How to Have GREAT Hair with NO Hair Product | Mens Hair Tips 2017
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How to Have GREAT Hair with NO Hair Product | Mens Hair Tips 2017

All right real quit in me two seconds before this video start our new product our new cream Clay Hybrid by Blumaan is coming to you in five days July 12 the drop is coming. It’s official Hybrid by Blumaan is coming It’s going to be available very soon for those of you. Who don’t know exactly what it is Don’t worry of course as always I’ll have a full features video on the blumaan website itself telling you all about it But in sure we’ve got our cavalier Which is our heavy hold thick clay which excels well for people on the normal to thick hair side with the cream Clay that we’re coming out with we aim to bring that clay experian But to a kind of a lighter, you know more creamy product But it is a cream clay so a creamy application smooth breakdown goes in easily But you still get that Texture and that grit that you would from a solid clay product the product that I used to style my hair in this video is hybrid by blumaan but I didn’t have it in its official jar, so It’s still the same product just not in the official jar, but that said hope you guys enjoyed the video Wait, what’s it? Is this really a blumaan video right now a man lives to tell everyone about hair product the man who owns? his own hair product company link in the description How can this be don’t get me wrong? I love hair products I use them pretty much on a daily basis But I talk so much about different hair products different creams waxes Clays you use this bit use that to bet that sometimes it’s easy to overlook the overall process Or cross process yet process. It’s easy to forget that there’s more involved in a great hairstyle than just product alone That’s what I want to focus on today Go back to the first one there is one thing to do that is the most important process to having a great hair style And that is your haircut your styling options and especially having a good hair style is very Limited if you have a bad haircut, and I’m not just referring to you. It’s like a barber messes up your haircut I’m also talking about if you don’t go in for life trims and your hair is getting all raggedy and jaggedy trying to sell your hair when your hair simply isn’t I’m ready to cooperate because if you go too long, it’s too poufy, it’s too out of control it just Doesn’t work like that or at the very best you’ll be left with subpar results Meaning you might give to achieve a little bit of something But it’s not going to look nearly as good as if you had the right haircut or at least you know you were you had A maintained haircut, what’s that he I? Experienced this just before this cut and even my cut now has grown out a little bit before this I hadn’t been in for haircut In a while, and there’s nothing I could do to maintain this kind of volume that I normally do you know that is kind of like my common everyday hairstyle sizzly because my hair was too long And it just flop over getting that haircut getting too maintained fixed it right away number two is the blow drying process This is ladies and gentlemen gentlemen mostly This is the most important process that you can personally do because a haircut usually done by like a barber This is a most important process that you can personally do to achieving great hair without hair product Or at least before hair product a lot of people treat the blow drying process is a way to simply get your hair Into there and yes, like I mean sure that’s the main purpose but there is just as much technique in the blow drying process as there is in picking a right hair products to finish off your Hairstyle in fact I would argue that there is more technique involved in the blow drying process to ensure a long lasting hairstyle then in Product as opposed you know if your post styling finishing off So the main important blow drying steps to take to ensure great hair are as follows you want to start with Completely dance hair because the damper your hair is the more it’s going to listen to you during the drying time while you’re actually Blow-drying your hair if your hair is completely deaf It’s not naturally drying And if it starts to naturally dry it starts to reform back into its original state you The whole point of like using a blow dryer is to arrange your hair the way you want to you do that by starting out? With a completely damp hair and then surprised the price you want to dry your hair until it is Completely dry in guys blow drying for like 20 to 30 seconds just trying to get that volume up there You don’t get your hair into the air and then that’s it But if it’s not completely dry the same problems that I just explained will occur Your hair is still a little bit wet and it dries naturally That’s going back into its natural form you’re not trying to have it in its natural form so dry it 100% and the final most important step for using a blow dryer This is the one that most people overlook the one that they kind of skip actually spend time Drying your hair with cold air for like at least another 30 seconds and even up to a man cold air on dry hair is Locking that hair cell down and really freezing it into place I guarantee if you spend time drying your already dry hair with cold air just Reinforcing that position you’re going to have a much longer lasting hairstyle than if you skip this simple step it’s so easy It’s so easy to be Michael do the third way to have great hair without product It’s being realistic with the kinds of hairstyles that your hair types can achieve in the first place I can’t even tell you how many times to see people say my coconut you maruyama Debose hairstyle, so let’s just and beautiful, but I have really thick and curly hair so how do I do it? you can’t I mean the closest you could get and that scenario is by sending out your really thick hair and using the Straightener to straighten out your curls, but even then your hair texture is different from Say Mariana Dubai Oh, and therefore the results will still look different I would encourage you guys to look for hair inspiration from people who have a similar hair type to you There is always the opportunity to maximize your hair styling potential more often than not you’ll be left with the hairstyle that doesn’t look right For your hair type. See when it comes to hair products think of them like a tool in your arsenal To help you improve and enhance think of it like a construction like you’re building something if you’re building a house you need a solid Foundation you need to mail to me the hammer you need Wood or whatever material you’re using and then when it’s finished and put together you coat it with a nice layer paint you add in Decoration their products are like your paint and decoration it can vastly improve the look of a hairstyle But it shouldn’t be solely relying on to have great hair in the first place. That’s it. I love hair products I may use it pretty much every day Thank you guys for watching if you did enjoy this a thumbs up is always appreciated Social Networks Instagram Facebook that kind of stuff check it out in the description down below Thank you guys for watching and I will see everybody next time

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100 thoughts on “How to Have GREAT Hair with NO Hair Product | Mens Hair Tips 2017

  1. Got a male haircut.. undercut today lol, R.I.P all my long hair and I still have absolutely no idea how to style my hair. I'm probably the weirdest girl in the whole class now :/ Love your hair!!

  2. Sir…what to do for curly hair…. although its not so much curls….but it has waves….but i want it to straighten up…but i have straighten up in the salon than my hairs will…not in upward position it will settled down 😐😐

  3. I was wondering if anyone has any advice? Almost every hair product I've tried gives me a headache after a while. I've only tried products that are sold in places like Walmart and Walgreens (inexpensive stuff) . I don't want to waste money on expensive products that I will not be able to use. So far the only thing I have been able to use successfully is pure coconut oil, but after about four hours it just makes my hair look greasy. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem or has some recommendations?

    ( I posted this question on a few different videos so if you seen it before I'm not spamming just looking for help)

  4. Ive tried almost every products mainly gels and (doesnt exclude clays and so on) yet i work at a retail store that i have to bend over from time to time its hot and i have to move fast all the time before i know it i my hair is everywhere (fuzzy with almost no product) and ive also have used to line products recommendations and nothing works have any tips for me?


    Let's start with a minute long product advertisement and end with putting product in the hair
    No means no, bro

  7. Brother can u suggest me few good waxes with matte or natural finish.. Because i cant buy every single wax and try by my own… NB: I have fine(thin looking) hair.

  8. Gonna be honest tho hair products that are widely used international costs a lot more than what I use. My wax is like 5$

  9. I can t understand how can you all be so dependant on hair products. Those are shit. If you have curly hair then let it rock, let it grow and leave it as it is, something new.
    I have wavy hair, i only blow dry it when i go out after i showered if not i just let it dry naturally, gets it volume and in the morning i style it with a brush and it stays until wind blows it off place.
    Not paying much attention about perfect hair is actually more attractive than straight hair that doesn t move, that just looks like you try too hard.
    Bought myself a pomade because of all this youtubers recommending it, got a pomade, used it twice, made my hair look greasy and unwashed with not much more hold and in the second time, used it after a shower and it completely fucked everything up, grease, no control, just shit, cleansed my hair with shampoo 5 time and i coudn t take it out so i left it as it is. Used the come and it was full of hair. My hair doesn t do me that ugly than i took it all out and threw it in the trash.
    Your hair is precious, take care of it, all this chemicals just ruin it, rock it natural and at most blow dry it.

  10. When trying to see if your hair is like someone else's, what are the points you compare it on? Thickness is one. Amount of curl or straightness is another. Any others?

  11. Sir I'm kinda wishing yall make this product everywhere!

    I'm a USA team too, I need them in africa😊!!

  12. Do something on good gels that would help a lot i have really nice and soft hair and i see you use stuff to style hair without damaging your hair what do you do

  13. YouTube title and 599k views clicks on video 600,173 views

    Me: ?

    Clicks of video looks at title and views again 599k views

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