How To Make Landing Pages That Always Convert
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How To Make Landing Pages That Always Convert

– We’re gonna teach you how to make landing pages that convert. (upbeat music) Landing pages work for businesses. As a company that creates
a software platform that creates automatically generating video landing pages, we have tons of data and insight on what converts the best. Here’s a simple framework
that will help you to make landing pages that convert. Step one, messaging. Step two is your media. Step three is your call to action. Step four is traffic. Step five is conversion. (upbeat beatboxing music) – I like websites that are clean and just very accessible to get to. – Quality and well polished. – Probably video content,
something short like 30 seconds. My dog is called Gizmo. – [Interviewer] Gizmo.
(laughing) – Step one, placement of your messaging. It’s critical to think
about what your messaging is and where you place it
on your landing page. So there’s really two
types of landing pages. The first is an automatically
generated video landing page. This is something that Dubb
automatically generates. The second is a landing
page or a home page that you build with a
content management system. These tips and tricks will help
you to optimize conversions for both types of landing pages. The placement of your
messaging is very similar to a conversation. When you meet someone, you wanna get them to know you, you wanna get them to like you, and you wanna get them to trust you. Really speak to your target audience. If they feel that your
messaging has empathy and really understands the pain points that they struggle from, they’re gonna have open
ears and an open mind. So it’s important to have
your hero message on top, maybe a sub-message. As they move down the page, provide more information and more value about what you do and how you
can provide true benefits. Your Dubb video landing pages
are automatically generated with a video, a description
that you can add, and then multiple calls to action that you can have underneath the video. – I think a video is really important. They grab my attention. – A video. – Probably video content. – I’m more of a video-type person. – When you’re customizing
your Dubb video landing page, make sure that you put
your company’s logo, a custom background image, your colors, and a description that
clearly explains your video. These same tenets apply to when you’re building your home page or a landing page for your website. Show them logos of companies
that you work with, your clear value proposition, features and benefits of
your product or service, some social proof like testimonials. Step 2, consider your media. High quality media is the
lifeblood of your landing pages because that’s where
people are gonna understand what you do and build trust and make them want to work with you, and media is really where you have a lot of creative opportunities. They say that a photo is a thousand words. What I say is that a
video is a million bucks. You have so many options to use: videos, photos, interactive
web modules, and so much more to gain people’s attention
and convey information. If you have too much text on your page, people will easily get bored and just move on or even bounce. The last thing you want
is a premature bounce. (ball bouncing) (laughing) Invest your time into creating your content and your media because that’s gonna be the best way that you can convey
information and convert people. These are some key metrics that will help you iterate your media to optimize your conversions. Number one is your bounce rate. The number of people that
are leaving your site without looking at a second
page on your website. Your ideal bounce rate
should be less than 80%. The second is average session duration, and that means the average amount of time that people are spending on your site. Search engine algorithms
associate average time on site with how relevant and how
interesting your content is. The third is average
page views per session, and that is just an average
of the number of pages that someone’s viewing on your site. The great things about these metrics, assuming that you have the Google Analytics script on your site, is that the better these metrics are, the higher your SEO rankings are gonna be. We also highly recommend
using trust badges. Trust badges will give statistics
or numerical information on why people should trust you, the number of five-star reviews. It could be anything. So invest into your media, and make sure that you have a website that people love to check out. – Cool colors or fonts. – I think the layout is really important. Anything too complicated
is kind of a turn-off. – Something that draws your eye. Step three is your call to action. Calls to action are the
most important thing on your landing page because they allow people
to move down your funnel and to pick a path that best suits them. There’s nothing that’s
gonna convert people better than a clear call to
action on a landing page. You can have different
types of call to actions, like URLs, email, phone call,
even calendar integration. It’s critical to customize
your calls to action, the branding, where people are taken. Test those to make sure that you can optimize your conversions. In this example, we have a simple flow. There’s a video that people can watch, and then once they watch that video, there’s a clear and concise call to action button directly below. On larger website landing pages, it’s important to have
specific calls to action throughout the entire experience. Consider having a squeeze page, instead of a traditional home page. A squeeze page is a very
clear and directed page without any “holes in your boat.” There’s no excessive top navigation. There’s no additional
links in your footer. It’s a clear path with one
or two simple calls to action to move people down your funnel. So when it comes to your calls to action, experiment with a lot of different things: the size of the button,
the color of the button, what the text says. Step four is traffic. Without directing traffic
to your landing pages, you won’t get views and conversions. There are so many channels
that you can leverage to drive traffic to your landing page, both paid and organic. Organic channels are ideal, especially if you can do
them with consistency, but paid channels will
allow you to scale quickly. Post on your social
channels as much as you can with high value content, and then provide a clear
link to your landing page. Email when it’s
personalized and high value still converts really well. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, so many different channels
that you can pay for for people to come to your landing page. Figure out what your
targeted key words are, come up with multiple
creatives that you can AB test, and then use your landing
page as the final URL. – Lots of color, I guess. Things that would be attractive. (laughing) Go on, business degree. – I don’t know. Click here for great stuff or something. – Make it engaging and interactive almost. – Step five is to convert
prospects into clients. You can spend all the time in the world to develop your messaging, to create video landing pages, but if you don’t have a
clear and concise method to convert people from
prospects into clients, you’re wasting your time and money. Get people to know you, to like you, and then to trust you. That’s the only way to get conversions. Whether it’s calling those
leads, emailing them, sending them a sample,
having an auto-responder send them your asset,
whatever that may be, make sure that that process is seamless because you spent a lot of time and a lot of money
getting those conversions. Make sure to AB test so that
you can continue to iterate and make the whole process better. On Dubb’s automatically
generated video landing pages, you can actually add calls to action that instantly convert people to a schedule or to a form fill. Make sure to customize
those calls to action to be optimized for your funnel. One of the popular features that people love using Dubb for is integrating a calendar directly onto a video landing page. This way you can book meetings with people without ever having to
email them back and forth. Whatever landing page
that you decide to use, it’s really important to
have high amounts of value, great customer service,
and an awesome experience. These things will lead to
trust and more conversions. (upbeat music)

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