How to Launch a Product | (Neil Patel’s Insider Marketing Secrets)
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How to Launch a Product | (Neil Patel’s Insider Marketing Secrets)

hey everyone is Neil Patel here and I’m with Adam from viewership hey guys and today is another episode of Q&A Thursdays we’re here to answer your questions if you have one leave a comment below and we may answer it in next week’s episode so Adam what’s this week’s question this one is from Deepak and it says hey Neil thanks for making this awesome video would you like to make one video about product launches like pros and cons during the launch process sure so the first thing you need to know when you’re doing a product launch you need to have a platform that allows you not only to sell the product but to deliver the product a simple way to sell the product is using clickfunnels a simple way to deliver the product is using kajabi so kajabi allows you to deliver the course to people once they buy quick funnels allows you to optimize a funnel so you can get more purchases and sales technically kajabi can do all of that but I prefer click funnels on the front-end and I love using kajabi on the backend to deliver the course drip people the content over time now that you got the software solutions what you want to do is create a webpage with offering without web page you can use quick funnels you can create a video talking about your product that you have to offer the price points of what they’re gonna get for it and you can just create a script you have a product that you sell right what’s the product that you saw I have like eight different products but for every one of them for viewership I have a viewership Academy all right you have Europe Academy teaches people how to get more traffic from their videos yep how to grow their YouTube channel yeah okay perfect so let’s say your video or your product is on how to grow your YouTube channel you want to go to quick funnels creative video talk about everything that you’re gonna teach them what do you sell your product for for ninety seven four dollars and ninety seven hundred ninety seven 500 bucks 500 bucks if you’re selling something for five hundred dollars you guys can’t go and create a short video or a short piece of text it has to be really in-depth for this what I recommend doing is a webinar and I use webinar Jam that’s right he’s for perfect you take quick funnels you create a little quick intro video you can do this on your iPhone and you say in this intro video hey everyone want to learn how to grow your YouTube channel register for this webinar and I’m going show you eleven secrets on how to grow your YouTube channel once they register you have a PowerPoint presentation the PowerPoint presentation is gonna be around 45 minutes to hour the first 30 minutes you’re gonna educate on all these cool crazy YouTube tactics don’t charge for it just give away all the information for free then after you do that you said hey now that you’ve learned everything do you want to hear a simpler way to actually grow your YouTube channel I showed you all the ways that you can do it on your own but would you like to learn some of the hacks that I use that speed up the process of that way you don’t have to take seven eight months to get results and you could get results in three months and the usually will say yes from there you want to break down all the cool other strategies that you have don’t give away the secrets but briefly talk about them you’re just going over the main head points or topics or headlines from there you’re saying cool would you like to use these tactics to grow your channel versus doing it all manually what are people gonna say yeah and then you can say look I got a special offer for you normally if I did 101 YouTube consulting and you went to people in person you’re gonna charge easily five figures and then you would understand but if you want to do this I have a special offer free you can get it now for whatever price you can I’m saying 500 bucks 497 and be genuine if you wouldn’t charge 10 grand for that information you meet up with people in person don’t tell me you’re gonna charge 10 grand and I know you don’t do that but just general advice for you guys once you have people are saying yes yes yes then what you want to do is just send them to a page where they can end up checking out you can do this all on quick funnels and what I do is then give them a log in through kajabi I deliver the content to them over time and then boom they’re good to go and they’re getting the information it’s genius absolutely and when it comes so that seems like an evergreen funnel right it’s good or you can do that live you can do that once a month right do it evergreen if you want to do it evergreen webinarjam has this software called ever webinar it’s like an add-on to it where it makes your webinar continual and evergreen so that way you don’t have to keep doing webinars and you can just play the old one over and over again still get signups it doesn’t convert as well as doing them live but it still converts wall absolutely I’ll just attest to this because I copied his funnel when he was doing this back in the day and that exactly what he just told you is by far the best thing that’s ever worked for me you know once you got that down you can drive some traffic to it using YouTube ads Facebook Ads you do YouTube ads or no you do Facebook ads mainly and Facebook ads tends to convert better than YouTube ads there this guy that we all use named Jason Horning I’m probably butchering his last name he charges everyone a flat fee of 10 grand a month to manage Facebook Ads I know he works with the biggest players in the space he’s to do my saw Sam ovens Tim Sykes I believe he’s worked with people like Jermaine Griggs Frank Erne Mike Dillard and the list goes on and on but he’s amazing at doing product launches you don’t have to use him when it comes to Facebook Ads I know it’s not the cheapest solution and there’s no money for me to be made by referring him I’m just saying he produce better results for me than most people the other stretch that you could end up doing is you go to all the popular bloggers in your space you hit them up and you say hey I’ll give you 30 40 50 percent of every single sale you drive you do a joint webinar with them they’ll push your product and you can generate sales convertkit does a wonderful job of this their revenue figures are public they’re doing over 10 million a year in revenue most of revenue is driven from affiliates and quote unquote well you people may consider launches in which they’re going to all the bloggers like Pat Flynn from smart passive income and they’re saying hey Pat I’ll give you 30 40 50 percent of all revenue that you drive they do joint webinars push people through and of course you’re gonna get half of yourselves roughly from the webinar happier cells on the back end so make sure that you’re pushing an email sequence over seven days where you’re continually educating people and showing them what they would be getting that they purchase and one final last tip for you over 60% of the people will go to your checkout page and not buy so if 100 people go to your checkout page roughly 60-plus maybe 70 will go to the checkout page and not buy put a remarketing pixel for YouTube and base look create a video that breaks on what they would get if they bought and do the opposite pitch so if your pitch on the front is very emotional here’s the benefits here’s what you get here’s how it changed my life the pitch on the video should be logical all right if your front end pitch is logical the pitch on the back end for all the remarketing is emotional right it’s the opposite because if you couldn’t close people on the first go around the chances are showing them the same message isn’t gonna convert them again so you take all the people who hit your checkout page and didn’t buy remarket them with the YouTube and Facebook video that breaks on what they would get if they purchase and send them back to the checkout page and what you’ll notice is it’ll be your highest converting ad campaign that you do and that’s what we did and it worked amazingly well it still works mind blown that was awesome so thank you guys for participating if you have questions leave a comment below we’ll help you with your product launches I’ll be there I’ll respond to every single one I’ve been doing this I’ll continually do that and of course if you have a question that you want answered in a Q&A Thursday video leave a question below in a comment and maybe it’ll be included I look forward to seeing you guys next week

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