How To Make A Marketing Plan From Scratch! | Marketing Plan
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How To Make A Marketing Plan From Scratch! | Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan for your
product or your service. Hi guys its Sam Dey here from and in this
video I’m gonna be speaking about how you can create a marketing plan for your
product or your service when selling it online. Now I see so many people just
put out a product or just put out a service and just hope to God their sales
or just creates a website for it and then they send me an email and say Sam,
I’m not making any sells what’s going on? And the second I received this email I
know for sure that the person sending it has not got a solid marketing plan
because if they did have a solid marketing plan then they wouldn’t panic
so much and here’s the number one issue that I see people make and here is the
number one element that you need to include in your marketing plan and that
is to ‘do your preparatory research’. So you need to actually research into the
market that you’re planning to sell in whether or whatever product you’re
offering whatever service you are offering you need to research the demand
for that particular product or that particular service now this is super
important so many people get this wrong and they just for example would go
to some sort of wholesale website and then buy a bulk of some sort of product
and then just put it online and create a website and you know Shopify store or
something and try to sell it but you really want to become a student of your
target audience I speak about target audience a lot on my channel because
that is fundamentally your marketing you really want to become a student of your
target customer. ‘Who are they?’ ‘What do they need what do they want what do they
desire?’ ‘What hurts them, what what are their pain points?’ You really
need to understand your target customer before you make any kind of decision to
launch a product or a service because you wanna know what problem you are
solving so when you’re creating your marketing plan and when you’re creating your
marketing strategy the number one thing you do before you even think about a product or service is really striping back who your target customer is, what
do they need, what do they want and what do they desire and how can you meet
their needs in a sufficient way? So that’s number one. Number two once you
identify what your target customer actually wants you need to think
about who is already serving my target customers? So you have two types of
people who are probably already serving your target customers or your potential
customers these are going to be your direct competitors and also your
indirect competitors. So your direct competitors are people who are selling
more or less exactly the same thing that you’re selling within reason they might
not obviously be selling the exact thing you’re selling but within reason they’re
more or less selling the exact thing, so let’s say for example you wanted to sell
a Hoover and you wanted to put that Hoover on the market. So if you’re from America, a ‘Hoover’ in the UK is basically a ‘vacuum cleaner’ so a vacuum
cleaner/Hoover are the same thing. If you wanted to start selling a vacuum cleaner
then you want to look at other vacuum cleaners maybe another vacuum cleaner
doesn’t do the exact same thing as your one does but it’s still a vacuum cleaner
so that is a direct competitor now an example of an indirect competitor is
maybe a dustpan and brush so a dustpan and brush essentially does the same
thing that the vaccume cleaner does you know it cleans the
floor essentially it does the same thing but they do it in a different way. So
your direct competitor is someone like I said they are selling the exact same thing
that you’re selling and your indirect competitor is someone that has an
alternative solution to the solution that that you’re providing
so you really want to look at both ends of the spectrum and see where you fit on
the scale of how are you serving these potential customers that you’re trying
to serve. Now, you also really want to keep in mind, once you have figured out
who your target customer is and you figured out who your main competitors
are and who your direct competitors and your indirect competitors, you want to
start thinking about what sets you apart so this is number three in your
marketing strategy what sets you apart in the market and what makes you
different or unique and this is where the word ‘unique selling point’ comes into
play in your marketing strategy so you’re number three thing that should be
on your marketing strategy is identifying what makes you different,
what makes your product or your service different than your direct competitors
and your indirect competitors because that’s going to be your unique selling
point that’s going to be what sets you apart in your industry from every other
person on the market there’s going to be people who don’t like your unique
selling point and it’s there are going to be people who that is the the primary reason why
they buy your product or why are they buying into your service and not your
competitors so you really need to strongly understand what sets you apart
in the market from everybody else who is selling that and it doesn’t necessarily
have to be the product itself it could be your customer service so maybe you’re
selling more or less the exact same product but you’re just able to get to
people a lot quicker than your competitors or maybe you’re able to
respond to emails or customer queries better than anybody else maybe you have
a longer return policy than anybody else so you really want to understand what
your unique selling point is what sets you apart in your industry and really
promote that and and have that as a driving force but also revert that
back to my tip number one which was your customers so your unique selling point
has to be something that is going to actually really matter to your customers
because if your unique selling point is something that is doesn’t
really matter to your target audience then it’s not going to be as effective
so those are the fundamental aspects of your marketing strategy you need to
number one identify who your target customer is, who
you’re trying to reach who is it that you’re trying to serve, what is it that
they want where is it that they need what is it that they desire you really
need to become a student and know as much as you possibly can about your
target audience whether you are selling a product or offering a service you
want to find out as much information as possible about your target customer and
I’m going to be doing a video soon about researching your target customer so make
sure you subscribe to this channel if you’re not already so you don’t miss
when that video goes live, number two just as a recap is to identify who is
already serving your target customers and number three is what sets you apart
from your competitors and what unique selling point do you have to offer so
this is my first video on creating a marketing strategy there’s so much more
to it but this video would be way too long if I put it all in here, let me know
guys in the comment section do you want me to do a part two to this video? Let me
know if you’re struggling with your marketing strategy or maybe you have a
product or service and you’re wondering why it’s not selling as well as you
think it should be selling? Let me know in the comment section down below if you
want me to do a part two about creating your marketing strategy and if you have
any questions as well let’s let’s have a chat let’s have a discussion, don’t feel
like you’re on your own here we’re sending your products and your service
online that is what this channel is all about. So we can help each other but if
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