How To Make Better Marketing and Advertising Videos
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How To Make Better Marketing and Advertising Videos

– Next to having an in
person conversation, video is one of the most effective forms of communication available today. But, video is only effective if somebody actually watches it. Which is why in today’s
episode we’re talking about five of my best tips that I’ve learned after years of being in front of the camera and thousands of hours filmed on how to create way better videos. Let’s get to it. (upbeat music) Hey there, my name is Adam Erhart, Modern Marketing Strategist, and welcome to the Modern Marketing Show where we help you make
marketing that matters. So, if you’re interested in learning about the latest and greatest
marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics, well you may want to consider subscribing and hitting that little notification bell. All right, let’s talk video. Whether you’re shooting for fun, for family, or for business, we all wanna make way better videos. Fortunately, there are some
proven strategies you can follow to instantly up your video game and make way better videos a lot quicker and a lot easier too. Because you’re here watching this now, I’m sure I don’t need to tell
you about all the benefits of making way better videos. So, let’s skip all that and dive right into the meat and potatoes
with tip number one. This may come as a bit of a surprise, but the most important part of a video is actually the audio. That’s right, the image
quality comes second to audio quality. So, what can you do to instantly improve the quality of your audio? Well for starters, you wanna make sure you’re
using a dedicated audio channel. Which means recording into something other than directly to your camera. You also obviously wanna make sure you’re using a decent enough microphone. Now, the technology has
improved dramatically over the last few years and you’re surprisingly able to pick up a really high quality mic
for a decently low cost. So, when you’re divvying
up your video budget, well you may wanna allocate
that money more to audio than to that new lens or
new video equipment first. ‘Cause it’s gonna have a greater impact on your overall video quality. Also, keep in mind when
and where you’re recording. If you’re in a big empty room, it’s going to sound
hollow and kind of echoey. Same thing goes if you’re filming outside, or you’re filming near an open window, or on a busy street where
there’s a lot of traffic. The time of day you’re
filming can also affect what kind of sounds your
microphone’s gonna pick up. But, a good workaround for this if you just can’t find a quiet
place or a quiet time of day to make your videos, well you wanna pick up
a unidirectional mic. Which means it’s only going to pick up the audio coming directly at it or use something like a lavalier mic, which is gonna help to just
pick up the speakers voice. All right, we’re on to
tip number two, lighting. If having good audio is
the most important thing, well good lighting is a very close second. Fortunately this one’s pretty easy. Just make sure your that your subject or whatever you’re trying
to film is well lit. If it’s too dark the video’s
going to come out grainy and be really hard to color correct later. There are some workarounds of course, like buying a more
expensive low-light lens, but the easiest and by far
the most inexpensive way to do this is just to boost it
with some artificial lights. Even better than that and even cheaper is just to use natural light
by either filming outside or filming near a window. Now keep in mind if
you are filming outside and it’s a bright sunny day, you’re probably gonna need
some kind of ND filter for the front of your lens, which kinda acts like
sunglasses for your camera. If you’re filming indoors however, artificial lights are great
because they allow you to directly control just how
much light’s getting across as well as direct the angles and basically maneuver
them wherever you need to. You can even adjust
the color of the lights by putting different
gels or different screens in front of them. All right, moving right
along to tip number three, the script. Whether you’re planning on
scripting out every single word, every single frame, and every single sequence, well, it’s entirely up to you, but regardless, you need to have a plan. Both to keep things on
track and flowing smoothly in a really clear and consistent manner, but also to dramatically cut down on editing time post-production. After all, if your plan is to hit record and ramble on in stream
of consciousness style, it’s gonna be really hard
and really time-consuming to comb through all the footage later and pick out the gems or the main points you were
trying to make all along. Now, depending on whether
you’re making YouTube videos, an online ad, or a full
length feature film, the script is obviously gonna vary. But, if we’re talking
about something simple. Like say a YouTube video or an online ad, well the script can be really simple and really just highlight
a couple quick notes or high-level topics you wanna cover. Basically, start with an intro, maybe hit three to five main points, rap it all up with a conclusion, and you’re pretty much good to go. All right, tip number four,
which is the location. The key here is to know that the location, the backdrop, or the setting of your video is actually like character
in the scene itself. It has a personality or a mood and can do a lot of the
heavy lifting for you. The obvious examples here are like a fitness
trainer shooting in a gym. A holistic nutritionist shooting in either a grocery store or in a kitchen. Or a doctor filming in,
say a medical clinic. The location or backdrop
that you’re using helps to tell some of the story and immediately lets people
know they’re in the right place. It sets the right tone. It’s also really good
for brand recognition as over time the backdrop or the setting that you use can start to become known and associated with the
videos you’re making. This backdrop for example, has become a pillar of
the Modern Marketing Show, especially the streaking prohibited sign. Seriously, it’s prohibited. So, make sure you pick the right setting for your next shoot and script it in. And lastly, we get to tip
number five, the extras. These are the little things
that dress up your video and help to take it from
armature to professional. One great way to do this is with music. Music is a powerful way to set the overall emotional tone of a video. If it’s upbeat, play
something upbeat, like this. (upbeat music) If it’s serious, play
something serious, like this. (serious music) Whatever the case, just make sure that the
music you choose matches the tone and the setting of the video that you’re trying to create. Otherwise, you’re gonna
confuse your viewer and send a mixed message. Sound effects are another great way to add a little more punch to your message and really get your point across. Not only are fun and make the
video a little more engaging, they also act as a pattern interrupt. Which again, kind of reengages someone into watching your video. Graphics are another great addition as they help to provide a visual cue that matches the words
that people are hearing. It makes a big impact when someone can both see and hear
the words you’re using. You can combine sound effects with your graphics for
an even bigger effect. (explosion) (cheering) Just don’t go overboard,
unless that’s your style. Lastly, we have B-roll, which is essentially nothing
more than supplemental or accessory footage
other than your main shot. B-roll is a great way to
help to tell the story, keep people engaged, and really can also help to cover up, just in case you accidentally mess up some of your main shot. The key with B-roll is to make sure that it’s relevant to the story. It needs to add to it,
not take away from it. All right, so there you have it. Five ways to instantly
make way better videos. Audio, lighting, script,
location, and of corse the extras. So, let me know in the
comment section below, which one you’re gonna
add to your videos next to help to really up your video game. All right, so thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video. If so, make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and say hello in the
comment section below. Also, for more great marketing
strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics, make sure to head over to, which is packed full of all
sorts of resources, articles, and videos to really
help take your business and your marketing
results to the next level and way beyond that. So, thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time
on the Modern Marketing Show.

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  1. Adam – curious how the generous tips provided here include 1:1 video messages with something like Bonjoro, FB Messenger, Bombbomb, etc. Any tips for those types of short videos?

  2. Thanks Adam for the tip about the background. Never thought of it in the way you described. Something I will look to improve on my videos. Cheers!

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