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How to get more LEADS | Marketing Strategy 101 | “Start a Painting Company” – Painting Business Pro

Hi there Eric here, welcome back to Painting
Business Pro. So we are going to get into a little more exciting things, hopefully after
the first few videos, you freed up some of your schedule by eliminating a lot of the
things that you’re doing in your business that you just don’t need to be doing. So
now that you got this free time, you know you want to spend your new free time doing
the things that are most valuable for your business, which is marketing and sales. You
know what’s, really great about marketing, is there is a lot of ways to set up marketing
so that’s very automatic. So you can actually create an ongoing flow of leads, so you can
actually spend almost all your time focusing on sales.
When you spend all your time focusing on sales, that’s when you’re going to make the most
money but also once you’re spending so much time on sales that you’re actually getting
really busy just doing sales, that’s when you have an opportunity to start to higher
other people to do sales for you. So we are going to get into sales in the next couple
of videos, which I can talk for hours about sales but once you do get good at sales, marketing
is incredibly easy because the whole key to marketing is your return on investment. So
what I mean by that is if you stand a $1,000 on marketing, so a dollar spent is a $1,000
and you generate $10,000 in revenue that would be ten percent not return. Ten percent is
how much how much you spent on marketing. So I would really be focus on ten percent
or less. In my business, our marketing expense is actually about three to five percent, but
that’s because we are really good at sales. So when you’re testing out, we’re going to
get into these different forms of marketing and when you’re trying to figure out how to
market your business, you just got test things. So just try things out, you got to be willing
to spend a little bit of money to see if something is going to play out for you. I’m going
to attempt to save you some time and money by letting you know what things haven’t really
worked for me in the past and things that you can try out right away to start getting
more leads. So again the key to marketing is to test,
because there is a lot of ways to do it, you want to test it and what you’re testing
for is what percent of revenue do you spent on marketing, and as long as you’re spending
ten percent or less to get jobs, then I would continue that market. So there are three forms
of marking that I kind of look at, one is direct, so direct is exactly how it sound,
it’s very direct. In fact this is how I’ve generated probably ninety percent of my business
over the last several years and what we do, is we go door-to-door. So I’m not going
to get into a lot of details about that right now, but what’s really great about going door-to-door
is I’m the first person there, so I’m always the first person to take a shot at the job.
A lot of times I catch people before they decide to start getting estimates, so there’s
a little bit less competition. But also what I like most is that I’m in control of the
number of leads I get because if I want to get ten more leads, I just have to go knock
on more doors or I need to hire more people to go knock on more doors.
So basically all we do for this, and I will get into more depth in all of these things
in another video but all I do, is I walk up to a house that needs painting in my target
neighbor and knock on the door and I say, “Hey, how is it going? I hand them a flyer,
hey how is it going? I’m Eric, I’m with Foothill paintings. I notice you have some
peelings up here, so I wanted to give you some free estimates.” And they say, “Okay”
and I said “okay, what’s your name? What’s your number? What’s your address? What you
guys think about painting this year? Are you looking to change the colors? And are you
looking to do the whole house or just certain areas? Okay great, I will give you call in
the next day or so to schedule a time for an estimate.” And this past year we were
getting about eighty to one hundred leads a week just from door- to- door. So this is
a really, really great way to generate business, but it does take a certain level of skill
and training to be able to train people to do that effectively, which I’m going to
get into later. The next thing is passive. So passive marketing
is like my lease favorite kind of marketing, I absolutely hate passive kind of marketing.
Passive marketing would be like directory listings, so I’m sure many of you have tried
this at one point or another, there are tons of companies out there that are trying to
do this. They do it in a lot of different ways, so one is being listed in the yellow
pages, being listed on other directories; there is also ones that build web sites for
you. So they would build you website and tell you that you’re going to start getting all
these phone calls from your websites. Quite frankly you spend a bunch of money up front
and hope you’re going to get lead later that’s what passive marketing is and that’s why I
hate it. There’s no guarantee of the number of leads I’m going to get and frankly all
the passive marketing I have ever tried has been pretty ineffective. And I’m not saying
it’s not going to work, it won’t work for you know everybody or it won’t work for
anybody, I’m sure this does work but I would not start here for couple of reasons, One
is because you have to pay money up front and you might get leads later, you just don’t
know. The other reason is it might take a while before you start getting those leads
and I don’t want you to go and spend money and take a long time to get that money back.
So I wouldn’t recommend to start with passive marketing, I just wouldn’t recommend it.
But some places you can look just like yellow pages directory,,, those
are the companies that build the website. But again here’s is the third reason I would
not do passive marketing, is anytime you get listed on one of these other people’s web
sites, if a customer goes online and searches for you, so they go on there and they search
for my company Foothill Paining. So if I go on all these directories, someone goes online
and wants to hire me and they type in Foothills painting, all these other companies that I’m
listed on, they are such bigger web sites that they ranked higher than my website does.
So what ends up happening is they end up stealing my customers and selling my customers to me.
So I don’t really don’t recommend doing that or use any service where they want you
to build a profile, because when you build a profile, essentially you’re helping them
market their website better and they will end up stealing businesses from you, which
is super frustrating. So that’s direct, that’s passive.
And by the way just take a step back, direct marketing when we do door-to-door, I pay my
employees per lead, so I don’t pay them per hour, I pay them per lead. So that I’m
not paying you know $100 to someone to not get me any leads, I pay a $100 for ten leads
and so on my list. So I really like- I really like the idea of trading money for a lead,
not trading money for something that might get me leads.
So that takes me to the third thing, and this is the other way that I market my business
is from lead buy. I think lead buying is great, because there is a lot of companies out there
that do this and what they do is essentially they find customers who want painting estimates
and you can pay these companies for those customers. So they range in price and they
range in lead quality, so you really got to test them all out, I’ll actually name a
number of these companies. But this is actually really outstanding way if you’re trying to
get started or you’re just trying to really grow your marketing, this is just such an
amazing way to do it because you’re only going to pay when you get leads.
So there is about six companies that you can look into, some of them are better than others,
there is one that I recommend the most and that’s
tends to have better lead quality, it’s less expensive and they don’t sell the leads to
as many companies. So basically you can learn more about at
and you can find out a little bit more about how that works.
Some of the other companies that you can look into it as well is home advisor, that’s,,,, networx that’s,
those I think are the other big ones that I’m pretty familiar with. Now I wouldn’t
recommend starting with some the others, because like I said my experience the quality of leads
has been best here. The most important thing for you when you’re buying leads is that you
have a good sales process, because if you don’t have a good sales process and you only
get like one out of- you only win one out of ten bids, then you’re just going to spend
too much money and it’s not going to fall in this ten percent. But if you have a good
sales process, you will be able to close these leads.
So I mention in a previous video Shawn and Shawn is a guy I helped start a painting business
just recently, and I trained him on sales over four phone calls that were an hour and
a half each, I trained him on sales and then he signed up and he started getting leads
from The first day he signed up he got his first lead, he set up the estimate
using the script that I gave him, he went out there on Sunday and booked the very first
job, the very first estimate he ever did for twenty seven hundred dollars. Two weeks after
that or a week after that, he booked another job where he was the highest price. Okay so
if you have a good sales process, this will work. And again we are going to come back
to sales processes later. Now if you can, if you can get success using then I would recommend trying the others out and that’s what Shawn is doing
right now, he is trying home advice, he is trying thumb tack, is he trying craft jack
and networx and he is trying all these other things, he is trying door-to-door and is kind
of just tracking it all and seeing what’s going to work. So just to kind of give you
an idea what’s possible, let’s say you got your sales process down really well and let
say you didn’t want to do indoor-to-door or you didn’t want to do passive, you just
want to do the lead buying which frankly is one of the easiest ways to get leads. If you
sign up with, home advisor, thumb tacks, netwrox, craft jack and if all
of those actually were profitable for you and they all fell in under the ten percent
goal, you could probably get about twenty to thirty leads per week that our customers
who are looking to get panting done and those leads just get email to you or text message
to you. I know at you will get a text message and an email the second
somebody request an estimate, so you can just call them right away and a lot of time they
are still on the website looking at stuff about painting.
So these are few different ways you can start with marketing, I would really encourage you
to be very, very diligent about tracking everything, because that’s really all that matters. Once
you find out what works for your business, then it’s just a matter of duplicating it
as many times over as you can. So when I went door-to-door and I realize I can get a lead
an hour then it was just a matter of getting twenty people out there knocking on doors
instead of me. Once I knew I could get leads with and four clones, I
can get leads with painter choice all across Colorado and then I start trying the other
one. And those are the two things that have worked for me, I would encourage you to try
those things out but do something, track it and see what works. But first make sure you
got a good sales process, that’s what we are going to going into next.

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21 thoughts on “How to get more LEADS | Marketing Strategy 101 | “Start a Painting Company” – Painting Business Pro

  1. I ve been in business for four yrs and I always struggle during winter months. Mostly because I some times cant find good workers and im always having to retrain people. I provide everything from roofing yo flooring to painting. Would u recommend doing just one profession and using subs better then doing the work myself.

  2. I ve been in business for four yrs and I always struggle during winter months. Mostly because I some times cant find good workers and im always having to retrain people. I provide everything from roofing yo flooring to painting. Would u recommend doing just one profession and using subs better then doing the work myself.

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