How to improve & build an amazing profile for MBA MS
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How to improve & build an amazing profile for MBA MS

Here’s a common question we get at MBA Crystal
Ball. “I plan to apply to the top business schools
in 2 or 3 years. What can I do during this period to build
my profile for Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, London Business School, ISB…?” And the list goes on. Typically the question comes from engineers,
chartered accountants, doctors and lawyers who have recently graduated and started working. But quite a few students who haven’t even
completed their basic graduation, are also anxious to know how to build their profile
and improve their chances of getting into the ivy league universities. The simple answer we could give you is that
there’s no such magic formula to aim for. And that’s true as well. But that’s not the answer you came here
for. So rather than completely dashing your hopes
of being enlightened about the secrets of what will get you in, let’s look at 5 factors
you can still focus on to improve your chances of getting into the best MBA and MS programs
in the world. There are two areas that you can work on to
build your profile – soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills include communication and inter-personal
skills, intellect, creativity and a keen business sense. Some of these (such as intellect) are inherent,
but some (like communication skills) can be improved with a clear plan and some dedicated
effort. In this video we’ll focus more on the hard-skills. Something that you can put your finger on. Alright, so here’s a list of 5 things you
can do to make your profile irresistible to the top bschools. It’s not that the Information Technology (IT) industry is bad. No way. In fact, the salary, perks, opportunities
in the IT industry are far better than many other conventional industries. But the problem is there are far too many
applicants applying from this field. And the mainstream roles in IT – such as software
development, testing / quality assurance, business analysis and project management – also
won’t get you that ‘Oh, is that what you do?’ kind of an awe-inspiring reaction. So if you have the opportunity, choose an
industry that you love and possibly the one that you would want to continue in, even after
completing your MBA. Why is this important? Because admission officers want to increase
the diversity in the class to enhance the learning for everyone else. This point is more relevant for MBA programs as you might’ve guessed. For MS programs it helps if your qualifications
and experience are aligned with your MS specialization. The second one is to be part of an exclusive
club. Once you’ve chosen your target industry,
aim for the market leaders in the field if you can. For instance, a huge number of consultants
who get into Harvard, Stanford and Wharton have already worked for McKinsey, Bain or
BCG. Each industry has its list of companies with
a halo around them. Within technology you have Google, Facebook,
Amazon, IBM. If the company you work for has a very competitive
and tough recruiting process, it gives admission officers the feeling that you are the crème
de la crème from your chosen industry. Why is this important? Because every university wants to show the
world that it’s highly selective. It helps them build their own profile, just
like you’re doing for yourself. Point 3 would be to take on responsibilities
that your peers can’t or won’t. Most of your colleagues at work would complain
about getting overloaded with responsibilities. Look at the situation differently. If you are doing the exact same thing 5 days
a week and 12 hours a day, you are not making much progress in terms of getting an exposure
to new aspects of the business or the technical area you’re working on. Create new learning curves for yourself. Apart from the technical skills you are picking
up, keep an eye out for opportunities that need business skills. See if you can volunteer for special projects
that have a strategic importance for the management. Why is this important? Because it sends a message to the admissions
team that you are already ahead of the race, and will be able to shoulder bigger responsibilities
after graduation. Number 4 would be to have a life outside work. Even if you are the most brilliant professional
in your company and your bosses think you are the next best thing after sliced bread,
your MBA and MS classmates may not agree. You don’t want to be the uni-dimensional
professional nerd in the study group. At work, your roles and responsibilities are
more stringently defined. Outside work, you are the king of your universe. Rather than while away your free time, see
if you can use it productively. Be part of a sport that you like, join a social
cause early on in your career, start a small entrepreneurial venture on the side. Experiment with many things in the earlier
days and then focus on a few that truly excite you. By the time you are ready to apply, you’d
be amazed at how much you’ve been able to achieve in your spare time. Why is this important? Because, you’ll be involved in a lot of
team-related activities where you’ll have to connect with classmates from different
backgrounds. Being able to bond with others on multiple
things other than studies makes it a fun environment for everyone. Point number 5 would be to show EQ as well
as IQ. Well, this isn’t exactly a hard-skill. But your Emotional Quotient (that’s EQ)
is a good glue to bind the earlier 4 points. While you are working on the top 4 aspects,
show some maturity, professionalism, modesty and other attributes that separate the good
human beings from the rest. Why is this important? Because nobody likes a jerk. A high IQ without a high EQ would push you
into Jerk-land. And no, that doesn’t put you in an exclusive
club that we talked about in point number 2. The important thing to keep in mind is to
achieve a balance. There you go. The 5 ‘not -so-secret’ techniques to build
your profile for MBA and MS programs at the top universities. We’ve left out obvious factors like a high
GMAT and GRE score and excellent academic grades. But that’s only because you already know
that they’re important. And of course this is not a comprehensive
list. Depending on your profile, there may be other
things you can try out. Here’s a word of caution. In your enthusiasm to build an impressive
profile, don’t go overboard with any of the ideas we’ve suggested. Like a plastic surgery gone wrong, it can
harm your profile, not just for MBA and MS applications, but also for your longer term
career. Know where to draw the line. What if you’ve never worked with a market
leader in your field, and never been exposed to the industry you
want to work in after your MBA or MS, and you’ve never done anything special really? The good news is that no one is perfect. But there are ways to put your best foot forward
and position yourself as a strong applicant despite the flaws. Most candidates who work with MBA Crystal
Ball to build their profile come to us with several weaknesses. While we can’t magically transform their
profile for them, we can still look at certain things that can be fixed. And then it’s a matter of packaging what
you have in your applications. That simple and effective strategy has worked
for many applicants If you’re looking for some personalized
profile building and application help for MBA or MS programs, check the description
below and send us an email. All the best to you!

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