How To Leverage Influencers To Make FAST Money
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How To Leverage Influencers To Make FAST Money

– Opportunity, trend, timing There’s a big boom that’s
happening right now. You’re in it, but you may
or may not be aware of it, now you see it everyday,
what am I talking about? I’m talking about The Influencer Boom. Everyone wants to be an
influencer nowadays, right? They have the Instagram,
they have Facebook, they have YouTube. There’s so many platforms out there. Everyone wants to have a following, everyone wants to be more influential, they wanna have a fan base. Now, research shows that
the Influencer Boom, that is a $10 billion industry, so companies and corporations,
they now realize the power of influencer marketing. Now what is influencer marketing? It means back in the days,
companies, corporations, brands, they were advertised,
mass marketing, right? You run billboards ads and
TV ads and all of that, but now they are shifting a
lot of that marketing budget, a percentage of their marketing
budget, to influencers. It could be very niche influencers, that maybe it’s not mass
market but instead of just, hey, blasting everywhere and saying, “Hey I’ve got this product!”, why not just spend a dollar,
give it to the people who already have influence
over a certain market segment? Some one who has followers
and pay them and say, “Hey, can you talk about my product? Can you wear my product?” Right?
“Can you try my product? Can you showcase my
product to your followers?” And companies find that
hey, you know what, there’s a much better way to do it because there’s much more targeted. Take a skincare brand, instead
of advertising to the world, why not partner up and collaborate and hire video bloggers,
beauty bloggers, right, blog writers, Instagrammers. Why not give them that marketing budget and have them talk about products? Wouldn’t that be way more effective? Now, you may be aware of
this Influencer Boom already and that’s good and a lot of
people, they wanna make money by becoming an influencer. That’s one way to do it but
that’s a slow way to do it because it takes time. You need to create a lot of content. I know that ’cause I’m an influencer. You need to create content, you need to be build the fan base, you need to be on platforms, you need to always be
creating all the time, you have to be right on the ball. Not easy and it takes a
long time to make money. If you wanna make money
faster, there’s an other trend, an other boom, an other Influencer Boom. I’m talking about the
coaching, consulting, courses, online education,
training, business. Now that is not a $10 billion industry, that is a $100 billion industry, as a whole, worldwide. Some say $120 billion. What am I talking about? Anyone that’s offering their
time, expertise and skills to the marketplace in exchange of money. Now you could become
an influencer yourself and that’s perfectly
fine, that’s a slower way. A much faster way to
make money and leverage this Influencer Boom here,
is to serve influencers. Guess what? Anyone that’s in this
space, what do they need? Anyone that’s doing any kind
of marketing and selling, they would need closers,
they would need copywriters, they would need someone to help
them with digital marketing, they would need someone
to help them with funnels, they would need someone
to help them with traffic, they gonna need someone to
help them with graphic designs and on and on and on and on because, in order for them to serve so many people, they are going to need help and if you have a
skillset that could help, that could support this
massive, huge market here, this Influencer Boom,
that’s how you shortcut it. When you are doing that, you can then, while you’re building your
influencer business on your own, taking advantage of it, the slow path of becoming an influencer
on your own, perfectly fine. But you could make money doing this first and also honing your chops,
honing your skills, right? Perfecting what you do and
learn a lot from that as well, and that’s what I’m talking about. And to me, I strongly
believe that is the best way to leverage the Influencer Boom and also make money, much, much quicker. Now, this path takes years, sometimes three years,
four years, five years, because you need to accumulate
a pretty huge following in order to be valuable enough, to be influential enough
for companies and brands to pay you a decent amount of money. On the other hand to support,
to serve influencers, to help them grow their businesses, it only takes a few months, in
some cases, only a few weeks. Sounds too good to be true? I can assure you, it is true. – Hello, HTC family, it’s been a while. My name is Andre Frank and yeah, today I have some amazing news. I’ve achieved my goal that
I’ve had since September, I graduated last year from
season 6 in September, and my goals since then have
been to be a five figure earner and this month I cracked it,
well last month I cracked it but it took the influencers some time to figure out who paid, who didn’t pay and it usually takes a couple of weeks. So now, I have the numbers
right here in front of me and I’ve made $15,111.22 in the month of July. I am celebrating this with HTC family. Here’s to you, here’s to (unknown name), here’s to five figure
earner, here’s to HTC and here’s to a great future
as a high ticket closer for all of us. Thank you so much, this is Andre Frank, the golden closer, see
you soon at CRB, cheers. – Boom, baby, got my first
sale with an influencer. It’s amazing, I’m on cloud nine. I just asked questions,
I listened with intent, I matched her gem, it was just flawless. So I just wanted to share
with you High-C fam. Got my first Boom and I’ll keep
you updated on my progress. I’ve created a four-part training series, showing you exactly what you
need to do to take advantage of and leverage this Influencer Boom. I’m gonna put a link
here, or somewhere here. Click on it and see for yourself.

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88 thoughts on “How To Leverage Influencers To Make FAST Money

  1. i heard on the business station that many many businesses, especially up and coming are looking to influences to promote.

    But just Because you have a large following doesn't mean you have a large influence💪

  2. Dan I really appreciate this video so much of actually open up a lot of people's eyes by just doing this one video and the crazy part about it is that you're an influencer yourself and your a big influencer to all of us that once a change our mentality want to change our lifestyle and we really appreciate it so much then keep it up bro

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  10. In finance, leverage sometimes referred to as gearing is any technique involving the use of debt (borrowed funds) rather than fresh equity in the purchase of an asset, with the expectation that the after-tax profit to equity holders from the transaction will exceed the borrowing cost, frequently by several multiples.

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  21. You can also use influencer advertising to grow whatever business you have. Most businesses still don't know how, and it's still a way cheaper advertising method than most. It can also reach audience members that use any kind of adblock.

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  27. Thank you Sifu, yesterday I moved forward with a very reputable influencer with a list of 100,000 customers. I'll be paid while getting trained, and be making $500/close and scaling up from there!

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