How to Integrate With Bonanza – Printful 2019
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How to Integrate With Bonanza – Printful 2019

Hey, it’s Māris from Printful! Let me show you how to connect your Bonanza
store to Printful. We’ll go through connecting your store,
adding products and setting up shipping. Before connecting the two platforms, you’ll
need to create accounts on both. So, if you’re not yet a Printful user, go
to our website, create your free account and then head to Bonanza! There’s a link for both in the description
below. CONNECTING TO BONANZA When your Bonanza store – or booth, as Bonanza
calls them – is set up, you’ll have to go through the activation process. Bonanza will manually review your booth and
approve it. Once your booth is active, you can head to
your Printful account and go to “Stores”. Click on “Choose platform” and select
Bonanza. Here you can find a guide on how to connect. Click on “Connect to Bonanza”. You’ll be redirected to Bonanza to confirm
the connection. The site will ask you to log in, so just fill
in the information here and all done! Easy as that. Now you can return to Printful and start adding
products to your Bonanza booth directly through our product push generator. ADDING PRODUCTS To start adding products, go to your Printful
account and under Stores choose your Bonanza store. Next, click on “add product” and choose the
product category and model from our selection. For this tutorial, I’m choosing Men’s clothing,
“T-shirts” and then I’ll choose this model. Next, create your design. You can create a design using our text and
clipart tools, or you can upload your own. First, choose where you want the design to
go. Then, by clicking “upload file” you can
choose a file to upload from your computer or pick a design from our sample files, by
clicking here. I`ll choose this design. Now you can resize and reposition your print
file. Make sure to follow along with the print quality
information over here for the best results. Once that’s done, under the “Product”
tab select the colors and sizes you want to offer the t-shirt in. And now hit “Proceed to mockups”. Here you can choose the type of mockup you
want to show on your store as your product photo, and you can also choose the image format
over here. Then hit “Proceed to descriptions”. Here, add your product title. We’ll name it “Printful t-shirt”. You can also edit the product description
in this field. As you can see, we already have the basic
product info provided, but be sure to customize when you add new products to improve your
sales and SEO results. For this example, I’ll leave it as is. You also have the option to publish a size
guide on your storefront, either imperial or metric. I`ll leave these settings as they are. Once that’s done, proceed to pricing. Here you can decide on your profit and retail
price. You can see Printful’s fulfillment price
here and then set up your profit here. Once you set the profit, the retail price
is adjusted automatically. You should also take note of the shipping
cost information over here. These are Printful’s flat shipping rates for
this product and are applied automatically when you publish a product on Bonanza. You can find all the information on this and
other rates on our Shipping page. You can also try including shipping costs
in your product base price and offer free shipping on Bonanza – it makes an excellent
selling point! If you have any issues setting up shipping
on Bonanza, be sure to get in touch with their customer support. For this example, I’ll leave it as is. Then hit “Submit to store”. Wait a few seconds for the product to load. And done! Now, if you go back to your Bonanza “Selling
Dashboard”, “Items” and “Add or Edit Items” – you’ll see the product you just
created. As you can see, the product is marked as “ready
to post”. Click on the “Update your booth” button
over here to make this and any other items with the same status available for sale. Note that it can take up to 30 minutes for
your items to be properly indexed into Bonanza databases before they can be found using the
site-wide Bonanza search feature. However, your items can still be found by
users who use the search option within your Bonanza booth, or by browsing your booth directly. Don’t forget to set up your billing information
with Printful in order for your purchases to go through. To make it easier for you we have made “Setting
up billing” video, you will find the link below! And that’s it! If you have any other questions, make sure
to go through our FAQ for more info. You’ll find the links in the description
below. Now go ahead, add more products and start
selling with Printful today! Hey! I hope you found this video very helpful. All the resources I mentioned can be found
in the description below. Check out our other tutorials, subscribe to
our YouTube channel and click on the little bell icon to always get notified when we publish
new videos.

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