How To Get A Clinical Research Internship In India
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How To Get A Clinical Research Internship In India

hey guys Serg here back with another
episode today I’ve got another question from somebody who listens to the channel
on either YouTube or on the podcast and they are from India and they write in
high EC RG I am from India I have done a Bachelors of Science in life sciences
from Delhi University now I am doing a master’s and Dietetics and food from
Agnew simultaneously I am doing an internship in bio stats and epidemiology
Department of ICMR ni CPR therefore I am working on a research paper sir I am
keenly interested to make my career in clinical research as a research
assistant for what I am learning statistics and SPS software – I would be
immensely grateful to you if you could guide me at how I how should I proceed
further for this work and need to learn which new skills – I am also open to
global opportunities kindly respond as soon as possible
so thank you so much for your question I have done a video on how to get jobs in
India before so for those that also want to watch that you can type in how to get
a job in India or how to get a clinical research job in India and my video
should pop right on up if you listening on youtube so to break down your
question you’re currently doing a master’s in Dietetics
and you’re also doing an internship in bio statics and epidemiology so this is
a little strange because you want to get into clinical research but you’re doing
your masters in diet and diet dyadic so know why I have a hard time saying that
alright so first off I don’t I’m not as familiar with the program are you paying
for this masters or not but if you don’t want to do any things with Dietetics and
you’re still continuing to get this master’s maybe you should see if you
could switch it to another masters that’s a little bit more applicable to
clinical research maybe like a master’s in pharmacologic s’ maybe like a
master’s in biology or a master’s in clinical research
itself they do offer those masters now so I would see if you could do something
a little bit more applicable to clinical research than just getting a master just
to get a master’s because as I’ve said on this channel numerous times your
degrees do not matter in clinical research unless you’re being a medical
monitor or something like that your degree does not matter
once again I’ve worked with people in the entry-level job that had PhDs
I’ve worked people that had dental degrees I work with people in all types
of educational advanced education and sure they get paid a little more than me
but not more than five thousand dollars and I just had a bachelor’s so your
education as long as you have a bachelor’s degree it does not matter
past that if you want to break into clinical research and I in fact argue
against it when I’ve done people’s resumes I have in fact told them to
leave off the advanced degree because sometimes that really puts you in a box
and recruiters will pass right on over you because they think that you want to
get paid more than the job is worth and you’re not necessarily gonna do that
much better than someone else who does not have a degree or the advanced degree
so that’s my two cents on that which also doing an internship in bio stats
and epidemiology so once again I’ll see if you can change your internship to
doing it into clinical research I think that is one of the best ways to get into
the clinical research industry is to obviously get some experience and one of
the best ways to get some experience it’s obviously getting internship so one
see if you can change your master’s degree to a more applicable master’s to
see if you can change your internship to a more applicable mass of internship so
you have got to get some experience so even if you complete your masters and
this internship I’m still gonna recommend that you do another internship
in clinical research so might as well just do it now because you’re gonna need
some experience so get an internship and clinical research if you can so that
that is my advice on that and then you want to become a research assistant in
clinical research so you are gonna have to find a company
that has research assistants now there are plenty of companies India’s a is not
a bad place it’s a growing place for clinical research so I would also kind
of expand your job market into maybe study coordinator because a lot of
studies are gonna be run in India coming soon Twenty twenty Twenty twenty one
twenty twenty two because it is cheap to run clinical trials there is cheaper
than other places in the world to run clinical trials there so I would expand
into clinical research coordinator I would see also see if you can be some
kind of clinical trial assistant or something working for a CRO type field
and explore all of these options because the more broad your work search is the
higher chance of you bringing into the industry so I would definitely consider
that also and I don’t think you need to leave India per se but if you were Great
Britain is always a good option to a United Kingdom or Ireland these places
have decent clinical research opportunities but India really does –
especially as a growing growing market for clinical research plenty of CEOs
have operations their IQ via does CEOs does you can work in the TMF you can be
like a they call him attea TMF tech NIT no not a technician but they have an
entry-level TMF role that would that is great and you can apply there you can go
on indeed indeed has a great place page for India and all these companies all
these major pharmaceutical companies have have operations going on in India
so you you figure out which ones are in your area and you go on and imply apply
so one of the best ways is go on indeed I talked about this in my other video
related to India and you go on indeed you type in your city and look at the
clinical research jobs there or since you’re open to relocation I would just
look anywhere in India and if they hire you then you can relocate there so
that’s my advice you should definitely consider especially because you’re at a
university consider if they have clinical research and get in contact
with you need to get coming in contact with email phone call or show up in
person and see if they have any opportunities for you to get an
internship not many people are gonna turn down you know paying someone less
or even working for free just to get some experience not many people are
gonna turn that down so that’s my advice you’re already at a university so see
what they have opportunities there see what other opportunities they have other
universities for clinical research and get in contact with those folks so thank
you so much for your question as always if you’re interested in any resume
review helped or any interview preparation or any LinkedIn profile make
over email me alie clinical group at
take care you

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