How to Grow Your Business Online Presence: The Snowball Marketing Plan
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How to Grow Your Business Online Presence: The Snowball Marketing Plan

So what is the snowball marketing strategy? And why is it so important for your success
online, my name is Jacob of Jacob le video production and the snowball ideas when I came
up with myself, but I see a lot of other people using this imagery or this concept because
I think it illustrates it so well. So I want you to picture you’re at the top
of a little hill and you’re trying to make the biggest snowball
possible. So at the very start, it’s really slow going,
you know, you start with tiny little bit of snow, and you’re packing it on, it’s too small,
even really effectively roll and then you get a little momentum going, you can actually
roll it in the snow. And it can pick up more and more to the point
where you can kind of like push it down the hill and a bit of an incline. And you can use that momentum or suddenly
is picking up more and more and more snow until this thing goes for me inside the huge
really quickly. And I think this can be true for a lot of
social networks. Now, the example I’m going to give is for
Instagram, because there are a variety of ways to grow that channel. So picture, you have 200 followers, you know,
it can be easy to get to that point. Because you can ask your friends or family
or people you know, but let’s say you want to get to 2000 followers on that platform. Now, I do want to say it’s not all about numbers,
you want people who are engaged, and who are a fan of you, and who will miss you if you
went away. But your avenues are a lot more limited. Because, you know, here’s how you could grow
on Instagram, you can encourage people to comment and tag other people, which would
insert them into the conversation. But you know, you may be getting eight 9,
10 likes, or you know, only a couple comments. So that’s going to be pretty rare that you’ll
have a lot of people inserting themselves in the conversation in that way. Another way that more people can find your
page is by using hashtags. Now, for any given hashtag, there will be
the top nine results, the top posts, and you know, if you rank on the top nine, and a huge
hashtag that will do wonders for your channel, if it’s throwback, Thursday, the top nine
anyone who goes to that hashtag will be able to see your post. But also people who follow that hashtag will
be shown some of the top posts. So that would mean tons of people are seeing
your content can like it, comment and follow your page. But, you know, if you’re getting nine or 10
likes per post, you’re not going to rank on those top hashtags, it’s very competitive
is going to be posts that you know, are getting a ton of comments and engagement and likes. Because, you know, they’ve shown that that’s
content people really respond to already. So you can find certain hashtags that aren’t
being used all the time, you know, these can be really local ones, ones that you know,
have 4000 or 5000 posts, and you can be, you know, getting in front of more people using
those, it’ll just be a much, much smaller pool. And Instagram has an explore page as well. However, you know, your chances if you have
200 followers and are getting 9, 10, 11 likes are very slim of making it on any explore
pages at all. Also, collaborations are something that you
can use to grow your channel. But you know, that’s a way to share audiences. So if you try to approach someone with 50,000
followers and are like, hey, let’s do something together, I’ll send my, you know, 95 people
to you, they’re not going to have an incentive to really want to do that. And you can’t capture any their audience. So what would be some strategies to actually
grow your channel on different platforms? Well, with Instagram, specifically, it’s all
about engaging with people, liking posts, commenting, inserting your opinions, finding
questions that you can answer, just constantly engaging with the community. And a percentage of people will be like, Oh,
that was a really good answer, I wonder what this person is about, they’ll go to your page,
if your page and your content is amazing, they will follow you, you can grow and expand
and, you know, I encourage you to find people to interact with that are the type of people
you want to be following you, or our potential clients or customers now, and also, you know,
using hashtags can grow by a little bit using the location can grow it by a little bit,
you really want to keep track of, if you’re showing up on any hashtags, which ones are
doing well, what types of posts people respond to, you know what type of posts, people actually
are tagging their friends. And so you can just keep that going. But it is a little slow at the start. But now, let’s compare that to having 20,000
engaged active followers. So the first thing is hashtags, you can compete
for a whole lot more hashtags, you know, if you’re getting 1000, you know, 1500 likes,
and lots of comments and engagement, you can have a lot more people, you know, tagging
their friends and inserting, and it can spread in that exact way. But when you’re going from more competitive
hashtags, you know, you can get in front of a whole lot more people like 1000 new people
who have never heard of you, they can find your content, they can see what you’re about,
you may have a shot of actually making it on an explore page, which would mean a ton
of people who are scrolling through that could find your content in that way for collaborations,
you know, if you approach that person with 50,000 followers, even though you have a little
less if you do all the work and come up with an amazing idea and are like, Hey, I have
these amazing 20,000 followers, they’re active, they’re engaged, you know, they’ll be able
to see your content, you know, some people may want to take you up on that. And suddenly, you can get in front of, you
know, their audience of 50,000 new people. So, I hope this illustrates, you know, the
exact way that once you get that momentum going, the opportunities can lead to exponential
growth, where it can get a lot easier. It’s always a hustle. It’s always challenging, but it’s just vastly
different. I think it’s a lot harder going from 200 to
2000 than it is, you know, going from 20,000 to
30,000. So how can we take this information and apply
it to growing our online following or growing our businesses presence online? So really, it’s all about going really deep,
with least one channel actually taking the time to not only post consistently but engaged
with people answer questions. And let’s say if it’s YouTube, you know, if
you’re posting at once every two weeks, it’s going to take absolutely for ever to grow
that channel. But if you start posting three, four or five
times a week, and train yourself to be able to speak eloquently on camera and do things
quickly and produce a lot of great content with a rapid pace, you can speed that up exponentially,
because really, it’s posting 100 200, 300, 400
videos and doing keyword research thumbnails, learning, adapting, that’s what’s ultimately
going to bring you the success so I just don’t want people to have their attention split
in eight different ways and never be able to see any one channel truly take off and
get that growth. Anyway, thank you so much for watching this
videos. Please ask me any questions that you may have. Thanks again for your time.

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