HOW TO MAINTAIN Braids and Twists | Best 4C Hair Products
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HOW TO MAINTAIN Braids and Twists | Best 4C Hair Products

hey guys welcome back to my channel, today
i wanted to come on and talk about my hair because i have gotten a couple questions just
since i started wearing twists and braids about how i maintain them and how i keep them
looking fresh and also take care of my hair underneath. if you want to see all of my tips,
then definitely please keep watching. basically anything with this sort of nozzle
on it is your best friend when it comes to braids and twists because that is what is
going to let you get in between the braids and onto your scalp. you want to keep your
hair clean, particularly your scalp. people underestimate the danger of not making sure
that your scalp is clean throughout the process, you could give yourself an infection. for
me, i really really love this “girl + hair” shampoo, it is just called “under hair care.”
wha ti love about this is that it is so refreshing, it has this pepermint/menthol type feel and
it leaves my scalp feeling super revitalized. i talked about this a little bit in my cocotique
unboxing video but this is a sulfate free cleanser–really great for your scalp, not
harsh, not stripping, but it does leave you feeling really really clean so i recommend
this. one of the things that i really like to use
is coconut oil. coconut oil is a really really moisturizing oil, it is great to use on both
your hair and your skin. using this on your edges is great to really moisturize that area,
prevent breakage, prevent pulling, and sort of prevent the hair loss in that area that
is epidemic to braids and twists. i just get the refined coconut oil, i feel
like it works fine, it gives me what i want from it so this is something that you should
definitely think about getting. you want to get a spray bottle, and i just
have a little moisturizing leave in conditioner in here. sometimes i spray it on my hair just
to keep the hair in the braids conditioned. it helps make the hair softer and stronger
so you don’t come out of your protective style with damaged hair. another thing this is really good for, is
if you fill it with ice cold water when you get your hair done it feels so good, it is
like the best relief ever for that tight braid feeling. and then the water helps the hair
loosen up a little bit quicker, so a spray bottle is going to be your best friend–or
your second best friend to the nozzle tip bottle that i showed you earlier. tea tree oil is essential, it is a fungus
fighter which is so important when it comes to extensions and any sort of extra hair in
your head. it sounds really gross to talk about, but it is a lot more common than you
think. a lot of people underestimate how prevalent it can be if you are not taking care. a little
drop of tea tree oil in your essential oil mix will do a lot to help your scalp stay
clean because tea tree oil is both an antimicrobial and an antifungal. i would recommend getting
a pure tea tree oil and then just diluting it. last but not least, everyone is going to know
what i am talking about here, your oil sheen sprays are of the essence–they keep your
braids looking really nice and shiny. i like to use it every once in a while, not to often,
just to keep the luster there but natural. and then everyone has seen the ORS olive oil
spray. I like the travel size one because it is perfect for on the go–you just spray
it. i love this macadamia finishing shine mist
by carols daughter, it smells incredible. it is almost like a hair perfume. i focus
it on the front, but you can also sort of work it through. that is it for my hair guide
i love you guys so much and i cant wait to see you in my next video. bye!

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  2. thanks for the suggestions! i've been thinking about getting braids during my transition to natural hair. these 2 textures are killing me! 😧😂

  3. Hi im getting my hair done today i was curious of what oils should i mix together to add in the bottle when im oiling my scalp?

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