How To Market Your Photography Business | Get More Clients And Grow
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How To Market Your Photography Business | Get More Clients And Grow

– There’s more to being a photographer than just taking awesome photos, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s not always the best photographers who build wildly profitable
(rock ‘n roll music) and successful photography businesses, so simply being a great
photographer isn’t enough. You need great marketing too. This is why in this video,
we’re gonna cover seven of my best tips and strategies to help you market your
photography business, get more clients, and grow. Let’s get to it. Hey there, my name is Adam Erhart, Modern Marketing Strategist,
Marketing Agency Owner, and well-below-average
amateur photographer, and welcome to the Modern Marketing Show, where we help you grow your business by making better marketing. So, if you’re interested in learning about the latest and greatest
marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics, well, you may want to
consider subscribing. Alright, let’s talk marketing. Specifically, how to market
your photography business to bring in new clients on autopilot, and grow your business to
whatever level you’d like. The best photography businesses all have one thing in common. They prioritize marketing. Whether it’s running ads,
updating their sites, creating new content, working on their social media strategy, or doing outreach, they all
understand the importance of being out there, being visual, and connecting with their target market. They know, as unfair as it is, that the best photographer
doesn’t always win. Rather, the photographer with
the best marketing tends to. And so, they prioritize marketing and make it a part, even a small part, of their everyday lives. Creating an irresistible offer is perhaps the single and most important
thing thing you can do to grow your photography business. In fact, they’re so valuable that you should probably
have more than one that you rotate through
through different seasons or parts of the year. So, what exactly is an irresistible offer? Well, it’s kinda just what it sounds like. It’s an offer that’s
pretty much irresistible and too hard for your perspective clients to pass up on. When you’re trying to decide
on an irresistible offer to use for your business,
you want your ideal clients to think, “Yeah, I want that.” That’s a good response. The reason irresistible
offers are so valuable is because they act as an entry point into your world and into your business. It’s for this reason that you want them to be as low-risk and
as high-perceived value as humanly possible. Some examples include free consultations, or gifts, or freebies, or
limited time promotions. Keep in mind you don’t need to deeply discount or
completely slash your prices. In fact, in most cases, I
really advise against that. But, your irresistible offer does need to be appealing and does need to resonate with your ideal target market in a way that gets them to take action. Building on the irresistible
offer is tip number three, which is to make sure
that you’ve got a process in place to keep
ascending your customer up the customer value ladder. Now, if you’re not familiar
with a customer ladder, it can also be called a customer journey or customer ascension, but essentially, all it is is a well-thought-out
series of steps that you want your customer
to graduate through. The reason having a customer ladder or a customer ascension
or customer journey is so important is
because you’re not gonna be building a photography empire on irresistible offers alone. This is why you need to map out the next step or next series of steps someone can take with you
after they’ve taken you up on the irresistible offer. Whatever the journey looks like, it’s important to remember that there’s always a small
percentage of the market, typically around 20%,
who wants to spend more. Alright, we’re on to tip number four, which is to go where your clients are. This one’s a biggie
because this is usually where people get confused and start spreading
themselves way too thin across way too many different
social media platforms. The key here is to
really keep things simple and identify the one, maybe two, at most three, different
social media platforms that your network is
active and present on, and then spend your time and energy there. You also wanna use a concept I
call full spectrum marketing, which is essentially
leveraging a search platform, like Google or YouTube, where
someone’s actively searching for a business like yours, and a discovery platform,
like Facebook or Instagram, where you’re able to go out there and put your content in front of your perspective, ideal target market. In its most basic sense, marketing’s job is to
bring in your customers and make you more money, which means if it’s costing you more than it’s bringing back, it ain’t working, and you’re getting a negative ROI or return on investment. Alternatively, if it’s
bringing you back more than it’s costing, you’re getting a positive
return on investment, or good ROI, and you wanna keep doing it. But, the only way to know for sure is to first determine what
the average lifetime value of one of your customers is. As a rough example, let’s say that the average lifetime value of one of your clients is $1,000. Well, this means that you could spend up to $500 on marketing to
acquire a new customer and you’d still be getting
a two-to-one return. On the flip side, let’s say
that you’re spending $2,000 and it’s only bringing
you a $1,000 client. Well then, clearly, you know that your
marketing here isn’t working and something needs to be changed. Photography is a competitive industry, which is why to stand
out and be appreciated for the true photographic genius you are, you need to prove it to the market by creating authority content. The beauty here is, you
already have a number of visually-appealing,
tiny marketing assets that you can use, your photos. Do your best to document, teach, show, and demonstrate your expertise by creating content and
putting it out on blogs, or podcasts, or videos. By explaining and actively teaching the difficult photographic concept, you’re proving that you’re an expert and proving you know what you’re doing. This leads to more
authority, more credibility, and more trust. If you’ve been in business
for any length of time, then I’m sure you’ve heard
the advice to niche down. In most cases, this is pretty good advice, but what if you wanna do
both weddings and corporate, or family and boudoir, or headshots and sports? Well, I’ve got good news, you can do this, but there is a catch. Every niche that you wanna pursue is gonna require its own
set of marking collateral, meaning if you wanna do, say, weddings and corporate, well, each one is gonna have a
very different target market, so it’s gonna require its own page, its own set of ads,
its own set of content, maybe its own portfolio. The reason you need to do this is because it’s pretty rare that a wedding client
might want corporate photos or a corporate client
might want wedding photos. Sure, it can happen, but in most cases, you’re gonna be significantly better off by separating the two and
keeping each marketing in its own lane. We’ve covered a lot of
various strategic stuff in this video, but no tactical, sexy, shiny-new tactics like
an Instagram Story strategy or a Facebook Ads hack, and I don’t wanna leave you like that. This is why I wanna leave you with one final bonus
tip that I’ve seen time and time again to have the
best results across all of my photography clients, and that is running online ads. We touched on this
quickly in tip number four when I mentioned full spectrum marketing, but really, the best way to quickly, predictably, and sustainably
grow your business is to leverage the power
of online advertising. Whether we’re talking about Instagram ads or Facebook ads, or
YouTube ads or Google ads, all of them give you the opportunity and the ability to put your
irresistible offer directly in front of your ideal target market. Now, granted, online ads do have a bit of a learning curve, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Alright, so thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the episode. If so, make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel,
(rock ‘n roll music) and leave me a comment in
the comment section below. Also, for more great marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics, make sure to head over to, which is packed full
of articles and videos, and all sorts of content designed to help you grow your business and take your marketing to the next level. So, thanks so much for watching, and I’ll catch you next time on the Modern Marketing Show.

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