How To Get Customers With A Marketing Plan | Brand Strategy
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How To Get Customers With A Marketing Plan | Brand Strategy

hi I’m Nanci and this is what I’m planning I’m not going to bite you or anything let me tell you about my last one-on-one
client experience that lead me to this decision and then I’m gonna tell you
what you will be learning in my course figure that I want to create small
business owners who will go into the brand strategy direction it means making
better marketing decisions it also means that you will not like waste money on
useless advertising for instance this is not about online marketing this is about
marketing in general it’s going to be the exact same thing online and offline
so what I did with my last one-on-one clients was a little bit different from
what I used to do my bank accounts didn’t like it but it was actually
useful to understand what was wrong because I noticed that any client of
mine who has a great brand strategy in the hand actually didn’t follow it so I
just wanted to understand why because asking them why didn’t you do this would
that made them come up with excuses so I wouldn’t have been able to find the
actual reason why they didn’t follow my brilliant brand strategy so with my last
one-on-one client we settled for a small amount in the beginning and then the
rest would have come from selling actually selling the product
he should have started like three months ago and he shifted the selling part to
October which is a bit too much for me I mean I’m not going to work for free
until you’re ready to sell also because I know that he is not going to sell that
much and I’m telling you what saying is that he didn’t understood my brand
strategy the brand strategy includes a marketing persona so studying the
marketing persona I got that the first place worth to be present as a brand was
Instagram then Twitter not something to invest on but Twitter
too and last one Facebook because that marketing persona is not spending time
on Facebook instead my client decided to invest a thousand euros on Facebook Ads
from red she got only pretty much insult because it was not where we were going
to find our marketing persona and I highly doubt that something good is
going to happen if he doesn’t understand the brand strategy I gave him and he
stops using the things that he is convinced are going to work because some
other marketing experts says it’s going to work first time I got there it showed
me like it was a template given for free by a so called
Italian marketing expert in my ear man upbeat this is not a point thing is that
if you give a free template people is going to fill it in with what is in
their mind so the first thing I’m going to do is to change the mindset I want to
change your mindset I’m not going to like compel you or something or fire you
whatever it is that webparts do my idea is to explain you how to turn your
mindset from being focused on your business your product or service to
being focused on your marketing persona because that’s what you have to do you
want to sell not because you say oh hey I’m selling this you want to sell
because your potential customers would be so persuaded to buy your stuff
because your stuff is going to do the magic trick that’s going to improve
their life you build your product or service not just for the sake of doing
it you have a plan in mind I’m sure you started to solve a problem doesn’t
matter if it was your own problem that’s actually going to be a lot better to the
storytelling point of view but that’s another story
doesn’t matter if you were already in this field and noticed a problem with
your customers just like I did doesn’t matter what reason was it I’m
sure you had the reason to start building this product or service which
might be something very new or being improved something that already
existed and you improved it so the very first module of my course is about
changing this mindset finding out what was that reason and I’m sure you can do
it on your own let me tell you that you need some kind of plan some kind of
step-by-step system to follow something your product or service is your thing
and you can’t see it clearly that’s what my course is going to be about I’m gonna
help you do that so that’s it that’s why you’re not getting customers because
they are following someone’s template who didn’t actually tell you what’s
behind you’re probably doing it good but actually there’s something else to be
done before that’s what I’ll be doing my course I want to deliver it by September
1st so I’m running out of time my one and only issue right now is the name so
please let me know in the comments below if you have any advice about the title
like the video subscribe to my channel for more tips and let’s make everyone
love your business as much as you do thanks for watching and see you next
time with a new quick online marketing tip and if you want my freebies
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