How to make money on Instagram, Instagram earning trick, Clickbank Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank
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How to make money on Instagram, Instagram earning trick, Clickbank Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank

how to make money on Instagram which is Instagram earning trick and it is a clickbank affiliate marketing and work from home job so what’s up guys my name is NAW and you’re watching gain money and
tricks channel if you’re new to our community consider subscribing and turn on the bell notification whenever we upload new video you will be notified of that so we have different strategy tips and tricks on how to make money online how to get passive income and how to work from home in our channel so you can definitely watch our Channel and go to our playlists and videos here so you can just use those tracks and strategy for your benefit to make money online directly from your home so if you’re new to our community please consider subscribing to gain money and tricks and turn on the bell notification whenever we upload a new video you will be notified of that go into the video I’m going to share with you that how you can make money on Instagram with a simple hack or trick actually that act we can use that and you can also use with the clickbank affiliate marketing that strategy means these both platform will come together in that case you can make a huge amount of money with Instagram actually so let’s jump into the main website of the Clickbank first so when we go to the Clickbank we just search in the search bar or choosing the category right here on the left side here these are all the categories that and offers that you need to promote so I can simply just have here weight loss okay so I am giving the example on weight loss but you can remove any products from here okay it really doesn’t matter which kind of products or offer you want to promote from the Clickbank on Instagram so you can choose the category and the product or offer after that you can choose use on Instagram actually that’s the main strategy so here I type weight loss and then I choose the gravity I sort by the gravity once I sort by the gravity so the higher products or the offers come on the top actually so if you are using the gravity it’s also great if you use the popularity it’s also great it means that in popularity they give the option that it is very popular on the Clickbank that offered means many people are promoting that actually but you can also go to the gravity a gravity means that that money people are promoting or money affiliates are promoting that this offer or this product and they are earning the money from that from this offer actually so the get the gravity for this offer is Ito resource which is the waste loss product actually and they have 144 gravity which is great gravity and nice gravity that we can promote that so on Instagram so what we need to do next we can go to we choose for example this product so how we can promote on Instagram if you go to any stick RAM account and just type in the search bar for example wage loss weight loss tips so you will see for example these hashtags that around one-and-a-half million or one plus million posts are there actually for wage loss so if you see these are all the posts that people have posted here but you can also if you go to any account of these accounts so you will see their main accounts actually just click on the 4th and then go to the click on the username once you click on the username you will see this all this Instagram account which has eighty four thousand and four hundred followers and they are also promoting something on their value like this ok so if you click here you will be redirected other– page which will be affiliate link means for some product or offers or that will be that will be also a website so I think it is a website they are reporting people to this website for and again here are different offers and up applications and other things that people can just click on that and purchase those things ok so this is another website they have working for that actually so if you just go back and open another account so you will see that people are promoting these steps of products or offers actually from the Clickbank or somewhere else ok which is the best way to promote on Instagram and earn some extra cash from the Instagram account if you look to this guy ok health diet and nutrition lose fat build muscle and life better actually they are not promoting anything but they are just uploading so they might be just for to link some time not every time so that was that is the main thing and they have 34,000 followers actually on Instagram so if you go to their first the Sports is getting 557 likes and this one is getting 389 likes this one 479 likes means the more likes and comments your first on Instagram is caring so it means that it is promoting and reaching to money table and money people can purchase your product or offer in case you have in the bio section so what we need to do here next is we can go to another website which is this is the website okay so this is the main website social trade year social trading is worldwide based website what you need to do here people are coming all over the world around the world and just buying the Instagram accounts here but you can purchase and you can sell also okay so means Boateng means you can buy and sell okay if you have Instagram account and you want to sell on other people so you can definitely go to this website and sell buy me my money and get some extra cash or if you are want to purchase or if you want to promote some product from the Clickbank or any other appeal yet so you can definitely come here and see this website and make some extra cash from that so this is one way and the second decide which is better than this is I like that that is famous where James Webb has another website it’s also for people who want to purchase Instagram YouTube or tik-tok accounts actually but if you want to purchase these types of accounts so you can definitely wait ways it firms web and what you need to do is sign up or register with that it’s absolutely free so and so what you need to do okay you can come to the profs listing so these are all the listings again so this is Instagram account they are having 16600 hundred audience listed 17 hours ago for $170 but this is three thousand dollars this is $650 so these are too much money but you can see here on searched for the smaller one for example this one is $130 so what you need to do here we can go to the Browse section once you click on the Browse section you will see all the listings that available here for example if you are searching for Instagram you can remember sorry you can remove the other accounts okay if you are searching only for Instagram you can remove YouTube and you can also remove tik-tok okay so only Instagram users will be available this is one filtering and the second filtering is that what critic you want for example if you want food and nutrition for example you can just relieve this one and you can choose one category okay which will be [Music] you so food and nutrition is there okay so you will see here for example food and nutrition okay so these are all the Instagram accounts which is for example sixteen hundred fifteen thousand followers is having and they’re paying selling this by $170 this is one hundred eight thousand followers they had by three thousand dollar and this is one is having seven thousand and eight hundred followers or audience and they are sitting by one hundred twenty dollars so you can also just come to sort by by price so if you just sort by price it means that it is starting from hundred and you can go all around from there okay so these are money pages that you can go select one and one hundred so the main trick and the main strategy is that okay choose the one that they have more audience and one hundred section so this is the first thing for example this one is having ten thousand audience by hundred dollar eight thousand six hundred eight hundred so you can scroll down the one that they have more than ten thousand dollars at ten thousand or Deion’s so you can choose that one so this one is giving 11,000 fifteen thousand so I think this is the one okay fifteen thousand is the good one and they’re just selling by hundred dollars so what you need to do you can simply click here once you click on that so they will say followers 15,000 888 followers they are having crisis hundred dollars listed 1770 full days ago okay and this is the category who more and Mimi’s are the category but if you want Anika de category you can choose that okay so here is the options for post for example statistics are here okay so if you looked at a statistic that is 287 Forrester but their average likes 107 87 for post okay they have average comments okay means full force they are having 23 average we use 193 for video or a per video they are having 192 me and gave me engagement is 1% of him but the most important thing is also that that he need to see a check for engagement and also likes increments that if they have more so you can definitely go there and one another thing is that that is not written by simple human or for this by the sealer it is not written it is written automatically by this system or this platform for example when they are their account that for selling to their man they are checking that and filtering that and that’s why based on test statistic and filtering so they say that 23 comments per forced for example 187 likes purpose so that is means it is coming by the software not by human that they can exaggerate or something like that so you can check for the one that hearing more engagements and more like so that is the best way okay once you find here the next thing important thing is that that you can contact the sealer okay simple you can click here okay once you can check the sealer click here then you can type the subject for example business inquiry I want to approach it by your Instagram account okay so then you can right here for example I visit your Instagram account I like it that but the main thing is that that it is too much money that I cannot afford that so this it by hundred you can tell them that fifty dollars okay so that’s why the main thing is also that here that you can bar again so once you make discussion with them and then you can bar game them that we I don’t have that much money I have less money – if you just purchase by 50 60 or $70 or even $80 if you purchase one account and you just continue you’re forcing up this one again if you just make four sales actually so you will get these money back okay you will recover this amount of money that you have spend on purchasing the Instagram account so that is the main thing so if you just make four sales this is one thing and the next thing is that if you don’t like or if you are not interested with that with your account you can come back here again to Femmes where you can come back to kam swear and you can just erase in your account here on this platform FM’s web and also you can sell your account on social trade yeah okay for example you just purchased by Ed G dollars so you can again for cheese here for 150 or 180 or $170 again but that is double money actually you can make benefit from your account on appeal eight marketing and also you can make benefit by purchasing again okay it’s selling again okay so that is the main thing but that was the main strategy many people are using this because they buy one account and they use for some affiliate offers if it does not really work for most of the time so then they are stealing again here on this platform so that is the main reason that people are making money with affiliate marketing and also making money on Instagram so that’s why it is the Instagram earning trick that people are using with Clickbank affiliate marketing also okay so you can just go ahead and just spend your money a little bit on Instagram and for chairs and then you can sale back on the same pledge bottom it will not be a problem and people can purchase very easily from you so thank you for watching the video please give a thumbs up to the video and comment below anything if you have or any question or any concerns so please ask me I will reply soon so thank you for watching and thank you for your likes and comments that you are living on my other videos thank you I’m really appreciative that if you’re new to our community please consider subscribing and turn on the bell notification whenever we upload new video you will be notified of that till next brand video see you awesome with enjoyable moments

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