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How To Get Your Music Heard | Influencer Marketing In Music

– Welcome to the music marketing podcast. Today, we’re going to be
discussing influencer marketing. I think influencer marketing is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. – Yeah. – There are agencies
specifically made for it. Influencers are really big, a lot of people kind of
dream of being an influencer but it is really beneficial
in music industry. The major labels are looking at it, the major labels are
focusing heavily on it because they are seeing the results. So we thought it would be
beneficial to talk about it today. Talk about how you can do it
if you’ve got a big budget, a medium-sized budget,
no budget at all as well. Should we kick off with
kind of what influencer is? – Yeah. An influencer is someone
who has influence. They influence the buying
decision of their followers. So an influencer could be
anything from a TV presenter, they would still get sponsorship
deals back in the 1980s but today, an influencer refers to someone with a big following on social media. So whether that’s a
YouTube subscriber base or a big Instagram following, then they have the influence and the power to go out there and make
people buy a product. So what happens is you follow someone who is ultimately your
idol and you love them, you love their content, and then of course when they promote a product
because you value their opinion then you are going to make a purchase because you value their opinion and you will remember that brand. – Musicians are also influencers because people like Stormzy,
people like Lewis Capaldi, Mika they’ve all done
collaborations with brands because they have an
influence over their audience. So I think we’ve spoken about
this in a previous podcast, about kind of brand
collaborations and stuff but Lewis Capaldi did a brand
collaboration with Greggs, Mika did a brand collaboration with BMW. So, musicians become influencers but, I forgot that’s probably
a different podcast but it’s so you guys can
understand what an influencer is, what they do. There isn’t always, there’s
quite bad stigma attached to it. – Yeah, you’ve probably
seen it before as well. And the reason there’s
a bad stigma attached is because there’s so many
of them that are bad at it. – Yes, so bad. – There’s so many of
them that they don’t know how to integrate it into their content and it just looks cheesy
and it looks cheap. And it’s like, have you
ever watched an old movie, and it’s got blatant product placement. Like, I watched the Jurassic Park movie. And like, everything was
like, take a sip of Coca Cola, it was obviously sponsored
by Coca Cola, Samsung, and every single vehicle
in it was a Mercedes. – Yeah. – And it just kind of ruined it. But good influencers are
those who can integrate it into their content and say, look, guys, this is a brand that is supporting me. And I’m going to do some
content all around it. – What’s fantastic is I
think music can so easily be incorporated into influencers’ content, and that’s why it’s become
so big in the music industry. Because with brands it
can be quite difficult because they have to think of the creative for it to smoothly flow into the content kind of looking organic, but with music it can appear so organic. – Yeah. – Because that person can
just be a fan of that music. They can just have come
across that artist. And we’ve seen it was psycho
do it with an influencer we work with and they
basically did placement for was it Stormzy? – I think so, yeah. – Yeah, I think so. I’m not 100% but they basically, yeah, they basically did placement
there with an influencer on a story so they are doing
it and obviously, it’s getting the results otherwise they
wouldn’t invest in it. – And the influencers we
work with are loving music because they can so easily
just put it into their content unless you’re asking them to do something. It’s so easy to add a track
on your Instagram story. So it’s pretty cheap in
comparison to like brand deals and long term deals and things like that. But that’s going into the details. So how we covered
everything about kind of– – Who are influencers. yeah, I think we’ve covered it. And why would a musician want
to work with an influencer? – Yeah, I mean, so if
you follow our videos, we’re constantly saying you
should get your music out there, create content and also
use social media ads, which cost money. And if you also are not
someone who frequently watches our videos, do subscribe. We’re uploading three days a week now. So this is my opportunity to do a little plug for our channel. Subscribe because we
upload three times a week and also hit notifications
because you’ll get notified straightaway and be able
to get in the comments and we’ll reply to all the early comments. But when you’re using ads,
then you’re paying for it. However, you do have an influence. So it’s coming from your own account, which doesn’t really hold
too much credibility. Like Of course, you’re
gonna say it’s a good track, it’s from your account. However, if an influencer
says that your track is good, and shares it, then it’s
going to get you more streams and it’s gonna get you more credibility. What I’d like to see is
influencers sharing the content from an artist rather
than the track itself. And the reason for that is
because users are on social media to consume content,
they’re not on social media to go and find a new track to listen to, when I go on Instagram,
I’m very rarely prepared to listen to a piece of
music, I don’t know, you? – What I think is what
can make it work though is I compare it to if your friend
recommended a song to you, you’re more likely to listen
to it then having an ad. And a lot of people become
kind of close with influencers. They build a relationship where it does feel like a friendship. So for example, some influencers I follow, I do completely trust them. And I think if they did recommend
a song, I might swipe up or tap the Spotify widget and
I actually fully stream it. – Yeah. – It’s similar to that and also similar to kind of like a modern day
version of getting press. – Yeah, it is. – You would get in,
you’d want to get in NME, you’d want to get in Q
because they are influential and they get your music
in front of an audience, they’re going to like it. And if you choose the
right influencer that has the right audience, it’s exactly the same. And you’re also guaranteed to get it and know what the creative is
rather than pitching to a blog and fingers crossed they don’t
write a really bad review. – Yeah. – So I think this is the
modern day version of that. – I’ve got a video coming out
soon on influencer marketing, and just explaining everything in the very details of how it works. And in that video, I
explained that word of mouth is the strongest form of
marketing, everyone knows that. If you recommend a product to a friend, the friend is more likely to buy it than if they see an ad, always. What influencer marketing does is instigates that an
initial word of mouth. So I see something on my
story and one of the accounts I absolutely love, gives a
shout out for your track, I then take it think it’s a good track. And I feel reassured to go and
tell Maddie about this track, because I’ve heard it. Maddie does not know it’s
come from an influencer, it’s come from me, and
she tells someone else and then they tell other
people and it spreads that way. So you’re originally creating credibility. And originally it’s an ad,
but it stops becoming an ad on that first exchange. So that is how influencer marketing works. And that’s why it’s so powerful. – So we know how it works. We know that it can be beneficial. But I think it’s worth us
talking about how you get it because you’re probably
hearing what we’re saying you’re thinking this is going
to cost you 10s of thousands. But there are honestly
influencers that have the most engaged audience
with 20, 30,000 followers that only cost 20 to $40. So should we start with how
you find the right influencers? What you should be paying,
what you should be asking for. – Yeah. – I think you find the right
influence by first of all, knowing what your audience
is, your target audience. Because there’s no point
just paying any influencer to just share your track. Because if you are a rock artist, and you get a makeup artist to share it, that probably isn’t gonna be
the right audience for you. I’d suggest first of all, working out what your target audience is, so the age range, the gender,
what they might enjoy doing, and then finding influencers to fit that. Best way, probably hashtags then. – Yeah, hashtags is a really good one, because you know that
their content is organic, and it’s been picked up by
the algorithm and it’s kinda gonna reach a wider audience. I used to use like
platforms such as FameBit, and I found those influencers
to not be very good, they were just money grabbing. My favorite tip at the moment, is to go through your friends
following on Instagram and see who they are following. And once you know that they are legit, because your friend is following them and they don’t have fake numbers, then you can go and get a shout out. And to be honest, it’s good
bragging rights that you can go and tell a friend that you
got a shout out for your music on that influencer’s story. So there are other ways to do it as well. There is a like a Google hack, which I don’t think I’ve told you about. But this is how I find influencers. I’ll paste the text down below on what you should be putting into Google. But basically what it is, is
it’s put in quotation marks. And because I Instagram every
influencer has 20 k followers. So it abbreviates it
instead of putting 20000 it says k followers. So, you put k followers
in quotation marks, and then miss out the number. And then put your niche in. So say you wanted to put
like skateboarders in you put skateboarder then in
quotation marks, k followers. And in the Google results, it will show you all of the results that bring up all the skateboarders
who have skateboarding in their bio or use the hashtag, and it will show up on
the results of Google. One thing I forgot there as well, you have to paste it down below, but you need to limit your search to only as well. So I’ll find out, I don’t
know it off by heart, but I’ll paste the code down below. So you can use it and
find your own niches. So, that’s a really cool
way of doing it as well. – You can also start with
influencers you follow. Because you know they’re legitimate because you really enjoy their content and you are probably your
target audience as well. Because you’re creating music you like so you are your own
target audience in a way. So the influencers you
follow are also gonna have your target audience most probably. So I think that’s a really good one. And I also think you can go
really, really, really niche. So for example, Alex works
with a lot of influencers That are– – Pilots. – Pilots, that’s the word. I was about to say airplane. Oh, airplane, or pilots, or air hostesses, that’s what I was looking for. And they have such engaged followers. – It’s insane. Because they travel so much, they put up such beautiful pictures, but they’re always up
for listening to music and music goes so well with their content. So pilots is a good one. I love those guys. They work so well with us. And they’re constantly traveling, they’ve constantly got content. And yeah, work so good. – Yes, it definitely is. You can work with the
ones that you follow, your friends follow, the niche ones. And you can be really specific about that. So if you have a chilled sound, you can look at more kind
of travel influencers that show more sunsets
and things like that. But then there’s also the
micro influencers as well, we could talk about which is unpaid. And I know– – Before we go into that– – Yeah. – I do wanna mention
vetting the influencers. – Okay. – Because what we found is,
if you follow us on Instagram, you will probably be
seeing about a month ago, I had some outrage on
these fake influencers. – Oh yeah. I think we put this on our
Instagram story as well. – I was so– – You telling me how it worked. – Because I fell for it. Because I was like– – I’ve never heard of it either. – I was like talking to these influencers about potentially giving
our artists a shout out. And they had like 30,000
followers to 100,000 followers. And they were asking me
to pay to get shout out for one of our artists. And I was like, cool. I’ll look into it and
look at the engagement. Engagement is huge. I’d look at the comments. They’ve got hundreds of comments. And then I look and see
what the comments were and why they were commenting on it. So guy wearing a hat in his
bathroom with a mirror selfie. And I was like, why? Why do you have 1000 likes on that and 100 comments saying how fire that is. And I was so confused by
this ’cause I need to know where the clients money is going so and whether it’s a good
investment, so looked into it. And they noticed that
all of the engagement was from people who
also had the same thing. They also had thousands
and thousands of likes on their photos, thousands of followers, and also all those same
type of generic comments. But I knew it wasn’t bought, because there were very precise comments. So like the guy is wearing a hat, they will comment on the hat. So it wasn’t bought. And it turns out it is
Instagram engagement groups. So Instagram engagement groups are where people post their content and say, guys, can you go and comment and like, and all of these accounts
will go comment and like, and also they will follow the account. And they will reciprocate
by doing the same on their content. And it just got so messy. So be sure to look at the comments and look at who’s commenting. Because big accounts, commenting
doesn’t mean a good thing. – Also, before we go
into the unpaid stuff, let’s talk about how you
communicate with these influencers, because just DMing an influencer won’t always get a response. Because if they’re huge
you’ll probably just gonna be filtered out of the way. And people that have verified
accounts will go to the top so you might not be seen. So the best way, we found
that DMing does work if the account isn’t huge. So you can look at DMing,
and do you wanna explain how you format kind of the message? – Yeah. So I basically format the message
with the first three words paid influencer opportunity. So if you’re going out to a big account, they get DMs every single day. – Yeah. – And they probably ignore them. And you probably go into their requests rather than their DMs itself. So you got to start with something, the first three words has to be something that’s gonna
get their attention. So I started with that. And I basically say, I’m a musician, I was interested in getting
your price for a shout out of my music, here’s my
track, I hope you like it. And I wouldn’t go too much into detail about yourself as an artist. – They don’t care. – They want to know it’s a good track. And it’s credible for them
to give it a shout out. And they want to know, if
you’re willing to pay them. That’s all they really care about. You get different accounts as well. Some of them are much more prepared to put more effort into the
creative itself as well. – Yeah. – So we’ve had people who, like the influencer just
gave a boring shout out or they’ll take like a selfie and put the track over the top of it. And it’s not much, it doesn’t do much. And there’s others that are
so creative with what they do. They create specific
videos for that track, they go and find third
party footage to be able to put the track over the top,
they’re really work for you. So they’re the ones you
want to try and get. So find out what they’re
going to do for you as well for the money. Because if it’s just
gonna be something boring, and it’s not gonna get engagement, it’s not gonna get clicks. – And more recently, we’ve been working with huge influencers that
do charge quite a bit more, but still not as much as we thought. We had a law in the marketing
industry as a whole, not just music that influences it’s an amazing field to be
in because it’s so cheap. And we didn’t realize
just how cheap it was. You’re talking 1.5 million
followers per story frame $500, or something like that. It does really range, but
it can be incredibly cheap. And a lot of the bigger
influencers, you’ll be able to find an email in their bio
to either their manager or the influencer agency they work with, and just send them an email
and explain and again, put paid influence opportunity
in the subject bar. Explain what you’re looking for. Explain that you want them to
do a shout out for the track and ask for the prices and
they do come back pretty great because they want the money. – Exactly. And music is always negotiable. – Yeah, 100%. – They’ll come back with
the branding prices. But music is always different. – Yeah.
– So remember that. – Yeah. And see if you can do sort
of a discounted price, maybe per three story
frames, because we found that it can be more beneficial
if the first story frame is maybe the influencer
talking about the track saying, oh, I’ve just
discovered this track. It’s really cool. It’s featuring this
person, they’re doing this. And the next one is either a swipe up or the Spotify widget to
them like dancing to it. – Yeah. – Because that looks a lot more organic than them just straight up
having it on their first story and only story. – Yeah. – But you can definitely negotiate prices. And you’ll actually be
surprised how cheap they are. But even some of the biggest
influencers grand and a 1/2 you might be paying for it. That’s kind of the average price you’d see for one of the larger ones. It’s money well spent,
if that is your direct target audience ’cause
it just looks so organic. – Yeah, It’s a good time to
actually cover the paid ones. I think it just kind of
what kind of things they do. Because I think you’ve
covered a lot of it. But if you have the budget, there are other things you can do. So we’ve covered the fact that they will give you a
shout out for your track. – Yeah. – But there are more,
they normally will have more than 10,000 followers. So they can do swipe ups. – Yeah. – So you could ask them to
do a swipe up for your track. You can do multiple stories. So what I find is one
story might not be enough, you might need to have like one story per day for three days, you might wanna do three
stories consecutively. But the final one has to
be a swipe up to the track. So that’s something you can do. And whilst– – Spotify widgets, they can also do. – Yeah. – So that is they can basically
put the little sticker on their story. – Yep. – Which kind of look sometimes
a little bit more organic. – Yeah, I agree. – Whenever someone says
in a video swipe up, I always think it’s an
ad and I don’t know why– – ‘Cause it should be an ad, really. – Yeah. But I feel like people do
do it for their own content. – Yeah. – But as soon as it’s not their content, I just think it’s an ad. – Oh, yeah. And we’re about to hit 10 k
followers on our Instagram. – Yeah. And we are gonna use swipe
up on every single story I know that’s what we’re gonna do. – I don’t even know what
we’re gonna swipe up to. We’re gonna swipe up McDonald’s menu. I don’t even care. But it’s really exciting time. Yeah, there’s loads of things they can do. They can also post onto the feed. We haven’t experimented
with that one as much. – It’s ’cause you can’t link. – But also, I think
it’s because you’d have to more promote the content. – Yeah. – You’d have to get them
to share your content. I don’t think a lot of
influencers would wanna do that. But I mean, if people wanna give it a go, let us know how it goes. Because we haven’t
experimented with that yet. – Yeah. – The final paid thing is YouTubers. We’ve been speaking with
some massive youtubers at the moment for 62nd
integrations, usually that’s the kind of timeline
they look at for a video. Super expensive stuff. But if you have the budget
for it, it could be fantastic. – Yeah. And you could also
instead of that 60 seconds being them talking about the track, you could see if that 60
seconds could be you featuring and they use your video. – Yeah. – And that’s just an insane (mumbles). – Or if you’ve got the budget
get the influences down. – Yeah. – Like if you’ve got a gig
in Manchester, or in LA, find all of those local
influencers and pay them to come down and take stories
and post about the gig. And share the music. And if you you wanna pull the crowd, get the influencers to
announce that they’re going to be there and you
will sell out the venue. If it’s 10 pounds to be in the same room as their favorite influencer. – Yeah. – They will go and pay that money. And they will see you as an artist. – Yeah. – So I think that is an amazing way if you’ve got the budget to do it. – I’m thinking of like
an LA artist right now. If he just got three influencers, they’re in the same sort of field. – Yeah. – To do stories the day
before the gig being like guys, we’re gonna be in this venue, we’re watching an insane
act, you should come down. The next day, they’re literally
just posting it all over their stories, everyone’s
gonna wanna be there. And even if it’s not for the music, and it’s for the influencers,
if you’re good enough artist, and your music’s that good,
they’re gonna become a fan. – Yeah. – Because every artist
that I’ve seen live, and I didn’t really know
them, and they’ve done a fantastic set up,
immediately become a fan. – True, yeah. And also there’s so many
things you can do as well, in terms of you mentioned earlier, before this podcast was like
being in the music video as well, we mentioned that quite a lot, because you said the example. I think it might have even
been in the last podcast Liza Koshy. – Yeah, we need to find
another example for this. – But it’s such a good example. – [Maddie] It’s such a good example. – It got 10 million
views, because Liza Koshy who has her own Netflix show
is in Drax Projects video, and I watch Liza Koshy,
you watch Liza Koshy, and it came up in the
suggested, every single video, it would not go away until
I watch this music video. And that was the only way of stopping it coming up in the suggested. So paying for influencers
to be in the video who already have the audience, I think is an amazing way of doing it. – We’ve covered the paid influencers. Should we talk about unpaid because not everyone’s
gonna have a budget? – Yeah. – Before that, though,
if you do have a budget, and you’re looking at
spending on other things, yeah, we always say spend
on social media ads, on content itself, but I do genuinely believe
spending on influencers is a fantastic way do it. Obviously, you’re not gonna
see an immediate return on investment like you would,
I don’t know music, really. But the return will be in an audience. – And something I’ve just
thought of, influencer marketing is not something you have
to pay a company to do. So for example, if you want
to do social media ads, you’re paying for a
company to have experience in knowing the audience’s target, knowing how to use the
ad platform to re-target, knowing what content
works, you want the press and you want radio, you need
someone who’s got the context to be able to make that happen and write a good press release. Influencer marketing you can do right now. Yeah, we do it as part of our service. We don’t have to employees to do it. You can do it right now. And I love that about
influencer marketing. – I find that funny you say that ’cause as soon as we
start talking about it, I’d say in the last three months. – Yeah. – Ever since we’ve done that
I’ve got so many messages on LinkedIn from influencer
marketing agencies being like you should outsource to us and we’ll find you the right influencers. And I was like, what
do I need to outsource? – Yeah. – And their pricing is obviously
gonna be so much higher because you have to pay for their time as well as the influencers. Just do it yourself. There’s no point not
because the influencers want the money either way,
they’re not gonna care if they’re skipping the
agency to get that money. It’s kind of the sad truth,
but it’s how it works. – Yeah. – Unpaid anyway, so influencers you can do if you have no budget at all. And that probably sounds really surprising because the only way you can
get these people’s attention is if you give them money. There’s another thing
you can add that value can be royalty free music. – Yeah. – We found this one to be fantastic. A lot of people disagree with it, and that’s completely fine,
completely your choice. But YouTubers, if you guys watch YouTube, anyone watches YouTube, you’ll
know that a lot of YouTubers use the same tracks
from the YouTube library from epidemic sound, the same
thing over and over and over like I think I know the same
song that are few days vlogs all of them use the same music. So what you can do is opt
out of YouTube content ID and what that means is when
your track is used on YouTube, the influencer can basically
monetize their own video and not have to pay the artist for that. A lot of artists don’t like this because they make a lot
of money from YouTube they get a lot of views
on their music video or kind of the audio or it’s
used as like an intro song and the YouTube is happy for
it to be shared with them. Majority don’t they
want royalty free music. So if you can, I would
suggest opting out of it and sending it to YouTubers
and we’ve had success with YouTubers of up to three
and a 1/2 million subscribers using artist tracks and they link you in the description of the videos. So you do get that exposure. – Same on Instagram. – It’s amazing. – Same on Instagram as well. You can reach out to influencers, we always find that
makeup is the best one. – Yeah. – Makeup tutorials on Instagram, you basically send your
track over DM and say, royalty free, do you wanna use it. And they can use it in their videos. And they tag you in the caption of it. – Yeah. – And it’s fantastic. Final thing I wanna cover on
unpaid is micro influencers. I know I started going into that ages ago, but you discovered this basically. – Yeah. – You did that whole video on it. – Yeah, I discovered it
basically because we were trying to get shares on our blog,
and someone suggested to me that you should look on Twitter and see who shared similar blogs to yours. – Yeah. – And reach out to them and let them know. And what I realized is you
can do this for music as well. So find accounts similar to sorry, find tracks similar to yours, and then see who shared it on Twitter by just using the search function. So put the artists and track title in and find people who
shared it and reach out letting them know that
that track inspired you to make this track. Do you wanna give it a listen? And honestly, I didn’t
think it was gonna work, I’ll be straight up. I thought no way people
will consider even listening to a track if you reach out with that. But it worked so well. And I did a full video on
it, which we’ll link below and it will just take you
through exactly what you need to do to get thousands
and thousands of retweets on your track from people
with more than 1000 followers. So it will get your track going viral without even having to
spend a penny basically. – And I think basically
one thing I should say about influencers though,
is if you’re just sharing the music, you shouldn’t be doing it with the aim to get engagement. I think a lot of artists, when we get them influencer
opportunities, they say, “I haven’t grown my following.” – Yeah. – And that’s because the
influencer is sharing your music. So the chances are those swipe up or you’ll click the Spotify widget and you’re streaming the track. – Yeah. – That’s the exposure you’re going for, if you really want to push for engagement, push the content and you can use that, the micro influencers unpaid
thing to push content as well. – That’s true, yeah. – If you have good content on YouTube, say you have a similar
vlog style to someone else, you could type in their vlog into Twitter and do the same thing. But to get engagement, you do need to be pushing content rather than music. Because as we say, on
basically all of our podcasts, all of our videos, people
aren’t gonna follow you on Instagram, follow you on Twitter, on anything because of the music, it’s gonna be because of something else, because of the content. – And on the subject of content, I think create the content for them. – Yeah. – So if you can’t add
value by having a budget and paying them, go and
add value in another way. If you see a channel where
it is about traveling, then go and find some traveling footage and ask someone’s permission, can I use this and share it on Instagram. And then they’ll probably say yes, because they they don’t really care if someone else uses their footage and because the monetization
is on YouTube, then take it, put your music over the top and send it to all of the travel
channels and say, by the way, this is all being
permitted for you to use, feel free to share on your story, then you could have all of
the big holiday companies sharing your music by using this content that you have sourced completely for free. So all you’ve done is just
taken the same content, put your music over the top, and you’re getting out to
millions and millions of people, which is better than any form of exposure you could ever wish for. – Or write a song for them, accompany their videos by
writing music over the top. I think we spoke about this in
the previous podcast as well. But you could write a
song for an influencer, their introduction to their YouTube video, something like that, you send it to them. And if it fits perfectly,
and it’s royalty free, they’re gonna use it and
put you in the description of every single YouTube video. Or you could accompany them
with something kind of humorous, you could you could write
music for one of their videos. And then you share on your
story and they re-share it. There’s loads of different ways
that you can kind of hack it a little bit and get free
influencer in marketing. But you need to be creative and you also need to
spend the time doing it. A lot of things in marketing, a lot of things that we explain
are really time consuming, but it’s all worth it. I genuinely believe that
influencer marketing if you get on now is gonna
be so much more worth it because this time next year, when everyone else is gonna do it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. It’s the same as social media ads. It’s now so much more
expensive than it was last year and it’s gonna be the same for influencers ’cause right now, they’re
pretty unsure what their prices. – Yeah. – It ranges massively. They don’t know how much to charge. Sometimes you can negotiate crazy amounts. So I think it’s worth
getting on right now. – Yeah. And also, I’ll link those videos, as well as your TikTok one. I want to link that one. Because I think everyone
should watch that on TikTok. – Yeah. – And using influencers in
that way ’cause that’s so hot. – Yeah. – I think that’s a great place to end it. So, on the screen right
now, you’ll see two videos. One is Maddie’s TikTok video. The other one is my Twitter sharing one that’s the one you should click first and go watch that one
first, then watch Maddie’s. And then subscribe to our YouTube channel if you found it useful
and give this video a like if you wanna, other way around. Like the video if you found it useful. Subscribe if you want to see
more and see you next time. – I think that’s it.

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15 thoughts on “How To Get Your Music Heard | Influencer Marketing In Music

  1. Great video, but can you share the link to the TikTok video, please? Because in the video the picture is visible but you can't click on it. With other words the links is missing. I thank you in advance.

  2. Great video friends! I love the content you guys put out, for real. Keep up the awesome work.

    I own a startup called Tikify. It's a Tik Tok influencer marketing platform for music artists. We've already launched Tikify 'for influencers' & already have some massive Tik Tok influencers signed up and ready to post videos with music and get paid for it! We're launching 'for music artists' in September! Gonna be huge.

    Would love to chat sometime! Keep crushing it with the content & feel free to hit me up. [email protected]

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