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How to Make $100 A Day with Affiliate Marketing | Save Money Tricks |

hi everyone it’s seven Howard and I am
here today to tell you how you can make $100 a day via affiliate marketing all
right let’s talk about affiliate marketing so it’s the idea that you
promote a person’s product a company’s product and you can earn a percentage of
the sales based on what you are promoting and how you’re promoting it
usually it involves a customized link or code or there are other ways that you
can earn this money but the idea is that you’re basically getting a commission
based on what you sell for another company affiliate marketing is a pretty
simple product you promote a person or a company’s product and then you make a
commission so let’s take a look at how you can make $100 a day doing affiliate
marketing now I know it sounds like a lot it will bring in about two thousand
dollars a month but it is a reality so let’s break it down first step you need to do the math each
product and affiliate program has a different commission structure so you’ll
want to know how much you need to sell so that you can make a hundred dollars
in a single day that will give you the idea of what type of work you need to
put in to get a hundred a day for example if the product that you’re
promoting costs a hundred dollars and you get 10% commission
your daily sales goal will need to be ten you also need to factor in any money
that you’re using to promote the product and then deduct that from your daily
sales profit and then you’ll have to sell more in order to make up for
whatever you spent so if you’re paying to you know post online ads or social
media ads to help you make your sales then you’ll need to take away the money
that you spent doing that so that it’s not coming out of your 100 dollars a day
so basically you just need to figure out the simple math equation to let you know
how much you need to sell in a day in order to earn a hundred dollars next be
authentic I don’t care what you’re selling what company are working for
what the product is the most important thing is that you need to be authentic
you have to be genuine or else people will just not trust you you have to
actually like the product you have you have to actually use it in your personal
daily life you have to know what you’re talking about
and then people will trust you your followers need to know that you’re
promoting products that will actually enhance their lives and that you’re not
just selling this stuff so that you can make some extra cash plus you’re going
to be more successful if you actually take the time to know understand and use
the product and implement it into your daily routine and that way you’re
actually you know telling the truth when you’re promoting it your followers will
want to trust you so being yourself and being a person that they can identify
with will go a really long way all right let’s talk about Facebook Facebook is a
great place to start because you likely already have a profile and I’m sure
you’re already connected to different groups and pages and people who are also
part of your own niche market the first step of the process is to join a group
that also has members who are interested in the same types of things or live
style that you’re promoting you want to increase your credibility with this
audience because they could potentially become your first customers so be active
in that Facebook group answer questions ask questions engage with other people
until they know and recognize you as a passionate member of that community when
you become somebody that they know already and that they trust and who’s
already proven to be an expert in whatever field you’re working in they’ll
trust you when you say hey guys I have a product and I think you’ll really like
it this takes time it takes time to build up that credibility so be patient
be consistent be active and engage those are the most important things that you
can do if you’re starting on Facebook let’s break it down when it comes to
blogging blogging is a great way to sneak in affiliate links even if you are
being upfront about earning a commission based on sales from those links content
is key here people are not reading your blog to buy whatever product you’re
selling they’re reading your blog because they like to read it and because
you’re saying things that are actually important to them so you want to make
sure that you’re perfecting your writing skills and that you’re writing honestly
and enthusiastically so that when you do put those affiliate links in people are
willing to click on them added bonus cross market your blog on your Facebook
page to that Facebook group we talked about before for some extra promotion
alright now let’s talk about YouTube vlogging is another great way to cross
promote your affiliate marketing products and earn that 100 dollars a day
YouTube is obviously super personal you’re talking into a camera it’s your
face it’s your own words so if you start to build an audience because people like
you and they like your videos and you’re interesting and you know enthusiastic
then they’ll also be willing to check out whatever products and links that
you’re including in the description of your video but obviously content is key
here you have to make sure that what you’re doing is not already being done
by a thousand other people and that your content stands out among the sea of
other people who are trying to do something similar you’ll want to find
whatever popular keywords are associated with your niche focus and use those when
you’re titling your videos and when you’re adding in keywords into the SEO
of your video another tip make sure that you’re
incorporating whatever product in there seamlessly you don’t want it to seem to
like jarring and different from what the video already is next let’s talk about
email marketing email marketing offers the best ROI out of all other types of
marketing with social media you have to worry about whether or not the algorithm
is changing which will affect how many people can see your videos but with
email marketing it is fairly stable and it stays pretty much the same when you
build an email list and you have an email blast that goes out maybe once or
twice a week or a month or whatever it is you are guaranteeing that those
people who are on your email list are seeing your email building that email
list can take time it’s true but if you’re utilizing the Facebook groups
that you’re a part of maybe some of your viewers on YouTube and whatever other
avenues you’re using you’ll be able to build that email list pretty easily
another way that you can get people to sign up for your email list is by
offering a free ebook or an eCourse or whatever that they will automatically
receive once they sign up so say you’re a fitness instructor and you’re trying
to ultimately sell a fitness product what you can do is have a fitness guide
that’s available for download as soon as somebody signs up for your email list
and then that way their motivation to sign up is to get that free guide with
all these great workouts or whatever it is but then they’re also automatically
put into your email list and they’ll be included on every email blast that you
do make sure that the emails you send out are specifically targeted to your
audience and it’s nice to be able to personalize them as well the first step
to becoming a wealthy affiliate is to have a plan you have to research the
products do the math to figure out how much the Commission will be know how
much you need to sell and also factor in what costs you might incur in order to
successfully market the product convert this information into how many daily
visits you to your website so that you can know
more about your audience once you got all the numbers worked out you can start
figuring out what strategy you want to do to earn that $100 a day the best way
to be successful via affiliate marketing is to use all of the methods that I told
you about in this video because then you’ll have several different things
working for you to get people on your email list to reach new people to
attract a new audience it’ll all be working for you and that $100 a day will
come to you as easy as pie affiliate marketing can be hard work but if you’re
passionate about it you like what you’re talking about and you’re just being
honest and real it’ll end up being a lucrative form of income for you for
more great affiliate marketing information go to WWE Philly a unicorn

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