Decide what things are
working and actually set up an infrastructure to
execute your marketing plan like a pro. You know, when I started my
company Maritime Vacation, I did everything. I thought, well okay,
I need to do marketing, ’cause I was more introverted
then and more technical. I did sponsored news letters,
I had a friend of mine that had a news letter
for the local market, we were a vacation
rental property site so had a cottage newsletter. So, sponsor that. I even heard PPC pay per
click worked really well. So did Adwords so I ran so ads. Then I was like well,
somebody said that guest blogging
posts work as well. So I reached out
to and said, “Hey, can I
contribute a blog post?” I did everything. But what I didn’t do
was build any channel that was sustainable. And in this video
I wanna walk you through the strategies that
have come together over the last 10 years,
building and scaling software companies,
to really get the most out of your marketing efforts. The first thing for me is the
Traction Bullseye Framework. It’s created by Gabriel
Weinberg and Justin Mares and it really is three rings. So you look at the
bullseye as long shots, mid term and the core focus. And what you wanna
do is you wanna come up with as many different
marketing strategies from webinars to
Facebook ads to anything, content marketing. And you put them
in this bullseye based on what you think based on are
gonna be more effective. And in the center you
have two to three channels that you think might be the best. And what you do is, you
pretty much focus on those two to three and then only
when those prove wrong, you then move out
to the mid level ideas and then, eventually,
the long shot. So that’s kind of, how do
you decide what to work on, that’s the strategy to
fill in the blanks, build on that traction bullseye. Number two is
wiring up for testing. Most entrepreneurs
start doing marketing and don’t even
have a way for testing to know if it works. So, I always tell people,
wire up your application. Your marketing funnels, anything that you’re gonna start tracking. I mean, I’ve even
counselled entrepreneurs that do offline marketing,
where they have phone numbers. You can actually buy 1-800
numbers, add it to a sign, and know if people call that one, they saw that specific sign. You can take the
same concept of funnels and apply it to
offline marketing. But what ever it is,
once you decide that’s the channel
we’re gonna go after, you need to wire it up. The third area is strategy. To me this is the big part. How you spend time focusing
on different activities and know that they’re
having an impact? So the first thing
that I suggest is do a three-month
focus strategy plan. Here’s the two or three channels, here’s the three-month
window, the 90 days, we’re gonna focus on that. Then what you do is you
design two week sprints and within those two-week sprints, you focus on one channel. You start with the assumption, what kind of growth
you’re gonna get. You focus two
weeks on that channel and if it works out,
you keep doing it. If not, you move on
to the next one. But it’s a very focused approach and you don’t do two or
three at the same time but if one is working really
well and the others are not, it normalizes and
even things out and you may not know where
the opportunity lies. So that’s number three. Four to me is amplify. Once you know a channel’s
working really well, you have to double down,
you have to amplify it. And there is really two activities that allow you to do that. One is operationalize it. If you know that Facebook
marketing is working really well, then you
wanna talk to your team and say okay, what’s our
process that we went through to actually be
successful on Facebook. What are the parameters? And you document it. The whole goal is
to create a procedure so that somebody
else can execute it or your team can
continue to execute it into the long term. Because a lot of entrepreneurs,
they do something, it starts to work, then they’re like, I heard this other
strategy, Instagram Ads, works really well. You go over there
and you do that and you stop doing this one. So once you o
perationalize it, the team’s gonna have it
part of the procedure, part of the weekly
meetings, part of the KPI’s, their key performance indicators, and it will continue to be done. And then the second part
of amplify is invest. So actually looking at your
plans, your goals for the year and thinking what
kind of capital are we gonna have to
invest in this channel to actually make it
work and grow for us. So those are the four key
areas that you need to focus on if you wanna understand how
to make your marketing work. First one is the Traction Bullseye. Go Google it, get the
framework, look at it, identify the two to three
channels that you think are gonna be ideal. Second one is wire it up. Make sure that all your
funnels, all your activities, all your energy is
tracked to know which one of those channels
are working great. Third is strategy. Understanding that we
need a three-month plan, not a 12-month plan,
we’re gonna focus on these two-week sprints, we’re
gonna chose one channel per sprint to know if it’s working. Once we got it wired up,
we’re gonna have that data. And the fourth,
if you know that’s the one we’re committed to,
that’s the one that feels the best for our
brand and our business, we’re gonna amplify it. And you do that by operationalizing
and investing in it. That’s what I got for you today. Hopefully that helps remove
the fog in your thinking around marketing and
effort and really getting a good feedback loop
so you can focusing and growing your business. As per usual, I wanna challenge
you to live a bigger life and a bigger business. I’ll see you next week. Cheers. If you liked this video, be
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  1. Doing marketing but not making progress? Looking for traction? The issue probably isn’t the tactic, but more the approach you’re using. Here’s a framework I’ve used to scale companies and build solid growth engines. Hint: It starts with a Traction Bullseye. Watch this video to learn more.

  2. What's working for me today?

    – Content marketing (free)
    – Premium Content (co-created and co-promoted with partners)
    – Direct mail sending targeted people a copy of my book Profit Hacking ( + a personal note for why I'm reaching out to them

    Strategizing a native ads or Facebook ads campaign for Q4 of the year

  3. Dan,
    I had a question about the "wiring it up" stage. What software or tools do you recommend to do this funnel tracking? Ideally free/affordable

  4. sir will you be my mentor i am going to start a startup have done lots of research
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