How to Growth Business – 3 Ways to Grow Your Business Part 2
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How to Growth Business – 3 Ways to Grow Your Business Part 2

In Part 1 I showed you three powerful techniques
for how to growth business – without wasting your money on marketing that costs a fortune
without delivering the results you want. These techniques will help you rest easier
by knowing your customers and profits are coming in from multiple sources – without
eating away at your profits or forcing you to survive by always playing the low-price
game. These techniques are:
~Identifying a defendable niche, ~Using multiple marketing tools, and
~Managing your mindset. In this video I’ll show you how to use multiple
marketing tools to build a steady flow of customers, rather than relying on just one
or two methods. For many marketers interested in how to growth
business, there’s power and security that comes from having multiple ways to bring in
customers. Now, if you want to know how to growth business,
let’s start with the numerous marketing tools you can use to attract and sell customers. A common marketing mistake is finding one
or two major ways to get customers and ignoring or being unaware of other powerful and effective
methods for how to growth business. That can be dangerous. I’ve seen many people with great income
streams suddenly get into trouble because their primary source of income and customers
had stopped being effective. The Yellow Pages is a primary example – where
so many people depended on them for virtually all their customers. Then suddenly, the Internet came along and
everything changed. To overcome your risk of being dependent on
a single marketing source – and to help you find new ways to get customers, I’ve
created a checklist of 14 big categories, that may be helpful in uncovering methods
for how to growth business. Now, not every category will apply to you,
but there’s enough here to get you thinking and to open your eyes to possibilities you
may not have considered. And don’t be afraid to expand your thinking
beyond what you’re used to. When Apple Computer started opening their
Apple stores, many people thought they were nuts. But today Apple is perhaps the most lucrative
retailer on the planet and their stores have proven to be an integral part of their growth. So be open-minded as you go through these
categories. Ok. Are you ready? The 14 categories are:
~ Identification ~ Location
~ In-Store ~ Printed Items
~ Direct Marketing ~ Broadcast
~ Internet ~ Outdoor
~ Print Media ~ Directories
~ Exhibits ~ Distribution Channels besides the Internet
~ PR & Publicity ~ Sales Promotion. Identification is everything from the name
of your product or business to how it’s packaged. Look at Apple’s iPhone and iPad and you
start to understand the power of packaging and product design on how to growth business. But even people and services can use packaging
to boost their value and results. CNN’s anchor Larry King used his distinctive
suspenders to help package his brand and make himself memorable, while Michael Jackson’s
glove was a key part of the packaging he created for himself. The Maytag Repairman’s uniform has always
been an important part of their brand. To launch their company, MCA, the parent company
of Universal Studios sent their Hollywood talent-agents out wearing suits and ties at
a time when everyone else in Hollywood dressed casually. It made their people stand out from the crowd
and helped launch what ultimately became one of the giants of the entertainment industry. So how could packaging
~ boost your image, ~ help you stand out from the crowd and
~ get more customers to buy from you? Location refers to how easily your customers
can find you and buy from you. Where are you and your products located? Is there a better location that would make
it easier for people to find and buy from you? These are important questions to ask for how
to growth business. Locating near similar products or businesses,
like in a Food court or an auto mall, can really help sales. Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg moved
his company from Boston to Silicon Valley in Northern California so it would be nearer
all the Venture Capital and cachet of technology startups. So, how could location play a more strategic
role in how to growth business? In the next video I’ll go through the rest
of the 14 categories, plus you’ll learn about the power of your own mindset in how
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