How to Make Money with your Voice ($1000 per hour working from home)
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How to Make Money with your Voice ($1000 per hour working from home)

hello everybody this is a marvelous
today I’m going to show you how you can make $1,000 or more per hour or work
okay stay with me because I this would be just huge hey welcome back
so to this is try you get to the rest of the society you need to go to
okay if you don’t know this page fiber comm is a web page where you can place a
geek okay on your about a job a specific job that you want to do and you will get
contact by the traffic that finds a worse job job for you to make that yeah
okay so this page you are watching right now my screen okay so this is a specific
gig okay that is crushing it okay it’s really actually turning pub and the
afferent knowledge is actually sue okay and investment of studying English is
also see okay you can start making money with this with a co startup code which
is actually great so being the boys organ guys vanillish over means that you
just need to read ok read some words that your customer will will give you
okay and you read that and you record that and then you send that record to
your customers okay you can make this in any language that
you are proficient okay English Spanish German Russian whatever and just place a
gig on this platform okay and you will get contact he has to show you some
examples of how much money you can make with this okay let’s take a look at this
guy okay I will record a professional voice over in Spanish or English and
history in $10 back $10 forward sorry this one he charged in $10 for
reading 50 words okay 50 words guys is like 30 seconds of work so you’re
going to make like $20 per minute of work right so if we go to just to show
you okay 50 words on average is your super point for me to pay like 30
seconds per 30 seconds off of work okay and if you want to calculate this okay
$10 for 30 seconds is $20 per minute okay so trainers per minute per hour
okay we multiply this for 60 is more than 1,000 dollars for one hour of work
that is crazy at least for me these numbers are are crazy okay if you are
with me okay just leave a comment section below and tell me if making
$1,000 per hour is not that crazy okay so for being this okay this is actually
the long ways that you can chart if you go to this guy for example he’s charging
this is more professional okay he has more jobs more reviews also you can
charge more money okay now HRD $45 for work for reading
100 what okay so does like one minute of freedom okay so you are going to read
like one minute like it’s like one paragraph okay that’s just one paragraph
and you will make $45 that’s that’s actually crazy okay if we you can make
we make this these numbers okay and every to make that that one minute of
work $45 okay as being more professional but just starting you can make $10 like
VCI $10 for about 30 seconds of a voice over okay and you don’t need to have any
knowledge anything because nothing okay you just need to have maybe a good
microphone but this microphone that here right now okay deeply sound
he’s not bad okay it’s actually good and it cost me like ten dollars okay so buy
a $10 microphone and kind of start with this okay
that’s it’s going to be the biggest investment that you are going to make in
this business you don’t need to go to create a geek start getting
traffic to your to your gig okay share with everyone your gig I’m sorry social
medias or Facebook or maybe on you don’t even on Twitter and you will start being
contact for being the voice over of ebooks of podcasts for podcasts for ads
for many many things and if you can cover for being a voice over okay cause
we’re the screamer here you’re not going to be rich overnight we teach australia
okay this takes time takes time you know to run in these specific search engine
and attract new customers okay one little tip focus on your actual
customers okay your current customers it’s much easier to repeat a sale than
find more new people to to place a new order okay and don’t fear advertising
you can actually advertise your league on google on or wherever okay you can
play some ads and they start reacting traffic to your gig okay stop see
something that I recommend and also this is just my idea to make some money okay
some side money for you from the comfort of your home and also if you want to
know how to leverage internet or I had to build a profitable online business
with limitless possibilities okay I recommend you to go to the link down
below in the description which is okay through
link you will get access to how to create an online business okay one
actually one of the best online businesses that I that I know just to
link okay fix too much guys I hope you get value from this video if you did I
saw which we made to lift up stanza leave some love in the in the comment
section and of course subscribe to my channel take it too much guys see you on
my next video

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