How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing | 5 Tips for Getting More Sales
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How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing | 5 Tips for Getting More Sales

– Hey, everybody, this is
Roberto Blake of helping you create
something awesome today. So today, we’re gonna
talk about passive income and affiliate marketing. This is a topic that
I’ve covered in the past but I wanted to get into five tips that can help you guys with
your affiliate marketing because a lot of you told
me in my video about it and my video about Amazon
affiliate marketing that it’s something that you
guys were struggling with and that you weren’t
able to be successful at. I think that with the tips
that I’m gonna give you and the strategies that I’ve used, you can be more effective at it but it’s going to take some work. It’s not gonna be overnight success and this isn’t limited to Amazon. So let’s start with tip number one. Tip number one for
affiliate marketing is that whatever you’re advocating for, you actually have to have some authority and people have to think
that you’re credible in order for you to recommend it. One of the things that
I have an advantage in is that I have a career
in design and photography and creative services and
in business and marketing and technology. I have a lot of actual experience but before I ever got
into affiliate marketing, I was making a ton of content that made me credible in those things to people who are not familiar with me so it gave them an opportunity without me pitching them anything or selling them anything or
recommending them anything to trust my information
and to trust my advice. The other thing is in my content they’ve seen me use
these things every day. They’ve seen me use these in
my business and in my career or for fun or whatever
it is that I’m doing. So they can trust that I’m
being genuine and authentic when I decide to recommend these things because there are things I’ve
bought with my own money. So whatever you’re going to
do affiliate marketing for, you should be an authority in it. If you are a fitness
instructor and a trainer then again, recommending the supplements and recommending the workout
programs that you bought or recommending the workout
equipment that you use regularly but also showing people, whether it’s showing them
through your Instagram account or your Snapchat or your YouTube videos, that actually really matters a lot. People need proof that
you believe in this thing and you’re not just selling out for money. So that actually is a really
important factor of it. So number one is be an authority in the thing you’re talking
about and be credible and I’d say that content
is a big part of it because it is your proof. So before you ever do any
of this affiliate marketing, I would say build up some content and build up an audience
and a relationship with them so that they feel
comfortable to buy from you. Number two, start with
your friends and family. Maybe you don’t have a big
following in social media. Maybe you don’t have an email
list or a YouTube channel or a large following in
Instagram or Facebook. That’s okay, you have
family and you have friends. You have people who
are going to buy things at some point anyway. So if you’re putting
them in a situation where they’re not spending any extra money and they can help you out, they’re usually more than happy to do it. So if you have an Amazon affiliate link, if they’re gonna buy
stuff from Amazon anyway, they might as well use your link so make sure that they have it. Make sure you put them in a position to be able to utilize it every time and that can definitely help you out and this works beyond Amazon. Anything else that you want to recommend. So you can recommend
this to friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, classmates and that’s where you can start to grow your affiliate marketing and just depending on what it is that you’re referring and selling, that could be more than enough for you. Obviously, there is more of an advantage if you have a following of some kind but back in step number
one, you will grow that and I have a ton of videos on the channel to help you grow that and I’m gonna be doing more videos not just for growing on YouTube
or growing your email list but the other social
media platforms as well since I do have some traction there and I do know what would work. Tip number three. Tip number three is a very important one at least from my perspective and that is to diversify your
affiliate marketing revenue. I don’t just do affiliate
marketing with Amazon even though I do believe it is where I make the most affiliate money. On average, I do about 1500
to two thousand dollars in Amazon affiliate marketing alone. Amazon lets you disclose those numbers so I’m okay to tell you guys that. But again, that’s on average. There could be an up month. There can be a down month. But it’s still really decent money as far as affiliate marketing and a lot of people,
they don’t make that much with Amazon affiliate marketing but I think it has to do with the category of what you’re selling. In my case, I do reviews
for some high end products. That includes laptops. Some of those I bought. Some of those were sent to me by sponsors but I also review all the camera gear that I use for my setup here and all the components
and things like monitors and everything I use to
build my desktop computer. So I have a lot of opportunities there for affiliate marketing and there are a lot of people
that are curious in my setup and wanna build something of their own. Certain product categories in Amazon will just make you more money. The electronics category is
a primary example of that but it’s not even just Amazon. There are other platforms
that would make you more money faster as well. I have a background in web design and I also used to be in
the web hosting industry so I know a lot about web
hosting and I’ve built websites so I’m able to recommend
those things to other people and when I do tutorials
around coding or websites or how to start an online business, I can recommend things
like Bluehost or HostGator or Wix to people and there’s a lot of
affiliate revenue in that. Even a three to five dollar
a month web hosting plan has like a 65 to 100 dollar bounty on it and sometimes there are
specials and contests where that money is increased and so there’s a lot of
opportunity for you to, by diversifying the affiliate programs that you’re a part of,
make a lot more money. Another tool that I use
here on the YouTube channel to help do better SEO and for my videos to reach
more people is TubeBuddy and because I use it
and because people see that I’ve been able to grow a
substantial YouTube following, they’re willing to buy
that with my affiliate link to help grow their YouTube channel and I’ve done some content around that and so that definitely helps me and I probably do like
five to 600 dollars a month in commissions on that. So when you add all these things up, you can be successful
at affiliate marketing. I still wouldn’t quit
your day job to do it but I do think that you can build a great passive income system
that definitely helps you and so let’s talk about tip number four, building a system. In general, a passive income, one of the things I’m looking at is moving a lot of it from being exclusive to YouTube and social media. I still think that websites themselves are a very strong platform
for generating passive income and they still might
overall be the best one. So I’m looking at
developing niche microsites and so since I have a lot
of web hosting accounts for testing and for demos
and for other things, I’ve actually decided to start
building microsites on them that do very specific things
like a laptop buyers’ guide so that I can put all
my laptop review videos embedded on that site,
write more articles, put together some computer build logs and I can do a lot more
affiliate marketing that way around computers and electronics and I can probably double
the Amazon money that I make from that category. I can do the same thing
for stuff for video editors as far as putting together stuff around all the things that I did to build my PC, some PC build logs, my
video editing equipment, my video production setup, all of that and again, I would make
more money there as well and I also, for video editors, they would care about TubeBuddy so then I have multiples on top of that. I could obviously put up ads from Amazon and make more money there that’s not necessarily
affiliate marketing money. Some of it would be but
then they also do PPC ads, kind of like Google AdSense so that’d be another angle for me to play. The list goes on and then I’m
also developing some websites that will have tutorials
around building websites and starting online businesses and you need a website and
web hosting to do that. So that means that if
people want to use Bluehost then I can get a commission. If they wanna use Namecheap, I can get a commission for that. If they wanna use HostGator, I can get a commission for that. If they wanna use Wix and
don’t wanna code anything, I can get a commission from that. So by having multiple affiliate programs giving yourself multiple
opportunities to make revenue then you definitely have more shots and by having these micro niche websites that are very specific, that
only talk about one topic that lets you do affiliate
marketing and content around that and be an authority then
that definitely can help you and that’s something that works for you. So instead of having to get up and post something in
Facebook or social media or Twitter all the time
or make a Youtube video, you have a website that has articles. You might only need 20 or 30
of them just to get started and it’s not that hard and then you have
something that’s in there generating revenue for you all the time, at least potentially. Again, references and links for everything that I’m talking about here and some more details
will be in the description so you can definitely
use that and of course, a lot of those are my affiliate links. So you can help me out. The fifth and final tip that I have for it is to just keep doing
it and to be patient. I think that if you
use what I talked about and use a content strategy and talk about the things that you know and you’re consistent about it, maybe you don’t make a lot
of money your first month. Maybe you’ll make a
lot of money your first three to six months but over time as you build up this content and you build up authority, that’s how you build a
following in social media anyway and as you build a following and as you get subscribers
to your email list or your YouTube channel
or to Twitter or Facebook or wherever you’re doing
your affiliate marketing and you’re marketing in general, as people relate to you, as people trust your information, you have a better shot of converting them and that’s going to really
help you in the long run so the more product reviews
that I do on YouTube, obviously the more affiliate
money that I stand to make. The more YouTube videos I make in general since I find a way to
work affiliate marketing from one platform or another for one product or service
or another into them, the more money I stand to make. The more websites I build that have affiliate
marketing links in them, the more money I stand to make. So building a stack, being consistent, playing the long game,
putting in the time, that adds up and that matters. So those are my five tips
for affiliate marketing and I think that that’s
gonna really help you with passive income in general. I think it’s gonna help you really take affiliate marketing to
the next level for you and this is why I don’t
think affiliate marketing is hokey or a scam. I think it’s just hard for
people to figure stuff out because sometimes you’re trying
to go for the shiny object or you’re trying to go for
the thing for the money but if you focus on hey,
I can solve a problem and I’ve used something
that solves this problem and you’re trying to use your
information as a resource that helps people with their problem, you’re doing them a favor and it’s not costing them anything extra. It just means that you can
remove some of their anxiety before they commit to buying something. So primary example, I’ve used
those web hosting companies I told you about so I can recommend them. There are web hosting
companies that I’ve used that I don’t like and even though they
have affiliate programs, I don’t recommend them. I could recommend 10 web hosting companies that have affiliate
programs but guess what? Six of those guys, I wasn’t
satisfied with the service. I felt the interfaces were too
clunky and I don’t like them so I’m not recommending them. I’m sticking with the ones that
I really actually believe in and that I think would be good for you and I have different reasons
for using all of them and I’ll probably do
reviews on all of them and thus make more affiliate money. So it’s totally practical and it’s fine to be up
front about something. And again, only recommend
things that you believe in and that you either are
using or that you would use and show your audience the evidence that you are using these things and they’re part of your every day life or your business or whatever. I think that as a sixth tip, I would say that it
should go without saying to just be authentic
and be real with people and explain to them exactly
why you’re recommending this and of course, just let them know that if they use your link, it helps you. If you provide them with
valuable information, I think that a lot of times
people are more than happy and they want to help you. It’s not like it costs
them anything extra. Anyway, I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you like this kind of thing and you want more videos
about passive income and growing an online business then let me know in the comment section and feel free to ask me your questions. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Remember, there are more videos like this all around the channel so check those out. As always, you guys,
thanks so much for watching and don’t forget, create
something awesome today.

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